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Mohamed Elsanousi:Islamosupremacist Put On US Comm.On Int. Religious Freedom By Biden Promotes Sharia & Muslim Rule  July 12, 2024
AZ Cong.Candidate Mohamed Zuhdi Jasser: Put Pal.State On "Current Occupied Territories"- 'Pals.Are Real Victims Of Hamas'  June 7, 2024
Mohamed Zuhdi Jasser: Congressional Candidate & Head Of Muslim Reform Movement Tied To Islamonazi Shireen Qudosi  May 27, 2024
Shireen Qudosi Muslim 'Reformer'& Islamonazi - Funded By Jews - Calls Muslim 'Reformers' Slaves To Their Zionist Lords & Masters'  May 10, 2024
DEAR WORLD: A Letter By Rabbi Meir Kahane -1988 -'You Would Stand By Tomorrow If Israel Were Facing Extinction'  May 9, 2024
Jewish/Israeli Singer Needed Police Escort Convoy To Get To Eurovision Contest Venue Through Islamonazi Mob In Malmo  May 9, 2024
Muqtedar Khan: U Delaware Prof - Hooray For Hamas! 'Counter Terrorism Pundit' "2006 Win Is Victory For Democracy"  March 3, 2024
Baby Kfir Bibas 1,Brother Ariel 4, Mother Shiri & Father Yarden Are In Captivity In Gaza - Help Them And Their Family Now!  March 1, 2024
Call PA Springfield CC/ Marriott To Cancel CAIR Event On 3/ 2: Hamas Public Relations Arm Incites Jihad & Jew Hatred  March 1, 2024
Daniel Pinner: Another Ceasefire...And Another... And Another - 2019 Article Predicted 10/7 & War In Gaza  February 20, 2024
David Bedein: File A Suit Against UNRWA At The Hague - The 'United Nazis Resource Weapons Agency' Is A Terror Hub  February 20, 2024
Citing Security Issues Marriott Hotel In Coral Springs Cancels South Florida Muslim Federation (Pro Terror) Conference  February 20, 2024
Saturday 2/11/ 24 -Pro Terror Conference In Tampa - Hyatt Place Hotel To Host Islamic Circle Of North America Event  February 20, 2024
Shiloh Israel Children's Fund - Healing Terror Trauma And Rebuilding Lives Shattered By Muslim Jihad Attacks  February 20, 2024
One Year Old Kfir Bibas, His Brother Ariel 4, Mother Shiri & Father Yarden Still Being Held Hostage By Muslim Savages  February 20, 2024
Coral Springs Marriott To Host CAIR & South Florida Muslim Federation Pro Jihad/Hamas Event On Jan.12-13  January 5, 2024
The Communist Roots Of Terrorism -The Communist Core Of Islamic Extremism - Terrorism And The West's Radical Left  January 5, 2024
Shades Of Gay: Harvard Justified Keeping Millions Donated By Bin Ladens After 9/11 - 'No Evidence Of Ties To Terrorism'  January 5, 2024
'Die'versity As Perversity: Leftists, Muslims, Illegals Behind Resurgence Of Jew Hatred And Violence On Campus  December 14, 2023
Zvi Yehezkeli: Top Military Analyst & Islam Expert "American Pressure Is Making Us Bleed" - "We Must Wake Up Now"  December 14, 2023
Ibrahim Dremali: S.Carolina Imam In 2021: 'Hamas Has A Lot Of Tunnels - Special Rockets - Very Strong Surprise Soon'  December 14, 2023
Islam Expert Stephen M. Kirby: Over One Million Muslim Americans Approve Of Hamas Fuhrer Ismail Haniyeh  December 14, 2023
Wilfredo Ruiz: CAIR/Hamas FL Media & Outreach Director Feeds Hamas Talking Points To Guillible Media Unchallenged  November 17, 2023
Temple 'Terror' Terrace:Mayor Ross, Police Chief Albano & Deputy Staley Pose For Fotos With Hamas & PIJ Operatives  November 17, 2023
Hamas Islamonazis And Their Constituents In Gaza Deserve The Same Fate As The Nazis And Their Supporters In Dresden  November 17, 2023
Shireen Qudosi:"Muslim Reformer' Funded By Jews Declares "Hitler Was Right" & War On Hamas "Is In Violation Of The Talmud"  November 17, 2023
Civil Front Group Demands Death Penalty For Terrorists - Sets Up Giant Noose Display In Dizengoff Square  November 17, 2023
'Moderate' Islamonazis - Imam Of Grand Mosque Of Paris Demands Proof Of 1,200 Antisemitic Acts Since Oct. 7th  November 14, 2023
Islam Is Barbarism: The Delusional Search For 'Moderate Muslims' Is A Fatal Miscalculation - October 7th Is Proof  November 14, 2023
Population Transfer Is The Answer - The Gaza Strip And The Decisions Of The Potsdam Conference Of 1945  November 14, 2023
Michael G. Masters: CEO Of Secure Community Network Tasked With Protecting Jews Closely Tied To Hamas funder Qatar  November 1, 2023
Ahed Tamimi: Media Darling Championed By Amnesty Int. Tells Jews "We Will Drink Your Blood & We Will Eat Your Skulls"  November 1, 2023
National Muslim Democratic Council's Ultimatum To Biden: Call For Ceasefire Now Or Lose Our Votes & Funding  November 1, 2023
Harvard For Hamas: Statement By Solidarity Groups On The Situation In Palestine With 34 Signatories  November 1, 2023
Shatha Hanaysha: Jihad Propagandist Toured The US To Incite Against Israel & Promote False Shireen Abu Akleh Story  October 20, 2023
South Florida Muslim Federation Fuhrer & Hamas Supporter Samir Kakli Calls Torah 'An Ancient Made Up Story'  October 20, 2023
Islamic Barbarism Never Ceased Its War On Civilization - The Worldwide Jihad Will Be Fought In Our Backyards  October 20, 2023
Israel = Civilization - Islam = Barbarism "Ishmael Is A "Wild Ass Of A Man" As Are His Descendants  October 20, 2023
CAIR's Wilfredo Ruiz & Imam Omar Suleiman Falsely Portray 'Child Terrorists' Who Killed Jews As Victims  August 31, 2023
Terror Tied ICNA Relief Exploits 'Education Is Power' "Back2School' Backpack Giveaway To Gain Access To Islamic Schools  August 31, 2023
David Bedein: Palestinian Authority aka Fatah aka PLO Is An Illegitimate Terror Entity  August 31, 2023
Righteous Anger vs Genocidal Hatred: How Jews Who Protect Themselves Are Demonized As 'Racist' & 'Oppressers'  August 31, 2023
NYC Mayor Adams & Police Commissioner Caban Decree Muslim Call To Prayer (Adhan) Will Be Broadcast Citywide  August 31, 2023
Said Lufti: Uncle of Tlaib Advisor Rasha Mubarak, Prez Of Arab American Community Center Supports Jihad & Jew Hatred  July 20, 2023
Obama's Muslim Childhood - How A Crucial Story Was Rendered Taboo And Deliberately Supressed From The Public  July 6, 2023
Naima Khan Ghany: Pro Jihad Broward School Board Diversity & Human Relations Committee Member Ousted  June 18, 2023
Naima Khan-Ghany: Broward County School Board Diversity & HR Committee Member Declares 'I Am In This For Islam'  June 4, 2023
Broward County Mayor Lamar Fisher Speaks At Terror Tied Islamic Center Of South Florida Which Hosted 'ISIS' Imam  June 4, 2023
Wilfredo Ruiz: CAIR Propagandist And Blood Libel Promoter Spews His 'Nakba' Lies On CNN's Spanish Service  June 4, 2023
"Tampa Muslims And Friends Iftar" - Sami Al Arian's Legacy Lives On In Florida Terror Hub  May 17, 2023
Fadi Kablawi: 'ISIS Imam' Leading Reviver Academy Promoting Salafist Ideology Gets Florida Taxpayer Funding  May 17, 2023
Cooper City Mayor Greg Ross Panders To Muslim Donors By Approving Nur-Ul- Islam Mosque Expansion  May 17, 2023
'ISIS Imam" Fadi Kablawi Accuses Ilhan Omar Of Having 'Own Version Of Islam' For Pandering To LGBT Supporters  May 17, 2023
David Bedein: 'Four Simple Suggestions' To Arabs And The PA Which Would Facilitate 'Normalization' With Israel  May 17, 2023
Daniel Pinner: Take Back Gaza,Totally Defeat Hamas And PIJ Or Live Life According To 'Terrorist Dictated Ceasefires'  May 17, 2023
Miami Heat Partners With Terror Tied South Florida Muslim Federation And Hosts "Muslim Family Night"  April 11, 2023
Cooper City Mayor Greg Ross Silences Talk Of Nur-ul- Islam Mosque's Terror Ties At Commission Meeting  April 11, 2023
Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony Attends Fund Raiser And Accepts Gift From Mosque With Al Qaeda Connections  April 11, 2023
American Heritage School's Arabic Club Raised $10K For Pro Jihad & Jew Hating Islamic Foundation Of South Florida  April 11, 2023
Convicted PIJ Terrorist Hatem Fariz Head Of Islamic Community Of Tampa Roams Around Israel With Impunity  April 11, 2023
Tampa City Council Member Bill Carlson Speaks At Iftar Attended By CAIR/Hamas And PIJ Operatives  April 11, 2023
Mosque In Cooper City Approved To Expand & Add Minarets From Mayor Ross Who Received Contributions From Them &Their Lawyer  February 18, 2023
Hassan Shibly: Ex-CAIR Leader Cries 'Islamophobia" After FrontPage Expose Reveals Terror Ties  January 29, 2023
JAM And ALL: Jews And Muslims Interfaith 'Kumbaya' Group Gives Cover To Terror Supporters & Hatemongers  January 9, 2023
ICNA: Group Which Promotes Wife Beating Hires Alleged Abuser To Fundraise During Domestic Violence Awareness Month  January 9, 2023
David Bedein vs. Palestinian Authority: 'First Entity In The World To Endorse Murder Of Jews'  January 9, 2023
Reviver Academy Run By 'ISIS Imam' Fadi Kablawi Gets Taxpayer Funded Vouchers While Promoting Jihad & Jew Hatred  January 2, 2023
USDA Partners With Al Qaeda Linked ICNA & Islamic Relief To Ensure Muslims Receive Halal Emergency Food  January 2, 2023
Nabil Shukrijumah:Brother Of Al Qaeda Leader Is Administrator At South Florida Reviver Academy Run By 'ISIS Imam'  December 15, 2022
David Bedein: New Israeli Government Must Dismantle "Pay For Slay" And UNRWA School Jihad Indoctrination  December 15, 2022
Hasan Shibly: Ex-CAIR Leader Claims Ex-Wife Apologized For Publicizing Abuse Allegations  December 15, 2022
Saadeh Alqam aka Abu Motie : Ex NYPD Cop Hosts Convicted PIJ Terrorist Hatem Fariz At His Home In Ramallah  December 4, 2022
Nahum Bedein Center For Near East Policy Research Issues New UNRWA Policy Initiative  December 4, 2022
Hassan Shibly: Disgraced Ex-CAIR Leader Embraced By ICNA And MAS  November 15, 2022
David Bedein: How To Defeat The PLO And UNRWA  November 14, 2022
Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony Embraces Jihad Supporting Islamists & Interacts With Their Mosques  November 10, 2022
Philly Mayor Jim Kenney To Speak At Muslim Student Association Event Together With Terror Tied Imams  October 27, 2022
Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony Hosts '9/11 Memorial' With Pro Jihad Terror Muslims  October 13, 2022
Palm Beach County School Board Member Returns Award & Repudiates Terror Tied South Florida Muslim Federation  October 3, 2022
Ex - CAIR Rep & Alleged Wife Beater Hassan Shibly: "President Bush 'Likely To Be Tortured in Hell'  October 3, 2022
Azhar Subedar: Imam With Numerous Terror Connections Welcomed By White House And State Department  October 3, 2022
CAIR & September 11th Families For Peaceful Tommorows Advocate For Terrorists & The Taliban  October 3, 2022
Rashida Tlaib & Rasha Mubarak:Anti Semitism & Incitement As A Democratic Election Strategy  September 1, 2022
Dale Holness Campaign Pays For "Night Of Appreciation" For Al Qaeda Linked Imam Shafayat Mohamed  August 18, 2022
Isayed Darawad: US Army Member Attends Brother's Ramallah Wedding With Convicted PIJ Terrorist Hatem Fariz  August 7, 2022
Boca Raton's Jewish Mayor Issues Proclamation & Declares "Muslim Heritage Month" In Name Of Terror Mosque  July 28, 2022
Palm Beach School Board Members Make Eid A Holiday - Accept Awards From Terror Tied South Florida Muslim Federation  July 21, 2022
US Council Of Muslim Organizations That Wants To Replace Constitution With Koran Lobbies Congress  July 7, 2022
Izhar Khan: Florida Imam Jailed For Financing Taliban Lectures On Death And The Afterlife  June 30, 2022
CAIR/Hamas Operative Wilfredo Ruiz Shouts "Death To Israel" At Florida Rally  June 30, 2022
Hatem Fariz: Convicted PIJ Terrorist Tours Israel With Impunity For The Third Time In Six Months  June 12, 2022
Ahmad Saleem: Disgraced CAIR Sex Offender Embraced By Boys School In Pakistan  June 12, 2022
Imtiaz Ahmad Muhammad: Politicians Pose With Terror Tied "America Is Run On Hate" Guy  May 29, 2022
South Florida Mosques "Open House" Events - The Doors Of Deception And Dawah  May 29, 2022
Congressman Charlie Crist Visits Boca Raton Terror Mosque- Aided And Abetted CAIR  May 29, 2022
Hassan Shibly: Alleged Wife Abuser & Bigamist Keynotes STIS Family Night Dinner  May 5, 2022
Tampa Police Captain & Officials Raise Their Palms In Prayer With Muslims At Al Arian Founded Academy  May 5, 2022
Ar-Rayyan Quran Academy And The Islamic Center Of Weston's Radical Agenda  May 5, 2022
Tampa Police Chief Mary O'Connor Cozies Up To Convicted PIJ Terrorist Hatem Fariz In Bid For "Unity"  April 7, 2022
Hatem Fariz: Convicted PIJ Terrorist 'Visits' Israel For The Third Time - Travels To Saudi Arabia  March 31, 2022
Fadi Kablawi: Miami 'ISIS Imam" Says Gays Should Be Grateful To Him For Their Continued Existence  March 17, 2022
Shamikh Sahadat: Southeast ICNA Relief DIrector Calls For Destruction Of Israel, America And The Police  March 17, 2022
Jews,Hindus Call On Muslim Federation To Drop Anti Semitic Speaker - Rally On March 19th @ 2pm in Coral Springs & Heron Bay Blvd.  March 17, 2022
Mosque Lead By Palestianian Islamic Jihad Members Exploits MLK Day Parade To Gain Legitimacy  March 3, 2022
36,000 Unvetted '"Refugees" To Be Fast Tracked For US Citzenship In Massive Cover Up By Biden Administration  March 3, 2022
South Florida Muslim Federation Hatefest To Feature Pro Hitler & Terror Speakers Like Khalid Griggs  February 15, 2022
PIJ Terrorist Founded Islamic Academy Of Florida Morphed Into American Youth Academy  February 10, 2022
Nourhan Mesbah: VP Of College Democrats Of America Bashes Jews & Gays - Refuses To Step Down  February 2, 2022
Soumaya Sahla: Dutch Ruling Party Put Convicted Terrorist In Parliament Who Wanted To Kill Geert WIlders  February 2, 2022
CAIR/Hamas Asks DOJ To Investigate Steve Emerson - Renames IPT 'Investigative Project FOR Terrorism"  February 2, 2022
6 Facts On The Texas Temple Terror Attack And How Islamists In The US Fueled The Incitement  January 27, 2022
Dupes For Dawah : Broward County School Board Falls For False Statistics From Muslim Umbrella Group  January 25, 2022
Jews4Jihad: Head Of LA Jewish Federation Spoke At MPAC Kumbaya Presser With Other Interfaith Useful Idiots  January 25, 2022
Eboo Patel: Interfaith Poster Boy Spoke Alongside WTC Bomber Defender - Wrote Kumbaya Op Ed With Jew 4Jihad  January 25, 2022
CAIR Uses Slavery To Bash America But Doesnt Condemn Slave Holding In Islam  January 20, 2022
Jihad Attack In Texas Is Part Of A World Wide Islamist Strategy To Dupe & Destroy The West  January 20, 2022
Kumbaya In Texas With Jew Hating Pro Terror Muslims Omar Suleiman & Azhar Azeez  January 20, 2022
Palestinian Islamic Jihad Members Reunite At Orlando Wedding  January 17, 2022
Malik Faisal Akram: Texas Temple Terrorist Came From UK Muslim No-Go Zone  January 17, 2022
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Jihad  January 16, 2022
Estee Chandler: From Star Trek To Jew For Jihad  January 16, 2022
NYC Mayor Eric Adam's Jihadi Transition Team Includes Mosque Of The Islamic Brotherhood's Talib Abdur- Rashid  January 16, 2022
CAIR Claims Muslims Love For Jesus Unites Them With Christians In Christmas Dawah Ploy  December 26, 2021
US Islamist Groups Call For The Release Of Al Qaeda Terrorist Aafia Siddiqui  December 19, 2021
Islamic Center Of Weston Teaches That Jews And Christians Are Enemies Of Islam  December 19, 2021
Hatem Fariz: Convicted PIJ Terrorist And Head Of Tampa Mosque Roams Around Israel A Second Time  December 19, 2021
Rasha Mubarak: Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib's Staffer Glorifies Hamas Terrorist As Heroes  December 19, 2021
CAIR's Lament About "Misuse" Of Islamic Terminology Appears To Be Inadvertent Reality Check  December 19, 2021
Terrorist Murderers Of 25 Year Old Father Yehuda Dimentman Will Get "Pay To Slay" Salaries For Life  December 19, 2021
Schumer & Stringer Officially Commend Jew Hating Terror Tied ICNA 'For Their Service To The Community'  November 18, 2021
David Bedein: UNRWA Is Run By Terrorists - 'Welfare' Agency Is A Warfare Agency  November 18, 2021
David Bedein: Will Donor Countries Finally Stop Funding UNRWA's Jihad Activities?  November 18, 2021
Barbara Sharief:Failed Congressional Candidate & Broward County Commissioner Took Money From Terror Tied Mosques  November 5, 2021
Hatem Fariz: Convicted PIJ Member & Director Of Islamic Community Of Tampa Speaks At CAIR Gala  October 31, 2021
Mohamad Al-Halabi: 'Hezbollah Imam' Of The American Islamic Center Of Florida Wants To Destroy Israel  October 31, 2021
CAIR's 'Journalist's Guide To Reporting On Islam And Muslims' Aimed At Misleading Clueless Infidels  October 17, 2021
Barbara Sharief: Muslim Congressional Candidate Pretends To Support Gays - Gets Endorsed By Islamist Gay Bashers  October 17, 2021
Barbara Sharief: Muslim Congressional Candidate Endorsed By Terror Tied Mosques -Studied In NOI School  October 8, 2021
Islamic Circle Of North America Exploited Haitian Earthquake To Raise Money For Terror  October 1, 2021
Terror Supporting ICNA "Helping" Afghan Refugee Resettlement America - Which Includes Potential Jihadis  October 1, 2021
'Taliban Imam' Izhar Khan Keynotes Muslim Professionals Singles Event At Terror Tied Mosque In South Florida  October 1, 2021
Rasha Mubarak: Rashida Tlaib's Finance Director Cheered For Escaped PIJ Terrorists  October 1, 2021
Oklahoma GOP Chairman Tells Truth About Koranic Mandated Violence In Islam And Is Attacked By CAIR  October 1, 2021
Jizya Jihad: The Taxpayer Funded Afghan Muslim Invasion Is Importing Terrorists  August 31, 2021
Impeach Biden: He Committed Treason.13 Americans Died. He Should Pay The Price  August 31, 2021
Criminal Negligence & Treason Are Not Limited To Our Elected Officials  August 31, 2021
Barbara Sharief: Candidate For Congress Courts Pro Terror Muslims In Mosques & Bashes Israel  August 19, 2021
Fadi Kablawi: 'ISIS Imam' Soliciting Teachers For His Reviver Academy In Miami  August 19, 2021
Barbara Sharief: Congressional Candidate Featured Guest At Al Qaeda - Jamaat-e- Islami Tied ICNA Event  August 19, 2021
Fadi Kablawi: South Florida 'ISIS Iman" Incites Against Jews & 'Kuffar' Plans To Expand Mosque  August 4, 2021
Terror Supporting ICNA Exploits Surfside Building Collapse To Solicit Funds For Their Organization  August 4, 2021
Understanding The Threat: U.S. Military Being Undermined By Anti American Ideologies  August 4, 2021
Florida Young Democrats Waging Jihad Against Jews, Homosexuals & Israel Incited By Rasha Mubarak  July 21, 2021
Muslim leaders call upon ISNA to end its partnership with AJC & Muslim Jewish Advisory Council  July 21, 2021
South Florida Imam Council Embraces Convicted ' Taliban Imam' Izhar Khan of MJAM  July 8, 2021
Rashida Tlaib's Finance Director Rasha Mubarak Intimidates & Harasses U.S.& Florida Legislators For "Palestine"  June 28, 2021
Did Nezar Hamze & Hassan Shibly Promote A Culture Of Misogyny & Bigamy At CAIR - Florida?  June 28, 2021
Terror Supporting Groups CAIR & ICNA Outraged That FL State Rep Randy Fine Calls Terrorists 'Animals"  June 10, 2021
Hatem Fariz: PIJ Terrorist & Director Of ICT Mosque Works With CAIR To Incite Violence Against Jews & Israel  June 7, 2021
MIM Book Review: Politiek Van Het Gezond Verstand (The Politics Of Common Sense) By Thierry Baudet  June 7, 2021
Rasha Mubarak: Rashida Tlaib's Finance Director And Dem Operative Promotes Jew Hatred & Jihad  June 2, 2021
Hassan Shibly: Ex FL CAIR Director Who Resigned Due To Scandal Posts Video Telling Israelis 'Go Back To Europe'  May 26, 2021
Hundreds Of Jew Hating Dutch Academics Call Upon Government To Sever Ties With Israel  May 26, 2021
Western Donors Ignore Jihad & Jew Hatred Propagated In UNRWA School Textbooks  May 12, 2021
Jihad Watch: Muslim "Reformer' Shireen Qudosi Sides With Terrorists Backs Jihad Against Israel  May 12, 2021
Omar Barghouti: Founder Of BDS Aligns With Hamas & Terror Tied Groups To Push For Destruction Of Israel  May 9, 2021
Muntasser Shalbi: Terrorist Who Killed 19 Year Old Jewish Student & Injured 2 Others Is Muslim American Businessman  May 9, 2021
JEWS4JIHAD: Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council Works With Terror Tied Muslims "To Counter Hate And Division"  May 9, 2021
Imam Abdullah Jaber: New Director Of CAIR Florida Replaces Accused Wife Abuser Hassan Shibly  May 3, 2021
UNRWA Uses School Texts Provided By PA That Promote Jihad And Jew Hatred  May 3, 2021
ADL FL To Host Pro Terror Cop Hater Ibram X Kendi Together With Former FBI Chief Of DTO Gregory Ehrie  April 29, 2021
'Taliban Imam' Izhar Khan Enjoys A 'Day Of Fun' With Brother Fundamentalists  April 22, 2021
Rasha Mubarak: Rashida Tlaib's Finance Director Promotes Terrorists And Socialism  April 15, 2021
ADL Florida To Host Black Supremacist Jew Hating Conspiracy Theorist Ibram X Kendi At May 20th Event  April 15, 2021
South Florida Muslim Federation: WPTV's Community Diversity Program Hosts Maha Elkolalli Who Advocates For Cop KIllers  April 1, 2021
Ancel Pratt III aka Abdus Salam Donated Championship Ring To Al Qaeda Linked ICNA Which Raised $10,000  March 25, 2021
Ahmad Al Aliwi Al-Issa :The Boulder Jihad Massacre: Clearing Away the Deceptions  March 25, 2021
Samir Kakli: South Florida Muslim Federation Prez Whines About Islamophobia While Giving Anti -Semitism A Pass  March 18, 2021
Ibrahim Dremali: Pro Terror Imam Claims 'Muslims Love Jesus" Spearheads ICNA Dawah Effort Aimed At Christians  March 4, 2021
Muhammad And The Killing Of Women And Children: The Prohibition Myth Debunked  February 25, 2021
Syed Ammar Ahmed: ICNA Relief PR Lackey & Broward College Prof Joked About Blowing Up A School  February 18, 2021
The Iowa State Senate Prays To Allah - Twice  February 18, 2021
Rush: The Fearless Warrior Of The Conservative Counterculture Goes To His Rest  February 18, 2021
Wilfredo Amr Ruiz: CAIR PR Lackey Is Anti Semitic Muslim Convert Who Misleads A Complicit Media  February 11, 2021
Rasha Mubarak: Tlaib's Finance Director Hosts Podcast Lauding Terrorists And Calling For Elimination Of Israel  January 29, 2021
The Pitfalls Of Trying To Define "Radical Islam": Tawfik Hamid And RIST  January 26, 2021
Hassan Shibly: CAIR Top Dog Resigns Amid Spousal Abuse & Bigamy Scandal  January 21, 2021
The Muslim Oath Project 2020: Islamic Doctrine versus the U.S. Constitution  January 18, 2021
Wilfredo Amr Ruiz: CAIR Spokesman, Convert, Leading ICNA Dawah Jihad Aimed At Hispanics  January 12, 2021
Hassan Shibly: CAIR Florida Leader Accused Of Spousal Abuse And Bigamy  January 7, 2021
Ancel Pratt III: From Miami Heat To Hamas - Ditches The American Dream For Jihad  December 29, 2020
Rasha Mubarak: Democrat Operative Promoting Jihad & Jew Hatred Is Finance Director/Fundraiser For Rashida Tlaib  December 27, 2020
Basmah: Terror Tied "Charity" Holds Rohingya Fundraiser With Jihad Promoting Speakers  December 20, 2020
Rice University Allows Craig 'Con'sidine & Zahra Jamal To Promote Fantasy Islam & Mock Their Academic Standards  December 20, 2020
Shireen Qudosi: Environmentalism Is "Eco - Racism" Unless It's Non White And Sufi - Then It's "Eco- Spirituality"  December 8, 2020
Ahmed Bedier: Ex CAIR Operative With Family Ties To AQ /OBL Follower Moves Within Democratic Party Circles  December 6, 2020
Rasha Mubarak: Democratic Nat'l Committeewoman Promotes Jihad & Jew Hate On Social Media  December 3, 2020
Craig Considine: Rice U Prof Promotes "Fantasy Islam" Part 3  December 3, 2020
Craig Considine: Rice U Prof Deliberately Misleads Non Muslims- Whitewashes Toxic Islamic Doctrine Part 2  December 3, 2020
Rice U Prof Craig Considine Peddles Fantasy Islam In New Book "The Humanity Of Muhammad: A Christian View" Part 1  December 3, 2020
ICNA AMP "Hate Conference" Backfires And Sheds Light On Their Own Terror Ties And Hate Mongering  December 3, 2020
Will The UAE Continue To Fund Hamas Tied UNRWA Despite 'Peace' Accord With Israel?  November 18, 2020
The Iowa Law Enforcement Academy Meets Fantasy Islam: Dr. Zahra Jamal Claims Jihad Is Not Violent  November 18, 2020
Fadi Kablawi: South Florida 'ISIS' Imam Claims 'Jews Not Really Jews' & Beheading Of Samuel Paty Was 'Bogus'  November 18, 2020
MPAC & ISNA : Biden 'Is Someone We Can Relate To' - 'We Pray That Allah Guide Them'  November 11, 2020
Noor Fawzy: Pro Terror Radical Islamist Operative Running For Coral Springs City Commission  November 2, 2020
Rasha Mubarak: FL 'Dhimmicrat' Anti-Semitic Poster Girl Gets 'Cancelled' From Event & Cries "Islamophobia"  October 29, 2020
Terror Tied Islamic Circle Of North America Blames French For Teacher's Beheading - Claims Muslims Are The Real Victims  October 29, 2020
CAIR/ Hamas Cries Victimhood: Warns American Muslims Not To Travel To France Because THEY May Be Attacked  October 29, 2020
Rice U Prof Craig Considine Falsely Claims That Slave Owning 'Muhammad Was First Anti-Racist In Human History'  October 24, 2020
Governor Whitmer Writes Letter Of Praise & Support For Al Qaeda & Hamas Linked Muslim Group ICNA  October 24, 2020
Fadi Kablawi: South Florida 'ISIS' Imam Spews Hatred In North Miami Islamic Center  October 22, 2020
American Muslims For Palestine/Hamas vs Emgage: 'You're Not Anti Semitic Enough'  October 8, 2020
Gaddoor Saidi: North American Islamic Trust Chairman Promotes Hamas And Hitler On Social Media  October 6, 2020
Betty McCollum: US Rep Shills For American Muslims For Palestine/Hamas - Is Keynote Speaker At Conference  October 1, 2020
CAIR And The "Drop The ADL Campaign": Cries "Islamophobia" Because ADL Notes Their Hamas/Terror Ties  September 16, 2020
American Muslims For Palestine/Hamas: Democrat Congressmen & Women Shill For Terror At AMP Hatefest  September 16, 2020
DNC "Con"vention Featured Terrorist Defender Khurram Wahid & Terror Inciter Linda Sarsour - Why Were They Invited?  August 27, 2020
UAE Playing Both Sides: Funding UNRWA Incitement Against Israel & Jews While 'Reconciling' With The Jewish State  August 25, 2020
Rasha Mubarak: Pro Terror FL Dem Op Retweets Stokely Carmichael's aka Kwame Ture's Call For Violence  August 23, 2020
Terror Tied Islamist Group ICNA Calls To Free Cop Killer H.Rap Brown aka Jamil Abdullah-al Amin  August 20, 2020
Philadelphia Airport's "Quiet Room" Is An Oasis For Islam - On The US Taxpayers Dime  August 17, 2020
Will Dem Activist Ben Friedman Call Out Rasha Mubarak On Her Jew Hatred Or Put The Party Above His Personal Integrity?  August 13, 2020
Margate Madrassah For Kids Lead By 'Taliban Imam' Izhar Khan Promotes Jihad, Amputations, Stonings & FGM  July 30, 2020
Lessons For Israel From The Srebenica Massacre, A Quarter Of A Century On - Part 1  July 26, 2020
How The US Lead Campaign To Defend Bosnian Muslims Lead To 9/11 - Part 2  July 26, 2020
Rasha Mubarak: Committee Woman For The Florida Young Democrats Memorializes Car-Ramming Terrorist  July 22, 2020
Wilfredo Ruiz: CAIR Hypocrite Virtue Signals Against Racism - Refers To Whites As "Gringos"  July 16, 2020
Sofian Zakkout of AMANA: Islamofacist Dumped From Anti Crime Boards & SoFlo Muslims Umbrella Group  July 9, 2020
Nabil el- Shukri aka Shukrijumah : Adnan's Brother's Teachings On Jihad, Blacks, Jews & Gays At Alazhar School  July 1, 2020
14 Anti Jihad Policy Challenges For Phillipe Lazzarini The New Head Of UNRWA  June 24, 2020
Nezar Hamze: Broward Deputy Sheriff Is Head Of Islamist Group Which Calls For Disbanding The Police  June 24, 2020
Gretchen Whitmer & Lou Correa Honor Al Qaeda Linked ICNA With Certificate Of "Special Recognition"  June 18, 2020
CAIR'S Assault On Academic Freedom - Terror Tied Org Files Suit In AZ Against Dr. Nicholas Damask  June 14, 2020
The Left's Lifeblood: Systemic Racism, Bigotry, Hatred, Intimidation & Submission  June 14, 2020
Marxist Storm Troopers Descend On The Suburbs - By William Mayer editor of Pipeline News  June 5, 2020
Nidal Sakr: US Born MB Operative,Cop Killer Who Threatens Trump Goes To The Beach  May 31, 2020
Shireen Qudosi: Muslim 'Deformer' Who Runs Preventing Violent Extremism Program Sides With Violent Rioters  May 31, 2020
CNN aka CAIR NEWS NETWORK Shills For CAIR's Communications Director Wilfredo Ruiz  May 20, 2020
POTUS Plan Vetoes A PLO State That Supports Terror - Its Raison D'etre  May 15, 2020
Rasha Mubarak: Darling Of The 'Dhimmicrat' Party Incites Against Jews And Israel With Impunity  May 12, 2020
When World War II Ended There Was No Armistice, There Was Surrender  May 8, 2020
South Florida Muslim Federation's Virtual Ramadan Townhall With 'Taliban Imam' Izhar Khan  May 4, 2020
Islam Versus The U.S. Constitution - The Muslim Oath Project  May 4, 2020
What Can Be Done To Fight Back Against The Seven Threats Facing Israel From UNRWA And The PA  April 29, 2020
An IDF Soldier's Reflections On Israel's Remembrance Day  April 29, 2020
Hatem Fariz: Convicted PIJ Terrorist & Director Of Al Qassam Mosque Praised By Media In Cynical Corona Photo Op  April 29, 2020
Nidal Sakr: US Born Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Operative Gives Trump "Kill List" Of World Leaders  April 29, 2020
Masjid Jamaat Al-Mu'mineen: Florida Mosque With Taliban Imam Incites Violence Against Jews And Christians  April 19, 2020
CAIR Interferes In Iowa Election - Refuses To Express Support For U.S. Constitution  April 19, 2020
Hatem Fariz: Why Was Convicted PIJ Terrorist - Al Qassam/ICT Mosque Leader Allowed Into Israel?  April 19, 2020
Islamic Circle Of North America Exploiting Corona Crisis To Raise Funds For Terror  April 2, 2020
Hiba( Abdul )Rahim: League Of Women Voters & Girl Scouts Gives Award To Hamas Linked CAIR Hijabi  March 29, 2020
Syed Ammar Ahmed: Prof Who Joked About Blowing Up A School Leaves Emgage Action & Joins Terror Tied ICNA  March 20, 2020
Imam Omar Suleiman: Interfaith Dialogue 'Icon' Is Sharia Supremacist And A Virulent Islamist Jew Hater  March 20, 2020
92% Of New Muslim Candidates Won't Express Support For The Constitution  March 11, 2020
Convicted PIJ Terrorist Hatem Fariz Participates In Muslim Capitol Day In Tallahassee  March 11, 2020
Islam Mandated Global Jew Hatred And The Failure Of The Self Proclaimed "Jewish Leadership"  March 11, 2020
Aramis Ayala: Florida State Attorney Embraces Hamas Supporter & Jew Hater Rasha Mubarak  February 21, 2020
Siraj Wahhaj: Unindicted Co-conspirator In 1993 WTC Bombing Speaks At ICNA Relief Banquet In South Florida  February 21, 2020
"Abrahamic Dialogue Faiths Initiative" Is Dawah And Aimed At Making Islam The Only Religion On Earth  February 11, 2020
The Adventures Of Asking Muslim "Reformers" To Choose Between The Constitution And The Koran  February 11, 2020
MIM Book Review: Islamic Doctrine Versus The U.S. Constitution By Dr. Stephen M. Kirby  February 11, 2020
93% Of Muslim Public Officials Would Not Express Support For The Constitution They Swore To Uphold  February 11, 2020
CAIR's Hassan Shibly Honors Yousuf Deedat - Bin Laden Associate And Fan Of Hitler  February 6, 2020
David Bedein: No Deal Until PLO Removes Jihad Terror Curriculum From Their Schools  February 6, 2020
Sofian Zakkout: Terror Inciting Head Of AMANA Finally Removed From Crime Stoppers Board  January 29, 2020
Rashida Tlaib & Rasha Mubarak Democratic Party Fifth Columnists Promoting Hamas - Inciting Anti-Semitism  January 19, 2020
Jihad Through Dawah: 'Taliban' Imam Izhar Khan Calls For Christmas "Con"version Offensive  January 13, 2020
Latest Report By David Bedein: UNRWA's Misuse Of Donor Funds Documented  January 13, 2020
UNRWA's Total Misuse Of Donor's Funds Exposed - Lies And Outright Abuse  January 8, 2020
Toys For Terror: The Red Green Alliance Exploits Christmas To Further Their Pro Terror Anti American Agenda  January 8, 2020
CAIR's Hassan Shibly Shills For HLF Hamas Funders 'Holy Land 5' And Plays The Victim Card  January 8, 2020
Salman Rashid: ISIS Student In Florida Who Wanted To Kill College Deans Had ISIS Imam Fadi Kablawi As Spiritual Guide  December 25, 2019
Shireen Qudosi: Muslim Deformer Lies: Claims Muslim Anti Semitism Comes From Nazis- Doesnt Mention Koran  December 22, 2019
Open Letter To UNRWA Donor Countries - Demand Accountability For Your Money When Mandate Is Up For Renewal  December 9, 2019
South Florida BASMAH Fundraiser Headlined By Hamas Stooge Monzer Taleb & Taliban Imam Izhar Khan  December 8, 2019
Ari Gordon & The Jews4Jihad Of The AJC Bring Muslim Brotherhood Operative Mohamed Magid & Terror Tied ISNA To Yeshiva University  December 8, 2019
Interfaith As Bad Faith: Interfaith Action Group Partners With CAIR And Anti-Semite Wilfredo Ruiz  November 28, 2019
Islamic Doctrine Versus The U.S. Constitution: The Dilemma For Muslim Public Officials - New Book By Dr. Stephen M. Kirby  November 24, 2019
Virulent Anti-Semite Ilhan Omar Makes Light Of Terror As Keynote Speaker At Florida CAIR Event  November 22, 2019
Crime Stoppers Of Miami-Dade County Has Terror Supporter Sofian Zakkout On Their Board  November 22, 2019
Another Ceasefire - And Another - And Another  November 17, 2019
Clarion's Preventing Violent Extremism Project Lead By Muslim 'Deformer' Shireen Qudosi:"A Total Waste Of Time & Money"  November 12, 2019
Kayla Mueller Exposed: Anti Israel Fanatic & Member Of The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) Terror Support Group  October 28, 2019
Rasha Mubarak: Orlando Multicultural Affairs Committee Member Speaks At Fundraiser For Hamas Front Group Islamic Relief  October 27, 2019
Kurdish Muslims Maltreatment Of Jews Past And Present  October 17, 2019
Rasha Mubarak: Pro Terror Antisemite Sits On Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer's Committee On Multicultural Affairs  October 17, 2019
Muslim Deformer Shireen "I Don't Want To Be Called A Muslim" Qudosi Exposed As Scamming Non Muslims  October 16, 2019
Islam Expert Dr.Carl Goldberg Responds To Attacks On Him And His Presentation At ASU's "A Conversation With Islam"  October 7, 2019
The Islamic Circle Of North America Is The American Wing Of Jamaat-e-Islami - Both Promote Terror In US & Abroad  October 4, 2019
Jews4Jihad: The American Jewish Committee Goes On A "Listening Tour" Meeting With Chicago Anti Semites & Islamists  October 4, 2019
Nidal Sakr: Why Is Muslim Brotherhood Op/Cop Killer Who Threatened Trump Still Not In Jail?  September 24, 2019
Joe Kaufman Refutes "Deputy Hamas" aka Nezar Hamze Of The Broward Sheriff's Office  September 9, 2019
Broward School Board's Robin Bartleman & Commissioner Yvette Colburne Partner With Terror Group To Bash ICE  September 9, 2019
Murdering Jews Is The Highest Paying Job In The Palestinian Authority  August 25, 2019
Saif Ishoof: FIU VP For Engagement Lauded By Radical Islamist SoFlo Muslims (SFMF) As "Our Very Own"  August 25, 2019
Rasha Mubarak:Islamo Nazi Named "Young Florida Democrat Of The Year" Does Damage Control After Jew Hatred Exposed  August 19, 2019
South Florida Muslim Federation's 'Journalism Jihad' - Attempts To Force Florida Media Outlets To Report Their Views  August 6, 2019
Rasha Mubarak: Islamist Jew Hater Named Florida Young Democrat Of The Year - Is National Committee Woman  August 6, 2019
UNRWA Corruption Scandal: Now Is The Time To Take Action Against Their Jihad And Jew Hatred Incitement  August 6, 2019
The Issues Fought About In 1948 Are Those Of 2019  July 28, 2019
Hamas Supporter Sofian Zakkout Removed From Board Of Citizen's Crime Watch After Terror Incitement Exposed  July 28, 2019
South Florida Muslim Federation Lauds Convicted Taliban Imam Izhar Khan As The "Backbone Of The Community"  July 28, 2019
Muslim Caucus Mobilizes The Ummah In DC - July 23-24- Aims To Replace The Constitution With The Koran  July 21, 2019
Terrorist Lawyer Khurrum Wahid Came In Third In Coral Springs City Commissioner Election  July 5, 2019
South Florida Muslim Federation Dumps Abdur Rahman Al -Ghani As FB Page Manager After Pro Terror Postings Exposed  June 24, 2019
Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout: Islamist "Crime Stoppers" Board Member Incites Violence Against Jews - Praises Hamas  June 11, 2019
Islam In Conflict With The Constitution Holding Muslim Public Officials Accountable To The 13th Amendment (Part 3)  June 11, 2019
Islam In Conflict With The Constitution: Holding Muslim Public Officials Accountable To The 8th Amendment (Part 2)  June 4, 2019
Rasha Mubarak: Director Of Florida Young Democrats & CAIR Operative Attacks Ex Husband & Jews  June 2, 2019
American Jewish Committee Lies About Leader Of Muslim World League Being "Most Senior Islamic Leader To Visit Auschwitz"  June 2, 2019
Islam in Conflict with the Constitution: Holding Muslim Public Officials Accountable to the 1st Amendment  May 27, 2019
Abdur Rahman Al-Ghani: South Florida Muslim Federation FB Page Manager Is ISIS Supporter - While Blaming Jews For ISIS  May 24, 2019
Philadelphia - The Muslim American Society And "The Blood Of Martyrs"  May 17, 2019
Rasha Mubarak: The Florida Young Democrats Very Own Islamo Nazi Anti Semite "Fuhrer"  May 17, 2019
So You Want To Look Into The Beliefs Of Public Officials?  May 8, 2019
Abdur Rahman al-Ghani: South Florida Muslim Federation Facebook Manager Promotes Jihad And Jew Hatred  May 6, 2019
Khurrum Wahid: Terrorist Lawyer Running For Coral Springs City Commission Plays The Racism Card  May 1, 2019
Nezar Hamze: BSO Hamas/CAIR Deputy Sheriff Has Sit Down With Taliban & Terror Imams In South Florida Mosque  April 11, 2019
Islamophobia vs Antisemitism : Comparisons Are A Dangerous Travesty  April 10, 2019
The Trump Plan Must Include Dissolution Of The PLO And UNRWA  April 10, 2019
Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout: Crime Stoppers And Citizen's Crime Watch Terror Supporter Still A Board Member  April 10, 2019
Ahmad Saleem aka Ahmad Shaheen: Is CAIR Sex Predator Looking For A Child Bride In Pakistan?  April 3, 2019
Khurrum Wahid: Terrorist Lawyer Running For City Commission To Promote His Islamist Agenda  March 17, 2019
Pope Francis Makes Treacherous Pact With Sheikh Ahmed-al Tayeb Head Of Al-Azhar Jihad School  March 17, 2019
BSO Deputy Sheriff Nezar Hamze Leaves CAIR To Head Terror Umbrella Group - South Florida Muslim Federation  March 12, 2019
Palm Beach Synagogue Hosts 2 Anti Semites From ICNA And Emgage At Pittsburgh Shooting Victims Memorial Service  March 12, 2019
ISIS Terrorist Hoda Muthana Who Urged Jihad Attacks On Americans Hires CAIR's Hassan Shibly To Help Her Return To US  March 5, 2019
The US Congress Forced State Department Transparency On UNRWA's Terrorism Activities & Terror Education  February 25, 2019
Islam Scholar Stephen M. Kirby Debunks U Of Michigan's Juan Cole's Pseudo Scholarship Once Again  February 25, 2019
Crime Stoppers & Citizens Crime Watch Of Miami Dade Continue To Harbor Terror Inciter Sofian Zakkout  February 25, 2019
Islamic Relief USA Fundraiser For Yemen With Ilhan Omar Deletes Name Of Jew Killing Advocate Yousef Abdallah From Event  February 12, 2019
The Shameful Censuring Of Anabelle Taub: Hallandale Commissioner Warns Against The Islamist Threat In Congress  February 12, 2019
Dawah - The Call To Prayer & CAIR At The Philly Please Touch Museum 'From America To Zanzibar' Muslim 'Culture' Expo  February 6, 2019
The Fantasy Islam Of The University Of Chicago's Fred Donner (Part 3)  February 5, 2019
How Yigal Allon's 1948 Blunder Lead To 70 Years Of Ongoing Terrorism And Bloodshed In Gaza  February 5, 2019
The Fantasy Islam Of The University Of Chicago's Fred Donner (Part 1)  February 1, 2019
Aidah Shukrijumah: AQ Terrorist Adnan's Nurse Advocate Sister Promotes Jihad - Brother Runs Islamic School In Florida  February 1, 2019
The Fantasy Islam Of The University Of Chicago's Fred Donner (Part 2)  February 1, 2019
The Islamic Center Of Boca Raton's Terrorist Reunion - Dremali, Alhalabi, Ahmad, Hamza & Qureshi  January 20, 2019
Ahmad Saleem aka Shaheen: Convicted CAIR Sex Predator Shuts Down Facebook Page After Article About It  January 14, 2019
How "Palestinian" Textbooks Indoctrinate Muslims & Incite Jihad And Jew Hatred From Kindergarten To 12th Grade  January 13, 2019
ISIS Bomb Making Instructor Tayyab Ismail's & James Gonzalo Medina's Thwarted Plot To Blow Up Aventura Jewish Center  January 4, 2019
Clarion Project's Muslim "Deformer" Shireen Qudosi Lies About Islam To StandWithUs Jewish Donors  January 4, 2019
Wilfredo Ruiz: CAIR Florida's Communications Director's Selective Bigotry And Blatant Hypocrisy  January 2, 2019
Nadim Siddiqui: From Obama Pic To Mug Shot - Muslim Entrepreneur Turns To Terrorizing Jewish Businesses  December 28, 2018
Part 3: U Of Michigan Prof Juan Cole Plays "Fantasy Islam" Promotes Muhammad As "Prophet Of Peace"  December 25, 2018
Part 2: U Of Michigan Prof Juan Cole Plays "Fantasy Islam" Promotes Muhammad As "Prophet Of Peace"  December 19, 2018
Ahmad Abrar Saleem aka Shaheen: CAIR Sex Predator And Former Muslim Youth Director Now In Pakistan  December 18, 2018
Part 1: U Of Michigan Prof Juan Cole Plays "Fantasy Islam" Promotes Muhammad As "Prophet Of Peace"  December 18, 2018
CAIR Operative Wilfredo Ruiz Helps Promote David Duke While Cynically Pretending To Decry White Supremacy  December 11, 2018
German Taxpayers Funding Jihad And Jew Hatred Via Millions Of Dollars For UNRWA In Gaza  December 10, 2018
Hamas Operative & Terror Inciter Sofian Zakkout Still On The Boards Of Miami-Dade Crimestoppers And Citizens' Crime Watch  December 2, 2018
FRAUD! Tarek El Messidi & Linda Sarsour Give Money Raised For Jewish Pittsburgh Shooting Victims To Terror Tied Islamic Center  November 29, 2018
Tarek El-Messidi/ Linda Sarsour Dead Jews In Pittsburgh $238,000 Fundraiser Gives $10,000 To Jews & $150,000 To Muslims  November 27, 2018
Sudden Jihad Syndrome In Melbourne: Muslima Honors Student From Bangladesh Turns To Terror  November 25, 2018
Nidal Sakr: Why Is This Muslim Brotherhood Operative, Terrorist & Cop Killer Still Not In Jail?  November 25, 2018
Farhana Qazi's Taqiyya Exposed: "Expert Islam Analyst" Stayed With The CIA To 'Prove Islam Is A Religion Of Peace'  November 15, 2018
CNPR's David Bedein: Challenge To Democrat - Controlled House: End The PA Dictatorship  November 15, 2018
Tarek El- Messidi's Celebrate Mercy "Charity" Raising Money For Dead Jews Is Hardcore Dawah Organization  October 29, 2018
Islam And The Rebirth Of The Ku Klux Klan  October 16, 2018
The Truth About "Palestinian" Authority Texbooks And The Incitement & Jihad & Jew Hatred They Promote  October 10, 2018
Bringing Down UNRWA - Down But Not Yet Out  September 16, 2018
How American Citizens Can Mobilize To Win The War Declared By Muslims And Islam On The U.S. & The West  September 11, 2018
Jews4Jihad: Ari Gordon New Head Of Hamas & Terror Tied Muslim Jewish Advisory Council - Works With Jihad Promoting ISNA  September 7, 2018
Trump Administration Implements Middle East Forum Plan To Stop Funding Hamas Via UNRWA  September 3, 2018
Geert Wilders Cancels 'Draw Mohammad' Cartoon Contest "To Avoid The Risk Of Islamist Violence"  August 31, 2018
Taxpayer $$ For Terror: NY City Council Funds CAIR, ICNA & Other Jihad Groups With 250K Muslim Empowerment Inititative  August 31, 2018
150 NL Parliamentarians Receive Death Threat In English Regarding Geert Wilders Planned Mohamed Cartoon Contest  August 17, 2018
"It's OK That Muhammad Married A Child Because People Didn't Live As Long Back Then" - Really?  August 14, 2018
Where Has All The Flour Gone? The Fake Humanitarian UNRWA Crisis  August 14, 2018
Sweden & Denmark In Flames Thousands Of Cars Torched This Year In Muslim Enclaves  August 14, 2018
Son of Siraj Wahhaj Who Ran Jihad Compound Where Son Died & Kids Were Trained For School Shootings Released On Bond  August 14, 2018
Former NL MP Wille Dille Claims Her Suicide Was Result Of Muslim Gang Rape 17 Months Ago & Death Threats In Video  August 14, 2018
Muhammad's Other Battle Cries: It's Time For Killing!  July 29, 2018
Stealth Jihadists Ilhan Omar & Rashida Tlaib's Congressional Runs Being Financed By Soros' MoveOn Org  July 25, 2018
The Perfect Man Billboard Is Back Together With A New 'The Perfect Man Truth' Website  June 17, 2018
Defeat Hamas Without Firing A Shot By Getting UNRWA To Take The Jihadists Off Their Payrolls  June 11, 2018
The Myth Of The "Naksa"-"Setback" And Historical Revisionism  June 11, 2018
MIM Book Review:"Terror Attacks In Europe By Radical Muslims" By Emerson Vermaat  June 3, 2018
Soros Funded Puppet & Stealth Islamist - Abdul El Sayed - Wants To Govern Michigan in 2018  June 1, 2018
Nidal Sakr: U.S. Born Muslim Brotherhood Operative Threatens Trump Family With Violence - Lives With Impunity In CA  June 1, 2018
Remembering The Little Rock Jihad Shooting Attack In 2009 And Obama's Days Of Ignoring It  May 22, 2018
Nidal Sakr: US Muslim Brotherhood Op Who Knew OBL Calls For Trump Execution And Obliteration Of Israel  May 8, 2018
Emerson Vermaat: "I Was The First Journalist To Write About Osama Bin Laden In A Book And The CIA Tipped Me Off"  May 8, 2018
FL Crime Stoppers Board Member Sofian Zakkout Of AMANA Promotes Terror, Hamas And Holocaust Denial  April 29, 2018
Ramadan: How Muslims Can Ambush And Convert Their Neighbors To Islam With "Friendliness"  April 29, 2018
Deconstructing The Sea Burial Of Osama bin Laden Seven Years After His Killing  April 25, 2018
State Department Blocks Exposure Of UNRWA Textbook Content By Filing As Classified  April 24, 2018
ICNA Leader Abdul Rauf Khan Removes Facebook Postings After Expose By Joe Kaufman On Frontpage Magazine  April 17, 2018
Hamas Operative Monzer Taleb Sings For Hamas-Speaks For Al Qaeda Linked ICNA At Texas Conference  April 9, 2018
Israeli Compassion And Generosity To "Palestinians" Leads To Violence And Terror  April 9, 2018
Interfaith As Bad Faith: Christians And Muslims Celebrate The Annunciation  April 5, 2018
UNRWA Behind The Gaza Fence Jihad March  April 5, 2018
Dr. Abdul Hye The 'Final Revelation' And The "Pentagon Koran"  March 30, 2018
CAIR Philly & HIAS Infilitrate Public Schools - Thomas Jefferson University With Propaganda Workshops And Seminars  March 29, 2018
Lasandra Johnson: From Committed Christian To Wannabe Suicide Bomber Of BSO - Converted At Radical ICOSF Mosque  March 29, 2018
ICNA's Abdul Rauf Khan Uses Anti Gay Propaganda From Group Which Promotes Hizb-Ut-Tahrir  March 29, 2018
The US Continues Funding UNRWA Schools - New Textbooks "Worse Than The Old Ones" Teaching Jihad & Jew Hatred  March 18, 2018
Broward County Education Foundation Accepts 'Blood Money' From Terror Tied Islamist Jihad Supporting Organizations  March 18, 2018
Terror Supporting Muslim Groups Cynically Exploit Florida School Shooting To Appear Benign By Donating 'Blood Money'  March 6, 2018
MIM Book Review: "Islamic Jihad, Cultural Marxism And The Transformation Of The West"  March 6, 2018
Broward Sheriff Scott Israel Appointed "Hamas" Deputy Sheriff Nezar Hamze Of CAIR Who Taught Muslims How To Shoot  March 1, 2018
Muslims Demanding Special Treatment In Eastern Iowa Schools In Violation Of Separation Of Church And State Laws  February 25, 2018
U.S. Military Exploited By Al Qaeda Linked ICNA By Cynical Food Distribution Ploy At Radical Mosque  February 25, 2018
Sofian Zakkout: Muslim "Crime Stopper" Board Member Incites Jihad,Praises Hamas And Actively Promotes Anti-Semitism  February 14, 2018
Europe's War Against It's Brave Citizens & Politicians Who Dare Tell The Truth About Islam  February 14, 2018
Green Left, Socialist Party, Labour Party And Islamic Party 'Nida' Merge To Form 'Left Alliance' In Rotterdam  February 14, 2018
Islam Could Have Died With Muhammad  February 11, 2018
Terrorist Sami al-Arian Continues His Jihad Incitement In Turkey  February 6, 2018
Maulana Shafayat Mohamed: Anti Gay Terrorist Tied Imam Featured Speaker At Florida Democratic Gala  February 6, 2018
Dutch Flower Seller Brutally Beaten And Robbed By Two Muslim 'Migrant' Thugs-Police Ask For Help In Finding Perps  February 6, 2018
Why Is Terrorist And Muslim Brotherhood Operative Nidal Sakr Who Threatened Trump Still Inciting With Impunity?  February 1, 2018
Teaching Terror: Shut Down All UNRWA Schools Immediately !  January 26, 2018
Adnan Shukrijumah: Al Qaeda Leader's Younger Brother Nabil el-Shukri Raising Funds To Expand His Alazhar Children's School  January 10, 2018
Mohammed Assaf: UNRWA's "Peace Ambassador" Sings Of Killing Jews-Joined With Linda Sarsour For IRUSA Fundraising Tour  January 9, 2018
Moroccan Muslim 'Youth' Terrorize Holland - Police Fail To Act Against Rioters And Criminals  January 6, 2018
Ahmadi Muslims Blatantly Distort Islam's Violent Teachings With Fabrications On 'Muhammad Fact Check' Website  January 1, 2018
Ahmed Aboutaleb: Muslim Mayor Of Rotterdam "Every Muslim Is A Bit Of A Salafist" - Considers Himself A Jihadist  December 27, 2017
Nidal Sakr: US Based Muslim Brotherhood Operative Calls For The Execution Of President Trump  December 13, 2017
Dangerous ISIS Jihadist From Syria Recognized By Fellow Countrymen In Holland  December 11, 2017
MIM Book Review: Genesis Of The Palestinian Authority By David Bedein  December 3, 2017
Sofian Zakkout: FL Crime Stoppers And Citizen's Crime Watch Board Member Posts Video Urging "Beat The F--king Jews"  November 29, 2017
ADL Philly 11th Annual Youth Conference Featured Muslim Keynote Speaker Akbar Hossain Of The MB & Terror Tied MSA  November 16, 2017
Drexel University's Muslim Student Association Wages Stealth Jihad & Works To Further "The Best Interests Of Islam"  November 15, 2017
Moroccan Rapper 'Benlabel' Arrested In Brussels For Facebook Call "To Destroy Everything" After World Cup Football Match  November 15, 2017
Muslim Terrorist Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov's Masjid Omar bin al - Khattab's Website Promoted Hatred And Violence  November 7, 2017
Moroccan Immigrants Overrepresented In Terrorism And Crime  November 6, 2017
Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal: Founder Of Georgetown CMCU Jihad Center Arrested For Corruption In Saudi Arabia  November 6, 2017
Jihad In Holland? Dutch Cyclist Paralyzed After Being Shot By Muslim Azim A. In Random Attack  November 6, 2017
Jihad In Manhattan: 8 Dead At Least 15 Injured-Muslim Sayfullo Saipov Used Truck To Ram Cyclists And Shouted "Allahu Akbar!"  October 31, 2017
A'dam's Bungled 'Anti Radicalisation' 'Gray Campaign' Was Concocted By Crackpot 'Radicalisation Expert' David Kenning  October 30, 2017
Sofian Zakkout: Member Of Miami Dade Crime Stoppers & Citizens Crime Watch Promotes David Duke And Hamas  October 28, 2017
Jihad in A'dam? Police Seek 'Middle Eastern Man Who Spoke Arabic' In Unprovoked Stabbing Of 15 Year Old Boy In Groin  October 25, 2017
'Foundation For Democracy And Media' Urges Terrorism Inciter And AEL Founder Dyab Abou Jah Jah To Apply For Subsidy  October 25, 2017
Nidal Sakr: US Born Muslim Brotherhood Operative Who Trained As Terrorist Runs 'March For Justice' Organization In FL&CA  October 23, 2017
Muslim Brotherhood Operatives, Terror Enablers And Journalists To Be At WISE Up Summit: 'Knowledge Ends Extremism'  October 23, 2017
Terrorist Sami Al-Arian Holds "International Muslim Ummah Conference" In Turkey - Head Of PIJ In US Deported There In 2015  October 9, 2017
Suspicious Kuwaiti Islamic Charities Donated Millions Of Euros To Salafist Mosques In Holland  October 2, 2017
Jihad In Las Vegas: Stephen Paddock Was Muslim Convert - Massacre Targetted Quintessential American Venue  October 2, 2017
Terror Tied Islamic Relief "Charity" Partners With Radical Muslim Groups In Florida To Do Da'wa Under Guise Of DIsaster Relief  October 2, 2017
AMANA Head Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout Incites Violence:"Likes" Terrorism And Anti-semitism  September 25, 2017
MK Yehuda Glick: Survivor Of Muslim Shooting Marches With Fatah Funded 'Women Wage Peace' Group  September 25, 2017
Geert Wilders: 'According To Me Islam Is Not A Religion'  September 19, 2017
Yahya Farroukh: Family Of London Tube Bomber Lives In Holland Claims "He Wouldn't Hurt An Ant"  September 19, 2017
Saudi Arabian Government Helped Plan 9/11 Attacks  September 11, 2017
State Rep Akko Abdul-Samad & The American Muslim Alliance : Dhimmitude Comes To Des Moines  September 10, 2017
Exposing Usama Hasan And The Muslim Reform Movement's Lies About Jihad  September 5, 2017
Copycatting Evil: Islamist Terrorist Attacks In Spain And Finland  September 4, 2017
Muslim Council Of Britain: The UK's "CAIR" Partners With The Bank Of England For "Townhall Events"  September 4, 2017
Spain: Al-Andalus As Terror Hub  August 29, 2017
Terror Tied Muslim Jewish Advisory Council Opens Branch In Dallas - Funded By American Jewish Committee  August 28, 2017
Looking Into The Heart Of The American Muslim Alliance  August 16, 2017
UNRWA Terror Involvement Under Scrutiny - Operates Hamas Training Camps For Teenagers & Incites Jihad Violence  August 11, 2017
Clear Evidence Of Collusion Between Ruthless Libyan Migrant Traffickers And "Rescue Ships"  August 8, 2017
THEY MUST GO! Destroy The Village That Produced The Muslim Savage Who Massacred Three Israelis At Shabbat Meal  July 25, 2017
Rabbi Sacks Gives Video Address To "International Forgiveness Institute" Event With Jihad Inciter Mahmoud Al-Habbash  July 24, 2017
3 Israelis Stabbed To Death By Muslim Savage During Shabbat Celebration - One Critically Injured  July 23, 2017
New Lobby To Call For Reforming Hamas Supporting And Violence Inciting UNWRA Begins In Israeli Parliament  July 18, 2017
Hamas Shill And Judeophobe Linda Sarsour Claims :Holy War" aka Jihad Is Not An Islamic Term  July 16, 2017
Meet The American Jewish Committee's - Muslim Jewish Advisory Council Headed By "Jew For Jihad" Robert Silverman  July 16, 2017
Humanitarian Organizations Cooperate With Libyan Migrant Traffickers in "Rescue Operations" In The Mediterranean Sea  July 10, 2017
Ahmed Marcouch: Stealth Jihadist Becomes New Mayor Of Arhem - Sees Yusuf Al Qaradawi As Role Model  July 4, 2017
Geert Wilders & The Party For Freedom To Demonstrate In Arnhem Against Mayoral Appointment Of Radical Muslim Ahmed Marcouch  July 4, 2017
MIM Book Review - "The Lure Of Fantasy Islam: Exposing The Myths And Myths Makers" By Dr. Stephen M. Kirby  July 2, 2017
MIM Book Review - "The Lure Of Fantasy Islam: Exposing The Myths And Myth Makers" By Dr. Stephen M. Kirby  July 2, 2017
Ibrahim Todashev: Triple Murderer And Boston Bomber Associate's Family Defended By CAIR In Frivolous Wrongful Death Suit  June 30, 2017
Ako Abdul-Samad And The American Muslim Alliance - Jihad Comes To Des Moines  June 29, 2017
Criminal Muslim"Youth" Dominate Streets Of Amsterdam's Bos And Lommer District - Now A No Go Zone  June 26, 2017
AMANA Director Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout Posts Video Of Moroccans "Murdering" Orthodox Jews  June 21, 2017
CAIR Leader Hassan Shibly Lauds Jihad Mass Murderer Marwan Barghouti As Hero  June 14, 2017
It's Not About Suicide, It's About Islam  June 11, 2017
Imams Refusing To Perform Funeral Rites For Jihadists: Keeping The Kafirs Fooled  June 9, 2017
Hamas Hides Terror Tunnel Beneath UNRWA Boys School In Gaza  June 9, 2017
After Attack Stealth Jihadists At Quilliam Foundation Urge UK To Continue Failed PREVENT Strategy Which Funded Terrorist's Brother  June 7, 2017
Syria's Ruthless Ruler Assad Wanted A Nuclear Bomb - With North Korean Assistance  June 6, 2017
"The Jihadist Next Door": Muslim Killer Khuram Butt Featured In TV Documentary About Al Muhajiroun Activities In The UK  June 6, 2017
Muslim Stabbers Tell Victims "This Is For Allah" - Metropolitan Police Tell Citizens "Run - Hide - Tell"  June 4, 2017
Suhail Khan: Islamist Who Praised Mujihadeen as "Martyrs" To Speak At AJC ISNA Event At Holocaust Museum On June 6th  June 2, 2017
Sound Vision Instructs Muslims On How To Exploit Portland Attack To Promote Muslim Victimhood And Do Dawah  June 2, 2017
Hassan Shibly: CAIR Leader Fears Terror Designation For Muslim Brotherhood Which Would Include His Organization  May 28, 2017
Monroeville PA Public Library Hosted Pro Hamas Anti Semitic CAIR & JVP Groups at Event Partly Financed By The Sprout Fund  May 26, 2017
Salman Ramadan Abedi: Muslim Suicide Bomber Kills 22 Wounds Over 59 After Concert At Manchester Arena  May 23, 2017
Martial Law Declared In Mindanao After Philippine City Attacked By ISIS Terrorist Group  May 23, 2017
Robert Spencer: Director Of Jihad Watch Poisoned By Leftists In Iceland After Lecturing On Threat Of Jihad  May 17, 2017
Hatem Bazian: American Muslims For Palestine Sued To Recover Damages For Terrorist Murder Of Jewish Student  May 15, 2017
Shocking Book On Sultan Berzel - An ISIS Suicide Bomber From The Netherlands  May 15, 2017
Hamas Linked Palestinian Return Center Claims That West Is Becoming More Supportive Of A Palestinian State  May 15, 2017
Muhammad Fraser- Rahim: Stealth Jihad Quilliam Foundation Hires New North American Director - Tied To NOI And Islamists  May 14, 2017
Son Of Osama bin Laden Exhorts All Muslims To Attack Jewish Targets Worldwide  May 14, 2017
Afshin Bahrampour: Muslim Sex Offender Arrested As Suspect In Chabad Synagogue Arson Fires In Las Vegas  May 9, 2017
Muslim Terrorist Stabs And Pushes Jewish Woman To Her Death From A Window In Paris - Police Covering Up Jihad Attack  May 5, 2017
Copycat Attack In Stockholm By Failed Asylum Seeker From Uzbekistan  May 3, 2017
David Bedein's Center For Near East Policy Research Membership Appeal  May 3, 2017
Muslim Moroccans Brutally Beat Homo Couple With Concrete Cutter In Holland  April 2, 2017
UK Born Muslim Convert Khalid Masood Behind London Terror Attack Which Killed 4 And Wounded Dozens  March 24, 2017
Zuhdi Jasser Refuses to Debate in His Home Mosque: Keeping the House of Cards Together  March 22, 2017
Atheist Moscow-Oriented Communists Courted Christians And Muslims During The Cold War  March 20, 2017
The Muslim Time Bomb  March 20, 2017
Zuhdi Jasser Blames "Alt-Jihadists" For The Failure Of Aspiring Muslim Reformers  March 18, 2017
Reform Zuhdiism: Mohamed Zuhdi Jasser Invents Own Version Of Islam - Rants Against Those Who Point It Out  March 15, 2017
David Bedein's New Book "Genesis Of The Palestinian Authority" Documents The PA's History Of Terror  March 15, 2017
Tamim Chowdhury: Radical Islamist VA Employee Removes Anti Trump And Bigoted Postings From Facebook  March 10, 2017
Book Review: "Hitler And The Arabs" By Emerson Vermaat  March 10, 2017
Dutch MP Geert Wilders Is Now Being Protected By Military Police  March 7, 2017
Juan M. Thompson: Muslim Convert Behind 8 Of Over 100 Bomb Threats To Jewish Institutions Arrested  March 3, 2017
Tamim Chowdhury: Radical Muslim Group Leader Who Expressed Hatred For CIC Trump Infilitrates The VA  March 3, 2017
Ammar Anwer: 'One Trick Phony' Self Proclaimed "Ex Islamist" Plagiarizes Own (?) Screed  February 26, 2017
Jasser's Muslim Reform Movement An Abject Failure - Outreach To 3,000 Mosques Got 40 Responses  February 24, 2017
Wilfredo Amr Ruiz: CAIR Operative Spoke At U of Miami Commencement Ceremony  February 21, 2017
Omar Abdel-Rahman aka Blind Sheik Finally Croaks In Prison - Mastermind Behind Numerous Terror Attacks & Bombings  February 19, 2017
Holland In Uproar After Brutal Beating Of Homo Couple By Muslims - Harun Yahya Suspected Of Spreading Anti Homo Pamphlets  February 16, 2017
DENK: Radical Muslim Political Party In Holland Incites Jew Hatred - Gets Funding From Turkish 'Diyanet' Dawa Enterprise  February 15, 2017
Enrique Marquez Jr.:Friend Of SB Jihadist Syed Farook Was Muslim Convert Pleads Guilty To Providing Rifles Used In Attack  February 15, 2017
Rasmea Odeh: Terrorist Murderer Of 2 Israeli Students To Speak At Jewish Voice For Peace Conference With Linda Sarsour  February 12, 2017
Nezar Hamze & Mohamed al-Ali-al Halabi: CAIR/Hamas And Hezbollah Imam Meet To Strategize At Pompano Beach Mosque  February 12, 2017
Raheel Raza: Professional "Muslim Reformer" Pushing The Myth Of Moderate Islam To A Gullible Public  February 12, 2017
U. S. Reps Deutch & Wasserman Schultz Join With Radical Muslims Against Trump At Airport Which Suffered Jihad Attack  February 10, 2017
Linda Sarsour: Hamas & ISIS Supporting Organizer Of Women's DC 'Pink Pussy Hat March' Is New Darling Of The Left  February 10, 2017
The Clarion Project's Advisory Board Plays Fantasy Islam - Part 3: Elham Manea Rejects The Koran  February 7, 2017
The Clarion Project's Advisory Board Plays Fantasy Islam - Part 2: The "Radical" Raheel Raza  February 6, 2017
The Clarion Project's Advisory Board Plays Fantasy Islam - Part 1: Zuhdi Jasser: Islam's Modernizing Prophet  February 5, 2017
Review Of "Islam's Militant Prophet: Muhammad And Forced Conversion To Islam" By Dr. Stephen M. Kirby  February 3, 2017
Jay Schwartz: S Florida Jewish Commissioner Embraces Radical Islamists Keith Ellison And Maulana Shafayat Mohamed  January 31, 2017
The Terror Threat From Libya, Somalia And Yemen  January 30, 2017
Ammar Anwer: Another "Ex Radical Muslim Reformer" Dissembles - Calls Islamist Javed Ahmed Ghamidi "A Reformist Scholar"  January 30, 2017
David Bedein's Center For Near East Policy Research To Open NY Office To Lobby UNRWA Donors For Agency Reform  January 26, 2017
Noor Zahi Salman: Wife Of Orlando ISIS Shooter Omar Mateen Hires Terrorist Attorney Linda Moreno  January 25, 2017
Bedouin Fifth Column Threatens Israel As Radical Islam & ISIS Take Hold In Their Community  January 19, 2017
Noor Salman: Wife Of Orlando Terrorist Omar Mateen Who Killed 49 In Jihad Attack Charged With Aiding And Abetting ISIS  January 19, 2017
Istanbul Night Club Terrorist Who Killed 39 People Uzbek Abdulgadir Masharipov Captured - Family Arrested  January 17, 2017
Dutch Law Enforcement Launches "Internet Referral Unit" To Find And Investigate Jihad Propaganda Online  January 16, 2017
Jews For Jihad : AJC's Robert Silverman & ADL's Jonathan Greenblatt - Speak At Jews & Muslims Confab With Radical Islamists  January 16, 2017
UPenn Hillel Partners With Terror Tied Muslim Students Association To Provide "Interfaith Busses" For DC Womens March  January 13, 2017
Are Broward Sheriff Scott Israel And CAIR Deputy Nezar Hamze Covering Up Ft. Lauderdale Terror Attack Muslim Connection?  January 13, 2017
Dyab Abou Jahjah: Islamo Fascist Who Praised Terror Attack In Jerusalem Operates Freely In Belgium Inciting Jihad & Jew Hatred  January 10, 2017
Jihad In Ft. Lauderdale: 5 Dead 13 Wounded - Esteban Santiago Obsessed With ISIS - Joined My Space As Aashiq Hammad  January 8, 2017
4 Israelis Dead Over 15 Wounded By Muslim Terrorist In Truck Ramming Attack In Jerusalem  January 8, 2017
Hamas Continues To Run UNRWA In Gaza - Canada Renews Funding  January 5, 2017
CAIR Infilitrates Norwich U Military Academy Using Hijab Clad Cadet Sana Hamze  January 4, 2017
Sofian Zakkout: Head Of American Muslim Association Of North America Promotes Al Qaeda And Incites Terrorism  January 3, 2017
Crypto - Muslim Obama Aids Islamists And Anti-Semites In Their Efforts To Destroy Israel  January 1, 2017
Book Review: Enhanced Interrogation - Inside The Minds And Motives Of The Islamic Terrorists Trying To Destroy America  January 1, 2017
Jews For Jihad Revisited: Robert Silverman And The American Jewish Committee's Partnership With Radical Islamists  January 1, 2017
Hamas Linked CAIR And Terror "Charity" Islamic Relief Hold "Day of Dignity" Exploiting The Poor To Appear Benign  December 29, 2016
John Esposito Plays Fantasy Islam - Part II - By Dr. Stephen M. Kirby  December 29, 2016
John Esposito Plays Fantasy Islam - Part I - By Dr. Stephen M. Kirby  December 28, 2016
Anis Amri Dead! Muslim Terrorist Who Murdered 12 And Injured Dozens In Berlin Market Massacre Killed By Policeman In Italy  December 23, 2016
BOLO: Anis Amri - Tunesian Muslim Who Killed 12 Injured Dozens In Truck Attack On Berlin Christmas Market  December 21, 2016
Broward County Deputy Sheriff Is CAIR Official Nezar Hamze, Lead Banquet Featuring Convicted PIJ Terrorist  December 21, 2016
American Jewish Commitee Gave Money To Terror "Charity" Islamic Relief As Part Of Interfaith Activities With Muslims  December 21, 2016
CAIR Florida Hosts Banquets With Terror Supporters - Holocaust Deniers, Islamist Apologists, And Wannabe Suicide Bomber  December 18, 2016
Jews For Jihad: The AJC Scraps Counter Terrorism Division For Kumbaya & Robert Silverman's Muslim Jewish Advisory Council  December 18, 2016
Jews For Jihad: Robert Silverman & The American Jewish Committee Fund Rebuilding Of Omar Mateen's Mosque & Terror Hub  December 13, 2016
Geert Wilders Found Guilty For Speaking Out Against The Islamisation Of Holland - PVV Party Soars In The Polls  December 12, 2016
Terrorist Tied Saudi Funded Islamic Society Of Boston Cultural Center Held "Interfaith" "Anti Hate" Event With Mayor Walsh  December 12, 2016
A Radical Muslim Convert Worked At Germany's Domestic Security Agency  December 5, 2016
UNRWA Encourages Arson Jihad - Indoctrinates Muslim Children To Kill And Maim Any Way They Can  December 2, 2016
ICNA & CAIR: Habitat For Humanity Partners With Terror Tied Muslim Organizations Which Exploit Their Mission  December 2, 2016
Muslims Wage Koran Mandated Arson Jihad In Israel - "Israeli - Arabs" Are An Oxymoron  December 2, 2016
Muslim Somali "Refugee" Abdul Razak Ali Artan Commits Jihad Terror Attack On Ohio U Students With Car And Knife Wounding 11  November 29, 2016
Muslims Of America aka Jamaat ul Fuqra: 22 Jihad Enclaves Arming And Preparing For War Against US Law Enforcement  November 29, 2016
Miami-Dade Citizens Crime Watch IncludesTerror Inciting Anti Semite Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout On Its Board  November 29, 2016
THEY MUST GO! Jihad Arson By Muslims In Israel Continues - "Wake Up!" "We Are At War!"  November 25, 2016
THEY MUST GO! Muslim Savages Burning Down Israel In Nationwide Arson Jihad Attacks  November 24, 2016
Geert Wilders Final Statement To Court : Freedom Of Speech Is On Trial In The Netherlands  November 24, 2016
Keith Ellison - MusIim Brotherhood Islamo-Fascist Operative Slated To Head DNC  November 24, 2016
Amazon Partners With Al Qaeda Linked ICNA On "Kumbaya" Interfaith Ad Featuring Priest And Imam  November 22, 2016
US Funded UNRWA Schools Must Change PA "War Education Curriculum" Inciting Hatred And ViolenceTowards Jews  November 20, 2016
Anti Semitic Stealth Jihadist Keith Ellison Endorsed By Quilliam Foundation Stealth Jihadist Maajid Nawaz For DNC Chair  November 18, 2016
5 "Demoncrat" Congressmen Meet With Muslim Terrorist In Israel - Johnson,Gutierrez, Cartwright, Kildee and Pocan  November 18, 2016
Jews For Jihad: Israeli Rabbis Meet Hamas Founder Imad Al-Falouji in Spain - Issue Statement 'In Name Of The Lord & Allah'  November 18, 2016
Jews For Jihad: AJC Joins With ISNA And Other Terror Supporters To Form Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council  November 14, 2016
Geert Wilders Congratulates Americans On Trump Victory - Vows To "Make The Netherlands Great Again"  November 13, 2016
CAIR Leader Hussam Ayloush Calls On Muslims To Overthrow The U.S. Government  November 12, 2016
President Trump: An American Revolution - Of The People, For The People And By The People!  November 9, 2016
Taxpayer Funded UNRWA Textbooks Continue To Teach Hatred And Incite Violence Against Jews - Video  November 8, 2016
Terrorist Leader Mahmoud Abbas To Open Museum Honoring PLO Murderer Yasser Arafat In Ramallah  November 8, 2016
NSA Reportedly Prevented Two Other Terror Attacks By Asylum Seekers In Germany  November 7, 2016
Belgium As Hub Of International Terror  November 7, 2016
USCMO One America Campaign Plans 'Open Mosque Day' - "To Ensure, By Allah's Will, We Construct The America We Want For Ourselves"  October 18, 2016
Israel Under Threat As Muslim Incitement And Terrorism Continues - UNRWA Students Trained To Attack  October 13, 2016
U.S. Intelligence Tipped Germans Off About ISIS Hit Team Disquised As Syrian Asylum Seekers  October 4, 2016
Remembering The Victims Of Peres & Rabin Who Were Murdered By "Light Weapons" They Gave To The PLO-1993 To 2016  October 1, 2016
Ongoing Terror Through Asylum As Migration Continues Unabated In Europe  October 1, 2016
US Muslim Hamas Supporters Ask Hamas To Return Bodies Of Dead Jewish Soldiers In Cynical And Sick PR Ploy  September 26, 2016
Jihad In America: Turkish Muslim Immigrant Terrorist Kills 5 At Washington State Mall- Is ISIS Supporter  September 25, 2016
Terrorist Leader Abbas Reveals His Jihadist Agenda In UN Speech - Israel Beware!  September 25, 2016
Jihad In Holland: Dutch Being Terrorised In Many Towns By Murderous Gangs Of Turkish & Moroccan Muslim Migrant "Scum"  September 25, 2016
BOLO: Ahmad Khan Rahami - Jihadi Behind NYC Bombing - Considered "Armed And Dangerous" - Update: ARRESTED!  September 19, 2016
America Under Jihad Assault: 3 Attacks In 12 Hours Leave Scores Wounded In NYC and MN  September 19, 2016
Emerge USA: Radical Muslim Group Courts And Funds Miami Primary Opponents Joe Garcia And Annette Taddeo  September 19, 2016
Osama Bin Laden Tried To Apply For Asylum In Britain In December 1995  September 6, 2016
US Government Forced Israelis To Implement Gaza Expulsion - Leading To Creation Of Hamas Terror Stronghold  September 6, 2016
DHS Head Jeh Johnson Gives "Impassioned Speech" To "Empower" Radical Islamists At Terror Tied ISNA Conference  September 5, 2016
Muqtedar Khan: Terror Supporter Who Lamented '9/11 Disrupted Khalifate Plans' To Speak At CAIR - AFSC- 9/11 Event  September 2, 2016
German Government Tells Citizens To 'Prepare For Attack Or Castastrophe' In The Wake Of Islamic Invasion  August 29, 2016
Miami Primary Candidates Joe Garcia And Annette Taddeo Got Funding From Radical Islamist Emerge USA  August 29, 2016
Will Israeli Government's Promised Crackdown On Incitement In East Jerusalem Schools Include Pro Terror UNRWA Institutions?  August 27, 2016
Philadelphia Commission On Human Relations To Partner With Hamas Linked CAIR And Radical Islamist Muqtedar Khan For 9/11 Event  August 26, 2016
Geert Wilders Freedom Party Platform To Stop Islamization - Close All Mosques - Ban The Quran  August 26, 2016
Huma Abedin:Top Clinton Aide Wrote For & Edited Islamist Sharia Propaganda Journal For Over A Decade While With Hillary  August 22, 2016
U.S. Aid Permits Taxpayer Funded Jihad Curriculum Aimed At Children To Flourish In PA/ UNRWA Schools  August 17, 2016
The Dangerous Myth Of The "Muslim Zionist"  August 17, 2016
Terror Tied Islamic Center Of Boca Raton Hosted Candidate Forum With Local Officials Including Sheriff  August 16, 2016
Anjem Choudary Finally Convicted After 20 Years Of Jihadism For Recruiting For And Swearing Allegiance To ISIS  August 16, 2016
ICNA's Abdul Rauf Khan, Worshipper At Orlando Jihadi's Islamic Center Of Fort Pierce, Attempts To Promote Phony Attack Story  August 11, 2016
United States Institute Of Peace Cosponsors Iftar With HamasTerror "Charity" Islamic Relief - Keynoted By CAIR Operative Rabia Chaudry  August 10, 2016
America Bashing Olympic Hijabi Ibtihaj Muhammad Visits Terror Funding "Charity" Islamic Relief USA  August 10, 2016
Police In Belgium Ask For Help In Finding Son Of Hate Preacher Who Walks Around At Night Calling For Killing Of All Christians  August 8, 2016
National Museum Of Jewish History In Philly Hosts Islamo Nazi Keith Ellison And Self Hating 'Bend The Arc Jewish Action' Group  August 8, 2016
Tim Canova : Debbie Wasserman Schultz Challenger Visits Terror Tied Islamic Foundation Of South Florida For Ramadan  August 1, 2016
ISIS Terrorists Strike In Denmark, France And Germany  August 1, 2016
Maajid Nawaz: Stealth Jihadist-"Ex" Terrorist Head Of Quilliam Foundation Planning To 'Pimp For The Profit' In The United States  July 27, 2016
ISNA Recruiting Muslim Youth For Civilization Jihad At MYNA Summer Camps Themed "Stop, Submit And Serve"  July 26, 2016
ICNA Asks Convention Goers For Skin Color Preference - Called Out By Ex Leader Of Islamist Emerge USA Tamim Chowdhury  July 22, 2016
Terror Hub Islamic Center Of Boca Raton Scrapped As Polling Place - Mosque Promotes Anti Semitism & Anti Americanism  July 18, 2016
Raheel Raza "Devout Moderate Muslim" Waging Jihad Through Taqiyya - Says That Islam Has Nothing To Do With Violence  July 18, 2016
Muslim Terrorist Uses Truck To Kill 84 Wound Over 200 In Nice - Shouted "Allahu Akbar " While Mowing Down Victims  July 15, 2016
Imam Omar Suleiman Who Spoke At Dallas Police Memorial Is Radical Islamist Tied To CAIR Black Lives Matter Supporters  July 13, 2016
German Police Cannot Cope With Rising Crime Among Muslim Immigrants  July 11, 2016
Islamist Sound Vision Foundation's "Civilization Jihad" Targets American Media And The Public With Their Da'wa Campaign  July 11, 2016
Fort Pierce Islamic Islamic Center Is Terrorist Hub: Has CAIR Spokesman - Wilfredo Ruiz  July 8, 2016
Antwerp: Magnet For Muslim Terrorists And Jihad - Jewish Community Living In Fear  July 8, 2016
Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout Head Of AMANA - On Board Of Crime Stoppers And Citizens Crime Watch "Likes" Killing Of Jews  July 5, 2016
How To Stop Murderous Muslim Incitement - Wipe Out The Communications Of The PA And UNRWA  July 3, 2016
THEY MUST GO! Muslim Terrorists Kill One, Wound Three In Shooting Attack Hours After Attempted Stabbing Of IDF Soldiers  July 1, 2016
Muslim Savage Stabs 13 Year Old Girl To Death In Her Bed : Hallel -Yaffa Ariel HY"D Murdered While Sleeping In Family Home  June 30, 2016
Abbas's PA And Fatah : Muslim Necrophiliacs Who Revel In Death Praise Savage Who Killed Sleeping 13 Year Old Girl  June 30, 2016
Maulana Shafayat Mohamed: Terror Promoting Anti Gay Imam Speaks At Democratic Gala One Week After Orlando Jihad  June 29, 2016
Muslim Dentists And Nurse Arrested For Hamas Bombing Which Severely Injured IDF Soldier - Hid Explosives In Clinic  June 26, 2016
AMANA Head Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout Promotes Hatred And Violence Against Jews, Gays, Christians And America  June 22, 2016
Maulana Shafayat Mohamed Of Dar Uloom Mosque In Pembroke Pines - Anti Gay Imam And Anti Gay Terror  June 17, 2016
"Syrian Asylum Seekers Planned Terrorist Attacks In Germany"  June 14, 2016
NY Born Muslim Who Killed 50 And Wounded Over 53 In Jihad Attack On Gay Club In Orlando Pledged Allegiance To ISIS  June 14, 2016
Portrait Of A Despotic Islamo - Fascist : Turkish President Erdogan  June 8, 2016
Sofian Zakkout Of AMANA Claims 9/11 Was An "Israeli - Jewish Job" - Member Of Citizens Crime Watch & Crime Stoppers  June 8, 2016
BDS: The D Is Superfluous - Islamo And Leftist Fascists Promoting Anti Semitism, Violence And A False Narrative  June 8, 2016
Saudi Funded ISNA: Jihad Through Dawa - Holding 'National Interfaith And Government Forum' With Prayer At Capitol In DC  April 11, 2016
Airport Police: "Brussels Airport Employs ISIS Sympathizers"  April 4, 2016
CAIR's Ghazala Salam Moves To Emerge USA And Continues To Wage Stealth Jihad As Florida Executive Director  April 1, 2016
ISIS' European Terror Matrix Sowing Death And Destruction - At Least 400 Trained Jihadists In Europe Ready To Attack  April 1, 2016
Islamist Friendly Associated Press Collaborated With Nazi Regime - Struck Deal With Hitler For Press Access  April 1, 2016
FIU To Become Florida 'Islamic' University? Announced Plans For Muslim World Studies Center On September 11, 2014  March 29, 2016
Sound Vision Issues Islamist "Talking And Thinking Points" On How To Spin The Media On Muslim Terror Attacks  March 27, 2016
Wilfredo Ruiz: Lawyer For Groups Promoting Hamas And David Duke Gets Airtime On ABC Affiliate WPLG Local 10  March 26, 2016
Suicide Bomber El Bakraoui Brothers Plotted To Cause Explosion in Belgian Nuclear Reactor  March 24, 2016
Islamist Groups Exploit Terror Attack "Condolences" To Play Victim Card , Urge Muslims To Vote And Demonize Candidates  March 24, 2016
Muslim Arrested In Paris Was In "Advanced Stages" Of Attack Plot - Six Muslims Arrested In Brussels Terror Raid  March 24, 2016
Belgian Police Seeking Bomber Who Fled Airport - Came With Two Other Suicide Bombers Wearing Gloves On Left Hands  March 23, 2016
Cruz : "Empower Law Enforcement To Patrol And Secure Muslim Neighborhoods Before They Become Radicalized"  March 23, 2016
Search On For Fugitive Najim Laachraoui - El Bakraoui Brothers ID'ed As Bombers Who Detonated Themselves At Airport  March 23, 2016
Second Airport Suicide Bomber ID'ed As Najim Laachraoui - Was Bomb Maker For Paris Attacks - 4th Man Being Sought  March 23, 2016
Muslim Savages Murder 34 Wound Over 200 People In Brussels Terror Attacks In Subway Station And Airport  March 22, 2016
Muslim Police In France Refuse To Protect Synagogues - Becoming A Radicalized Fifth Column  March 21, 2016
Bernie Sanders Meets With Anti Semitic Hamas Front Group CAIR Official Rasha Mubarak  March 17, 2016
Adnan Oktar aka Harun Yahya's "Fantasy Islam" Cynically Distorts The Violent Teachings Of Muhammad's Islam  March 15, 2016
Sofian Zakkout: Muslim Leader Spreads Claim 'Holocaust Was Faked' Is Member Of Crime Stoppers & Citizens Crime Watch  March 15, 2016
Adnan Oktar aka Harun Yahya's "Fantasy Islam" Cynically Distorts The Violent Teachings Of Muhammad's Islam  March 15, 2016
More Than Seventy Years Later Nazi Broadcasts To The Muslim World Are Still Making An Impact There  March 14, 2016
MN Lutheran Social Services Publishes "Fantasy Islam" Booklet On Muslim 'Refugees' Endorsed By Pro Terror Imam (Part II)  March 12, 2016
Hamas Linked CAIR - Group Justifying Knife Attacks Against Jews Attempting To Scuttle Anti BDS Bill In Florida  March 10, 2016
Mohamed Eltoweissy: Radical Islamist Prof Now A Colonel At Virginia Military Institute - Worked At US Dept Of Energy  March 8, 2016
MN Lutheran Social Service Works With Hamas, Al Shabab Supporting Hassan Al Mohamud To Welcome Muslim "Refugees"  March 7, 2016
Harun Yahya aka Adnan Oktar - All Must Convert To Islam - Koran Verses Made For The Knesset And Rebecca Abrahamson  March 5, 2016
At Least 100 ISIS Members In Israel - IDF Soldier Stabbed By Sudanese ISIS Supporter  March 5, 2016
Asylum Seekers Planned Terrorist Attacks Right In The Heart Of Berlin  February 22, 2016
Harun Yahya aka Adnan Oktar - 'Sexed Up' Fantasy Islam Comes To The Knesset With Help Of Rebecca Abrahamson  February 20, 2016
CAIR Leader And BSO Deputy Sheriff Nezar Hamze's Son In Law An Islamist Misogynist Who Bashes Israel And Women  February 16, 2016
Open Letter To UN Amb. Power In Jerusalem - Reform UNRWA - Stop Incitement By It's 'Youth Ambassador' Mohammad Assaf  February 15, 2016
David Bedein: Palestinian Incitement Can Be Stopped By Halting Distribution Of Hatred Filled Schoolbooks  February 11, 2016
Let's Ban Ki Moon - Please! The 'United Nazis' Continues It's Anti Semitic Incitement  February 11, 2016
Omer Salem : Practicing Jihad Through Dawa - If Jews Convert To Islam They Will Be Considered G-d Fearing By Muslims  February 9, 2016
DOJ, FBI And DHS Meet With CAIR Reps And AMANA's Zakkout To Provide Money For Muslims In 'Community Resilience Meeting'  February 9, 2016
Taqiyya In Action: Jew Baiter Yasir Qadhi To Speak At Terror Tied ICNA Banquet After Claiming To 'Apologize' For Comments  February 7, 2016
AMANA's Sofian Zakkout Attacks Terrorist Lawyer And EMERGE USA Leader Khurrum Wahid  February 3, 2016
71 British Doctors Of Hate Demanding Israel Medical Association Membership In World Medical Association Be Revoked  February 3, 2016
US Taxpayers Paying For PA Textbook Incitement To Murder Jews Assisted By UNRWA  February 3, 2016
AMANA'S Sofian Zakkout Board Member Of Crime Stoppers And Crime Watch Again Refers To Jews As "Pigs" And "Monkeys"  January 29, 2016
Terror Tied Florida Mosque Gets Shooter Training From CAIR Leader And BSO Deputy Sheriff Nezar Hamze  January 25, 2016
"Fantasy Islam" Dr. Stephen Kirby Refutes Adnan Oktar aka Harun Yahya's False Claims That Islam Is Well Inclined Towards Jews  January 25, 2016
Muslim Savage Who Stabbed To Death Mother Of 6 Apprehended - Father Of 16 Year Old Jihadi Says He Is "Proud" Of His Son  January 19, 2016
Pregnant Woman Stabbed By Muslim Savage Who Broke Into Clothing Store Where She Was Working In Gush Etzion  January 18, 2016
Jewish Mother Of 6 Children Stabbed To Death In Her Home In Front Of Them By Muslim Savage Who Worked In The Town  January 17, 2016
Imam Mohamed al- Halabi aka Fouani Of The American Islamic Center Of Florida TravelsTo Syria To Visit His Hezbollah Family  January 17, 2016
Rebecca Abrahamson And Omer Salem: Peddling Fantasy Islam And Koranic Fallacies  January 14, 2016
Nezar Hamze And Sameen Usman Of CAIR - A Designated Terror Front Group For Hamas - Invited To SOTU Address  January 12, 2016
Asylum Seekers From Islamic Countries Sexually Harassed Women In Germany, Finland And Sweden - Copycat Behavior On New Year's Eve  January 11, 2016
Muslim Terrorist Who Stormed Paris Police Station Lived In Asylum Seekers Center In Germany - Drew ISIS Flags  January 11, 2016
Tel Aviv Jihadist Nashat Milhem Who Killed 3 People Found A Week Later In His Village - Eliminated By Security Forces  January 9, 2016
Black Muslim Convert Shoots Philly Cop "In The Name Of Islam" Acted For ISIS - 'Because Police Uphold Laws Contrary To The Koran'  January 9, 2016
Two Muslim "Refugees" Tied To ISIS And Al Qaeda Arrested In Texas And California  January 8, 2016
AlFitrah Mosque In Utrecht Tied To Funding From Al Qaeda  January 7, 2016
Every Jew A 22 ! Israelis Must Deal With Their Muslim Fifth Column By Fighting Back  January 6, 2016
Holland To Hold Anti Terrorism Conference- Wilders Open Letter To PM Rutte On - "Sexual Jihad And Testosterone Bombs"  January 6, 2016
Coordinated Gangs Of Muslim Men Rape, Rob And Molest Scores Of Women In Cities Throughout Germany - And Now Zurich  January 6, 2016
CAIR's Nezar Hamze Teaches 'Taliban Imam' Masjid How To Shoot - Gun Training In At Least 17 Mosques And Counting  December 30, 2015
AMANA's Sofian Zakkout Supports Hamas - Calls Jews Monkeys And Pigs - Spews Hate In Arabic - Practices Taqiya In English  December 29, 2015
The Danger Of Partial No-go Zones In Europe: Allowing Muslims To Exclude Non-Muslims Signals Western Weakness  December 29, 2015
Israeli Doctor: Terrorists Know Where To Plunge The Knife - 'It's As If Someone Read The Manual'  December 29, 2015
UPenn Prez Amy Gutmann And Provost Price Write Letter Of Support To Terror Tied MSA & Muslim Students After SB Jihad Massacre  December 29, 2015
Obama's Claim That 'ISIS Kills More Muslims' Is Absurd - They Consider Them Infidels Like The Rest Of Their Victims  December 23, 2015
America's Hidden Jihad - What The Media Isn't Reporting About Violent Attacks By Muslims  December 23, 2015
Two Israelis Killed One Injured In Stabbing Attack By Two Muslim Terrorists At The Jaffa Gate In Jerusalem  December 23, 2015
CAIR Leader Nezar Hamze Teaching Muslims How To Use Guns In Terror Tied Mosque - Is Also Deputy Sheriff  December 22, 2015
Broward Mayor, Vice Mayor Make Videos Praising Radical Muslim Group Emerge USA  December 16, 2015
Victory For Dutch Prosecutors Against ISIS Recruiters - Exclusive Report On Terror Trial By Emerson Vermaat  December 14, 2015
1 Year Old Baby's Leg 'Almost Cut Off' In Muslim Terror Car Attack Which Injured 14 - Jihadi Intended To Ax Victims  December 14, 2015
UK Police Affirm Trump's Claim That They Fear For Their Lives In Some Muslim Areas Throughout Britain  December 14, 2015
Book Review: "Hatred Must Not Spill Over Into Our Streets: The Terror Threat By Islamic State" By Emerson Vermaat  December 12, 2015
Syed Farook And Tashfeen Malik Took Target Practice Days Before Massacre - Received 28 K Before Attack  December 8, 2015
David Bedein: Syrian Children's Textbooks Propagate Intolerance, Hatred, Anti Semitism And Historical Revisionism  December 8, 2015
DNC And Debbie Wasserman Schultz Doing Outreach With Terror Tied American Muslim Democratic Caucus And CAIR's Ghazala Salam  December 7, 2015
Jihadi Killer Syed Farook 'Was Obsessed With Israel' - Mother Got Award From Al Qaeda Linked ICNA  December 7, 2015
Muslim Terrorist Stabs Three In Attack 'For Syria' In London Underground - Had ISIS Images On Phone  December 7, 2015
Lead Plotter Of Paris Muslim Attacks Passed Through Austria And Hungary - France Considers Shutting Over 100 Mosques  December 4, 2015
Tasheen Malik ,Wife Who Killed With Husband Syed Farook Swore Allegiance To ISIS On FB - He Prayed At Dar Al Uloom Al Islamiyah Of America Mosque  December 4, 2015
Devout Muslim Jihadis Syed Rizwan Farook And Wife Tasheen Malik Were Part Of International Terrorist Network - Brother In Custody  December 3, 2015
Syrian Muslim "Asylum Seeker" Is ISIS Jihadi - Arrested In Dutch "Refugee" Center  December 3, 2015
David Bedein: The Post Munich 'Golda Doctrine' And Mahmoud Abbas  December 3, 2015
Miami Muslim Leader Sofian Abdulaziz Zakkout: Killing Civilians Not OK, Except With Knives  December 2, 2015
Charlie Hebdo Redux In San Bernadino? Attack In CA Leaves 14 Dead 17 Wounded - Name Farooq Saeed Gleaned From Police Scanner  December 2, 2015
"Palestinian" Mothers Necrophilia Lauded: "Unique In Their Cries Of Joy Over Death Of Terrorist Sons"  December 1, 2015
Abbas Financed Munich Massacre Of 11 Israeli Athletes By Muslim Terrorists - New Details Revealed About Atrocity  December 1, 2015
Douglas Murray Asks: Is There Such A Thing As "Understandable Terrorism?" - The Real Lesson Of The Paris Attacks  December 1, 2015
Muslims Working At FBI Celebrated 9/11 Attacks As Did Muslims Living in Apartment Blocks Near DC  December 1, 2015
CAIR Conference Speakers Include Racist Comedian Amer Zahr And Threats To Bring Wrath Of God Upon World Leaders  November 23, 2015
THEY MUST GO! 18 Year Old Israeli Stabbed To Death One Injured As Muslim Savages Strike Twice In One Hour  November 23, 2015
THEY MUST GO! Proposal To Close Off Muslim Occupied Hebron To Prevent Terror Attacks  November 23, 2015
THEY MUST GO! 2 Female Muslim Savages Stab Jews On Jaffa Road Wounding 4  November 23, 2015
Geert Wilders Speech To Parliament On The Paris Muslim Terrorist Attacks - 'This Is War'  November 23, 2015
Brussels Remains On Lockdown - 16 Arrested In Anti Terror Raids - Manhunt For Salah Abdeslam Continues  November 23, 2015
21 Year Old Woman Stabbed To Death By Muslim Savage - 21st Israeli Murdered By Terrorists Since October  November 22, 2015
Brussels On Lockdown Fearing Terror Attack - Metro Closed - Citizens Warned To Avoid Crowds  November 21, 2015
Muslim Savage Stabs 4 Israelis - Is Caught With Blood On His Hands - 13 Year Old Girl Among The Victims  November 21, 2015
2 Israelis Murdered 7 Wounded By Muslim Savages In Gunfire And Car Attack "Palestinian" Bystander Also Killed  November 19, 2015
2 Jews Stabbed To Death 1 Injured By Muslim Savage While Praying In Tel Aviv Synagogue  November 19, 2015
Scumbag Muslim Terrorist Behind Paris Jihad Attacks Confirmed Dead In Raid - Linked To Other Foiled Plots  November 19, 2015
ISIS Claims It Crashed Russian Plane With Bomb In Soda Can  November 18, 2015
2 Jihadis Dead, 7 Arrested In Paris Anti Terror Raid - Female Suicide Bomber Blew Herself Up  November 18, 2015
Abbas And Fatah : 'Murdering Israelis Is Our Right' - Erects Memorial To Murderer Who Stabbed And Killed 2 Jews  November 18, 2015
Israel Finally Outlaws Northern Wing Of Islamic Movement - Raids Offices - Jails Leader Raed Salah  November 17, 2015
Bomb Attacks At Stadium And Concert Hall Thwarted In Germany - Explosives Packed Into Parked 'Ambulance'  November 17, 2015
Geert Wilders: 'Almost Every Terrorist Is Muslim' - French Imam: 'Muslims Should Rule France'  November 16, 2015
Belgian Born Abdeslam Salah Wanted For Paris Jihad Attacks  November 15, 2015
Ghazala Salam : CAIR Terror Group Leader Appointed To Broward School Board  November 14, 2015
Multiple Jihad Attacks In Paris - Over 129 Dead - Hundreds Wounded -Jewish Owned Venue Main Target - At Least 1 Attacker Was "Refugee"  November 14, 2015
Father And Son Murdered By Muslim Terrorists In Israel Were On Their Way To Pre Wedding Celebration  November 14, 2015
Why The Paris Massacre Will Have Limited Impact - By Dr. Daniel Pipes  November 14, 2015
Muslim Medical Services In Israel Watched Jews Die -"Palestinian" Red Crescent Ambulance Sped Past Dying Jewish Terror Victims  November 14, 2015
Self Proclaimed "Former" Senior Member Of Al-Muhajiroun Adam Deen Lands Lucrative "Outreach" Gig At Quilliam Foundation  November 10, 2015
Dossier: Iran's Soleimani, Master Terrorist Leader Of Quds Force  November 10, 2015
The Turks Are Blackmailing The European Union While Dangerous Jihadists Pose As Refugees  November 9, 2015
Jordanian Muslim "Police Officer" Shoots 2 Americans And A South African Instructor Dead In Jihad Attack At U.S. Funded Base  November 9, 2015
Sofian Zakkout :Terror Supporter Exploits Membership In Citzen Corps And Crime Stoppers As Facade For His Activities  November 8, 2015
Faisal Mohammed: Smiling Muslim Student Who Stabbed 4 People At U Of California In Jihad Attack Shot Dead By Police  November 5, 2015
Muslim Terrorist Bomb Blew Up Russian Airliner Killing All 224 People Aboard - ISIS Claims Responsibility  November 5, 2015
Islamic History Expert : Religion Of Islam Is Cause For Terror In Israel And Worldwide  November 3, 2015
Al-Qaeda Leader Praises Stabbing Attacks In Israel Calls On Muslims To Launch Terror Attacks Worldwide  November 3, 2015
Muslims Should Stop Whining About Victimhood And Stop Their War Against Israel And Humanity  November 3, 2015
Gay Islamist Emerge USA Staffer Saad Khan Does Event With Anti-Gay Imam  October 29, 2015
Europeans Attempt To Arm Themselves In Face Of Muslim Invasion - Jihadists March Through Hannover  October 29, 2015
THEY MUST GO! Arabs In Israel An Active Fifth Column Aiding Terrorists Hamas Top Dog Confirms  October 28, 2015
More Muslim Necrophilia: Mother Of Terrorist Murderer Brandishes Knife Can't Wait To Stab Jews Herself  October 26, 2015
Mufti Of Jerusalem Haj Amin Al Husseini Pushed Hitler To Enact Extermination Campaign Planned To Burn Jews  October 26, 2015
Oday Aboushi - Pro Football Player On Houston Texans Team Promotes Radical Islam And Terrorism  October 24, 2015
The Mufti, Hitler And The Palestinians : The Facts  October 24, 2015
Muslim Necrophilia Begins In Childhood  October 24, 2015
Historical Evidence Shows Mufti Did Advise Hitler on Extermination of Jews  October 22, 2015
Disney World vs Dawah - CAIR'S 2015 Orlando Intifada  October 22, 2015
Islam As Necrophilia : Muslims Applaud Watching A Jewish Victim Of Terror Attack Die  October 20, 2015
More Muslim Necrophilia: "Palestinians" Wait To "Inhale The Scent Of Martyrs Blood"  October 20, 2015
Muslim Savages Torch Joseph's Tomb - Terrorist Disquised As Journalist Stabs Soldier  October 20, 2015
Muslim Savages Murder 3 Jews Injure 17 In Multiple Attacks In Jerusalem As Stabbings And Shootings Continue Throughout Israel  October 13, 2015
Abbas And The PA Funding Murder Of Jews - Money From Western Donors As Jihad Incentive  October 13, 2015
Both Hitler And The German Nazis Courted Iran  October 12, 2015
Jews In Holland Fear For Their Safety As Hundreds Of Muslim Invaders Are To Be Placed In Their Neighborhood  October 12, 2015
Hamas Fighters In The Palestinian Security Forces? Not For Public Consumption  October 12, 2015
Muslim Child Marriage Comes To Europe  October 11, 2015
Timeline: Muslim Savages Launch Hourly Attacks On Jews Throughout Israel Spreading Murder And Mayhem  October 8, 2015
Islam As Necrophilia: Muslims Derive "Joy" By Distributing And Viewing Photos Of Dead Terror Victims  October 8, 2015
Afghan Hospital Hit By US Airstrike Run By Doctors Without Borders Was Haven For Taliban Terrorists  October 8, 2015
Democratic Leader Tamara Tillman Ayon Now Works For Radical Islamist Group Emerge USA  October 4, 2015
Terrorist Leader Abbas's Fatah Murders Mother And Father In Front Of Their Four Children  October 4, 2015
Islam As Pathology -Muslims Laugh And Spit On Wounded Mother And Baby After Husband Murdered In Terror Stabbing  October 4, 2015
Nezar Hamze: BSO 'Deputy of Sharia' -Terror Tied CAIR Leader Hired By Sheriff Steve Israel Despite Unanimous Decision Not To  September 25, 2015
THEY MUST GO! Major Muslim Terror Attacks In Israel Claims Scores Of Jewish Lives "Daily Routine Has Become Dangerous"  September 25, 2015
NJ Muslims Gloat That They Will Get Their Demands Passed: "We're Going To Be The Majority Soon"  September 25, 2015
Terrorist And Jihad Supporting Criminal Sofian Zakkout Still Working With Crime Stoppers And Citizens Crime Watch In Florida  September 22, 2015
Nezar Hamze: Broward Deputy Sheriff And Leader Of CAIR Also Works With Terror Tied Islamic Relief  September 22, 2015
Hungarian Bishop Defies Francis, "It's A Muslim Invasion" - Muslim Invasion Of Europe And America: "An Act Of War"  September 22, 2015
Broward School Board Member Ann Murray Exposes Children To Islamist Outreach From ICNA,CAIR And EmergeUSA  September 8, 2015
Drowned Child Story Is A Lie: Father Of Aylan Kurdi Was Living Safely In Turkey And Decided To Go To West For Dental Care  September 8, 2015
Muslims Viciously Beat Elderly Jewish Pair In Home In Holland - Both Now Confined To Wheelchairs - Reward Offered For Capture  September 8, 2015
Dutch Airforce Sergeant May Have Joined ISIS In Syria  September 6, 2015
UNRWA Teacher Eiad Hindi Glorifies Har Nof Synagogue Massacre - Keeps Job With Blessing Of Agency Officials And UN  September 6, 2015
Abbas And Fatah Inciting Muslims To Carry Out 'Religious War' aka Jihad Against Jews Over Temple Mount 'Using All Means'  September 2, 2015
STOP IRAN DEAL RALLY - September 9th at West Front of The Capitol in DC - 9am to 7pm- Trump, Cruz and Beck To Speak  September 1, 2015
Nezar Hamze: Deputy Sheriff At BSO Received Go Ahead To Keep Working As Official Of CAIR Terrorist Organization  September 1, 2015
Stop Iran Rally In NYC Tuesday September 1 5:30 to 7:30 - 780 Third Ave Between 48th and 49th Streets  August 31, 2015
Pakistani Muslims To Christian Flood Refugees - Convert To Islam To Receive Aid Or Become Slaves  August 31, 2015
Boca Hezbollah Imam Mohamed al-Halabi Of The American Islamic Center Of Florida Praises Louis Farrakhan  August 28, 2015
Arizona Muslim Ahmed Mohammed El Gammal Charged With Helping NY College Student To Join ISIS  August 28, 2015
NL And EU FaceTsunami Of Muslim Refugees - Dutch Minister Pleads With Overloaded Muncipalities To Make Extra Room  August 28, 2015
Ten Terror Attacks Per Day In Old City Area Of Jerusalem As Muslim Intifada Continues Unabated Throughout Israel  August 27, 2015
Leader Of Saudi Hezbollah Wing Ahmed al- Mughassil Arrested In Beirut For Attack Which Killed 19 US Airmen In 1996  August 27, 2015
Pa. Senator Demands Punishment For 'Prof' Kaukab Siddique Of Lincoln U For Supporting ISIS And Killing Of 'Blasphemers'  August 25, 2015
Moroccan Muslim Terrorist 'Planned To Murder Everyone OnTrain' Ayoub El Khazzani Had Full Arsenal And Gasoline  August 25, 2015
BSO's Sheriff Scott Israel Appointed Terror Tied Nezar Hamze Of CAIR As Deputy Sheriff - Compromises National Security  August 24, 2015
Geert Wilders And PVV Want Parliament To Return From Recess For Urgent Debate On How To Prevent Terrorism  August 24, 2015
United Nazis Weapons Resource Agency (UNRWA) Publishes Cartoons Urging Car Terrorism Murder Of Jews  August 24, 2015
Wanted Dead By ISIS: Al Qaeda Leader Ayman al Zawahiri - Reward Offered  August 23, 2015
Three Americans Take Down Moroccan Muslim ISIS Terrorist On Paris Train - Prevent Jihad Massacre  August 22, 2015
Muslim Mohamad Museyin Being Sought As Prime Suspect In Bangkok Jihad Bombing Which Killed 20 Injured Over 125  August 22, 2015
J Street Is Jihad Street - Elects Muslima Amna Farooqi As President Of National Student Board J Street U  August 20, 2015
Senior Amnesty International Official Yasmin Hussein Has Ties To Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood And Taliban  August 18, 2015
ISIS Publishes Islamist 'Mein Kampf' Promoting 'The End Of The World Battle' And Establishment Of The Caliphate  August 17, 2015
Mohamad al- Halabi: Boca 'Hezbollah' Imam Holds Memorial Service For Nephew 'Martyred' In Syria  August 17, 2015
Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Tied To Muslim Brotherhood And MSA Target Of Criminal Probe  August 17, 2015
Team Obama Sides With Terrorists In Lawsuit Brought By U.S. Terror Victims  August 13, 2015
Al Qaeda Helper Lawal Babafemi Sentenced To 22 Years In Jail By New York Court - Recorded Rap Songs For Recruitment  August 13, 2015
Geert Wilders Speech In Silicon Valley: "We Are All Under Threat Today" "We Have To Tell The Truth About Islam"  August 13, 2015
UNRWA School Budget Crisis Can Be Solved If They Stop Their Jihad Indoctrination Of Students  August 10, 2015
Trial Set For CAIR Pedophile Ahmad Abrar Saleem - Will This Islamist Predator Be Put Behind Bars?  August 6, 2015
UK Terrorist Hate Preacher Anjem Choudary Charged With Recruiting For ISIS - Operated With Impunity For Years On Taxpayers Dime  August 6, 2015
Barack Hussein Obama's Support For Radical Islam Is A Proven Fact  August 6, 2015
AP Continues As Terror Equivocator  August 6, 2015
Barack Hussein Obama Makes American Oath Of Allegiance Sharia Compliant To Accommodate Muslims Flooding The US  August 6, 2015
The Organization Of Islamic Cooperation's Stealthy "Civilization Jihad"  August 6, 2015
Muslims Frequently Harass Christian Asylum Seekers And Muslim Converts To Christianity  August 3, 2015
BSO Sheriff Scott Israel Embraces 'Deputy Hamas' aka Nezar Hamze Of CAIR  August 3, 2015
Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout : Islamist Leader Of AMANA And AMER Supports Hamas, David Duke And Terror Against Jews  July 29, 2015
From Tehran To UNRWA: The New US-UNRWA Accord  July 29, 2015
Nezar Hamze: Leader Of HamasTerror Front Group CAIR Is Now Gun Toting Deputy Sheriff In Broward County Florida  July 24, 2015
Over 10,000 People Attend Anti-Iran Deal Demonstration In Times Square, Event Largely Ignored By Media  July 23, 2015
Material Aid To The Enemy : Suicidal Nature Of U.S. - Iran Nuclear Agreement  July 23, 2015
Say No To The Nuclear Deal! Rally In Times Square - Wednesday July 22, 5:30 -7:30 (42nd St And 7th Ave) Be There And Be Counted!  July 18, 2015
Jihadi Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez Was "Upset" By Gaza War Say Friends - FBI To Investigate 7 Month Stay In Jordan  July 18, 2015
Khaled Meshaal And Hamas Delegation Meets With Saudi Royals In KSA - Praises 'Positive Stance' To Palestinian Cause  July 18, 2015
Dad Of Chattanoga Jihadi Youssuf Abdelazeez Is "Palestinian" Linked To Hamas Was On Terror Watchlist - Family Member Supports PLO  July 17, 2015
Jihadi Muhammed Youssef Abdulazeez "Was Acting Normally" Before Attacks Say Fellow Mosque Worshippers  July 17, 2015
Hamza Yusuf Convert Head Of Zaytuna College In CA Justifies Charlie Hebdo Jihad Murders: "They Knew What They Were Doing"  July 17, 2015
How Israel Might Destroy Iran's Nuclear Program  July 16, 2015
4 Muslims Arrested In Terror Plot Targeting French Military Bases - Including Former Member Of Navy  July 16, 2015
4 Marines Shot Dead By Muslim Terrorist Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez In Attacks On Recruitment Office And Reserve Center In Chattanooga  July 16, 2015
Obama's Iran Deal Has The Makings Of A Catastrophe  July 15, 2015
Experts Warn: Loopholes Can Allow Iran To Build Nuclear Weapons 'In Weeks'- Deal Ignores Covert Nuclear Arms Program  July 15, 2015
Iran's President Rouhani Demonstrates Fraudulent Nature Of Nuke Deal - Total Defeat For The West  July 15, 2015
President Of Muslim Brotherhood Linked Group ISNA Speaks At Dallas City Hall Iftar - Mayors Of Dallas And Plano In Attendance  July 14, 2015
Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout Supporter Of Hamas And David Duke On Board Of Crime Stoppers And Citizens Crime Watch  July 14, 2015
Samantha Elauf : Hijabi Who Sued Abercrombie & Fitch In Act Of Civilization Jihad Applauded By Obama At WH Iftar Dinner  July 14, 2015
Abdullah al- Andalusi UK Counter Terrorism Cop Was ISIS Operative Working With Saudi Backed Muslim Debate Initiative  July 13, 2015
Ex Peacenik Son Of Boston Police Captain, Alexander Ciccolo, Who Converted To Islam Plotted ISIS Bombings And Executions  July 13, 2015
Yehuda Glick Attends Islamist Adnan Oktar's Iftar Event With 1,000 Muslim Clerics Who Tell Him: 'The Bullets Injured Islam More Than You'  July 12, 2015
Firas al-Riwi Former Head Of Leeds Grand Mosque Promoted Suicide Bombing To Children  July 12, 2015
Cleveland Police Officer Under Investigation For Posting Warnings About Sharia And Muslims On Social Media  July 12, 2015
Gowdy Releases Clinton Subpoena To Appear Before Committee Investigating Benghazi Terrorist Attack  July 12, 2015
Cardinal Theodore McCarrick Cited In Muslim Brotherhood Group ISNA PR Stating "America Needs Islam"  July 12, 2015
Leader Of Jihadist Group Forsane Alizza Linked To Anti Jewish Terror Plot Jailed For 9 Years In France  July 11, 2015
How Team Obama Helps The Organization Of Islamic Cooperation Wage Jihad On Freedom Of Expression  July 9, 2015
Online Campaign Launched In Israel For Terrorist Death Penalty Law  July 9, 2015
ISIS Releases Terror Guide For UK Jihadists  July 9, 2015
4th Of July ISIS Attacks Were Foiled By FBI In US - Dozens Of Jihadists Nabbed  July 9, 2015
British Government Tells Citizens To Leave Tunesia Because Another Terrorist Attack Is "Highly Likely"  July 9, 2015
UK Family Of 12 Press Release From Islamic State - 'We Feel Safer Than Ever Before' 'Hasten To The Obedience Of Allah'  July 6, 2015
EU Official: ISIS To Use Refugee Ships To Invade Europe - Terrorist Infiltration Could Be In The Hundreds  July 6, 2015
"Hatred Must Not Spill Over Into Our Streets"- The Terror Threat Posed By Islamic State  July 3, 2015
Iranian Nuke Talks: The Endless Charade  July 2, 2015
Team Obama Awards Iran With 13 Tons Of Gold - $370M Value  July 2, 2015
Rafikhe Tayari Accomplice To Tunesian Beach Attacker Trying To Enter Europe On Board A Migrant Boat From Libya  July 2, 2015
Global Jihad's New Leadership Presents Challenges For The West  July 2, 2015
Jewish Politicos Spend Ramadan With Anti-Gay Imam Maulana Shafayat Mohamed At Al Qaeda Linked Mosque Dar Ul Uloom  July 1, 2015
Expert: Ramadan Is 'Victory Month' 'Muslims Leave The Mosque With Hatred In Their Eyes" Islam Is A Religion Of Murder Not Peace'  June 30, 2015
Malachi Moshe Rosenfeld, 25 Years Old ,Passes Away From Wounds Sustained In Muslim Terror Attack  June 30, 2015
Summary Of Overview Of Terror Threat In Holland "The Chance Is Real That An Attack Will Take Place"  June 30, 2015
FBI Setting Up Command Centers Nationwide To Monitor Terror Threats For 4th Of July- Urges Americans To "Remain Vigilant"  June 30, 2015
New Jersey Muslim Alaa Saadeh Arrested For Supporting ISIS - Helped Brother Travel To Middle East  June 30, 2015
"Normal Muslim" Yassin Salhi Who Beheaded His Boss And Tried To Blow Up Gas Factory Had ISIS Link  June 30, 2015
Daily Terror During Muslim 'Holy Month Of Ramadan" 2 Murdered, Many Seriously Injured In Israel  June 29, 2015
Muslimah Slashes Israeli Policewoman's Throat At Rachel's Tomb To 'Celebrate' Ramadan  June 29, 2015
U.S. Home Security Chief Urges Vigilance In Run Up To July 4th Celebrations Which 'Coincide With Ramadan'  June 29, 2015
More Ramadan Terror : Muslims Shoot And Wound Four Israelis In Car - One In Serious Condition  June 29, 2015
Uncle Of ISIS Muslim Killer Who Laughed While Murdering 38 People On Tunesian Beach: "He Was Perfectly Normal"  June 28, 2015
'Normal Muslim' Terrorist Confesses To Beheading His Boss - Sent Selfie Of Him Together With Severed Head To Syria  June 28, 2015
Wife: Father Of 3 Who Beheaded His Boss And Tried To Blow Up Gas Plant Is A 'Normal Muslim'  June 26, 2015
Israeli Farmer Beaten To Death By Muslim Terrorists During Ramadan  June 26, 2015
Death Of California Convert Al Qaeda Spokesman Adam Gadahn Confirmed  June 26, 2015
More Ramadan Rampages: Muslim Terrorists Storm Tunesian Beach Resort - Shoot To Death Over 27 Tourists  June 26, 2015
Nazis In London To Demonstrate Solidarity With "Palestinians" In Anti Semitic Rally Planned In Jewish Neighborhood  June 26, 2015
"Paid Assassins" Chief Negotiater/Inciter Saeb Erekat:: 'Incorporate Hamas And PIJ Into PLO Institutions'  June 25, 2015
Boston Bombers Twisted Statement To Victims: 'I'm A Muslim, My Religion Is Islam' 'Praise Be To Allah'  June 25, 2015
Uighur Muslims Kill 18 Policeman In China After Fasting Is Banned During Ramadan  June 25, 2015
Islamic Terror Update - Huge Increase In Threat Level  June 24, 2015
Gaza Rockets, Eubulides And The Sorites Paradox - How Many Missiles Constitute A Barrage?  June 24, 2015
ISIS Calls For Muslim Martyrdom During Ramadan - 'The Best Acts That Bring One Closer To Allah Are Jihad'  June 24, 2015
Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Sentenced To Death - Thanks Allah -Called "Coward" And "Leech" By Victims  June 24, 2015
Center For Security Policy: Poll Of U.S. Muslims Reveals High Levels Of Support For Shariah And Jihad  June 24, 2015
More Islamic State Depravity: Men Drowned In Cage, Decapitated By Explosive Necklaces - Blown Up By RPG's In Cars  June 23, 2015
NC Convert To "Religion Of Peace" Wanted To Help Islamic State By Killing 1000 Americans Using Cyanide Dipped Bullets  June 23, 2015
Iran Supporting 100 Shia Terrorist Groups  June 22, 2015
Muslim Bystanders Give Aid And Comfort To Terrorist Who Was Shot By Israeli Policeman He Stabbed - Hail Him As "Martyr"  June 22, 2015
Geert Wilders Puts Mohammed Cartoons On YouTube After Dutch TV Station Fails To Air Them As Scheduled  June 22, 2015
New ISIS Front In Chechnya With 15,000 Fighters " We need To Hurry Up And Unite So We Can Cut Off The Heads Of Infidels"  June 22, 2015
Muslim "Celebrates" Ramadan By Killing One Israeli And Wounding Another After They Stopped To Give Him Water  June 21, 2015
Fourth Muslim American Citizen Arrested In Thwarted NYC Terror Attack And For Supporting ISIS  June 21, 2015
More Ramadan Savagery: Muslim Stabs Policeman In Jerusalem Who Shoots His Attacker While Accomplice Made Video  June 21, 2015
Bosnian Muslim Kills 3 Wounds Over 50 In Austrian Jihad Attack - Runs Over Pedestrians And Stabs Them  June 21, 2015
Orlando CAIR Pedophile Ahmad Abrar Saleem Pleads Not Guilty To Underage Sex Charges  June 19, 2015
Public Prosecutor : 4 Years Jail For Tarik Zahzah Who Held NL News Crew Hostage While Demanding Broadcast Time  June 19, 2015
ISIS Supporter Fareed Mumuni Arrested In Connection With Munther Omar Saleh's Plot To Bomb NYC Landmarks  June 19, 2015
Muslim College Student Munther Omar Saleh Arrested For Plotting Pressure Cooker Bombings For ISIS In NYC  June 19, 2015
UNRWA (United Nazis Weapons Resource Agency) Head Admits That Hamas Hid Weapons In Their Buildings  June 19, 2015
Summary Of Emerson Vermaat's New Book: "Hatred Must Not Spill Over Into Our Streets-The Terror Threat Posed By Islamic State"  June 18, 2015
James Woolsey's Frontal Assault On Iranian Regime  June 18, 2015
Team Obama's JCS/DOD Heading For Disaster  June 18, 2015
Congresswoman Ileana Ros- Lehtinen Asked To Distance Herself From Radical Islamist Saif Ishoof  June 17, 2015
Geert Wilders Speech In Denmark - "The Choice Is Either Shari'a Law Or Freedom"  June 17, 2015
Why Is Anyone Still Listening To Maajid Nawaz?  June 14, 2015
Two Boston Jihadists Charged With Conspiracy To Support Islamic State  June 14, 2015
Ahmad Saleem Florida CAIR Pedophile Out On Bail In Orlando- Was Active In Muslim Youth Groups  June 12, 2015
ISIS Using Sophisticated U.S. Heavy Weapons  June 11, 2015
Ali Shukri Amin Muslim Teen From Virginia Pleads Guilty To Using Social Media To Aid ISIS  June 11, 2015
Hamas Linked Group - CAIR - Attacks Ted Cruz  June 10, 2015
Islamic Jihad, Cultural Marxism And The West  June 9, 2015
Islamist Hate Clerics And Suicide Bombers From Holland  June 8, 2015
Florida Jewish Federation Partners With Islamists In Habitat For Humanity Interfaith Build Day  June 8, 2015
Father Of Muslim Terrorist Who Killed Jews And Soldiers In Toulouse Is Deported From France - Sued Police For Son's Death  June 8, 2015
Syrian Troops Flee As ISIS Enters Key City Of Hasakeh  June 7, 2015
ISIS Takes Two Strategic Iraqi Dams  June 7, 2015
Who Is Really Behind BDS? We Can Cut Off BDS At The Spigot  June 5, 2015
Civilization Jihad: Why An "Observant Muslimah" Sued To Work For A&F Notorious For Their Sexually Explicit Ad Campaigns  June 4, 2015
Muslim Man Charged With Conspiring To Obstruct National Security Investigation In Cop Beheading Plot  June 4, 2015
Wilders Wants To Show Mohammed Cartoons On TV After Denied Permission To Display Them In Parliament  June 4, 2015
Hezbollah Imam Mohamed al-Halabi Of The American Islamic Center Of Florida Is Father Of US Marine  June 3, 2015
Oxford Vice Chancellor Louise Richardson : "Americans Overeacted To 9/11 Attacks" - Justifies Terrorism  June 3, 2015
Muslim Shot , One Arrested In Plot To Behead Cop In Boston - Terrorist Was Brother Of Local Imam  June 3, 2015
Center For Security Policy Polling Data : 75% Of Americans Oppose Iranian Nuke Deal  June 2, 2015
Vlad Putin Building New Iranian Reactors  June 2, 2015
Muslim Cop In Belgium Writes On Facebook : " I Would Kill Each And Every Jew "  June 2, 2015
Asylum Seekers Cost Holland 36,000 Euros Per Asylum Seeker Per Year! Wilders: Stop This Insanity !  June 2, 2015
Temple U Hillel - Israeli Consulate, Stand With US And David Project Sponsor Israeli "Palestinian" Band That Bashed Israel And JustifiesTerrorism  May 31, 2015
"Israeli" Arab Students Get TripTo Meet With Cheltenham HS Israel Club - Complain About "Apartheid" At Israeli Consulate  May 31, 2015
Secular Christian Jihad - Scott Alexander Of The CTU Whitewashes Islamist Agression  May 31, 2015
Two Muslims From California Arrested On Charges Of Conspiring To Provide Material Support To ISIL  May 28, 2015
Beware Of Terrorists Disquised As Asylum Seekers  May 22, 2015
ISIS Attacks On The West  May 22, 2015
Ex CAIR Official Cyrus McGoldrick Goes US Bashing In Iran  May 21, 2015
Air Defense Systems Shipped To Syria From Benghazi, Obama Knew Attack Planned 10 Days In Advance  May 21, 2015
UNRWA And Haaretz Condemn David Bedein's Film "Children's Army Of Hamas" Without Seeing It !  May 21, 2015
Smoking Gun: Hillary And Stevens Running Weapons To Syrian Jihadists  May 20, 2015
Wilders Wants To Display Mohammed Cartoons In Dutch Parliment - To Send A Message To Terrorists  May 20, 2015
Ramadi Falls To ISIS, Anbar In Chaos And US "Coalition" Flies 7 Sorties, Total  May 19, 2015
Domestic ISIS Threat Worsens, Gang Warfare In Waco: Team Obama Moves To Castrate Police  May 19, 2015
Muslim Returnee To Holland From Syria Planned Attack On Geert Wilders And Robbery To Finance Fellow Jihadists  May 19, 2015
Muslim Leader Who Said Israel Is 'Enemy Of G-d' Invited To White House  May 17, 2015
Jew Hating Islamist Group - Boycott, Divestment And Sanctions - Defeated In Important New York Case  May 17, 2015
'Imam' [And] U.S. Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz: Tsarnaev, "Bombing Not A Religious Crime"  May 17, 2015
Boston Marathon Jihadi Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Sentenced To Death - Attended Radical Mosque  May 17, 2015
CAIR Stealth Jihadist Basim Elkarra Loses In Sacramento School Board Race  May 13, 2015
Al Qaeda's Base At MIT Video: MSA Chaplain Suheil Laher Used Position To Raise Money For Terrorist Groups Worldwide  May 12, 2015
PA Honors Three Terrorists Who Lynched Two Israeli Reservists  May 12, 2015
Geert Wilders Speech At Draw Muhammad Cartoon Contest In Garland Texas  May 12, 2015
Alarming New Study On European Islamic Jew Hatred  May 12, 2015
Obama WH Staffers Meet With Muslim Rioter Who Attacked Israeli PoliceTogether With Hamas linked CAIR Lawyer Hassan Shibly  May 11, 2015
'Jihad Intel' Launched By The Middle East Forum  May 10, 2015
Florida International University Names Radical Muslim Saif Ishoof As VP For Engagement  May 6, 2015
How Real Is The "Dirty Bomb" Threat ?  May 4, 2015
Terror, Shootings At Garland Texas Free Speech Event, Two Assailants Dead At Scene  May 4, 2015
Turkey Must Never Be Allowed To Join The European Union  May 3, 2015
Fifth Man Arrested In Connection With Muslim Terrorist Attack In Copenhagen  March 23, 2015
Number Of ISIS Jihadist Returnees To Germany Increases Astronomically  March 18, 2015
Muslim Terrorists Kill Over 17 Tourists At Tunesian Museum  March 18, 2015
Danish Police Raid 8 Appartments Linked To Muslim Terrorist Jihad Attack  March 17, 2015
Obama Financed And Directed Left Busing Muslim Voters To Polls In Israel  March 17, 2015
3 Muslim Players In Dutch Ajax Youth Soccer Division Who Assaulted Policewoman Will Be Allowed To Stay On Team  March 17, 2015
CAIR- Florida's New Islamic Extremist Youth  March 16, 2015
Mayor Of Maastricht Wants Investigation Into Jihad Network After Chechen Mother Takes 2 Children To Join ISIS Leaving 2 Behind  March 16, 2015
Bomber Rasmieh Odeh Who Killed Two Israelis To Be Jailed And Deported From US - Was Associate Director Of Arab American Action Network  March 13, 2015
Hyper Cacher Supermarket To Reopen Two Months After Terrorist Attack - France Most Dangerous Western Country For Jews  March 13, 2015
Center For Security Policy Now Secure Freedom To Hold National Security Summit On March 14 In South Carolina  March 13, 2015
Pakistani Muslim Who Plotted Attacks On Financial District And US Consulate In Toronto Arrested  March 12, 2015
Non-News - Boko Haram Links Up With ISIS?  March 10, 2015
Four Muslim Former Soldiers From Belgium Went To Syria For Jihad - Others Under Surveillance  March 10, 2015
Speaker At Al Aqsa Mosque Incites Muslims To Wage War On America  March 10, 2015
Policewoman Who Converted To Islam ,Three Other Muslims Held For Aiding Terrorist In Paris Kosher Supermarket Attack  March 9, 2015
"Dissident" Muslim Brotherhood Members: Al-Sisi, "An Extraordinary Man...Egypt In Good Hands"  March 9, 2015
Mohammed Emwazi aka "Jihadi John" Apologizes For 'Shaming His Parents' - Not For Beheadings  March 9, 2015
Illusions And Delusions Of Michael Oren In The WSJ  March 8, 2015
Katherine Russell Widow Of Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev Could Face Charges As Accomplice To Terror Attack  March 8, 2015
Muslim Runs Over Five People With Car - Comes Out With Knife In Jerusalem Terror Attack  March 6, 2015
Islamists Get Two Muslim Holidays Added To NYC School Schedule  March 6, 2015
Muslim Woman Rams Car Into Checkpoint At Miami International Airport Screaming That She Had A Bomb  March 6, 2015
Netanyahu's "Disrespect" Of Obama: Ludicrous  March 4, 2015
Too Many Young Muslims In Europe Susceptible To Jihadism  March 3, 2015
UK Radical Islamist "Human Rights Group" CAGE Calls "Jihadi John" A "Beautiful Young Man"  March 2, 2015
Need More Proof? Facist Jew Hater Obama Threatened Israel With Military Action To Prevent It From Attacking Iran  March 2, 2015
Canadian Arabic Teacher Tied To Al Qaeda Suspended After Radicalized Students Join ISIS - Blames "Islamophobia"  March 1, 2015
3 Muslims Living In New York Arrested For Plotting To Join ISIS And Carry Out Terror Attacks In The US  February 26, 2015
FBI Imam Diego G Rodriguez, Busted Muslim Terror Suspects "Violated...True Tenets Of Their Faith"  February 26, 2015
Beheader Mohammed Emwazi aka "Jihadi John" Is Kuwaiti Born UK Muslim National From Wealthy Family  February 26, 2015
Pointless Iranian Nuke Negotiations Drag On As Terror Haven Strengthens Ties With HAMAS  February 25, 2015
Center For Security Policy Releases Dossier Documenting House Intelligence Committee Member Andre Carsons Islamist Ties  February 25, 2015
Poll Shows That 27 % Of UK Muslims Have Sympathy For Charlie Hebdo Terrorists  February 25, 2015
Swedish Muslim Convert "Islamophobia" Expert For Multicultural Center Takes Family To Join ISIS  February 24, 2015
First Trial Of Suspected ISIS Terrorists Opens In Norway  February 24, 2015
Malcolm X : Still Extremist 50 Years Later  February 23, 2015
Terror Victims Awarded Millions In Groundbreaking Case Against The Palestinian Authority And PLO  February 23, 2015
Stealth Jihadist Rashad Hussain Named As Director Of Center For Strategic Counterterrorism Communications  February 20, 2015
3 UK Schoolgirls Leave To Join ISIS  February 20, 2015
UK Muslim Convert Guilty Of Plotting To Behead Soldier - Was Connected To al- Muhajiroun  February 19, 2015
Accomplice To Brussels Jewish Museum Shooter Who Killed 4 Is Brought Before Judge - Another Muslim Suspect Being Sought  February 19, 2015
Italian Officials Concerned ISIS Could 'Invade' Italy With Small Boats  February 18, 2015
Geert Wilders Message To Dutch Parliament : "De-Islamize The Netherlands"  February 18, 2015
New York Times' Belated Admission That Saddam Had Thousands Of WMDs: A National Security Professional Responds  February 18, 2015
Jew Hatred On Display In France, PM Attacked Over Use Of "Islamo-Facist" In Characterizing Current Jihad Targeting Jews  February 17, 2015
Liberal Magazine Atlantic Gets It: "The Islamic State is...Very Islamic"  February 17, 2015
Video Highlights Of Center For Security Policy Summit : Defeat Jihad  February 17, 2015
Muslim Terrorist In Copenhagen Swore Allegiance To Islamic State  February 17, 2015
Trial Of Abid Nasser UK Muslim Who Plotted Bombings In Manchester And New York Opens  February 17, 2015
Four Year Old Terror Victim Adelle Biton Passes Away  February 17, 2015
Charlie Hebdo Attackers - Kosher Supermarket Killer Plotted Together  February 17, 2015
Double Terror Attack In Copenhagen: Two Dead At Least Three Wounded In Related Incidents  February 16, 2015
Danish Police Arrest Two 'Accomplices' In Seminar And Synagouge Attacks  February 16, 2015
ISIS Beheads 21 Coptic Christians In Libya - Releases Video Of Slayings  February 16, 2015
Jewish Volunteer Guard At Copenhagen Synagouge Died Stopping Muslim Attack  February 15, 2015
Muslim Gunman Who Murdered Two People At Seminar And Synagouge Killed By Police In Copenhagen  February 15, 2015
Germany: Carnival Parade Cancelled Due To Threat Of Imminent Muslim Terror Attack  February 15, 2015
Danish Born Muslim Behind Seminar And Synagouge Terror Attacks Named - Was Released From Prison 2 Weeks Ago  February 15, 2015
One Dead ,Three Injured In Muslim Attack On Copenhagen 'Blasphemy Conference' Over 200 Bullets Fired  February 14, 2015
Three People Hurt In Shooting Outside Copenhagen Synagouge - Jewish Guard Dies Of Wounds  February 14, 2015
What Actually Causes American Fear Of Islam And Muslims?  February 14, 2015
700 British "Artists" Publish Letter Vowing To Boycott Israel  February 14, 2015
Crusaders: Obama's National Prayer Breakfast Attack On Christianity Follows The Jihadist Script  February 12, 2015
Philadelphia Councilwoman Maria Sanchez Awards PA Terror Supporter Laila Ghannam With The Liberty Bell And Citation Of Honor  February 11, 2015
Sharia4Belgium Declared Terror Group - Leader Fouad Belkacem Jailed For 12 Years In Belgium's Biggest Terror Trial  February 11, 2015
'Imminent' Terror Attack Foiled In Australia With The Arrest Of Two ISIS Supporters  February 11, 2015
Kayla Mueller: "Tool For Worldwide Jihad" ISM Member And Supporter of Terrorism  February 11, 2015
About Those 14 "Muslim-American Leaders" Who Met With Obama  February 10, 2015
Jihadism In Holland Is Spinning Out Of Control: Salafism On The Rise  February 9, 2015
Abbas' PA Pays Prisoners Salaries According To How Many Israelis They Murder  February 8, 2015
Six Jihad Suspects Arrested In France  February 8, 2015
UK Jihadi Who Faked His Own Death And Posed With Bag Of Severed Heads Jailed For 12 Years  February 6, 2015
ISIS Village Raided In Bosnia - Bosnians In US Indicted For Aiding Terrorist Groups  February 6, 2015
Muslim Savages Stab 3 French Soldiers Guarding Jewish Center In Nice - 1 Arrested Possible Relation To Kosher Market Killer  February 3, 2015
8 Members Of Suspected Terror Network Arrested In France  February 3, 2015
EXPOSE' - European Culture Grovels Before Islam  February 3, 2015
Where Is The Nigerian Response? Chadian Forces Engage Boko Haram  January 31, 2015
Iran's Proxy Army Attacks Israel, Celebration In Beirut  January 30, 2015
Muslim Association Of Canada Found To Have Funded Hamas  January 30, 2015
French Muslims Gloat ,Post Pictures In Front Of Kosher Market Where Four Jews Were Murdered - Joke About Charlie Hebdo Killings  January 30, 2015
PLO "Ambassador" Gloats And Expresses "Joy" Over Hezbollah Attack Which Killed Two Israeli Soldiers  January 30, 2015
Gunman Who Stormed Dutch TV Studio Likely Muslim - Identified As Tarik Zahzah Whose Father Is Egyptian  January 30, 2015
PEGIDA - Patriotic Europeans Against The Islamization Of The West  January 27, 2015
Dutch Court Sentences Jihadi Who Planned To Go To Syria To 1 And A Half Years In Prison For Preparing Terror Attacks  January 27, 2015
NY Times Can't Resist Impulse To Bash Jews And Bow Before Obama's Throne  January 26, 2015
Muslims Attack Jews In Haifa With Rocks And Sticks Shouting "Slaughter The Jew"  January 26, 2015
Four UK Muslims Plead Guilty To Vicious Anti Semitic "Jew Bashing" Attack  January 26, 2015
Head Of BBC Arabic: Don't Call Charlie Hebdo Attackers Terrorists - Term Is "Too Loaded"  January 26, 2015
Another Attack On Gay Man By Moroccan Muslims In Amsterdam  January 26, 2015
German Police Arrest Two Returning ISIS Members - Third Of German Jihadis Are Already Back  January 24, 2015
Hamza Yusuf Defends Violent Muslim Reaction To Mohammed Cartoons At Interfaith Event From The WEF In Davos  January 22, 2015
Muslim Savage Stabs 12 In Tel Aviv Bus Attack - 3 In Serious Condition - Stabbed Driver First To Prevent Him Opening Door  January 21, 2015
The Jihadist Threat To The Netherlands, Belgium And France  January 20, 2015
CAIR Philly OfficialsTo Newspaper : "Je Suis Muhammed" Ask "Dear Fellow Americans" To 'Help Return My Faith To Me'  January 20, 2015
UK MP And Muslim "Lord" Write Open Letter To Mosques Saying How Islam And Muslims Have Been Victimized By "Men Of Hate"  January 20, 2015
Chad And Cameroon Move to Retake Nigerian Town Of Baga, President Jonathan Befuddled  January 20, 2015
"Tiger Team" To Debut Strategy For Destroying Global Jihad  January 20, 2015
Ohio Muslim Convert Arrested By FBI For Plotting 'ISIS Inspired' Attack On Capitol Hill Against 'Enemy' Lawmakers  January 14, 2015
Wilders Warns NL PM For Returning Jihadis - 'If One ... Attacks Rutte Will Have Blood On His Hands'  January 14, 2015
Fifth Muslim Suspect Identified In Kosher Supermarket Massacre  January 14, 2015
Islamic Jihad Rages Across Europe, At Least 12 Dead In Paris Attack  January 14, 2015
Boko Haram Masscre In Baga Nigeria - Thousands Feared Killed  January 14, 2015
Aljazeera Blames Paris Muslim Terror Attack On ... French "Islamophobia"  January 14, 2015
Al Qaeda In Yemen Behind Charlie Hebdo Attacks - Leader Hails Killers As 'Heroes Of Islam'  January 14, 2015
Radical Muslim Congressman Andre Carsons Appointed To House Intelligence Committee "Allah Will Not Allow You Stop Us"  January 14, 2015
NL Islamist Moroccan Organisation Opens "Radicalization Hotline For Parents" Refused To Publicly Repudiate Jihad Promotes Denial And Victimhood  January 5, 2015
CFSP "Shariah In American Courts 2:0 - Centers New Civilization Jihad Reader Series Starts With The Penetration Of Our Legal System  January 5, 2015
"Moderate"Terrorist Chief Abbas' Fatah FB Page Celebrates 50 Years Of Savagery With Piles Of 'Jewish Skulls'  January 4, 2015
ISIS Terror Cell Thwarted By IDF In Hebron  January 4, 2015
Syrian Army Announces Suicide Platoon "In Response To All The Foreigners Who Have Distorted The Religion Of Islam"  January 4, 2015
Deport US Consulate Staff Who Pulled Guns On Jews After Entering Israeli Town With ArabsTo Investigate Bogus Complaints  January 3, 2015
Boko Haram - Obama AWOL As Jihad Expands Outside Of Nigeria  December 31, 2014
UNRWA Partners With Life For Relief And Development -Group was raided by FBI JTTF For Terror Ties - Has CAIR MI Head Dawud Walid As Board Member  December 31, 2014
City Of Palo Alto Funds Islamist Da'wa Event Of The American Muslim Voice Foundation  December 30, 2014
Synagouge Axe Killers Glorified By PA As "Martyrs ...Who Ascended To Heaven" After Israel Returned Bodies For Burial  December 30, 2014
Shots Fired At Jewish Print Shop In Paris After Synagouge And Kosher Restaurant Were Targetted  December 28, 2014
Team Obama Meets With Radical Muslim Groups CAIR & MAS Over Inclusion On UAE Terror List  December 28, 2014
Muslim Stabs Two IDF Officers In Jerusalem's Old City After Prayers  December 28, 2014
Nabil Al Shukri aka el- Shukrijumah - Al Qaeda's Younger Brother In Florida Leads Alazhar Islamic School  December 25, 2014
Otzma Yehudit - Jewish Strength Party Unveils Their Platform - "Right - Wing Doesnt Talk About A Two State Solution"  December 25, 2014
Gunman Arrested In Foiled Attack On Cannes - Army And Police On High Alert For "Mentally Ill Muslims Shouting "Allahu Akhar"  December 25, 2014
Two Killed By Muslim Driver In UK  December 25, 2014
Israeli Father,11 Year Old Daughter Badly Injured In Terrorist Firebomb Attack  December 25, 2014
Israeli Government Reverses Course - Returns Bodies Of Har Nof Murderers To Families Who Celebrated Their Atrocities  December 25, 2014
Library Of Congress Honors Vile Anti Semite Ali Mazrui Together With Saudi Propaganda 'Think Tank' IIIT  December 24, 2014
Jihadists From ISIS: "It Is Only A Matter Of Time Before We Conquer Europe" - Vows To Kill 500 Million People  December 24, 2014
CFSP - Send Islamist Fetullah Gulen Back To Turkey, End His Subversive Penetration Of American School Systems  December 24, 2014
Geert Wilders: Talking About 'The Moroccan Issue' Is Not A Crime  December 23, 2014
Intifada In France? Shots Fired At Paris Synagouge Miss Rabbi As Daily Terrorist Attacks Continue  December 23, 2014
Jihadi NYPD Cop Killer Worked For Islamic Society Of North America - Muslim Brotherhood Front Group Linked To Hamas  December 23, 2014
Terror Tied CAIR And MAS Say US Government Will Work With Them To Reverse UAE Terrorist Designation  December 23, 2014
Intifada In France - Army Deployed In City Centers After Deadly Jihad Attacks By Muslims - 2 Deaths And 23 Injuries  December 23, 2014
Sydney Anti-Terror Police Arrest Two Muslims In Raid - PM Cautions "Attack Is Likely"  December 23, 2014
FBI Warns Of "Credible Threat" By ISIS To Blow Up Bridge In Memphis  December 23, 2014
Boston Bomber Wants Fans Removed From Outside Courthouse For Fear They Will Prejudice His Case  December 23, 2014
French Journalist Sparks Uproar After Stating That Nation's Muslims Should Be Deported To Avoid Civil War  December 22, 2014
Police Officials In Denial About Islamic Terrorist Motives And Identity Of Muslim NYPD Cop Killer  December 22, 2014
Gullible Australians Applaud As Muslim Bride Cynically Exploits Sydney Jihad Massacre To Garner Pro Muslim Sympathy  December 22, 2014
Muslim Shouting "Allahu Akhbar" Plows Van Into Crowd At Christmas Market In France- Injures At Least 11- Stabs Himself  December 22, 2014
Dutch Politician Geert Wilders To Face "Hate Crime" Charge  December 21, 2014
Black Muslim Murders Two NYPD Policemen In Brooklyn "As Revenge For Garner" - Had Koranic Jihad Verses On FB Page  December 21, 2014
Dutch Public Prosecutor Finally Decides To Use Infiltrators To Foil Jihadists  December 21, 2014
Muslim Convert Shouting Allahu Akhbar! Stabs Three French Policemen Is Shot Dead - Was "Known For His Extremist Views"  December 21, 2014
Muslim Driver Shouting "Allahu Akhbar!" Runs Over 11 People In France "For The Children Of Palestine"  December 21, 2014
Islamic Triumphalism And Soiling The Flag  December 18, 2014
Geert Wilders To Be Prosecuted For His Remarks About Moroccans In Holland  December 18, 2014
UNRWA Textbook Excerpts: Education For War  December 18, 2014
Offices Of Jewish Strength Party Raided By Police While Muslim Terrorist MK Operates With Impunity  December 18, 2014
Boston Bomber Smiles As He Appears In Court For Pre-Trial Hearing  December 18, 2014
Hamas Removed From EU Terror List In Move "Fueled By Technicalities"  December 17, 2014
Ailina Tsarnaeva Sister Of Boston Bombers Charged With "Threatening To Blow Up Her Boyfriends Ex-Girlfriend"  December 17, 2014
Taliban Savages Murder 145 Wound 100 In Multi Pronged Attack On School In Pakistan - Burn Teacher Alive - Shoot Students  December 16, 2014
French Police Raid Jihad Recruitment Network  December 16, 2014
March Against Islamization Of Germany And The West Draws Thousands  December 16, 2014
Austrian Authorities Order Saudi Backed "Madrassah" To Close For Spreading Anti Semitism  December 16, 2014
Sydney Jihadi Killer Swore Loyalty To ISIS A Month Ago-Was Not On Terrorist Watch List  December 16, 2014
Massive Suicide Bombing In Tel Aviv Thwarted - Terrorist Was To Be Disquised As 'Pregnant Jewish Woman' Use 'Health Entry' Permit  December 15, 2014
Radical Muslim Cleric Killer Man Haron Monis Behind Hostage Taking In Sydney Cafe - Siege Ended 3 Reported Dead Including Terrorist  December 15, 2014
Dutch Village Of 160 Inhabitants Rejects Center Where 500 "Asylum Seekers" Would Be Housed - Others To Be Inundated  December 15, 2014
THEY MUST GO! Muslim Terrorist Throws Acid On Jewish Family - 7 People Injured - Attempts Stabbing With Screwdriver  December 12, 2014
Otzma Yehudit - 'Jewish Strength' Party Unveils Platform  December 12, 2014
Iran's Head Of State Rouhani, "Oil Price Drop...Plot Against Muslims"  December 11, 2014
Obama Clears Release Of Senate "Torture" Report Because It Damages U.S. National Security  December 11, 2014
Designated Terrorist Group CAIR Waging 'Mosque Jihad' In Bensalem PA  December 11, 2014
Arab Conflict With Israel Cannot Be Viewed Through A Western Prism - Is Political, Ideological And Religious  December 10, 2014
United Nazis Resource Weapons Arsenal (UNRWA) Demands $414 Million Dollars For Fake "Palestinian" Refugees  December 10, 2014
More Arrests In Brussels Jewish Museum Murders  December 9, 2014
Coalition Of Radical Muslim Organisations - USCMO To Hold First Ever "National Muslim Advocacy Day" On Capitol Hill  December 8, 2014
Hating And Killing Jews: The Murderous Nazi "Einsatzgruppen" And Important Lessons For Today  December 8, 2014
Hamas Spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri Who Called For Muslims To Be "Human Shields" Accused Of Sexual Harassment  December 8, 2014
NY Jets Player Oday Aboushi Spoke At Event Hosted By Designated Terrorist Group  December 8, 2014
Wilders Stands By His "Less Moroccans" Remarks In Cross Examination By Police - Faces Prosecution  December 8, 2014
More Than 160 Jihadis Left For ISIS From Holland - Numbers Steadily Increasing  December 8, 2014
Baroness Warsi's Obsession With Israel  December 7, 2014
Canadian Muslim Convert Who Joined ISIS Threatens 'Indiscriminate' Attacks On Canadians In Canada  December 7, 2014
Adnan el Shukrijumah KSM's Designated Sucessor And Al Qaeda Bombing Plotter Killed In Pakistan  December 6, 2014
UK Bracing For Jihadi Christmas Bombings  December 6, 2014
UNRWA - United Nazis Resource Weapons Arsenal Spokesman Chris Gunness Has Meltdown On Twitter And Become "Unhinged"  December 6, 2014
Lehava Group Tells Supermarket Targetted By Terror - Stop Hiring Arab Fifth Columnists - Holding Weekly Protests  December 5, 2014
Hamas Vows To Annihilate Israel - Plans "Bloodbath"  December 5, 2014
Jihadi Returned From Fighting In Syria Jailed For Nearly Four Years In Germany  December 5, 2014
U.S. Admits Iranian Military Air Presence In Iraq  December 4, 2014
Jihadi Foreign Press Wallow In US CIvil Unrest  December 4, 2014
American Woman Teacher Stabbed To Death In UAE Mall Bathroom By Burqa Clad Attacker  December 4, 2014
Mother Of Muslim Savage Who Slaughtered 5 In Har Nof Massacre Sings Poem Praising Her Son's Actions  December 4, 2014
Muslim Savage Stabs Two Jews In Jerusalem Supermarket - Terrorist Linked To Arab Workers There  December 4, 2014
Terrorist Loving PA Mufti Demands Israel Hand Over Bodies Of Har Nof Killers So Muslims "Can Pray For Them"  December 4, 2014
Jihadists Launch Mass Attack On Chechen Capitol - 20 Dead  December 4, 2014
Stabbing Attack By Female Terrorist Who Wanted To" Murder Jews" Thwarted In Jerusalem - Video  December 4, 2014
From The Navy To Hamas: How CAIR And AMANA Are Working Hand In Hand  December 2, 2014
STRATFOR Which Employs Ex Al Muhajiroun Leader Kamran Bokhari Claims Muslim Brotherhood Opposes Violence  December 2, 2014
Dutch 'Syria Goer' Sentenced To Three Years - Wife Acquitted  December 1, 2014
FBI Warns Armed Services Personeel To Scrub Their Social Media Accounts Due To ISIS Threats  December 1, 2014
Terrorist Lawyer Stanley Cohen Sentenced To 18 Months In Prison For Tax Fraud  December 1, 2014
US Council Of Muslim Organisations Another New Stealth Jihad Group  December 1, 2014
UAE Designates CAIR A Terrorist Group  November 30, 2014
Israel, In Need Of A National Couch - High Court Halts Demolitions Of Terrorists Homes  November 28, 2014
Leader Of Israeli Faith Building Group Narrowly Escapes Arab Attack  November 28, 2014
Geert Wilders' PVV "We Want To De - Islamise Holland" "Close All The Mosques"  November 28, 2014
Adding Turkey To The "State Sponsors Of Terrorism" List  November 28, 2014
Two Brothers Are First In UK To Be Arrested For Joining ISIS - Terror Camp Training Schedule Revealed  November 28, 2014
ISIS Encouraging And Supporting Ferguson Rioters - Pledges To Send 'Militants' To Fight Police If Protestors Convert To Islam  November 28, 2014
Stealth Jihadists In NL Marcouch And Elforkani Call For Protection Against "Physical" Jihadists aka "Syria Goers" Claiming Threats  November 25, 2014
Three "Men" Arrested In Holland For Planning And Financing Jihad Attacks  November 25, 2014
Terrorist Whom Dutch Waver About Extraditing To US For 'Mental Health Reasons' Is Set Free Again  November 25, 2014
Parents Protest After Public School Textbooks Show Altered PA & Hamas Charters - Claim Destruction Of Israel As Acceptable  November 25, 2014
Business As Usual: Boca Raton Islamic Center Targets Jews,Christians And The West  November 24, 2014
The Temple Mount Is The Heart Of The Matter - Why No Concessions Are Possible  November 24, 2014
Debunking The 'Lone Wolf' Myth - How UNRWA Aids And Abets Muslim Terrorists And Is Culpable In The Har Nof Carnage  November 24, 2014
Sister Of Har Nof Murderer Is Social Worker At Jerusalem Muncipality - Taking Time Off To Celebrate With Her Terror Loving Family  November 21, 2014
Terrorist War Against Israel: Hamas Proclaims It Is Targetting All Israeli Leaders For Assassination  November 21, 2014
Convicted Terrorist Sami Al Arian Given Award By CAIR At Its "Promoting Justice" Banquet - Ends Up On UAE Terror List  November 21, 2014
PA To Stand Trial In New York "For Comitting And Supporting Terrorist Attacks" As Israel Law Center Wins Landmark Decision  November 20, 2014
Second French Muslim Convert In ISIS Beheading Video Named  November 20, 2014
An Open Letter Describing What Happened During The Har Nof Terrorist Attack  November 20, 2014
Jordanian Parliament Prays For Their Fellow Muslim Savages To "Honor The Spirit" Of The Synagouge Slaughterers  November 20, 2014
Denial vs Reality: Israeli Politicians Who Defend Arabs Refuted By Those Who Know There Can Never Be Peace With Them  November 20, 2014
Druze Police Officier Zidan Seyf Fifth Victim Of Synagogue Massacre - Was Buried Today  November 19, 2014
Why Every Jew Needs A .22  November 19, 2014
NO ARABS NO TERROR! Arab Muslim Savages Murder 4 Injure 13 In Synagogue Attack Using Guns Axes And Knives In Har Nof  November 18, 2014
THEY MUST GO! Muslims Celebrate Jerusalem Synagogue Massacre On Twitter - Hamas Islamic Jihad Praise Attack - Urge More  November 18, 2014
Jerusalem Synagogue Attackers Murder 4 Wound 13 - Wielded Axes, Guns, Knives - Police Thwart Copycat Attack In Bnei Brak  November 18, 2014
"Terrorist Shouted 'God Is Great' While Trying To Stab Me" Eyewitness Recounts Har Nof Synagogue Massacre  November 18, 2014
ARABS OUT OF ISRAEL! Har Nof Terrorist Worked In Grocery Store Next To Synagogue He Attacked  November 18, 2014
Rabbi Moshe Twersky HY"D Rosh Kollel Of Torat Moshe Yeshiva Victim Of Terror Attack : Funeral At 2 PM Today  November 18, 2014
MKs Bennett &Deri : "This Is A Declaration Of War"-" I Call Upon The PM To Address The Recent Events As A State Of War"  November 18, 2014
"Engagement" aka Stealth Jihad "Is Working" : MPAC's Al- Marayati Attends Meeting With DHS Security Secretary At Mosque  November 18, 2014
Expel Families Of The Terrorists! Prayer At Kotel @ 5 PM - Protest @ 7PM @ String Bridge Otzma Leyisroel,OtzmaYehudit&Lehava  November 18, 2014
EVERY JEW A .22: More Israelis To Be Allowed To Carry Weapons For Self Defense Following Massacre  November 18, 2014
Video Report On Har Nof Terror Attack- 3 Victims Hacked To Death With Axes And Knives One Murdered By Shooting  November 18, 2014
CNN's Ben Wedeman Equates Terrorists With Victims In Report Headline - May Have Press Pass Revoked  November 18, 2014
Thousands Attend Funerals Of Har Nof Massacre Victims  November 18, 2014
Hundreds March In Otzma LeYisroel,Otzma LeYehudit & Lehava Protest "Jewish Blood Is Not Cheap"  November 18, 2014
Muslim Animals Slashed And Hacked Off The Limbs Of Praying Jewish Men - Horrific Scenes Compared To Holocaust  November 18, 2014
Obama Outed As Two-Faced By "Negotiating Partner" Iran  November 17, 2014
Episcopalians Host Radical Muslim Groups At National Cathedral Event  November 17, 2014
Hamas Declares Another War On Israel: 'Use Any Means Available To Terrorize Israelis...Until Israel Is Destroyed'  November 17, 2014
Hamas U: Al Quds University Funded By The EU And UN HonorsTerrorists Who Murdered Israelis  November 17, 2014
Iranian Cleric Threatens To 'Raze Tel Aviv, Haifa To The Ground'  November 17, 2014
Al Qaeda Linked Mazen Mokhtar Prez Of MAS - CAIR's Nihad Awad Attend Latin American Muslims Conference In Turkey  November 17, 2014
Geert Wilders Speech At Freedom Center Restoration Weekend On November 15 2014  November 17, 2014
'United Kaliphate' PM Cameron Calls Emergency Meeting Of Cobra After "Jihadi John" Threatens Slaughter In Britain  November 17, 2014
Dutch Member Of Parliament, Geert Wilders' Copenhagen Speech  November 17, 2014
Third Intifada? No, It's War - Abbas, Obama And The Media Are Complicit  November 17, 2014
Islam - The Religion Of Peace: French Convert To Islam Took Part In ISIS Beheading Of US Convert To Islam Peter Kassig  November 17, 2014
Muslim "Dutch" Politician "May Allah Punish You" 2 Turkish Members Of Labour Party Leave To Start Muslim Political Party After Integration Dispute  November 14, 2014
Wilders To Lawmakers Who Opposed Integration Policy Rejecting Radical Group "Go Back To Turkey And Never Come Back!"  November 14, 2014
Norweigan "Terrorist Doctor" Mads Gilbert Banned From Entering Gaza - Was Treating Jihadists In For 30 Years  November 14, 2014
Study: 87 % Of Turkish Muslim Youth In Holland Support ISIS - View "Syria Goers" As Heroes  November 13, 2014
Kamran Bokhari Who Lead Al Muhajiroun In The US Is Stratfor's VP Of Middle Eastern And South East Asian Affairs  November 13, 2014
Professor Hassan Diab Accused Of 1980 Paris Synagogue Bombing Which Killed 4 Awaiting Extradition Decision  November 13, 2014
CAIR, 20 Years Of Terror And Counting  November 11, 2014
Muslims In Holland Attempt To Run Down Chief Rabbi With Car At Gas Station  November 11, 2014
CAIR, ISNA, MPAC And Other Terror Tied Groups Form Muslim And Christian Coalition "To Promote Peaceful Coexistence"  November 11, 2014
CAIR Hosts Anti Semitic Pro Palestinian Greek Orthodox Archbischop Atallah Hannah Of Jerusalem In DC  November 11, 2014
District Of Caliphate: Washington National Cathedral To Host Muslim Prayer Services Working With Terror Tied Groups  November 11, 2014
No Arabs No Terror! Young Woman Stabbed To Death 2 Wounded In Gush Etzion - Solder Stabbed In Tel Aviv In 6 Hours  November 10, 2014
20 Year Old Soldier Almog Shiloni Dies Of Wounds Sustained In Muslim Terrorist Stabbing Attack At Tel Aviv Train Station  November 10, 2014
They Must Go! Soldier Stabbed At Entrance To Tel Aviv Train Station - Critically Injured By Arab Muslim Terrorist  November 10, 2014
26 Year Old Dalia Lemkos Murdered By Released Terrorist Had Been Stabbed In 2006 By Arab Muslim Savage  November 10, 2014
Discussion Of Islam By Daniel Pipes And Geert Wilders At Danish Free Press Society Theo Van Gogh Memorial Conference  November 10, 2014
Rasmieh Odeh "Palestinian" Killer Of Two Jewish College Students In Jerusalem Bombing Found Guilty Of Naturalization Fraud  November 10, 2014
Terrorist Who Murdered Two Students On Trial For Immigration Fraud In US - Rasmieh Odeh Was Obamacare Navigator  November 9, 2014
Arabs Murder And Rampage While Jews Posting Flyers For Rabbi Kahane Memorial On November 11 @ 6 PM Are Arrested  November 9, 2014
Canada Passes "Zero Tolerance For Barbaric Practices Act" To Curb Islamist Savagery  November 9, 2014
17 Year Old Dies Of Wounds Sustained In Terror Attack In Jerusalem - Abbas's Fatah & Hamas Call For More Car Murders  November 9, 2014
THEY MUST GO! Arab Fifth Column Wages War In Israel - Injuring Many Jews As Police Raise Terror Alert  November 9, 2014
United Kingdom vs United Kaliphate: 4 Muslims Arrested For Plotting To Behead Queen  November 9, 2014
The Psychopathology Of Everyday Islamist Life: Hit Song "Car Intifada" Urges Muslims To Use Cars As Weapons To Kill Jews  November 9, 2014
Let Them Go: UK Muslim Blows Himself Up In Iraq - Was On Waiting List For Martyrdom - Advocated Death To Gays  November 9, 2014
U.S. Wide Open For Asymmetrical Warfare On A Horrific Scale  November 9, 2014
Another Day, Another Terrorist Car Attack In Jerusalem  November 6, 2014
Arabs Out ! One Dead Over 13 Injured In Jerusalem Terrorist Attack With Car And Iron Bar By "Shalit Deal" Hamas Member  November 5, 2014
They Must Go ! Al Aqsa Mosque Is Terror 'War Room'  November 5, 2014
"Moderate Friendly" Jordan Withdraws Ambassador To Israel Demands That Temple Mount Be Judenrein  November 5, 2014
'Death To Terrorists!' Protest At Site Of Todays Fatal Hamas Jihad Attack Which Killed One And Wounded 13 Others  November 5, 2014
Arabs Out! "Israeli" Arab Muslim Youth Take Smiling Selfies In Front Of Jews Wounded In Terrorist Attack  November 5, 2014
NO ARABS NO TERROR ! Dozens Protest Daily Attacks By Muslim Savages On Jews - Call For Firing Of Security Minister  November 5, 2014
Arabs Out !Second Attack On Jews In 8 Hours As "Palestinian" Injures 3 IDF Soldiers In Attempt To Run Them Down With Car  November 5, 2014
Terrorist Chief Abbas Behind Murderous Jihad Campaign Says Jews On Temple Mount "Are A Violation Of Muslim Feelings"  November 4, 2014
"Palestinian Assassins" Fuhrer Rami Hamdallah -' Die Juden Sind Unser Ungluck' - Vows To Fight "Judaization" Of Jerusalem  November 4, 2014
3 Chicago Siblings Detained On Way To Join ISIS - One Arrested Two Released  November 4, 2014
Geert Wilders Speech to The Danish Free Press Society "Let Us Go Forth With Courage And Save Freedom!"  November 4, 2014
Religion Of Peace Adherents Slash Their Own Children With Knives And Mutilate Themselves In Islamic Ritual  November 4, 2014
Wilders: Ten Years Of Being "Marked For Death" Majority Of Threats Coming From Abroad  November 4, 2014
Radical Kuwaiti MB Cleric Tariq Al- Suwaidan Banned From Belgium And Brussels Muslim Fair - Blames "Zionist Lobby"  November 4, 2014
Israel: Revolution Or Referendum? Otzma Leyisrael Asks: 'Painful Concessions' Or 'Arabs Out'?  November 4, 2014
UNRWA Textbooks For Muslim Schools Teach That Rachel's Tomb Is Islamic Shrine  November 4, 2014
Many Jihadists, War Criminals, Anti -Semites And Rapists Among Muslim And African Refugees  November 3, 2014
Jewish Goodwill Gestures="Better But Deader"Hamas Top Dog Moussa Abu Marzook's Sister Being Treated In Israeli Hospital  November 3, 2014
Executing Terrorists The Only Answer: New Bill Calls For Muslim Savages To Remain Lifelong In Prison Enjoying Amenities  November 3, 2014
Former "Palestinian Assassins" "Premier Murderer" Ahmed Qurei Incited Terror Shooting Of Rabbi Yehuda Glick  November 3, 2014
'He Who Controls The Temple Mount Controls The Way G-d Is Seen' - PM: "Jews Won't Be Kept Out Of Temple Mount"  November 2, 2014
Jordan's "Moderate" King Abdullah Threatens To Confront Israel Over Giving Jews Prayer Rights On Temple Mount  November 2, 2014
Arab League Threatens Israel With "Untold Consequences" If Temple Mount Is Not Kept Judenrein  November 2, 2014
15 Year Old Army Cadet Selling Poppies For Remembrance Day Attacked By Muslim With Blowtorch In London  November 2, 2014
Muslim Savages Threaten 14 Temple Mount Activists Warning :" Your Actions Are Liable To Drag The Entire Region Into War"  November 2, 2014
US Supreme Court To Decide Passport Case Listing Jerusalem As Part And Capital Of Israel  November 2, 2014
Hamas Top Dog : "We'll Fight Israel" Over Temple Mount  November 1, 2014
Brit Jihadist Abu Baraa - "Now That We Have Caliphate We Can Have Slave Girls"  October 31, 2014
Terrorist Chief Abbas's Called For "Day Of Rage" Dampened By Rain - Disturbances In The Old City And Temple Mount  October 31, 2014
United Kaliphate : 80% Of UK Muslims Support ISIS  October 31, 2014
Warning From Spanish Security Chief - ISIS Discussing Using Ebola And Virus Poisoned Needles In Attacks Against Westerners  October 31, 2014
Hamas And ISIS - Squeaky Wheels  October 30, 2014
Islamic Jihad Terrorist Suspected Of Shooting Temple Mount Activist Rabbi Yehuda Glick Is Eliminated While Resisting Arrest  October 30, 2014
Death Penalty For Terrorists! Shooter Of Temple Mount Activist Rabbi Was Jailed For Jihad - Worked At Begin Center Restaurant  October 30, 2014
THEY MUST GO! "Israeli" Arabs Dance In Streets Of Jerusalem - Celebrate PIJ Terrorist Shooting Of Rabbi Yehuda Glick  October 30, 2014
Terrorist Chief Abbas Urges "Palestinians" To Riot And Murder On "Day Of Rage" In Jerusalem And Worldwide This Friday  October 30, 2014
Attack On Israeli And Jewish Targets By Hezbollah Terrorist Thwarted In Peru  October 30, 2014
ISIS Cell Busted In "Moderate" Morocco Planned Attacks On Banks And International Companies  October 30, 2014
Two 19 Year Old Women Planning To Join ISIS In Syria Arrested In The Hague For "Jihadism"  October 30, 2014
Muslimah Feted In West Donates 50 K To Help Hamas Tied United Nazis Resource Weapons Agency (UNRWA) Rebuild Gaza  October 29, 2014
United Nazis Resource Weapons Agency - Hamas Axis Detailed In New Film By David Bedein - UNRWA Goes To War  October 29, 2014
Radical Clerics And Jihadis Gather In Philadelphia To Call For Death Of Bangladeshi Minister Who "Insulted Mohammed"  October 29, 2014
THEY MUST GO! Muslim Terrorist Shoots Temple Mount Rights Activist Yehuda Glick In Jerusalem At Begin Center Event  October 29, 2014
Exposing The Myth Of The" Moderate Muslims" In Holland  October 29, 2014
MK Moshe Feiglin: Open Temple Mount To Jewish Prayer In Response To Glick Terrorist Shooting  October 29, 2014
Proud Mother Of Muslim Baby Killer Who Murdered Two And Injured 7 In Jerusalem In Car Attack "Praise Allah He's A Martyr"  October 27, 2014
Mayor Of Hilversum Pieter Broertjes Equates Muslims Leaving To Join ISIS To Jews Who Left For Palestine After WWII  October 27, 2014
'Israeli' Arab Muslim 'Married' To Jew In Ceremony Touted As Paradigm Of Coexistence Arrested For Assaulting Israeli Police  October 27, 2014
Terrorist Slaughter Of Father And Baby Daughter In Israel Was Catalyst For Archille Lauro Hijacking And Klinghoffer Murder  October 27, 2014
Police Hunting Tariq Ahmad Former Head Teacher Of Terror Tied Nur -Ul - Islam Academy In Florida Who Fled Following Rape Charges  October 27, 2014
Communist Party USA Shuttling Activists To AFL-CIO, MoveOn.org and Howard Dean Websites In Election Push  October 26, 2014
They Must Go! Arab Terrorist Murders Three Month Old Jewish Baby Injures 8 In Car Attack - Second Victim Died Today  October 26, 2014
Geert Wilders Speech In Nashville Tennessee "War Has Been Declared On Us" "We Will Never Surrender"  October 26, 2014
3 Muslimah ISIS Wannabes From Denver Stopped Enroute And "Reunited Safely With Their Families" Won't Face Prosecution  October 26, 2014
Abbas' Advisor : Baby Killer Is "Heroic Martyr " Fatah Movement 'Accompanies Him To His Wedding'  October 26, 2014
Breitbart Leaked FBI Report Warning Of ISIS Targetting Law Enforcement Hours Before Hachet Attack By Muslim On NYPD Officers  October 26, 2014
Muslim Convert Jihadi Who Killed Soldier And Stormed Parliament Recorded Video Message - Retry Of 2006 Plot?  October 26, 2014
Fighting Rages In Kobani  October 20, 2014
BDS - Blatant Distortions And Stupidity  October 20, 2014
Tie Strings To UNRWA's Appeal For Funds  October 18, 2014
Moroccan Muslim Arrested In Amsterdam For Planning Terror Attack Against Police  October 18, 2014
Kerry Tells Muslims That ISIS Is The Fault Of The Jews  October 18, 2014
Vietnam Redux : An Administration In Ruins - Baghdad And Kobani On Verge Of Falling To ISIS  October 13, 2014
Geert Wilders: Stop Denying The Obvious - Islam Is A Problem  October 13, 2014
ISIS Magazine: Islam Calls For Sexual Slavery - Raping And Enslaving Non Muslim Women Is "Aspect Of Islamic Law"  October 13, 2014
Boston Bomber's Brother Dzokhar Tsarnaev Knew Of Brother Tamerlan's Involvement In Murder Of Three Jews On 9/11/11  October 12, 2014
BOLO: FBI Offers $5 Million For Information Leading To Capture Of Terrorist Abderraouf Jdey From Quebec  October 12, 2014
"They Must Go!" MK Feiglin: Hamas And ISIS Control The Temple Mount - Intifada Rages In Jerusalem  October 12, 2014
Do You Know This Terrorist? FBI Asks For Help In Identifying ISIS Terrorist With North American Accent  October 8, 2014
UK Intel Busts ISIS Cell That Planned Beheadings On London Streets  October 8, 2014
Andre Carson, Islamist Choice For The House Of Representatives And The New MEF Initiative: Islamist Money In Politics  October 8, 2014
All Suicide Bombers Go Straight To Hell  October 6, 2014
Dutch Jewelery Shop Owners Who Shot Dead Moroccan Muslim Robbers Willing To Speak With Thug's Family  October 6, 2014
Turkish Muslim In NL Posted FB Video Of Himself Firing Gun Threatening To "Kill Zionists" Reopens Driving School  October 6, 2014
Geert Wilders Speech: How To Confront The Islamic State  October 6, 2014
Mother Of Terrorist Who Killed Three Israeli Teens Says "Allah Loved Him" - PA Lauds Him As Hero  October 6, 2014
Truth Revolt : Father Of ISIS Social Media Guru Still President Of Islamic Elementary School In US  October 6, 2014
A Nation In Crisis  October 5, 2014
Wilders Threatened Via Twitter By Well Known Muslim Dutch Jihadist In Syria  October 3, 2014
U.S. National Insecurity  September 23, 2014
Prosecutor: 'Murderer Of Theo Van Gogh Had Help'  September 22, 2014
Terror Group Khorosan Poses More Of A Threat To US Than ISIS - Group Turns Out To Be Obama Hoax  September 22, 2014
They Must Go! Jewish Rappeller Murdered By Arab Co- Workers Who Cut His Rope  September 21, 2014
Two Jihadists Arrested In The Hague Planned Attack On European Union Headquarters In Brussels  September 20, 2014
Afghanistan Trained Terrorist Sentenced To 24 Years In Canada  September 19, 2014
Why Denaturalization Is Essential: Law Enforcement Diverts Resources To Keep Tabs On 40 Returned ISIS Jihadists  September 19, 2014
The ISIS Hierachy - Organised Network With A Chain Of Command Down To Foot Soldiers  September 19, 2014
Director Of Arab Language And Culture Institute In Village of Huizen Left With Family To Join ISIS  September 18, 2014
Groups To Congress: No Taxpayer Funds For Biased, Politicized Middle East Studies  September 18, 2014
Four Killed In US By Jihadist Who Was Arrested A Decade Ago  September 18, 2014
Mayor Of The Hague Comes Out As Apologist For Radical Muslims - Says Many Who Go For Jihad Are Idealistic  September 17, 2014
Muslim From Yemen Becomes Second US Citizen Arrested For Aiding ISIS - Plotted To Kill Veterans  September 17, 2014
Wilders Demands Removal Of Koran From Parliament - Calls It "A Declaration Of War And A License To Kill"  September 17, 2014
Obama Has No Foreign Policy  September 17, 2014
Largest Counter Terrorism Raid In Australian History Launched To Prevent Public Beheadings By ISIS Operatives  September 17, 2014
Moroccan Ambassador In NL Threatens Dutch Police Over Treatment Of Moroccans In Pro ISIS Area - Will File Official Complaint  September 16, 2014
Wilders Wants To Implement Anti- Sharia Declaration For Dual Nationals With Citizenship In Islamic Countries  September 16, 2014
Israel's National Security And Counter Terrorism Bureau Issues Travel Warning For Jews And Israelis Worldwide  September 16, 2014
Cruelty Is Simply A Part Of Islam, Says Expert  September 14, 2014
Jerusalem ISIS -Linked Group Threatens To Kill Twitter Employees For Shutting Down Accounts  September 14, 2014
UNRWA At War: Reactions To The Gaza Operation By David Bedein  September 13, 2014
British Aid Worker David Haines Beheaded By ISIS Terrorist  September 13, 2014
MK Feiglin Warns Of A New Intifada In Jerusalem  September 13, 2014
ISIS And "Moderate" Syrian Rebels Strike Deal For Truce  September 13, 2014
There's No Difference Between ISIS And ISIL - Dr. Daniel Pipes  September 12, 2014
ISIS Is 100% "Profoundly Islamic" - Dr. Daniel Pipes  September 11, 2014
Representative Frank Wolf Sponsors Bill To Prevent Easy Return Of Terror Trained Americans  September 10, 2014
Dutch Police Put Pictures Of Muslim Rioters Who Attacked Anti ISIS Demonstration Online  September 10, 2014
Obama, Benghazi And Murder By Neglect  September 9, 2014
"Moderate Syrian Rebels" That Regime Wants To Support Sold Steven Sotloff To ISIS  September 9, 2014
Islamist Preacher Decapitated By ISIS On Suspicion Of Spying For Belgian And Moroccan Security Services  September 8, 2014
They Must Go! Arab Rioters Attempt To Blow Up Jerusalem Gas Station  September 8, 2014
Muslim From ISIS Who Killed 4 At Brussels Jewish Museum Planned Major Attack In Paris  September 8, 2014
German Rapper Convert Pushed His Way To Top Of Islamic State - 'Deso Dogg' Becomes Top Dog In ISIS  September 7, 2014
UK Female Jihadis Running ISIS Religious 'Police Force'  September 7, 2014
Muslim Terrorist Who Attacked Jewish Museum Killing 4 Held Westerners Prisoner In Syria For ISIS  September 6, 2014
US Educated Boston Doctor's Son Ahmad Abousamra Running Media Campaign For ISIS  September 5, 2014
US Muslim Convert Who Tried To Join ISIS Says He Is Not Radical And Just A "Practicing Muslim"  September 5, 2014
Muslim "Sharia Police" Patrol Streets In German City Of Wuppertal Trying To Enforce Islamic Law  September 5, 2014
Report: Iran Approves Joint Military Action With US Against IS  September 5, 2014
Text And Video Of Geert Wilders Speech To Parliament During The Debate On Islam - "A Ticking Timebomb"  September 5, 2014
Crisis In Dutch Village Of Huizen After Two Families Who Planned To Join ISIS Are Arrested  September 4, 2014
Sotloff Family Spokesman Perversely Calls For Dialouge With ISIS In Arabic - Calls Murdered Journalist 'A Martyr For Allah'  September 4, 2014
Muslims In Holland Up In Arms Against Counter Jihad Measures Proposed By Government - Hizb ut Tahrir To Spread 1 Million Flyers  September 3, 2014
HamasTied Mosque Foundation Imam And Islamic Relief USA Held Fundraiser With UNRWA's Asst Sec Gen Abuzayad  September 3, 2014
Wilders: Parliament's Plans To Tackle Islamist Terrorism Severely Inadequate  September 2, 2014
Terror Tied Islamic Relief Worldwide Signs Cooperation Agreement With Lutheran World Federation  September 2, 2014
American Journalist Steven Sotloff Beheaded By IS Savage In Syria  September 2, 2014
The Latest Anti - Semitic Myth: "ISIS Is A Zionist Conspiracy"  September 1, 2014
Gaza: How To Perpetuate The Conflict  September 1, 2014
Two Teenage Muslimahs In France Plannned Suicide Bombing At Lyon Synagouge  September 1, 2014
Rep. Wolf On Preventing American Jihadists From Returning To U.S.  August 29, 2014
Barney Fife vs ISIS : Barack Hussein Obama Tells Islamist Terror Group US "Has No Strategy"  August 29, 2014
Fort Hood Killer Nidal Hasan Applies To Join ISIS  August 29, 2014
Obama: Messed Up In Mesopatamia  August 26, 2014
Two Israelis Killed By Hamas Rocket Attack  August 26, 2014
It's The Religion ,Stupid : US Convert To Islam And Ex Rapper Killed In Syria Fighting For ISIS  August 26, 2014
Terrorist Leaders Hiding Out In Hamas Headquarters At Shifa Hospital In Gaza  August 26, 2014
Katherine Russell Tsarnaev Potential "Black Widow" Living With Dead Terrorist Husband's Sisters In New Jersey  August 24, 2014
The Caliphate Brings Trauma  August 24, 2014
UK Muslims Named As Executioners Of James Foley - Main Suspect Is Ex Rapper From London Abdel Majed Abdel Bary  August 24, 2014
"Devout Moderate Muslim" Mohammed Zuhdi Jasser Whines About Being "Bullied" By His Radical Mosque With CAIR Imam  August 24, 2014
Funeral Set For Four Year Old Daniel Tragerman Who Was Killed By Hamas Mortar Shell Which Was Fired From Near School  August 23, 2014
Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout's AMANA Organisation Sponsor Of Pro Hamas Gaza Rally In Miami Together With CAIR  August 22, 2014
Convert To Islam Ex PVV'er Van Doorn To File Suit Against CDA Head For Condemning Muslim Politician Khoulani Who Supports ISIS  August 22, 2014
4-Year Old Israeli Boy Killed By Hamas Gaza Rocket  August 22, 2014
Jewish Student Requires Hospitalisation After Attack By Member Of Students For Justice In Palestine On Temple U Campus  August 21, 2014
Muslim Savage From ISIS Beheads American Journalist James Foley Whose Support For Syrian "Rebels" Backfired  August 20, 2014
Islamist Enabler And Crypto Muslim In Chief Obama's Taqiya - Claims Beheading Has Nothing To Do With Islam  August 20, 2014
Hamas Admits It Murdered Three Israeli Teens  August 20, 2014
New York Times Doubling Down On Jew Hatred  August 19, 2014
U.S. Putting Pressure On Israel In Truce Deal - Planning To Closely Monitor Israeli Actions And Push Hamas Demands  August 19, 2014
Hamas And Fatah Vow Terror Attacks If Israel Doesnt Capitulate To Their Demands  August 17, 2014
ISIS Slaughters And Enslaves Hundreds With Impunity In Continuing Murderous Rampages Ignored By The World  August 17, 2014
Mayor Of The Hague Capitulates To Radical Muslims And Bans Anti ISIS Demonstration In Their Neighborhood  August 15, 2014
Muslima Official ln NL Ministry Of Security And Justice : "ISIS Is A Premeditated Plan By Zionists To Make Islam Look Bad"  August 13, 2014
Dutch Ad Against Anti Semitism By Liberal Group Back Fires - Refused To Let Wilders Sign Because He Blamed Islam  August 13, 2014
Geert Wilders: "No Khalifate In The Schilderswijk"  August 13, 2014
Wilders Calls For New "March For Freedom" In The Hague's Schilderswijk - Resident ISIS Supporters Vow To Attack  August 13, 2014
Parliamentary Questions By Geert Wilders On The Inadequate Actions Against Muslims Who Attacked Anti ISIS Demonstration  August 12, 2014
Muslims Spit At And Threaten Priest In Utrecht: "We Want To Kill All Of You" "You Have To Disappear From The World"  August 12, 2014
Hamas Savages: Truce And Talks Only A Prelude To The Next Jihad Campaign  August 12, 2014
Miami Jewish Community Offers $50,000 Reward For Info On Hate Crime Murder Of Rabbi By Two Black Men  August 12, 2014
UK Hoping Foundation"Charity" Holds Fundraiser With Founder Karma Nabulsi Ex PLO Representative - Works With UNRWA  August 12, 2014
Geert Wilders Threatened With Death By Pakistani Taliban In New Film Clip  August 11, 2014
Moroccan Muslims In Holland Solicit Funding For Burial Of Armed Robber Who Was Shot Dead During Attempted Heist  August 10, 2014
Anti ISIS, Jihad And Sharia March Organised By Dutch 'Pro Patria' Group Met With Violence By Muslim Counter Demonstrators  August 10, 2014
"Israeli" Muslim And Christian Arabs Fly ISIS Flags - Celebrate Terrorist Group  August 10, 2014
Obama's Official Peace Partner For Israel Brags About Killing 11,000 Jews  August 10, 2014
Muslims Shouting "Allah Is Great" Throw Stones And Attack Police During Anti ISIS Demonstration In The Hague  August 10, 2014
Rabbi Killed Walking To Schul In North Miami Beach - 2 Black Males Being Sought - Attack Preceded By Anti Semitic Vandalism  August 10, 2014
Dutch Police Raid Homes In Jihad Investigation In The Hague  August 7, 2014
David Bedein And The CNEPR: The UNRWA - Hamas Axis: UNRWA As A Convienient Surrogate For Terrorists Organizations  August 7, 2014
Crocodile Tears - Turning The Agressor Into The Victim  August 6, 2014
U.N. Training Next Generations Of Jihadists - United Nazis Resource Wapens Arsenal (UNRWA)'s Terror Curriculum  August 6, 2014
Clinton Didn't Kill Bin Laden When He Had The Chances Due To Concerns About 'What The World Would Think About Him'  August 6, 2014
Hamas Video Encourages Muslims To Dress Up Like Orthodox Jews For Suicide Bombings Targetting Women And Children  August 6, 2014
Geert Wilders Letter To PM: You Refuse To Say: "The Bigger Islam Becomes In Holland The Stronger Antisemitism Becomes"  August 5, 2014
They Must Go! Arab Terrorist Kills One Injures Others In Tractor Attack On Bus In Jerusalem  August 4, 2014
They Must Go! Arab Terrorists Shoot Soldier In Jerusalem Escape On Motorcycle  August 4, 2014
Truth Revolt: Sunday's Gaza School Attack Now Appears To Be Staged" International Condemnation Ignores Facts  August 4, 2014
They Must Go! Hamas Calls On Arabs To Riot And Begin Third Intifada During 'Ceasefire'  August 4, 2014
Hamas And Iran - A Serious Threat To Peace And Security  August 4, 2014
Israeli Interior Ministor : Current War Caused By Expulsion Of Jews From Gaza  August 3, 2014
Defund The UNRWA  August 1, 2014
Hamas Uses Humanitarian Ceasefire To Kill 2 Soldiers And Abduct One  August 1, 2014
CAIR: Front Group For Hamas Issued 'Aktion' Alert Telling Muslims To Pressure US Government Into Pushing Ceasefire  August 1, 2014
They Must Go! Arab Fifth Column In Israel Riots In Response To Hamas Calls For Intifada  August 1, 2014
Dutch Chief Rabbi: 'Jewish Families Want To Leave Holland '  August 1, 2014
Amsterdam Refuses Permit To Islamist School After Board And City Council Member Expressed Support For ISIS  August 1, 2014
Hamas Enabler Kerry Asks Hamas Supporters Qatar And Turkey To "Help" Obtain Release Of Kidnapped Israeli Soldier  August 1, 2014
'United Nazis' Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay Says Israel Not Providing Iron Dome To Hamas Is A "War Crime"  August 1, 2014
More UNRWA War Crimes: Three IDF Soldiers Killed In Booby Trapped UNRWA Health Clinic  July 31, 2014
Group Of Moroccans Involved In Executions And Violent Robberies In Holland And Belgium Larger Than First Estimated  July 31, 2014
Hamas Cleric In Gaza : "Our Aim Is The Extermination Of The Jews"  July 31, 2014
Muslims And Lefties In UK Target Israeli Store With Non Stop Harassment And Death Threats  July 31, 2014
Belgian Doctor Refuses Treatment To 90 Year Old Jewish Woman Says "Go To Gaza, There You Won't Feel Pain Anymore"  July 31, 2014
France Moves To Ban Jewish Defense League - Allows Muslim And Leftist Groups To Run Riot And Attack Jews  July 31, 2014
Israel Did Not Hit UNRWA School - Jew Hating White House, UN And UNRWA Complicit In Blood Libel  July 31, 2014
MK Feiglin: Take Gaza, Pay People To Leave  July 31, 2014
United Nazis Weapons Resource Arsenal: 80 Kilos Of Explosives Built Into Walls Of UNRWA Clinic Which Killed 3 Soldiers  July 31, 2014
Israel Calls Out UNRWA For Claiming IDF Shelled School - UNRWA's Lies Inciting Violence Against Jews Worldwide  July 31, 2014
Jewish Woman Viciously Beaten In Amsterdam After Hanging Israeli Flag On Her Balcony  July 31, 2014
Jew Hater Islamophile Obama Tried To Force Israeli PM To Accept 'Surrender' Truce  July 30, 2014
Hamas Terrorists Training In Malaysia For 'Advanced' Terror Attacks  July 30, 2014
United Nazis Resource Weapons Arsenal -Third Hamas Weapons Stockpile Found At UNRWA School In Gaza  July 30, 2014
New York Times' Coded Jew Hatred: Running Body Count During Gaza Operation  July 30, 2014
The UNRWA Is Responsible For The Bombing Of Its Schools - Third Cache Of Rockets Found On Premises  July 30, 2014
Hamas Shelling Repeatedly From UNRWA Schools- Anti Semites In White House And With The "United Nazis" Blame Israel  July 30, 2014
Dutch Students In Radboud University American Studies Program Visit CAIR Chicago Office - Watch Interview Bashing Geert Wilders  July 29, 2014
Mumbai Muslims Announce Plans To Massacre Jews For Ramadan  July 28, 2014
How Muslims Think - Repaying Kindness With Killing  July 28, 2014
Israeli Council Head: Obama Administrations Suffers From "Perversion Of Morality" Caused Long -Term Damage  July 28, 2014
HAMAS - Methods, Tactics And Strategy Of A Terror Campaign  July 28, 2014
Terrorist Enabler And Funder Obama Placing 'Heavy Pressure' On Israel For Ceasefire And Acceptance Of Hamas Demands  July 28, 2014
Abbas's Fatah Declares 'Open War' On Israel  July 27, 2014
Interfaith As Bad Faith: ADL's Interfaith Summer Camp Infiltrated By Supporters Of Al Qaeda Terrorist  July 27, 2014
Mayor Of Philadelphia Praises CAIR At Airport Exhibit Which Includes Photo Of 'CAIR In Action'  July 24, 2014
Mohammed Assaf : The UNRWA "Peace Ambassador" Who Sings For Terror  July 23, 2014
Former Gitmo Detainee Arrested in Spain Al-Qaeda's Proliferating Ideology of Death and Destruction  July 23, 2014
Jihadist Returnees From Syria A Very Serious Terror Threat To Europe  July 23, 2014
Undeniable Fact: HAMAS Uses Kids As Human Shields  July 23, 2014
The Headline You Will Never See  July 23, 2014
Kamran Bokhari Stratfor's VP Of Middle Eastern And South East Asian Affairs Defense Of Osama Bin Laden  July 23, 2014
Philadelphia Muslims Attempt To Amputate Suspected Thief's Hand In Mosque  July 23, 2014
Geert Wilders Party For Freedom Launches "Ten Point Plan Against Islamist Terror"  July 23, 2014
Boko Haram African Terror Update - Nigerian Army Willingly Collaborating  July 23, 2014
The Exponential Growth Of Revolutionary Islam Under Obama  July 23, 2014
Islamic Relief Worldwide Terror "Charity" Funds And Partners With UNRWA  July 23, 2014
Terror Tied Islamic Relief USA: Corporate Sponsors Help Fund Hamas  July 23, 2014
Again, Rockets Found In UNRWA School  July 23, 2014
The Threats From Africa: "Voodoo", Female Genital Mutilation, War Crimes And Terrorism  April 7, 2014
Head Of Muslim Brotherhood In UK Threatens Terror Attacks If Action Is Taken Against Them  April 6, 2014
Muslims In Holland Collect Money For Family Of Moroccan Armed Robber Who Was Shot Dead By Intended Victims  April 5, 2014
Amsterdam Is Designated A 'Jihad City'  April 3, 2014
Three Arrested In Germany For Involvement With Al-Qaeda Linked Groups In Syria  April 2, 2014
Mother Of Terror Victim Malki Roth :Release Of Terrorists A Gross Injustice  April 2, 2014
Muslims In Holland Hold Memorial In Mosque For Moroccan Armed Robber Shot Dead By Store Owner  April 1, 2014
Moroccan Mayor Of R'dam Joins With Muslim Groups And Mosques To Plan "Open Day" aka Jihad Through Conversion  April 1, 2014
Second Robber Who Was Shot Dead In Attempted Jewelery Heist In Holland Was Also Moroccan  April 1, 2014
Breaking - FBI Interviews Jihad Spouting Army Recruit Mohammed Abdullah Hassan, Deems Him "Not A Threat"  April 1, 2014
Allies: Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood And Al-Qaeda  April 1, 2014
UK PM Orders Inquiry Into Muslim Brotherhood  April 1, 2014
Call Or Write Israeli Government Officials To Stop The Release Of Terrorist Murderers Who Will Go On To Kill Again  March 27, 2014
Steps Citizens Can Take To Correct The Violent Educational Indoctrination Of UNRWA  March 26, 2014
Hamas Stages Pro Terror Rally At Sari Nuseibeh's Al - Quds University In Jerusalem  March 26, 2014
Killer Of Pim Fortuyn To Be Released - Enviornmental/ Animal Activist Shot Politician To 'Protect' Muslims And Asylum Seekers  March 26, 2014
Muslim Brotherhood And Terror Linked ISNA Outreach Director Attends Meeting With Obama And Other Regime Reps  March 26, 2014
Boston Terrorists Known To US Authorities Long Before Marathon Bombing  March 26, 2014
ZOA And Bereaved Parents To Congress: Stop "Sick Perversion" Of Terrorist Releases  March 26, 2014
Osama Bin Laden's Son In Law Sulaiman Abu Ghaith Convicted On Conspiracy To Kill Americans And Aiding Al Qaeda  March 26, 2014
PA Praises Suicide Terrorists As 'Stars' And 'Heroic Knights' At Burial Of Bodies Returned By Israel  March 25, 2014
PA 'Government' Offers Millions In Financial Incentives For Suicide Terrorist 'Martyrs' Families  March 25, 2014
Obama's Plan To Destroy U.S. National Security Now Includes Scrapping Tomahawk And Hellfire Missile Programs  March 25, 2014
American Who Was Victim Of Suicide Bombing With Son Asks Obama Not To Demand Release Of Terrorist Leader  March 25, 2014
Hamas 'Lawmaker': Koran Says We Must Massacre Jews And Impose Jizya Tax  March 24, 2014
Islamists Threaten Jihad Against France - Assassination Of French President Over Mali Intervention  March 24, 2014
Stealth Jihad In Britain As Radical Muslims Taking Over U.K. Public Schools  March 24, 2014
Roger Waters - Comfortably Dumb In His BDS Anti Israel Campaign  March 23, 2014
Muslims Attack All Over Israel After Terrorists Killed By IDF In Jenin - More Proof That Arabs Are Fifth Column  March 23, 2014
Muslim Terrorist From Jerusalem Indicted In Gas Line Sabotage Also Carried Out Ax Attack On Jewish Man  March 23, 2014
Wilders: I Said Nothing Wrong And Will Apologize To No One  March 23, 2014
Muslims In Paris Brutally Assault Jew In Another One Of Mounting Attacks In France  March 23, 2014
Sharia Law To Be Implemented By British Courts - Guidelines Issued For Solicitors  March 23, 2014
Twenty Years Ago At Machpela: History And Analysis  March 18, 2014
Muslim Rapper In Holland Makes Video Of 'Execution' Of Geert Wilders  March 18, 2014
Hamas Leader Khaled Mashaal : 'Jihad In The Path Of Allah' And 'Suicide' Is 'Our Life'  March 17, 2014
Communication Director Of Stealth Jihad Organisation ISNA Lectures To Journalism Students On How To Report On Islam  March 17, 2014
Jihadi On Welfare And Declared Unfit for Work In Holland Appears In Photo With 5 Decapitated Heads In Syria  March 17, 2014
Minneapolis Lesbian Police Chief And Staffers Don Hijabs For "Hijab Day" Declared By Somali Employees  March 14, 2014
US Muslim Brotherhood Adherents Form New Stealth Jihad Group - US Council Of Muslim Organisations (USCMO)  March 14, 2014
PA: 'Allah Will Gather Israelis So We Can Kill Them'  March 13, 2014
Terrorist Rocket Attacks On Israeli Cities Continues- Ashdod, Ashkelon and Sderot On High Alert  March 13, 2014
Hamas And Islamic Jihad Terrorists Attack Israeli Towns With Missiles - IAF Strikes Back In Gaza  March 12, 2014
National Security Crisis - DHS' Suicidal New Border Policy  March 12, 2014
Former FBI Agent Says CAIR Is a 'Hamas Front' And Needs To Be Shut Down By The Government  March 11, 2014
Al Qaeda Attempting To Recruit Muslims Worldwide With English Language Multi Media  March 11, 2014
UK Al Qaeda Terrorist Saajid Badat Testifies Against Bin Laden Son In Law Suleiman Abu Ghaith  March 11, 2014
Two Muslim Members Of Dutch Labor Party Accused Of Attempted Election Fraud Involving Mosque Congregants  March 11, 2014
Dutch VVD Party Wants To End Sending Of Welfare And Child Subsidy Payments To Morocco  March 11, 2014
Putin's Crimea (2014) And Hitler's Sudetenland (1938) - Some Striking Similiarities  March 10, 2014
Jordanian Terrorist 'Judge' Shot Dead Attacking IDF Soldier  March 10, 2014
Lebanese Suicide Bomber Who Blew Up Israeli Tourist Bus In Bulgaria Identified  March 10, 2014
Iranian Arms Ship Cache Revealed In Pictures And Video - 40 Rockets, 181 Mortar Shells and 400,000 Bullets  March 10, 2014
Abbas Reiterates His Position As 'Piece' Partner - Return Of 5,000 Faux 'Refugees' For Destruction By Demographics  March 10, 2014
Rocket 'Statue' Put Up In Gaza City As Hamas Claims Next War Will Target Golan Heights  March 10, 2014
After Uptick In Lethal Attacks IDF Shoots Dead Terrorist Rock Thrower  March 10, 2014
Islam's Inadvertant Patterns  March 10, 2014
Abbas Rep Lauds Killer Of Mother And Children At Terrorist Burial As "Heroic Martyr"  March 5, 2014
Israeli Special Operations Scuttles Iranian Plot To Supply Gaza With Long Range Missiles  March 5, 2014
Four Muslims Savagely Attack And Attempt To Strangle Jewish Man In Paris Metro Train  March 5, 2014
Feds Searching For Heda Umarova - Friend Of Boston Bomber Who Posted Jihadi Images From Chechnya  March 5, 2014
Muslim Terrorist Who Stabbed Man In Bnei Brak Was Previously Jailed For Attempted Suicide Bombing  March 4, 2014
Wilders Launching Australian PVV Party - The Australian Liberty Alliance  March 4, 2014
Breitbart News To Host Counter - CPAC Event - Univited II - On Thursday  March 4, 2014
Muslim Terrrorist Stabber Who Attacked Jews In Bnei Brak Nabbed By Israeli Forces  March 3, 2014
Mandela's Ruling ANC Institutionalizes Anti Semitic Policies - Endorses Israel Apartheid Week And BDS  March 3, 2014
Ukraine: All You Need To Know  March 3, 2014
Muslim Terrorist Attacks Group Of Religious Jews In Bnei Brak Stabbing One  March 2, 2014
Syrian Jihadist Terrorist Group Live Tweets Amputation Of Thief's Hand  March 2, 2014
Uighur Muslims Kill 33 Injure More Than 130 In Mass Stabbing Attack In Chinese Railroad Station  March 2, 2014
Terrorist Militia Exercise In Iran To Prepare For 'Invasion Of Jerusalem'  February 28, 2014
Google Forced To Remove "Innocence Of Muslims" Movie  February 27, 2014
Boko Haram Kills More Than 200 Nigerian Civilians Over Last 30 Days  February 27, 2014
Norway Facing "Increased Terrorist Threat" From Muslims Who Return There From Fighting in Syria  February 26, 2014
Muslim Savages From Boko Haram Slaughter 59 Students In Nigeria  February 26, 2014
Muslim Convert Butchers Of UK Soldier Shout "Allahu Akbar" And Deny That Their Actions Were "A Betrayal Of Islam" At Sentencing  February 26, 2014
UNRWA Directly Involved In Palestinian Incitement Against Israel Funded By Western Countries  February 25, 2014
Oxfam Tied To Terrorist Groups - Fails To Respond To Charges  February 25, 2014
Explosion In Minnesota Somali Neighborhood Which Killed 2 Linked To Al Qaeda  February 25, 2014
Ex Gitmo Detainee Moazzam Begg Who Heads Jihadi "Caged Prisoners" Group Arrested By Terror Police In UK  February 25, 2014
UNRWA Schools Hotbeds Of Terrorism - Link To Film "Camp Jihad"  February 24, 2014
Hunt On For Middle East's Most Wanted Terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi - May Be In Syria  February 24, 2014
Oxfam Warned To Cut Terror Ties With 'Palestinian Partners'  February 23, 2014
DLFP Terrorists March Near Jerusalem - Shots Fired  February 23, 2014
Christian Family Stabbed To Death By Muslim In Egypt  February 18, 2014
Rockets From Syria Hit Golan Heights After PM Visit To Syrians Being Treated In Israel  February 18, 2014
Jamaat ul - Fuqra aka Muslim Of The Americas Enclave Called 'Mahmoudberg' InTexas  February 18, 2014
Cleta Mitchell, "Fairly Substantial" Due Diligence And Muslim Brotherhood Influence Peddling At The American Conservative Union  February 18, 2014
Syria And Iran Cannot Be Trusted: Both Regimes Have A Long Record Of Cheating  February 17, 2014
Al Qaeda Linked Suicide Bomber Carried Out Tourist Bus Bombing At Israel Egypt Border  February 17, 2014
Israel Egypt Sinai Border Attack First In 6 Years To Target Tourists - Terror Timeline Of Past Attacks  February 17, 2014
Muslim Terrorists Kill 3 Korean Tourists And Driver In Bus Bombing On Egyptian Side Of Taba Crossing  February 16, 2014
Muslim Terrorist Planned Attack To Get PA Prisoner's Salary To Pay For Wedding  February 16, 2014
UK Jihadis Returning From Syria Plotted Mumbai Style Terrorist Attack In London Sparking Terror Alert In Britain  February 16, 2014
Iranian Mullah Says 25 Year Old Death Fatwa Against Salman Rushdie "As Fresh As Ever"  February 16, 2014
PA Allocates $46 Million More For Terrorists Payments In 2014  February 16, 2014
The Rushdie Fatwa 25 Years Later  February 14, 2014
Mother 3 Year Old Terror Victim Adelle Biton Testifies At Trial Of Muslim Stone Throwers: "My Girl Living While Dead"  February 13, 2014
National Security Professionals Challenge ACU On Muslim Brotherhood Influence Peddling  February 12, 2014
Iran's Navy Rounds The Horn Of Africa  February 12, 2014
Radical Islamist Terrorist Radio Station Broadcasting Jihad Propaganda In Holland  February 11, 2014
18 Year Old Female Suicide Bomber Hailed As "Brave Hero" After Her Body Is Returned By Israel In "Gesture" To PA  February 10, 2014
Muslima In Holland Threatened With Death For Opening Wine Bar In Rotterdam  February 10, 2014
UK Muslim Convert Jailed For 3 Years After Threatening To Kill Prince Harry  February 10, 2014
Former CIA Director, Members Of Congress Discuss Iran "EMP Threat"  February 10, 2014
Snapshot : Radical Islam Across The Globe  February 10, 2014
Funds Needed To Help 3 Year Old Terror Victim Adelle Biton With Special Needs As Result Of Attack  February 6, 2014
Terror Associated ISNA Promoting Sketchy Islamic "Charity" Islamic Relief USA  February 6, 2014
Muslim Who Worked At Jerusalem Banquet Hall Arrested With Two Others Planning Terror Attack On Celebration  February 5, 2014
PA High School Named For Self Detonated Terrorist Intended To Inspire Women To Aspire To 'Martyrdom'  February 4, 2014
Released 'Shoe Bomber' Accomplice Saajid Muhammed Badat To Give Evidence In Abu Hamza Trial - Supported By Taxpayer  February 4, 2014
Muslim Beheader Of UK Soldier Attempts To Gouge Out Doctor's Eye With Pen  February 4, 2014
Obama Stands By As Iraq Slips Away, Media Silent  February 4, 2014
More Muslim Child Abuse: Footage Of Four Year Old "Junior Jihadi" Firing Kalashnikov To Shouts Of "Allahu Akbar"  February 1, 2014
Al Qaeda Linked Group Promising To "Fight And Kill The Jews" Behind Eilat Rocket Attack  February 1, 2014
'Al Jihadzeera' Reporters Charged With Belonging To A Terrorist Group  February 1, 2014
Poster Boy For Saudi "Terror Rehab"Rejoins Al Qaeda In Syria  February 1, 2014
Death Penalty Sought Against Muslim Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev  January 31, 2014
Terror Linked ISNA Exploiting Interfaith Campaign Against Hyped "Anti Muslim Sentiment" To Promote Jihad Through Da'wa  January 31, 2014
Returning Muslim Jihadists From Syria 'A SeriousThreat' To Canada  January 30, 2014
State Department Adviser On Extremism Urges US To "Befriend" Al Qaeda  January 30, 2014
Volograd Bombers Identified - Two Accomplices Arrested  January 30, 2014
Freed Terrorist Gloats As He Recounts Murder Of Two Students - Family Rejoiced That He "Got Two Instead Of One"  January 29, 2014
Obama's Brother Malik Calls For Destruction Of Israel Wearing Terrorist Scarf In Yemen  January 28, 2014
Mahdi Bray And MAS: Islamist Hugs for Hatred And Terror With Louis Farrakhan  January 28, 2014
Two Muslim Jihadists Living In Jerusalem Indicted In Al Qaeda Terror Plot  January 28, 2014
Sacramento Bee Still Doing PR For Hamas Linked CAIR  January 28, 2014
More Muslim "Interfaith" Efforts: Holocaust Memorial Speaker In UK Hassan Farooq Admires Hitler Called For Killing Jews  January 27, 2014
Failure To Integrate: "French" Muslim Teenagers Joining Syrian Jihad  January 27, 2014
Hamas Leader Hassan Yousef Threatens Third Intifada After Being Released From Prison Last Week  January 27, 2014
Terror Tied Group ISNA "Cautiously Hopeful" that DOJ Will Prohibit Agents From Considering Religion In Investigations  January 27, 2014
Remember Ilan Halimi -Tortured To Death By Muslim Barbarians In Paris 2006 Because He Was A Jew  January 26, 2014
Former "Dutch" Career Soldier Of Turkish Origin NowTraining Jihadists In Syria  January 26, 2014
Iranian Backed Islamic Jihad Threatens Suicide Bombings In Israel  January 25, 2014
The Sick Middle East  January 25, 2014
Al Qaeda Terror Cell Caught In Jerusalem - Planned Attacks On Bus, Conference Center and US Embassy  January 22, 2014
PA "Minister" Calls For Jihad In Jerusalem In Televised Address  January 22, 2014
Jerusalem Family Poisoned By Chemical Weapons Agent - Exterminator Arrested In Possible Terrorist Attack  January 22, 2014
NL Minister Of Education "Concerned" About 'Anti Western And Un Democratic' Stance Of Rector Of Islamic University  January 22, 2014
"Peace Partner" Abbas's Party Threatens To 'Bomb Tel Aviv'  January 22, 2014
Irish Man Converts To Islam, Beheads Mom Over Divorce  January 22, 2014
Al Qaeda Training Western Jihadists In Syria To Return To US and Europe To Perpetrate Terror Attacks  January 21, 2014
Arrogant And Violent Moroccan Youth Gangs In Holland  January 21, 2014
Why Anne Frank Isn't Home: Post War Discrimination Of Jews In Holland  January 20, 2014
Looking Through A PRISM - The NSA's Metadata Problem  January 20, 2014
4 'Black Widow' Bombers Being Hunted In Russia As Islamists Threaten Attacks On The Olympics  January 20, 2014
'Peace Partner' Abbas Calls Released Muslim Murderers Of Jews "Heroes" Four Times In Same Speech  January 19, 2014
"Moderate" Moroccan King Opens Al - Quds Committee Meeting in Marrakesh Urging Greater International Pressure On Israel  January 18, 2014
Benghazi Attack : Senate Report Flays Hillary Clinton  January 17, 2014
Rep. Wolf [R-VA] Blasts Senate Select Committee Report On Benghazi Cover-Up  January 16, 2014
The Khalid Sheik Mohammed Spectacle  January 16, 2014
Nigerian President Jonathan Fires Top Military Brass  January 16, 2014
Syrian Jihadist Sheikh Who Called For Murder Of Jews And Gays Gets US Visa  January 16, 2014
Department Of State, No Secret Deal With Iran But Will Release Its Text In A Form And Time Of Its Own Choosing  January 15, 2014
Israeli Defense Minister: Kerry Is 'Obsessive And Messianic' - "Enough Is Enough"  January 14, 2014
Abbas Applauds Call For Jihadists To Go And Fight In Jerusalem  January 14, 2014
Former President Of Palestinian "Human Rights" Group Calls For Muslims To "Spill Blood" Dreams Of Future Son's "Martyrdom"  January 14, 2014
On Ariel Sharon - The "Bulldozer" And Betrayal  January 11, 2014
Caleb Jacoby Missing Son Of Columnist Jeff Jacoby Found "Safe And Sound" In New York City  January 10, 2014
Muslim Savage Receives Harsher Sentence For His Part In The Massacre Of The Fogel Family  January 10, 2014
"Kerry Is Just Not In Touch With Reality" Persists In Belief That Arab Conflict With Israel Is Key To Middle East Peace  January 10, 2014
Moroccan 'Youth Gang' Targetted Only Non - Muslims In Crime Spree In Dutch Town  January 9, 2014
Al-Qaeda In Iraq Continues To Gain Strength  January 9, 2014
Why Is Senator Bob Menendez Acting On Behalf Of The Muslim Brotherhood In Iraq Conflict?  January 9, 2014
"Moderate" Malaysian Muslims Confiscating Bibles,Arresting Christians  January 8, 2014
Cop Killer Mumia Abu- Jamal's Lawyer Nominated For Post In Obama's Justice Department  January 8, 2014
Caleb Jacoby Son Of Columnist Jeff Jacoby Missing - Anyone With Information Contact Brookline Police 617- 730- 2222  January 8, 2014
Released Gitmo Detainee Leader Of Terror Group In Libya - Led Benghazi Consulate Attack  January 8, 2014
Egyptian 'Conveying Islamic Message Society' Funding Jihad Through Da'wa Free Koran Action In Holland  January 8, 2014
2013 : The Biggest Developments In Islamic Holland  January 8, 2014
German Province To Provide Islam Lessons In Elementary School ' To Prevent Fundamentalism And Promote Integration'  January 8, 2014
Obama Regime Frees Terrorist Lawyer Lynn Stewart Who Transmitted Messages From ' The Blind Sheik' To His Followers  January 6, 2014
Dutch Football Team Vitesse Leaves Israeli Star Player Behind After He Was Refused Entry To Abu Dhabi Due To Nationality  January 6, 2014
Fatah Sees US Brokered "Peace Deal" As First Stage In Israel's Demise  January 6, 2014
Jihad Jane: Muslim Convert From PA Who Plotted To Kill Swedish Artist Over Cartoon Sentenced To Ten Years In Prison  January 6, 2014
Nation Magazine Bends Over For NY Times On Benghazi  January 5, 2014
PA "Ambassador" To Prague Blown Up Handling Secret Weapons Cache - "Enough To Arm 10 Fighters"  January 2, 2014
PA "Officer" Implicated In Bat Yam Bus Bombing More Proof That Abbas's PA Is Directly Involved In Terrorism  January 2, 2014
Bedouins And Islamic Jihad Terrorists Arrested For Bat Yam Bus Bombing  January 2, 2014
Syrian Mufti's Aide Gives Army Religious Permission To Rape Women  January 2, 2014
PA "Ambassador" To Prague Killed 'Mishandeling Explosives' In His Apartment  January 1, 2014
Second Terrorist Convicted For Murder Of Father And Baby Son In Rock Attack  January 1, 2014
NYT's Outrageous Benghazi Coverup  January 1, 2014
Murderers Who Savagely Butchered IDF Soldier Moshe Tamam Released To Kill Again  January 1, 2014
Jubilant Muslims Hang Picture Of Released Terrorist In Jerusalem's Old City  January 1, 2014
Al Qaeda Opens Jihad School For Children In Syria  December 31, 2013
Obama Lackey Kerry 'Deceived Israel' On Terrorist Release Continues To Pressure Israel For Concessions To Jihadists  December 31, 2013
Kerry 'Appreciates' Israel Releasing Terrorists Who Go On To Kill Again  December 31, 2013
Sadia Saifuddin First Muslim To Serve On U Cal Board Of Regents Speaker At Muslim Brotherhood Linked ISNA Conference  December 31, 2013
Massive Police Crackdown In Volgograd After Two Deadly Suicide Bombings - Putin Vows 'Total Destruction' Of Terrorists  December 31, 2013
Fourteen People Killed In Suicide Attack On Trolley Bus In Russia - Many Injured  December 30, 2013
Muslim Butcher Of UK Soldier Says He Was "Inspired" By US Hate Preacher Khalid Yasin  December 30, 2013
Obama And Kerry Planning Influx Of 30,000 Potential Jihadis In 2014  December 30, 2013
Protest Against Release Of Jerusalem Terrorist In Front Of Home On Monday - March Begins At PM's Office  December 29, 2013
"Black Widow" From Dagestan Behind Suicide Bombing In Russian Train Station Which Killed 16 - Scores Injured As Death Toll Expected To Rise  December 29, 2013
A Century Of African-American Islam  December 28, 2013
Islam And Bebop Jazz  December 28, 2013
Boko Haram Leader Shekau Surfaces, Says Nigerian Jihad Is Justified By Quran And Hadith  December 28, 2013
Voice Of Sanity From Israeli Defense Minister Ya'alon - "We Are Not Happy With Prisoner Releases"  December 28, 2013
Google Caves To Muslim Pressure Blocks Wilders Anti Islam Sticker Account - New Account Started  December 27, 2013
Former Lebanese Minister With Anti Hezbollah Views Killed By Car Bomb In Beirut  December 27, 2013
Leader Of Al- Qaeda's Al Nusra Front Planned Kidnappings Of UN Personnel, Foreigners And Civilians  December 26, 2013
Hezbollah Terrorists With Foreign Passports Seeking To Carry Out Attacks On Jews And Israelis Worldwide  December 26, 2013
Al Qaeda Kidnap Victim Warren Weinstein Pleads With Obama For Help In New Video  December 26, 2013
U.S. Treasury Department Designates Two High Profile Muslims As Al-Qaeda Financiers  December 25, 2013
UK Jihadists Who Fight In Syria Have Their Citizenship Revoked  December 24, 2013
Bennett Says PA Responsible For Terrorist Attacks WhileTraitor Livni Says They 'Should Be Ignored' During "Peace Talks"  December 24, 2013
Seleka Jihadists Targeting Defenseless Christians In Central African Republic  December 24, 2013
Statistics Prove 'Peace Talks' Causing Terror Attacks - As Muslims Are Emboldened By Perceived Weakness  December 24, 2013
Baby Food Jihad - How Halal Promotes Terror  December 24, 2013
Stanley Cohen,Terrorist Supporter And Lawyer Indicted For Tax Fraud  December 24, 2013
Pakistani Terror Group Threatens Attacks On New York And Washington In New Video  December 24, 2013
Hamas 'Minister': Uprooting The Jews First Step Towards Global Islamist Takeover  December 24, 2013
Muslim Terrorist Stabs Israeli Policeman As Attacks On Jews Increase Daily  December 23, 2013
Why Is Convicted Terrorist Sami Al-Arian Strutting Around Capitol Hill?  December 23, 2013
You Tube Blocks Palestinian Media Watch Video Publicizing Terrorist Threats To Kidnap, Kill And Bomb Israelis  December 23, 2013
"Peace Talks" Lead To Terror: Arabs Plant Bus Bomb in Bat Yam One Injured As Passengers Have Miraculous Escape  December 22, 2013
Muslim Knife Attack Foiled Near Jerusalem 3 Terrorists Arrested  December 22, 2013
Founder of Al Muhajiroun Omar Bakri Mohammed - "It's OK To Blow Yourself Up 'For Allah'  December 21, 2013
Alarming Intelligence Reports On Dangerous Jihadists  December 19, 2013
Wilders Distributes Anti - Islam Stickers: "Islam Is A Lie, Mohammed Is A Thug, The Koran Is Poison"  December 19, 2013
Youth Play In Ramallah Under Abbas Auspices Promotes Terrorism And Murder  December 19, 2013
Muslim Convert Savages Who Hacked UK Soldier To Death Convicted  December 19, 2013
Iranian President - Obama Accepts A Nuclear Iran  December 17, 2013
Geert Wilders Chosen As 'Politician Of The Year'  December 17, 2013
Somali Muslims Attack Bus With Grenade Killing Four Wounding Many In Nairobi  December 14, 2013
Terrorist Leader Of PA, Mahmoud Abbas, Decorates Abu Jihad Who Was Behind Murder Of 125 Israelis  December 14, 2013
Kansas Jihadi Wannabe Suicide Attack On Airport Thwarted  December 14, 2013
Same ISNA, Same Terror  December 13, 2013
Belgian Convert Jihadi In Syria Threatens Attacks On Belgium, Defense Minister and Geert Wilders In Video Song  December 13, 2013
Nelson Mandela: The Untold Story - His Terrorist And Racist Legacy  December 13, 2013
Obama's Foreign Policy Nightmare Makes It Impossible To "Protect And Defend" U.S. Security  December 11, 2013
U.S. - Iran Deal Already Effectively Dead  December 11, 2013
U.S. - Iranian Nuke Deal - Team Obama Runs Up The White Flag  December 11, 2013
Dutch Woman Who Refused Candy To Muslim Children On Christian Holiday Facing Discrimination Investigation  November 12, 2013
3 Muslim Converts Attack And Threaten Non Muslims In Attempt To Enforce Sharia Law In London  November 12, 2013
NL Muslims Fund Jihad In Yemen - Stealth Jihadist MP Ahmed Marcouch 'Convinced Dead Mujahid Went There To Study'  November 12, 2013
Obama Turns On Israel  November 11, 2013
Kerry Threatens Israel With 'Third Intifada' If It Fails To Do Administration's And 'Palestinian' Terrorist's Will  November 7, 2013
An Exclusive Interview With A Survivor From The September 1941 Babi Yar Massacre  November 6, 2013
PipeLineNews.org Raised Questions About Ashrafuzzaman Khan 9 Years Before Bangladeshi Court Convicted Him Of War Crimes  November 5, 2013
Four Somalis Charged In Kenya For Aiding Westgate Terrorists  November 4, 2013
Abbas At PA Event: "All Of Israel Is Occupied Palestine"  November 4, 2013
"Dutch" Moroccan Jihadi Killed In Yemen - Mosque In Amsterdam Holds Memorial Service - No Sign Of Condemnation  November 4, 2013
Jihad In Norway? Three Scandanavians Stabbed To Death By South Sudanese Man In Bus Hijacking  November 4, 2013
DHS Advisor Mohamed Elibiary: America Is "An Islamic Country"  November 3, 2013
Abbas's Fatah: Murderer Of Two Israelis Is "Palestinian Nations Symbol" "We Will Continue To Walk In His Path"  November 3, 2013
Ashrafuzzaman Khan: Former Head Of ICNA -President Of NAIT Convicted Of Murder And War Crimes In Bangladesh  November 3, 2013
Two French Radio Journalists Executed By Al Qaeda Terrorists In Mali  November 3, 2013
Iranian Born Canadian Citizen Tried To Board Flight To LA With Explosives  October 31, 2013
Terrorist Leader Mahmoud Abbas Greats And Kisses Released Killers Calls Them "Our Heroic Brothers"  October 31, 2013
Abbas Vows There Will Be No Peace Until All Terrorist Prisoners Are Released  October 30, 2013
Ex - MK : Don't Free Terrorists- Kill Them  October 30, 2013
Muslims In Ramallah And Gaza Welcome And Celebrate Freeing Of Terrorist Murderers  October 30, 2013
Bereaved Sister Whose Arab 'Neighbor'Murdered Her Sibling: "What If I Run Into My Brother's Murderer?"  October 30, 2013
Expert: 'Palestinian' Terror State Would Leave Israel 'Indefensible'  October 30, 2013
Nigeria Continues To Disingenuously Claim That Boko Haram Is On The Ropes  October 30, 2013
Partial List Of Terrorist Murderers Of Jews Who Are Being Released As 'A Gesture Towards The PA'  October 29, 2013
Abbas In 2005: 'Release All Prisoners Including Murderers Because It Was The PA Who Sent Them To Kill'  October 29, 2013
Muslim Suicide Attack In Central Beijing Signals Escalation In Uighur Jihad  October 29, 2013
Atif Moon From Center For Global Understanding -CAIR Awardee- Visits ISNA Office- CFGU Promotes Stealth Jihad Via Internships  October 29, 2013
Record Number Of Terror Attacks In 2013  October 29, 2013
Muslim Savages In Ramallah Prepare To Celebrate And Welcome Terrorist Murderers  October 29, 2013
Suicide Bomber Talks About Jihad And Mohamed In Pre Attack Video "Muslims Are The Greatest Nation That Allah Created"  October 29, 2013
Large Demonstration Against Freeing Terrorist Murderers At Ofer Prison 7:30 PM Israeli Time  October 28, 2013
MuslimTerrorist Who Murdered Israeli Soldier Claims He Was Offered Millions To Kill - Tomer Hazan Put Up Fight  October 27, 2013
List Of MuslimTerrorist Murderers To Be Released By Israel Made Public  October 27, 2013
Muslims Savages Viciously Attack Jewish Family Of Five In Sydney - Older Man Seriously Injured  October 26, 2013
Al Qaeda Suicide Bomber Was Egyptian Army Officer  October 26, 2013
Egypt's Executioner Loves Allah, Killing People And Strangling Dogs  October 25, 2013
OIC Secretary General Recent CAIR Awardee Visits ISNA Office Lauds Their Jihad Through Da'wa aka 'Interfaith' Campaign  October 25, 2013
Boston Marathon Bomber : "Ummah Is Beginning To Rise...Muslims Are One"  October 25, 2013
Arabs Attack Jewish Man On Jerusalem Street As Attacks Occur Daily  October 25, 2013
Arab Students In Hebron Plotted Drone Attack  October 25, 2013
Comfortably Dumb: Roger Waters And The BDS  October 24, 2013
'Dutch' Jihadists In Syria Sent Video Messages To Families In Holland  October 23, 2013
PA-Youth Magazine "If You Love Death...Then You're A Palestinian"  October 23, 2013
Muslim Russia?  October 23, 2013
Hamas Claims Repsonsibility for 2012 Tel Aviv Bus Bombing After Planner Is Killed By IDF  October 23, 2013
Boston Marathon Muslim Bomber Named In 9/11 Jewish Triple Murder  October 23, 2013
PA Official Boasts: Our Security Forces Responsible For Intifada  October 23, 2013
Brunei To Implement Shariah Law Including Stoning And Amputations  October 23, 2013
Fort Hood Soldiers Told That Evangelical Christians And Tea Party Pose Terrorist Threat To U.S.  October 23, 2013
Arab Mob Of Men Women And Children Attempts To Kill Jewish Drivers In Massive Rock Attack  October 22, 2013
Video Of Attempted Stabbing Attack By Muslim Terrorist In Israeli Bus Released By IDF  October 22, 2013
Wilders Calls For An End To The United Nations After It Calls For An End To Dutch "Black Piet" Christmas Tradition  October 22, 2013
Geert Wilders: The Specter Of Islam Is Haunting The Free World  October 22, 2013
Suspected 'Black Widow' Suicide Bomber Kills At Least 5 On Bus In Russia  October 21, 2013
Muslim Brotherhood Operative At DHS Mohammed Elibiary Tells Reporter Aaron Klein That He Has A "Jewish Demeanor"  October 21, 2013
Report 'Foreign Born' Amsterdammers Less Tolerant And Economically Independent  October 21, 2013
Islamonazism: PA-Associated Youth Magazine Published List Of Sayings It Claimed Are Hitler's  October 21, 2013
Knife Wielding PA Arab Threatens Israeli Bus Driver As Third Intifada Looms  October 20, 2013
PA Eulogizes Hamas Founder And Arch Terrorist Ahmad Yassin Ten Years After His Death  October 20, 2013
CAIR's Court Jew - Jacob Bender  October 18, 2013
Somali With Norwegian Nationality Named As Kenyan Mall Terrorist  October 18, 2013
A Third Intifada? IDF Officer Calls Latest Terror Attacks ' Very Alarming'  October 18, 2013
NYC = New York Caliphate? Mayoral Candidate Bill de Blasio Heeds CAIR Call For Days Off On Muslim Holidays  October 18, 2013
Wilders Blasts Ambassador To Saudi Arabia As A "Dhimmi" After Hajj Tweet Calling Islam "Religion Of Peace"  October 18, 2013
Tractor Terror Attack On IDF Base Thwarted By Brother Of Arab Who Perpetrated Same In 2009  October 17, 2013
One In Three Somalis Mentally Ill - Hundreds Of Thousands Settled In U.S. Towns Where Gang Violence Is Now Rampant  October 16, 2013
Muslim Immigrants And The Threat Of Jihadist Terrorism  October 16, 2013
Experts Warn Of Al Qaeda Biological Weapons Threat  October 16, 2013
Hamas Linked CAIR Hires Jew As Executive Director Of Philly Office To Wage 'Jihad Through Da'wa' aka 'Interfaith Understanding'  October 16, 2013
Al Qaeda Terrorist Behind US Embassy Bombings Brought To New York For Trial  October 15, 2013
Hamas Linked CAIR Hosts Farewell Reception For Outgoing Secretary General Of The OIC  October 15, 2013
Israeli Minister Bennett: 'Stop Creeping Third Intifada In Its Tracks'  October 14, 2013
Muslim Convert From California Indicted For Aiding Al Qaeda  October 14, 2013
IDF Uncovers Terror Tunnel Leading From Gaza To Israeli Town  October 13, 2013
Paul Sperry: Kenya Style Mall Attack Happened In 2007 Shooting In Salt Lake City By Muslim Sulejman Talovic  October 13, 2013
Four Terrorism Plotters Arrested In London Amid Fears Of Kenyan Style Mall Attack  October 13, 2013
Five PA Arabs Arrested After Savagely Killing Israeli Man With Axes And Iron Bars Outside His Home  October 11, 2013
'Peace Talks Bring Only Terror' Calls To Stop Talks And Release Of Terrorists After Another Brutal Murder Of Israeli Man  October 11, 2013
Moroccan Born US Muslim Gets 14 Years For Helping Al-Qaeda  October 9, 2013
Netanyahu: Mufti Haj Amin al- Husseini Demanded Nazis 'Wipe Out' 4,000 Jewish Children  October 9, 2013
Kenya Rethinking Somali Immigration After Mall Jihad Massacre  October 9, 2013
Obama Negotiating "Partner" Iran Openly Mocking Him Online  October 9, 2013
DHS' Radical Muslim Advisor - Mohamed Elibiary  October 8, 2013
Team O Desperation - Dog Wagging Obama  October 8, 2013
Geert Wilders: The Specter Of Islam Is Haunting The Free World  October 8, 2013
Recep Erdogan Meeting With Hamas Chief Khalid Mashaal in Turkey  October 8, 2013
The Pyschopathology Of Jihad  October 7, 2013
Israel Arrests Two Terrorists For Attempted Murder Of 9 Year Old Girl - Arabs Riot  October 7, 2013
Arab 'Rock Terrorism' Continues To Kill And Injure Israelis Daily  October 7, 2013
Abbas's Fatah Organisation Praises Shooter Of 9 Year Old Girl 'Predicts' More Attacks  October 6, 2013
Netanyahu Details Ties Between Palestinian Leadership And The Nazis 'conflict began in 1921, not 1967'  October 6, 2013
9 Year Old Israeli Girl Shot In The Neck At Close Range By Muslim Terrorist While Playing In Her Yard  October 5, 2013
Nationalist MKs In Israel Demand End To "Peace Talks" With PA Terror Regime And Release Of Terrorist Murderers  October 5, 2013
Navy Seals Conduct Raid In Somalia Aimed At Capturing Senior Leader Of Al - Shabab  October 5, 2013
Terrorist Behind Kenya And Nairobi U.S. Embassy Bombings Anas al- Libi Captured By FBI Force In Libya  October 5, 2013
Muslims Riot In Kenya After Killing Of Al Shabab Linked Imam  October 4, 2013
First US Muslim Army Chaplain Joins Muslim Brotherhood Group ISNA AS 'Director Of Chaplain Services And Islamic Endorsing Agent'  October 4, 2013
Calls For Dutch Government To Dissolve Advisory Body Which Advises Building Ties With Hamas  October 4, 2013
Al-Shabab Terrorist Recruiter Says Britain Will Be Their Next Target  October 4, 2013
Taliban Chief Vows That They Will Take Over All Of Afghanistan When Nato Troops Pull Out  October 4, 2013
BBC Not Using Words Terrorism And Terrorists In Reports About Kenyan Jihadi Massacre Due To 'Guidelines'  October 4, 2013
Attacks By Muslims Against Jews In Israel Spiked In September As Third Intifada Looms  October 3, 2013
Depraved Palestinian Authority Uses Ping Pong Tournament To Promote Terrorism And Martyrdom  October 3, 2013
Muslim Professional Football Player Turned Terrorist Nizar Trabelsi Is Extradited To The United States  October 3, 2013
Boko Haram Terrorist Attack Killed Over 70 Nigerian College Students  October 2, 2013
Brooklyn Based Muslims Jailed For Helping Al-Qaeda  October 2, 2013
What The Media Refuses To Print - "Jihadist Ritual Murder And Mutilation At The Mall"  October 2, 2013
"Slow Joe Biden" Tells J Street Anti Israel Lobbyists That PA Islamists Who Want To Destroy Israel Are 'Least Sectarian' Arabs  October 2, 2013
Experts: Tracking Al Qaeda Terrorists Harder Due To Media Leaks  September 30, 2013
Obama Administration's Continuing Malfeasance In Libya  September 30, 2013
Radical Islamist American Groups And Leaders Met With Iranian President  September 30, 2013
ADL Philadelphia's Muslim Board Member S.A .Ibrahim Signs Statement Together With Muslim Brotherhood Linked Leaders  September 30, 2013
Muslim Savages From Al Shabab Tortured And Mutilated Nairobi Mall Attack Victims  September 29, 2013
Muslim Savages from Boko Haram Slaughter Over 40 Sleeping Students At Nigerian College  September 29, 2013
Abbas's Fatah Encourages Jihad,Terrorism And Martyrdom While "Peace Talks" With Israel Continue  September 29, 2013
PA Arab Youths Call For New Intifada As Attacks On Jews Being Perpetrated Daily  September 25, 2013
Obama's $1.3 Billion In Syrian Aid Helping Al Qaeda  September 25, 2013
Let Refugees Remain In Their Own Culture Zones  September 25, 2013
Kenya Mall Terrorists Rented Shop Inside And Smuggled In Weapons To Prepare For Attack  September 25, 2013
Cousin Of Muslim Terrorist Who Murdered Jews At Toulouse School Jailed For Making Death Threats  September 24, 2013
Kenyan President Declares Mall Siege Over  September 24, 2013
Al-Shabab Tweets That Mall Terrorists Include Somali Americans  September 23, 2013
PA Terrorist Leader Abbas: Soldier's Murders "No Reason To Renounce Demands" MK Danon Calls For Suspension Of "Peace" Talks  September 23, 2013
Fighting Continues In Terrorist Mall Attack In Kenya - 69 Confirmed Dead - Hostages Still Being Held  September 23, 2013
Somali Muslim With Dutch Nationality Arrested In Connection With Kenyan Mall Attack  September 23, 2013
"White Widow" UK Muslim Convert Samantha Lewthwaite May Be Behind Kenya Mall Attack  September 23, 2013
Five Muslim American Jihadists Suspected To Be Among Kenya Mall Attackers  September 23, 2013
Muslim Brotherhood Declared Illegal In Egypt  September 23, 2013
Deceitful Palestinian Statements As Strategic Weapons  September 23, 2013
Somalis Who Were Welcomed To America Produce "Little Mogadishus" And Terrorists  September 23, 2013
Israel's Stunning Response To Palestinian Aggression  September 23, 2013
Terrorist: Nairobi Mall Targeted Because Of Its 'Jewish Shops'  September 23, 2013
Israeli Ministers Demand Meeting With PM To Review Terrorist Release Policy After Murder Of Two Soldiers  September 23, 2013
The Nairobi Al-Shabaab Terrorist Massacre  September 23, 2013
Israeli Soldier Abducted And Murdered By Muslim Savage He Had Worked With In Restaurant  September 22, 2013
Israeli Soldier Severely Injured By Arab Terrorist Shooter In Hebron  September 22, 2013
Leftist Israeli Minister On Soldier's Murder by Terrorists: Israel Dealing With "Beastly People"  September 22, 2013
Somali Al- Shabab Terrorists Attack Nairobi Shopping Mall Kill And Injure Scores In Ongoing Battle  September 22, 2013
Boko Haram Ambush Kills Over 40 Nigerian Soldiers  September 22, 2013
Administration Ripped By House Report On Benghazi  September 22, 2013
Al Qaeda Linked Al-Shabab Terrorists Target Non Muslims In Kenya Shopping Mall Massacre  September 22, 2013
Israelis Helping To End Terrorist Mall Siege in Kenya  September 22, 2013
Muslim Suicide Terrorists Kill Dozens Of Christians In Pakistan Church Bombing  September 22, 2013
IDF Soldier Shot By Muslim Terrorists In Hebron Dies Of His Wounds - Hamas Threatens "Third Intifada"  September 22, 2013
Negotiations With PA Terrorists Encourages Arabs To Kill Jews  September 22, 2013
Muslim Terrorists Kill Over 250 People And Wound At Least 470 Others In Militant Islamist Weekend Attacks  September 22, 2013
Abbas's Fatah Claims Responsibility For Murder Of IDF Soldier Tomer Hazan  September 22, 2013
More Then 60 Killed By Terrorists In Iraq Over 120 Injured  September 22, 2013
Bennet : Negotiations Should Be Halted After Murder Of Two IDF Soldiers "Answer To Terrorism Should Be War Against The Murderers"  September 22, 2013
Al-Shabab Terrorists Arrested In Zanzibar After Acid Attack On Priest Linked To Assault On UK Jewish Girls  September 17, 2013
Belgian Jihadi Fighter And Recruiter Killed In Syria  September 13, 2013
American Jihadi Killed Omar Hammami Killed By Comrades In Somalia  September 12, 2013
American Jihadists Fighting In Syria Pose Threat UponTheir Return To U.S.  September 12, 2013
Obama's Syrian "Rebels" Gang Rape 15 Year Old  September 12, 2013
Former U. S. Ambassador To Egypt - Anne Patterson - Savaged In Arab Press  September 12, 2013
Rep. Frank Wolf Blasts CIA Director Brennan  September 12, 2013
America Commemorates The 9/11 Attacks  September 11, 2013
Media Idiocy On Syria II - U.S. Strike Will Spell End Of Christianity In Syria  September 9, 2013
Forget Syria, Target Iran  September 9, 2013
Raoul Wallenberg Hussein Obama? Give Me A Break  September 7, 2013
Mainstream Idiocy Regarding Syrian Conflict  September 7, 2013
Opinion: An Urgent Need For Military (Humanitarian) Intervention In Syria  September 3, 2013
Opinion: Arguing Against 'Limited' Strikes On The Assad Regime  September 3, 2013
Canadian Muslim Cleric States That Amputations And Stonings Are More Economical Than Jail  September 3, 2013
Fort Hood Jihadi Killer Nidal Hasan Sentenced To Death  August 29, 2013
Two State Solution "Would Be Lethal To The Jewish People" - Jordan A De Facto Palestinian State  August 28, 2013
Fox Breaks Story - Team Obama/Morsi Pull Hunter/Killer Team From Benghazi Assignment  August 24, 2013
America's Muslim Brotherhood President, Barack Hussein Obama Decries "Crackdown On Mr. Morsi's Associations and Supporters"  August 24, 2013
Fort Hood Jihadi Killer Nidal Hasan Convicted  August 24, 2013
Amir Bedier Gets His Death Wish - Obituary For A Beloved Egyptian Terror Supporter  August 24, 2013
Palestinian Jihad: Teaching Children To Be Murderers  August 24, 2013
Migrant Trafficking And Radical Islam Pose A Serious Security Threat To The West  August 20, 2013
Barack Hussein Obama - Muslim Brotherhood Mole?  August 19, 2013
PA Radio: One Day Israel 'Will Be Palestine Again'  August 19, 2013
Muslim American "Truther" Group Planning 'Million Muslim March' On 9/11 To Portray Muslims As Victims  August 19, 2013
Boko Haram Muslim Terror Group Warns U.S.  August 15, 2013
Obama 'Played Cards' During Bin Laden Raid  August 15, 2013
Muslim Brotherhood Group ISNA Meets With Kerry, Indyk and Rice To Discuss Middle East Peace Talks  August 15, 2013
List Of The The Terrorist Murderers Who Were Released And Their Victims  August 15, 2013
Aaron Klein's New Book "Impeachable Offences" Due Out On August 27th  August 15, 2013
Jihad In Louisiana? Muslim Hostage Killer In Bank Wanted To "Cause Pain" - Planned Attack Not Robbery  August 14, 2013
The "Moribund" Al-Qaeda Runs Obama Out Of The Middle East  August 13, 2013
Terrorist Murderers To Be Released By Israel In 'Goodwill Gesture' To PA "Animals Not Humans"  August 12, 2013
Israeli MK: Implement Death Penalty For Terrorists  August 12, 2013
Wilders Calls Mohamed a "crazy warlord pedofile" In Tweet Marking 25 Years Of Al Qaeda's Existence  August 11, 2013
Two Jewish Girls From UK Targetted In Acid Attack In Zanzibar - Islamists Suspected  August 9, 2013
New Security Fears AsTerrorists Use Undetectable Bombs Implanted In Body  August 9, 2013
Mujaheed Coward Hasan Understands This War - Our CIC Is Clueless  August 8, 2013
Dutch Ambassador In Australia Called On Consular Officials To Deny Wilders Assistance During His Visit There  August 6, 2013
Ft. Hood Muslim Jihadi Killer : "We are imperfect Muslims trying to establish the perfect religion"  August 6, 2013
Canadian Muslim Leader Calls For The Murder Of Israelis And Urges Jihad  August 5, 2013
No Peace Possible With Parents And Their Children Who Laud Suicide And Murder As Highest Good  August 5, 2013
Fund Chaired By 'Peace Mediator' Indyk Involved In Promoting Arab Rioting And Third Intifada?  August 2, 2013
Israel Basher Samantha Power Confirmed As UN Ambassador  August 2, 2013
Chabad Rabbi Shot By Terrorists In Dagestan  August 2, 2013
The Huma Abedin/Hillary Clinton Conspiracy  August 1, 2013
WH Responsible For Murder? Blocked Rapid Response To Benghazi?  August 1, 2013
PA Gives Terrorist Killer Of 15 Jews Military Funeral Saying "We will miss this man"  August 1, 2013
Holocaust Denier Abbas Mimics Hitler "Palestine Will Be Judenrein"  August 1, 2013
Dr. Daniel Pipes Calls Release Of 104 Palestinian Terrorist Murders "Lunacy and immorality...a repugnant action"  August 1, 2013
Israeli Minister: Terrorists Should Be Killed, Not Released  August 1, 2013
Why Rolling Stone Loves The Bomber - From Guevara To Tsarnaev  August 1, 2013
Is Islam Fatally Defective?  July 21, 2013
Boston Jihadi Killer Turned Into Pop Culture Icon By Rolling Stone Magazine  July 21, 2013
Muslim Terrorist Injures 10 Year Old Girl In Rock Attack At Art Exhibition In Jerusalem  July 19, 2013
Muslim Brotherhood Linked Islamist Appointed Student Regent At UC Berkeley  July 18, 2013
Muslim Terrorists Stab Orthodox Man In Jerusalem As Attacks On Jews Continue To Increase  July 16, 2013
Wilders: Islam Bigger Problem Than Economic Crisis  July 15, 2013
Terror Victim's Widow Calls For Death Sentence  July 15, 2013
Jews Who Defend Themselves Against Arab Attacks Jailed While Terrorist Murderers Go Free  July 11, 2013
Boston Jihadi Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Pleads Not Guilty In Court  July 10, 2013
NY Jets Player Oday Aboushi Speaks At Extreme Anti-Israel El- Bireh Conference  July 9, 2013
Auschwitz And The Holocaust - A Clear Warning From History  July 9, 2013
30 Killed In Egypt As Revolting Muslims Clash - Morsi Supporters Throw Two From Roof - Video  July 6, 2013
Boko Haram Terrorists Attack School In Nigeria - Shoot And Burn Children And Teacher Alive  July 6, 2013
Al Qaeda Cleric Abu Qatada Finally Deported To Jordan From UK  July 6, 2013
Muslim Terrorists Murder Coptic Priest In Sinai  July 6, 2013
Neo-Marxist Obama Confidante Samantha Power: Unfit For Duty  July 3, 2013
Catholic Priest Beheaded By Jihadist Savages In Syria - Video  July 1, 2013
White House Hosts Israel Hating Radical Muslim Deputy Of Muslim Brotherhood Leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi  June 27, 2013
Boston Bomber Indicted - Faces Death Penalty  June 27, 2013
DOJ 30 Count Indictment Of Dzokhar A. Tsarnaev Boston Marathon Terrorist Bomber  June 27, 2013
Geert Wilders PVV: England Once Again Appeases Islam By Shutting The Mouths Of Its Critics  June 27, 2013
Emerson's Anti-Jihad Film - The Grand Deception - Wins Special Award At New York Film Festival  June 26, 2013
Obama Inc. Met With Suicide Bombing Supporter Qaradawi's Deputy At White House With National Security Council  June 26, 2013
Obama Officials Met With Hamas, Discussed Removing It From Terror List  June 26, 2013
'Model Plane' Terror Plot Uncovered In Germany  June 26, 2013
Almost Three Quarters Of Dutch Muslims Find That Those Who Go For Jihad In Syria Are Heroes  June 26, 2013
Three More Muslims Arrested In French Anti-Terror Sweep  June 25, 2013
Twitter New Frontier For Jihadist Propaganda  June 25, 2013
'Moderate' Muslim Activism Promoting A Dangerous Illusion  June 25, 2013
Police Searching For Arabs Who Firebombed Two Jewish Restaurants In Montreal  June 24, 2013
Oslo "Peace Accords" Lead To Deaths Of 2,000 Israelis In Terrorist Attacks - Thousands Injured And Maimed  June 21, 2013
Holland Large Source Of Western Foreign Jihad Fighters In Syria - Minister Voices Concern  June 20, 2013
US To Hold 'Peace Talks' With Taliban Terrorists In Doha which "GuarenteesThe Islamic System"  June 19, 2013
Islamic Teacher Arrested For Cannibalism, Selling Body Parts  June 19, 2013
Why Is It News That The U.S. Is Arming The Syrian Insurgents?  June 19, 2013
Thief Behind Exam Scandal At Dutch Islamic School Has Father Teaching There: Government Funds Used For Trips To Mecca  June 19, 2013
Thief Of Exams In Huge Dutch Scandal Is Son Of Teacher At Islamic High School Which Used Government Funding For Trips To Mecca  June 19, 2013
Terrorist Head Of Group Behind Luxor Temple Massacre Of 58 Tourists Appointed Governor Of Region By Mursi  June 17, 2013
Jail Sentences For 7 Muslims Who Kicked Dutch Referee To Death  June 17, 2013
Al Qaeda Sets Up Base In The Sinai  June 17, 2013
Ahmed Bedier's al-Qaeda Family Stain Removal  June 14, 2013
Antwerp Municipality Scraps Jihad Fighters Resident Status  June 14, 2013
Museum In Paris Hosts Suicide Bomber Glorification Exhibition  June 14, 2013
The Religion Of The Perpetually 'Peaced Off'  June 13, 2013
Gaza Summer Terror Camps For Children And Youth Prepare Them For Jihad  June 13, 2013
Abbas Chooses Suicide Bombing Supporter - Rami Hamdallah -As Prime Minister For The Palestinian Authority  June 12, 2013
Karzai Blames US For Muslim Radicalisation - 'America Needs To Explain Itself To The Muslim World' Remarks Spark Attack  June 11, 2013
Muslim Gang Jailed For Total Of 100 Years For Plot To Attack English Defense League Rally  June 10, 2013
Arab and Bedouin Terror Attacks On Jews A Daily Occurence In Israel - Ignored By The Media  June 10, 2013
Sharia Enclave In The Hague An Ominous Development For The West  June 10, 2013
Was Zawahri Attack In Santa Monica 'Sudden Jihad Syndrome?' Killer Recently "Shaved Head And Grew Beard"  June 9, 2013
Thousands Of PA Arabs Attend Hizb ut Tahrir Rally For Establishment Of Muslim Caliphate  June 5, 2013
Obama To Appoint Samantha Power Who Advocated US Invasion Of Israel As New UN Ambassador  June 5, 2013
CA Neo Marxist Legislature Moves To Effectively Kill 2nd Amendment  June 5, 2013
Fort Hood Jihadist Nidal Hasan Claims He Acted "In Defense of Islamic Leadership"  June 4, 2013
Radical Muslim Group AMPAC Planning 'Million Muslim March' On 9/11 On Washington  June 4, 2013
Moroccan Criminal Gangs In Holland And Belgium Heavily Involved In Cocaine Smuggling  June 3, 2013
Survey Commissioned By Wilders Shows That 77% Of The Dutch Have Had Enough Of Islam  June 3, 2013
Join AFDI Free Speech Protest June 4 In Tennessee-Where Obama's DOJ Says "Anti-Muslim" Speech Can Be Punished  June 3, 2013
Muslim Butcher Of UK Soldier Lee Rigby Kisses Koran And Blows Kisses To Man In Court  June 3, 2013
MB Leader Radical Cleric Yusuf al- Qaradawi Calls Upon Sunni Muslims To Join Rebels Fighting In Syria  June 2, 2013
Self Described "Part Time" Muslim Convert Admits Threatening To Murder Prince Harry  June 2, 2013
Abbas Asks President Of University In Nablus With Suicide Bombing Glorification Exhibit And Jihad Recruitment To Become New PA Prime Minister  June 2, 2013
Former Jewish Lyceum In Muslim Neighborhood Of The Hague Afraid To Put Up Holocaust Memorial Plaque  June 2, 2013
Al - Qaeda Plot To UseToy Planes In Chemical Attacks In Middle East, Europe and North America Foiled  June 2, 2013
French Muslim Charged With Supplying Weapons To Killer Of Rabbi And Jewish Children  June 2, 2013
Second Muslim Savage Charged In Slaughter Of Soldier Lee Rigby  June 1, 2013
PVV: Islamisation Outside The Main Cities - "Mosques Spreading Like An Oil Slick Over Gelderland"  May 31, 2013
Dept. Of Homeland Security Freaking Over The "Undetectable" Plastic Pistol  May 30, 2013
All In The Islamist - CAIR Family - Ahmed Bedier's Egyptian Jihad  May 30, 2013
London Jihad Killer Of Soldier Delivered Hate Filled Rant Inciting To Violence On 9/11 Video  May 30, 2013
Murderer Of 13 Children Appointed Top Adviser To Palestinian Authority President  May 29, 2013
Anthony Weiner And Muslim Brotherhood Operative Wife Huma Abedin Attempting To Take Over NYC  May 29, 2013
Muslim Convert Arrested In Stabbing Attack On French Soldier  May 29, 2013
The London Terror Attack Was More Than 'Unforgivable'  May 28, 2013
Members Of US Congress Demand That Abbas Fire His Former Advisor Who Glorified Jihad Murderer  May 27, 2013
Syrian Al Qaeda Group Jabhat al-Nusra Positioned Close To Israeli Border  May 27, 2013
A Memorial Day For Islamic Terror  May 27, 2013
Tenth Arrest In Jihad Slaughter Of UK Soldier Lee Rigby  May 27, 2013
Founder Of Al Muhajiroun Omar Bakri Muhammed Taught Killer Of Soldier Lee Rigby - Praises Muslim Savage's 'Courage'  May 26, 2013
Muslim Beheader Of Soldier Had Been Deported From Kenya To Britain Due To Jihad Activity  May 26, 2013
The London Beheading: A Betrayal Of Britain, Not Islam  May 26, 2013
Muslim Killer Of Soldier Was Not Seriously Considered A Threat By UK Authorities Despite Trying To Join Jihad In Somalia  May 26, 2013
UK Government Considers Banning Extremists Who ' Incite Hatred But Dont Advocate Violence' Announces TERFOR  May 26, 2013
Muslim Stabs Soldier In Neck In Paris On Busy Street In Broad Daylight  May 25, 2013
UK Police Arrest Three More Men In Connection With Terrorist Butchering Of Soldier Lee Rigby  May 25, 2013
'Black Widow' Suicide Bomber Blows Herself Up In Dagestan Injuring 18  May 25, 2013
Muslim Beheader Of Soldier Had Preached Jihad Near Barracks Week Before Killing Was Being Watched By M15  May 24, 2013
Enemy Within That Hates Our Tolerance- A Menace More Chilling Then Any Foreign Threat  May 24, 2013
' The Intifada Is Here, Even If The Media Hasn't Said So' Terrorist Attacks Increasing Daily In Israel  May 24, 2013
Muslim Acts Of Beheading In The West  May 24, 2013
London Beheaders Imam: "When You Meet [ Westerners] Slice Their Own Necks."  May 24, 2013
Swedish Police Call In Reinforcements To Control Muslim Youths: Rioting "Worst In Years"  May 24, 2013
Second Muslim Terrorist Shot By Police Is Probation Officer's Son Who Converted To Islam  May 24, 2013
The Muslim Assault On Christians  May 23, 2013
Rage In London After Muslims Behead British Soldier In The Street  May 23, 2013
Muslim Killer Of Soldier Was Convert Follower Of Al Muhajiroun  May 23, 2013
Afghanistan Comes To London  May 23, 2013
Two Muslim Savages Hack To Death And Behead British Soldier On London Street Shouting Islamic Slogans  May 22, 2013
Chechen Muslim Tied To Boston Bombers Killed After Attacking FBI Agents In Florida  May 22, 2013
10% Of Young People In UK Are Muslims  May 22, 2013
Muslim Man Who Attacked FBI Agent Linked To Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev- Helped Him Murder Three Jewish Men  May 22, 2013
The Duplicitous Da'wa Trap Caught On Video  May 22, 2013
Paterson NJ Actually Becomes Paterstine As PLO Flag Rises Over City Hall  May 21, 2013
Doctor: Report Affirms Al-Dura Story Was A Hoax  May 20, 2013
Wilders To Visit Muslim Enclave In The Hague On Tuesday  May 20, 2013
Filmaker Hillary & Obama Framed Still Rots In Prison  May 20, 2013
New York Jets Draft Pick Tweets Against Israel  May 20, 2013
16 Muslims Arrested In NYC For Terror Funding Cigarette Smuggling Scheme- One Linked To Killer Of Yeshiva Student On Brooklyn Bridge  May 20, 2013
Geert Wilders Gets Death Threats Before Visit To Muslim Enclave In The Hague  May 20, 2013
What Difference Does It Make? - The Mysterious Ambassador Chris Stevens  May 17, 2013
Muslim Brotherhood Agitates On Behalf Of "Palestinians", Calls Jews Enemies  May 17, 2013
More Muslim Savagery: Syrian Militia Leader Filmed Eating Dead Soldier's Heart and Organs He Cut Out Of Body  May 14, 2013
Europe's Muslims Are Fighting The World Jihad War  May 14, 2013
Canada Deports Muslim Terrorist Murderer To Lebanon After 26 Years  May 14, 2013
Nazir Ahmed UK Muslim Peer Resigns From Labour Party Over Anti-Semitic Remarks  May 14, 2013
Welcome To Obamastan - "Administration Playing Down The Islamist Threat To US And The Free World"  May 13, 2013
Daily Jihad Being Waged In Israel - Arab Attacks Elderly Jew In Jerusalem  May 13, 2013
International Red Cross Plants Trees To Honor Palestinian Terrorists  May 13, 2013
Salam Al- Marayati Head Of Terror Supporting MPAC To Be Panelist At NHS Conference  May 11, 2013
'Obama Ignoring Link Between Radical Islam And Terrorism'  May 10, 2013
Islamist Web Of Terror : From Boston To Times Square  May 10, 2013
VP Biden Meets With MB Linked Leader Of Islamic Society Of North America Mohamed Magid On Gun Violence  May 10, 2013
Katherine Russell Tsarnaev Wife Of Boston Bomber Hires Terrorist's Lawyer  May 10, 2013
MB Leader Yusuf al- Qaradawi Visits Gaza - "Our Whole Ambition Is To Die On The Path To Allah"  May 9, 2013
Hamas Wants To Amputate Hands For Theft, Kill Adulterers And Flogging For Drinking In Gaza  May 9, 2013
PA Terrorist Official Jibril Rajoub: "If We Had A Nuke We'd Have Used It This Very Morning"  May 9, 2013
Press Conference On May 9th Where Families Of Navy Seals Will Reveal How Islamic Appeasement Lead To Their Murder  May 8, 2013
Amnesty International Condones Killing Of Jews - Justifies Terrorism  May 7, 2013
Issa Governmental Oversight Committee Prepares To Demolish Obama's Lies On Benghazi Attack  May 7, 2013
NHS Working With MPAC - Director Salam Al Marayati Panelist At Upcoming NHS Conference  May 6, 2013
Boston Bombers Friend Who Lied To Investigators About Removal Of Items From Room Released On Bail  May 6, 2013
Mentally Retarded Palestinians Set Up State In Denmark  May 5, 2013
Arab March To Jerusalem Planned In Cairo  May 3, 2013
Father Of US Soldier Killed By Afghani He Trained - "You Can't Have Peace If You Have People Out There Who Hate Us"  May 3, 2013
Terrorists Should Be Put To Death  May 2, 2013
Widow Of Terror Victim: If The State Doesn't Respond, We Will  May 2, 2013
Family Of Muslim Terrorist Savage Who Murdered Father Of FIve "Proud Of Him" "He Did His Duty"  May 2, 2013
Italian Islamist Cell "Planned Attacks In Israel, US, Italy"  May 2, 2013
Bereaved Father: Release Terrorists And You'll Get Attacks  May 2, 2013
U.S. Releases Pictures Of Suspects Connected To Benghazi Attack  May 2, 2013
'We Told The Children Their Father Was Gone'  May 2, 2013
Terrorist Shooting In Wadi Kelt On People Who Were Sitting In Car  May 2, 2013
9/11 Plane Part Found In NYC, No Sign Of Human Remains  May 2, 2013
Three Charged With Boston Bombing Cover-Up  May 2, 2013
Jihadi Wannabe In Illinois Released To Home Confinement - Wanted To Join Al Qaeda Group  May 2, 2013
Muslim Terrorist Bombers Had Planned To Attack On July 4th  May 2, 2013
Muslim Bomb And Weapon Attack On English Defense League Rally Failed Because Terrorists Were Late  May 1, 2013
Ayatollah Khameinei Addresses Jihad Conference In Tehran: Revolutionary Islam Mandatory Interpretation of Quran  May 1, 2013
Obama Adminstration Considering Arming Muslim Brotherhood Jihadists In Syria  May 1, 2013
3 More Arrested In Connection With Boston Jihad Bombing Attack One Day After FBI Interviews Dead Terrorist's Wife  May 1, 2013
Muslim Jihadist Stabs And Kills Israeli Father Of Five - Was Released Terrorist  April 30, 2013
UK Jihadists Plotted Mass Slaughter At English Defence League Rally  April 30, 2013
Israeli Protesters Break Into Hospital Room Of Terrorist Who Stabbed To Death Father Of Five  April 30, 2013
Was Katherine Russell Tsarnaev A Potential 'Black Widow?'  April 30, 2013
30 Out Of 31 On The FBI's Most Wanted List Are Muslim  April 30, 2013
Palestinian Fatah Savages Call Stabber Of Israeli Father Of Five "A Hero" On Their Facebook Page  April 30, 2013
Secretary Of State Kerry Selling Out Israel ToThe Arab League  April 30, 2013
American Freedom Defense Initiative Calls For Closure Of Three Terror Tied Mosques  April 29, 2013
Fayyad's Faux Moderation Exposed  April 29, 2013
Imam Suhaib Webb Of Terror Tied ISB Says Muslims Must Defend Islam With "Tough Love" Echoing Bombers Motives  April 29, 2013
Suicide Bombing Supporter Al- Qaradawi To Visit Gaza With Delegation from International Union Of Muslim Scholars  April 29, 2013
Islam's World War Came To Boston  April 28, 2013
Boston Bomber's Mother Talked About Jihad  April 28, 2013
Ringleader Of 11 Man UK Terrorist Cell Which Plotted Suicide Bombings Given Life In Prison  April 26, 2013
Did Mother Of Boston Bomber Recruit Him Into Islamic Terrorism?  April 26, 2013
Canada Tried To Deport Al-Qaeda Linked Terror Plot Suspect Years Ago But Did Not Proceed  April 26, 2013
The Threat From Qatar And Al-Qaeda's "Next Generation"  April 25, 2013
Breaking: Three Killed One Injured In Shooting Attack In Southern France - Killer Says He Did It For Al-Qaeda  April 25, 2013
Boston Jihadists Planned To Attack Times Square  April 25, 2013
Boston Bomber's Muslim Convert Wife Considered An Accomplice-Warned Husband Of FBI BOLO  April 25, 2013
Muslim Boston Bomber Wanted To Die For Islam  April 25, 2013
Did Terrorism Denial And Not Recognising Islam As A Motive Cause The Boston Bombings?  April 25, 2013
Jihadist 's Mother Tells Press That Bombings Were Staged And Blood Was Paint  April 25, 2013
U. S. State Dept. Disinformation Campaign Continues: Islamic Jihad Is Legitimate Response To "Economic And Political Needs"  April 24, 2013
Muslim Convert Son Shoots Father In Church Screaming "It's The Will Of Allah!"  April 24, 2013
Boston Jihadist Bombers 'Wanted To Defend Islam"  April 24, 2013
Report: Boston Suspects' Mosque Has Terror Ties  April 24, 2013
Muslim Jihadist Who Killed Father And Baby Son In Rock Attack Gets Two Life Sentences  April 24, 2013
Boston Bombings: Historical Ties To Jihad In Massachusetts  April 24, 2013
Education By Murder In Boston  April 24, 2013
Boston Bomber Mother: "I Don't Care If My Youngest Son Is Going To Be Killed Today...I Will Say Allah Akbar!"  April 24, 2013
Muslim Boston Bomber Was Angry Because People Thought Islam Was A Violent Religion  April 24, 2013
Well Boston Are We At War Yet?  April 23, 2013
Muslim In Florida Who Helped Brother Plan Terrorist Attack In NYC Denied Bail  April 23, 2013
Law Enforcement And Security Officials Join With Terror Linked Groups And Individuals Calling For "Unity Of All Faiths"  April 22, 2013
Friends Suspect Dead Boston Bomber In Throat Slitting Murders Of Three Jewish Men In 2011  April 22, 2013
Major Terror Attack Thwarted In Canada Two Muslims Tied To Al Qaeda Arrested  April 22, 2013
Dzohokhar Tsarnaev Charged With Using A Weapon Of Mass Destruction  April 22, 2013
FBI Hunting 12 Person 'Sleeper Cell' Linked To Boston Jihad Bombings  April 21, 2013
185 Dead In Fight With Muslims From Boko Haram In Nigeria  April 21, 2013
Food Distribution By Islamist Used As Bait To Recruit Jihadists From Belgium To Fight In Syria  April 21, 2013
Jihad Bomber Of Boston Marathon Caught Alive  April 20, 2013
Muslims And Media Push The LineThat Muslims Are The Victims Of Boston Jihad Massacre  April 20, 2013
Chechen Muslim Brothers Behind Boston Marathon Bombing- One Dead One Being Sought As Boston Under Curfew  April 19, 2013
Terror Linked Islamic Society Of Boston Imam Suhaib Webb Disinvited From Interfaith Prayer Service  April 19, 2013
Russian Based Father Of Terrorists Warns If Son Is Killed "All Hell Will Break Loose" - FBI Picture  April 19, 2013
Alabama Man Pleads Guilty Of Planning To Wage Jihad And Supporting Terrorism  April 19, 2013
Boston Jihadist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Studied And Dormed At U Mass - Dartmouth - Campus Evacuated - Press Release  April 19, 2013
Boston Bombers Worshipped At Terror Tied Islamic Society Of Boston - Mosque Closed "Until Further Notice"  April 19, 2013
Saudi National Detained In Wake Of Boston Bombings To Be Deported Tuesday On "National Security Grounds"  April 18, 2013
Terror Tied Islamic Society of Boston To Participate In Interfaith Memorial Service With Obama  April 18, 2013
FBI To Hold Press Briefing At 5:00 PM - Release Photos Of Bombing Suspects  April 18, 2013
Nigeria Starts Process Of Amnesty For Boko Haram Butchers  April 18, 2013
Pressure Cooker Bomb Filled With Ball Bearings and Nails More Evidence of Islamist Terror Attack  April 17, 2013
Terror Tied Islamic Society Of Boston And Islamist Imam Suhaib Webb Play Victims And Ask Police For Protection  April 17, 2013
Dutch Court Releases Al Qaeda Operative - Rejects U. S. Request For Extradition On Grounds He Has PTSD  April 17, 2013
Terror Sweep In Belgium: Muslims In Several Cities Taken In To Custody Including Head Of Sharia4Belgium  April 16, 2013
Netanyahu: Terrorists Are Subhuman  April 15, 2013
Swedish Muslim Social Democratic Politician Resigns After Islamist Ties Are Exposed  April 15, 2013
Petition To Stop Jordan's Release Of Israeli Schoolgirl's Killer - Called A "Hero" By Jordanian Justice Minister  April 15, 2013
Protest At Jordanian Embassy Against Release Of Soldier Who Gunned Down Jewish Schoolgirls Claiming "National And Religious Duty"  April 15, 2013
Italian Politicians, EU Parliamentarians Rally For Release Of Terrorist Killer Marwan Barghouti  April 15, 2013
UK Jihadists Plotted An Attack With Remote Controlled Toy Car Packed With Explosives  April 15, 2013
Two MuslimsTo Be Sentenced On Terrorism Charges In New Jersey - Were Followers Of Islamic Thinkers Society  April 15, 2013
Islamist Resident Of Belgium Killed Waging Jihad In Syria  April 15, 2013
Boko Haram - African Atrocities By Jihadist Group Continue - Slit School Kid's Throats  April 15, 2013
Are Boston Marathon Bombings Linked To Case Of Tarek Mehanna?  April 15, 2013
140,000 Canisters Of U.S. Teargas To Egypt's Morsi  April 14, 2013
Mohamed Magid Head Of Muslim Brotherhood Group ISNA Meets Twice With Obama Over Immigration Reform And Israel  April 12, 2013
Dutch Parliament Debates "Moroccan Problem"  April 12, 2013
City Of Rotterdam Forced To Pay Radical Muslim Professor Tariq Ramadan For Dismissal As 'Integration Advisor'  April 12, 2013
Can Buying Food Contribute To Terrorism? ISNA, IFANCA And The Halal Jihad  April 12, 2013
Why Did President Obama Refuse To Defend The Benghazi Embassy?  April 11, 2013
Muslim Rape Of Jewish Women Is Act Of Anti-IsraelTerrorism  April 11, 2013
Mainstream Jewish Institutions Celebrate Anti-Zionists  April 9, 2013
Two Stabbing Terrorists Nabbed - Plotted Bus Bombing  April 9, 2013
PMW: Fatah's Facebook Page Celebrates Suicide Bombers - Calls Female Killer "Bride of Palestine"  April 9, 2013
Flemish Muslim Who Fought With Jihadists In Syria And Recruited ReturnsTo Belgium For Hospital Treatment  April 8, 2013
Keith Ellison Headlines Group Run By Terror Lawyer  April 8, 2013
Al- Qaeda Chief Wants Islamic State In Syria  April 8, 2013
CAIR Intimidates Associated Press Into Self-Censorship -Organization Bans Use Of Term Islamist  April 8, 2013
YouTube Blocks Palestinian Media Watch Video That Exposes PA TV Hate Speech To Kids  April 7, 2013
UNWRA Stops Aid In Gaza Strip After Headquarters Is Stormed By Hamas  April 4, 2013
Rock Attacks Are Terror Attacks, Says IDF Division Commander  April 4, 2013
Jihad Terrorist Killer Of Israeli Father And Baby Son To Appeal Murder Conviction  April 3, 2013
Holocaust Survivors Were Fined In Amsterdam For Tax Avoidance  April 3, 2013
Western Funded Arab Group MIFTAH Promotes Blood Libel  April 3, 2013
Family Of Belgian Convert To Islam Who Went To Fight Jihad In Syria File Complaint With Justice Ministry  April 3, 2013
Turks In Holland And Turkey Promoting Islamist Supremacy By Exploiting Case Of Boy Placed In Foster Care With Lesbian Couple  April 2, 2013
ISNA's Islamic Horizons Magazine Features Terror And Praise For Stealth Islamists  April 2, 2013
Hamas Leader Khaled Meshaal Elected For Second Term After Meeting In Cairo  April 2, 2013
Turkish Born Boy Placed In Foster Care With Lesbian Couple In Holland 9 Years Ago At Center Of Diplomatic Uproar As Erdogan Interferes  March 31, 2013
Dutch Minister To Scrutinize Turkish Organisations To Determine If They Hinder Integration  March 29, 2013
Radical Islamists Groups Join With Syrian American Community To Fundraise For " A Free Syria"  March 29, 2013
Former American Soldier Charged With Fighting For Al-Qaeda  March 29, 2013
North African Al-Qaeda Branch Launches Twitter Account  March 29, 2013
Arabs Continue Black Slavery  March 29, 2013
An Open Letter To Turkish PM Erdogan "I would like to apologise that Israel did not just torpedo and sink the terrorist ships"  March 29, 2013
The Muslim Brotherhood Infilitrates Obama Administration  March 29, 2013
Islamist Group Congratulates Pope - While Cursing Christians Everywhere (ICNA)  March 28, 2013
More And More Young Muslims In Holland And Belgium Praise Hitler Or Join The Jihad In Syria  March 27, 2013
Amnesty International Rips Mohamed Morsi Over The Continuing Persecution Of Egypt's Christian Copts  March 27, 2013
Muslim Terrorists Attempted To Kidnap Israeli Mother And Daughter To Bargain For Terrorists Release  March 27, 2013
Israel Law Center: Erdogan Should Be Tried For Mavi Marmara Deaths  March 27, 2013
Obama Religious Freedom Appointee Dr. Qasim Rashid Calls For Limiting Free Speech  March 27, 2013
Obama's Trip To Israel - The Democratic Party Continues Its Assault On The Jewish State's Sovereignty  March 22, 2013
Nigerian Sultan Demands Amnesty For Boko Haram Terrorists  March 22, 2013
Former CAIR Official Chosen As Interim PM For Syrian Rebel Jihadist Group  March 22, 2013
Aurora Theater Shooter James Holmes Reportedly Converts To Islam In Prison  March 21, 2013
Killing Of Colorado Dept Of Corrections Director May Be Linked To Refusal To Release Saudi Islamist  March 21, 2013
Obama Urges Israelis To Ignore "Risks Of Concessions" To PA Terrorists  March 21, 2013
Congressional Testimony: James Clapper on Arab Spring," Islamist Actors...Chief Beneficiaries"  March 20, 2013
Explaining Obama's Fixation With Israel  March 20, 2013
Islamist Assassinations In The West  March 20, 2013
Denying Islam's Role In Terror: Explaining The Denial  March 20, 2013
The Palestinian Lie Machine Welcomes Obama, Defames America And Declares Its Love For Hitler  March 20, 2013
Israeli Woman Three Young Daughters Injured In Muslim Terrorist Rock Attack - 2 Year Old Fighting For Her Life  March 20, 2013
Letter To NY Times Responding To Inflammatory Piece About A Third Intifada  March 20, 2013
French City Grants Honorary Citizenship To Killer Of Israeli Minister  March 20, 2013
Text Of Geert Wilders Speech In Australia  February 27, 2013
Salafist Muslim Tells Wilders He Must Convert To Islam  February 27, 2013
Muslim Accused Of Beheading Two Coptic Christians In New Jersey  February 25, 2013
How Should We Treat American Jihadists?  February 25, 2013
Jihad or Criminality?  February 25, 2013
Demonstrators Attempt To Disrupt Wilders Talk In Sydney  February 22, 2013
Three Muslim Men Convicted Of Mass Jihad Suicide Bomb Plot In UK  February 22, 2013
Hizbullah Member On Trial In Cyprus For Plotting Attacks  February 21, 2013
Philadelphia's Burqa Crisis  February 21, 2013
Sudden Jihad Syndrome in California?  February 21, 2013
The Hagel Nomination: An Open Letter To Senator Charles E. Schumer From Dr. Daniel Pipes  February 20, 2013
Muslims In Holland Protest Over Proposed "Participation Contract" For Immigrants  February 20, 2013
Boko Haram Atrocity: Kidnaps French Children In Cameroon, Smuggles Them Into Nigeria  February 20, 2013
CAIR Director Calls For Death Penalty For Blasphemers Against Islam  February 20, 2013
Al-Qaeda Franchises On Rampage Of Murder,Mayhem And Bombing In Africa  February 19, 2013
Geert Wilders Visits Australia - Faces Cancelled Venues , Prosecution Warnings And Bomb Threat  February 19, 2013
Thousands Of Moroccan Teenagers Expected To Return To Holland To Keep Welfare Payments  February 18, 2013
Al Qaeda linked Saudi Who Held Slave In The U.S. May Be Released Due To 'Cultural Differences'  February 18, 2013
The Islamist - Far-Left Love Affair  February 17, 2013
Two -Year Memorial Service For Murdered Fogel Family Held In Itamar  February 17, 2013
Released Terrorist Child Killer Samir Kuntar 'Kill Anyone Caught Collaborating With Israel'  February 15, 2013
Pipeline News.org Action Alert - Center For Security Policy Issues Warning Regarding Hagel Vote  February 14, 2013
CIA Nominee John Brennan May Have Become A Muslim  February 14, 2013
Report: Hagel Claimed State Department Is Controlled By Israel  February 14, 2013
The Jihadist Threat From Syria, North Africa And Syria  February 12, 2013
Obama Visit To Israel - "Short Guide To Reality" Q and A About 'Peace'  February 12, 2013
Bin Laden's Spiritual Advisor Terrorist Abu Qatada Living In London Jewish Neighborhood  February 11, 2013
Douglas Murray: The Cowardly And Hypocritical Media Abandons Lars Hedegaard  February 11, 2013
We Stand With Lars! New Website To Show Support For Lars Hedegaard And Freedom  February 11, 2013
Depictions Of 9/11 Now An Islamophobic Hate Crime In New Jersey  February 11, 2013
Innocents Abroad Build Foreign Armies  February 11, 2013
Ayatollah Declares He's A Revolutionary - Iran Again Humilates U.S. Over Nuke "Negotiations"  February 8, 2013
Team Obama Deliberately Stripping ME Naval Force Of Ability To Act  February 8, 2013
Ex Ground Zero Mosque Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf Accused Of Defrauding Donors To His Islamist Activities  February 8, 2013
Egyptian Railways Authority Set To Segregate Train Cars On A Gender Basis  February 6, 2013
Lars Hedegaard Escapes Jihadist Assassination Attempt  February 6, 2013
Obama's Anti - Zionism  February 4, 2013
Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Wrapping An Anti - Israeli Message With An Israeli Flag  February 4, 2013
Freed Gitmo Terrorists Joining Up With Al Qaeda  February 4, 2013
Iran's Genocidal Calls To Annihilate Israel Echo The Words Of Hitler And Goebbels  January 31, 2013
Foreign Technicians Trapped In Apparent Fordow Nuclear Plant Explosion?  January 31, 2013
State Department Recruits Future Diplomats At Muslim Brotherhood Jihadist Event  January 31, 2013
Is Egypt Set To Implode?  January 30, 2013
CAIR Leader Calling For Israel's Destruction Leaves Organization  January 30, 2013
Geert Wilders Launches Anti Mosque Website : "Every Mosque That We Can Stop Is A Victory"  January 30, 2013
Member Of Hamas Tied CAIR To Seek Seat On New York City Council  January 30, 2013
Officials of Muslim Brotherhood Affiliate ISNA Attend And Offer Prayers At Obama Inauguration  January 30, 2013
Two Arrested In Connection With Terrorist Attack On Jewish School In Toulouse  January 30, 2013
MB Tied Group ISNA Hosts Radical Islamists With US Muslim Government Officials And Somalian President  January 30, 2013
John Brennan's "Al Quds" NYU Address - Providing Aid And Comfort To The Islamists  January 10, 2013
Abbas Praises Nazi Mufti Hajj Amin al-Husseini  January 6, 2013
In 2010 Morsi Called For Destruction of Israel And Terrorist Attacks Against Jews Worldwide  January 3, 2013
Wilders To Pose Questions In Parliament After Honor Killing Of 16 Year Old Moroccan Girl In Holland  January 3, 2013
Hurricane Sandy Hamas Relief  December 31, 2012
Geert Wilders: 'Islam Is The Biggest Sickness Of The Past Century'  December 27, 2012
Wilders Furious At Amusement Park's Prayer Room For Muslims  December 24, 2012
HRW Says Gaza "Armed Groups" Commit War Crimes By Targeting Israeli Civilians  December 24, 2012
Gaza Terrorists Fire Rocket Into Southern Israel  December 23, 2012
Border Policeman Run Down By Arab Terrorist In Taxi - Sudden Jihad Syndrome "I went crazy" "I wanted to die"  December 23, 2012
Coalition For Security , Liberty and the Law Calls Upon Obama To Keep Gitmo Open And Keep Its Detainees Confined There  December 23, 2012
The Big Fear - Obama's Totalitarian Regime  December 21, 2012
CAIR Leader Mimics Hamas In Calling For Israel's Destruction  December 21, 2012
Iran May Have Nuclear Bomb By The Summer Of 2013  December 18, 2012
Israel's Left Wing Disintegrates, Kadima MK's Flee Knesset  December 18, 2012
Anti Islam Filmaker In Spain Arrested- Released On Condition He Does Not Release Movie  December 17, 2012
Arab Who Helped Fogel Family Murderers Convicted  December 16, 2012
Syrian Rebel Leader Who Praised Al-Qaeda And Saddam For "Terrifying the Jews" Invited By Obama To DC  December 13, 2012
Geert Wilders Receives Numerous Death Threats After Calling Beating Murder Of Referee "A Morrocan Problem"  December 13, 2012
Muslim Support For Terrorism Becoming Commonplace In The US  December 12, 2012
New Fatah Logo Shows All Of Israel As "Palestine" Includes Rifle And Key  December 12, 2012
Is The US State Department Funding Terror? Where Did Four Billion Dollars In Aid To The Palestinians Disappear?  December 11, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood To Get 20 F-16 Fighter Planes From US  December 11, 2012
Devout Muslim Pushed Man Under Train While Another Muslim Profits From News Photo  December 10, 2012
CAIR Leader Yaser Tabbara: Spokesman For Syrian Opposition  December 7, 2012
Geert Wilders' PVV: Politics And Media Blind To The Racist Violence Of Moroccans- Referee Beaten To Death By Players  December 5, 2012
Terrorist Pleads Guilty In Plot To Bomb New York Synagogues  December 5, 2012
New Saudi Funded Dawah Center Opens In Vienna Under Guise Of "Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue"  December 4, 2012
Judge Removed From Ft. Hood Jihadi's Case After Being Branded "Biased" For Insisting On Military Protocol  December 4, 2012
Somalian Terror Group Threatens Attack On Dutch Parliament If Blasphemy Laws Are Scrapped  December 3, 2012
Shin Bet Agents Attacked By Axe Wielding Arab Terrorist - Bomb Left Under Bridge Defused  December 3, 2012
Clinton Condemns Israel For Building Homes, Ignores Islamist Takeover In Egypt  December 2, 2012
Israeli Expert: "PA Is A Fictional Entity" "We Should Let It Fall Apart" "The UN Is Irrelevant"  December 2, 2012
John Fund Speaks At Philadelphia Freedom Center Event  November 30, 2012
Wilders To Embark On "Mosque Tour"  November 30, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood Calls For "Legitimacy and Sharia" Million Man March December 1  November 30, 2012
Al Qaeda Linked Arab Terrorists In Israel Convicted Of Jewish Man's Murder And Attempted Murder Of Another  November 29, 2012
Arab Terrorist Arrested At Entrance To Jerusalem Suburb  November 29, 2012
Muslim Savages Murder And Dismember Jewish Woman In Iran Who Refused To Give Up Her Home For Mosque Expansion  November 29, 2012
Ayalon: Abbas "Diplomatic Terrorist" - U.N. Recognizes The Pretend State Of "Palestine"  November 29, 2012
Massive CAIR Fraud And Cover-Up Exposed  November 28, 2012
Media Ignores Grover Norquist's Islamist Ties And Activities  November 28, 2012
Hamas And Iran Want To Kill All The Jews In Israel  November 27, 2012
Fatimid Dynasty Re-established? Morsi Seizes Total Power, Obama Goes Golfing  November 27, 2012
Jewish Mother Fights Off Armed Terrorist - Saves Herself And Children  November 27, 2012
FIFA To Rebuild Stadium In Gaza Used By Terrorists As Rocket Launching Pad  November 27, 2012
Clinton Being Sued By Americans In Israel Over US Funding For Terrorism By Arabs  November 27, 2012
Diagrams Show That Iran Is Building A Powerful Nuclear Bomb  November 27, 2012
Terrorist Killed After Breaking Into Jewish Home And Stabbing Girl  November 26, 2012
'Collaborators' Executed By Hamas Were Really Al Qaeda Rivals  November 26, 2012
Jordanian Group Publishes List Of 500 Most Influential Muslims - Terrorists And Islamists In Top 50  November 26, 2012
Brussels University Forbids Men To Dress As Women During Hazing So As Not To 'Provoke' Muslims Who Raped Male Student  November 26, 2012
Dutch Housing Corporation Builds Special Halal Apartments For Muslims  November 26, 2012
"Ceasefire" Emboldens Hamas Supporters To Attempt Israel Invasion  November 23, 2012
Muslim Savages Cutting Out Tongues  November 23, 2012
Arabs Attack Israelis Caught In Traffic Jam  November 23, 2012
Terrorists Who Attacked Tel Aviv Bus Part Of Hamas And Islamic Jihad - Bomber Was "Israeli" Arab  November 22, 2012
Dozens Of Terrorists Arrested By IDF In Judea And Samaria  November 22, 2012
Clinton And Obama's Friend Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood Calling For Jihad To Free PA  November 22, 2012
There Is No Ceasefire  November 22, 2012
Terrorists Target Jerusalem Light Rail As Daily Attacks Continue In Israel  November 22, 2012
Ben Ari: Right Bitterly Dissapointed In PM's Ceasefire- Netanyahu "Failed In Battle"  November 22, 2012
Hamas Executed "Collaborators" Paraded Bodies Through Streets Of Gaza  November 22, 2012
201 Terrorist Attacks In One Week In Judea And Samaria  November 22, 2012
Terrorist's Son Vows To Avenge Father's Death - "He Was A Very Important Man For Hamas And Islam"  November 22, 2012
Muslims Attack Jews In Paris  November 22, 2012
Tel Aviv Bus Bombing - 2 People Injured Seriously, Many Wounded - Islamist Savages Celebrate  November 21, 2012
Partial Text Of Ceasefire Agreement  November 21, 2012
Hamas Keeps Firing Missiles Into Israel After "Ceasefire" Declared - US Pressured Israel To Accept Egyptian Proposal  November 21, 2012
Savages In Gaza Declare And Celebrate "Victory" - Hamas Thanks Egypt And Iran  November 21, 2012
Israeli Officials - Ceasefire Seen By Hamas As'Raising White Flag of Surrender '  November 21, 2012
"Moderate" Islam And The West  November 21, 2012
Obama's Shocking Display Of Diplomatic Ignorance While Overseas  November 21, 2012
Gazan Muslims Hand Out Candy To Kids To Celebrate Bus Bombing - Video  November 21, 2012
Muslims Savages Turn Stolen Jewish Children's Charity Boxes Into Rocket Fired Into Israel  November 21, 2012
"Ceasefire" Brings 20 Missile Attacks In Three Hours By Savages In Gaza  November 21, 2012
Hamas Instructs Human Shields To Stay Put And Ignore IDF Warnings  November 21, 2012
Media Ignores Hamas's Stated Goal - The Destruction Of Israel And Death To The Jews  November 21, 2012
Two Israelis Killed By Terrorist Rockets -16 Wounded  November 20, 2012
Israeli Woman Seriously Wounded In Terror Attack  November 20, 2012
Four California Muslims Charged With Planning To Join Al Qaeda And The Taliban To Kill Americans Overseas  November 20, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood's FJP, "Arabs...Rethinking...Entire Concept Of Peace Process"  November 20, 2012
Arabs Attacking Jews Throughout Israel  November 20, 2012
Netanyahu: 'Our Hand Grasps The Sword Of David'  November 20, 2012
PMW Special Report On Operation Pillar Of Defense #7-Hamas Trying To Scare Israelis, Boosting Morale Among Palestinians  November 20, 2012
Terrorist Groups In Gaza Deliberately Endangering Civilian Population To Choreograph Casulties For International News Media  November 20, 2012
Official: 'Racist' Hamas Targeting Ethiopians, Asians  November 19, 2012
PMW Watch Special Report On Operation Pillar Of Defense #5 - Hamas TV To Israelis: We "Love Death More Than You Love Life"  November 19, 2012
PMW Special Report On Operation Pillar Of Defense #6 - Hamas Launching Rockets Near Civilian Homes  November 19, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood May Be Ready To Send Egyptian Jihadists Into Israel  November 19, 2012
Jews In Judea And Samaria Targeted By Arabs In Series Of Terrorist Attacks  November 19, 2012
Missile Hits Israeli Car- 4 Hurt, One Seriously  November 18, 2012
Media Regurgitating Hamas Propaganda  November 18, 2012
Morsi Declares Solidarity With Hamas  November 18, 2012
Gen. Petraeus - It Wasn't Terrorism...Before It Was Terrorism  November 18, 2012
PMW Special Report On Operation Pillar Of Defense #3- Hamas Disinformation  November 18, 2012
PMW Special Report On Operation Pillar Of Defense#4- Hamas To Israelis: "We Missed The Suicide Attacks Expect Us Soon At Bus Stations And In Cafes"  November 18, 2012
Video: IAF Blows Up Hamas Commander's Home Where Explosives Were Stored  November 18, 2012
Terrorists Aim Rockets At Jerusalem - More Reserve Soldiers Called Up  November 16, 2012
Sirens Sound In Jerusalem - Tel Aviv Opens Bomb Shelters  November 16, 2012
Palestinian Media Watch Special Report On Operation Pillar Of Defense #1  November 16, 2012
PMW Special Report on Operation Pillar of Defense #2  November 16, 2012
Morsi Threatens Israel With War While Supporters Call For Genocide  November 16, 2012
Netanyahu's Statement - Picture Of Bleeding Israeli Baby Says It All  November 15, 2012
Three People Killed In Terrorist Rocket Attack On Israeli City - Infants And Children Wounded  November 15, 2012
US To Israel- "We Encourage Israel To Take Every Step To Avoid Civilian Casualties" As Terrorists Fire From Residential Areas  November 15, 2012
Gov. Christie's Muslim Outreach Committee Formed After NYPD Surveillance Includes Four Hamas Supporters  November 15, 2012
Egypt's PM Will Visit Gaza To Express Solidarity With Hamas  November 15, 2012
Islamist "Spring" Coming To Jordan? Protesters Call For Toppling King  November 15, 2012
Hamas's 'Chief of Staff' Killed -IDF Launches Operation "Pillar of Defense"To Stop Missile Attacks On Israel  November 14, 2012
Congressman Wolf Calls For Select Committee Investigation To Probe Benghazi Coverup  November 14, 2012
Jailed Hamas Terrorist Who Murdered 67 Israelis-"I Do Not Regret The Effort I Made In The Way Of Allah"  November 14, 2012
IDF To Terrorists: "We Recommend That No Hamas Operatives...Show Their Faces Above Ground In The Days Ahead"  November 14, 2012
Crybabies In The Middle East  November 14, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood In Egypt Drafts Islamist Constitution  November 13, 2012
Siblings Of Toulouse Jihad Killer "Proud" - Brother Writing Book  November 12, 2012
Terrorist Attacks Increasing Daily - Arabs Try To Kidnap Jewish Girls  November 12, 2012
Bin Laden's "Envoy" To Europe Abu Qatada Released On Bail After Thwarting Government Deportation Orders Again  November 12, 2012
Qatar's Islamization of Europe  November 12, 2012
Leader of Syrian Rebels "We Might All Turn Into Terrorists" If West Doesnt Back Us  November 12, 2012
Gaza Savages Time Rockets To Kill Israeli Children Leaving School  November 11, 2012
Head Of CIA Conveniently Resigns Just Before Benghazi Hearings Which Would Implicate Obama  November 11, 2012
Israelis Facing Third Intifada With Daily Jihad Terror Attacks From Within And Outside Israel  November 11, 2012
CAIR - Tampa's Flag Of Hate  November 9, 2012
Obama Regime Jails "Innocence Of Muslims" Filmmaker For Blaspheming Against Islam  November 9, 2012
CAIR Presents Jamal Barzinji With Lifetime Acheivement Award  November 9, 2012
Arabs Loot Homes Of Expelled Jews In Migron  November 9, 2012
Arab Who Knew Of Plans For Fogel Family Massacre Jailed  November 8, 2012
Dutch Study: Second Generation Muslims Becoming More Religious Then Before  November 8, 2012
Muslim In North Carolina Found Guilty Of Planning To Behead Witnesses  November 8, 2012
Obama Supporters Celebrate: "No More Israel" "Kill Those Motherf***ers" Video  November 8, 2012
Arabs Torch Jewish Cars Harass Citizens With Impunity In Jerusalem  November 8, 2012
Over 50 Jews Attacked By Arabs Over Two Years In Jerusalem Neighborhood - Stabbing Leads To Confrontation  November 8, 2012
Obama Administration Withheld News Of Iranian Attack On Military Drone Until After Election  November 8, 2012
'Silent Conquest': New Movie Documents Islamist Threat To Free Speech -And Obama's Support For It  November 7, 2012
Jailed "Innocence Of Muslims" Filmmaker's Lawyer :"Government Used These Proceedings To Chill My Client's First Amendment Rights"  November 7, 2012
Terror Tied Muslims Dropped From Government Watch Lists - Bin Laden Friend Enaam Arnaout and Hamas Operative Muhammed Salah  November 7, 2012
Pakistani Cricketeer Turned Islamist Imran Khan Warns More "Mumbai Like Attacks" Possible If Kashmir Issue Is Not Resolved  November 7, 2012
Voter Intimidation By Black Panthers Part Of Obama Strategy  November 6, 2012
Bin Laden Friend And Muslim Brotherhood Leader Hassan al- Turabi Endorses Obama  November 5, 2012
Pelosi's CAIR Fundraiser Exposed - Nihad Awad Among Islamists Present  November 5, 2012
Linda Sarsour Radical Islamist Head Of The Arab American Association Of New York Frequent Obama WH Visitor  November 5, 2012
Jewish Family In France Brutally Attacked In Their Marseille Home By "Local Youths"  November 5, 2012
Leaders Of Hamas And Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups At Democratic Fundraiser With Pelosi, Ellison, Carson And Others  November 2, 2012
Former Bin Laden Tracking Unit Director Michael Scheuer Charges WH With Deliberately Allowing Americans To Die  November 1, 2012
Facebook Page Linked To Fatah Promotes Child Suicide Bombers  October 31, 2012
Nearly Half Of US Muslims Think Criticism Of Islam Should Be Criminalized - Majority Voting For Obama  October 31, 2012
Father Of Murdered Marine In Libya: "The order was - don't help them, let them die"  October 31, 2012
CIA Hosts Training With Hamas And Muslim Brotherhood Supporter Imam Mohammed Magid  October 31, 2012
"Innocence Of Muslims" Filmmaker A Political Prisoner Under Obama  October 30, 2012
Rep. Sue Myrick Warns Of Connection Between Hizbullah And Mexican Drug Cartels  October 30, 2012
BREAKING - Massive WH Power Grab Via Executive Order  October 29, 2012
American Forces Told To 'Stand Down' In Benghazi To Appease Muslims  October 29, 2012
Al Qaeda Forms 'Burqa Brigade'- Video  October 29, 2012
Geert Wilders Speech To Swedish Free Press Society "Islam Is The Largest Threat To Freedom Today"  October 28, 2012
Obama And Clinton: Wanted For Manslaughter And Treachery  October 28, 2012
Islamophobic Cow Kills Muslim- Others Injured By Bovines Resisting Slaughter During Religous Celebration  October 28, 2012
A Palestinian In Texas - Riad Elsolh Hamad  October 28, 2012
Obama's White House Had Hundreds Of Visits From Muslim Radicals  October 27, 2012
Bomber Who Killed 5 Israelis In Bulgaria Had Foreign Helpers  October 26, 2012
Hamas-Related Imam Speaks At CAIR Banquet  October 26, 2012
Israelis Murdered By Obama's Appeasement  October 26, 2012
CAMERA Report On The Muslim Brotherhood Ties Of The Islamic Society Of North America (ISNA)  October 25, 2012
Obama Lied About His "Apology Tour "  October 25, 2012
Emergency Alert: Fox News Blows Cover Off Benghazi Coverup - Incriminating Emails Produced  October 25, 2012
Obama's Appeasement Of Islamists Increases Violence  October 25, 2012
Radical In Chief Obama Uses Profanity To Describe Romney  October 25, 2012
Obama And Negotiations With Iran - Further Thoughts  October 23, 2012
Obama Did Not Mention "Islam" Once In the Debate  October 23, 2012
Anwar Al-Awlaki's Boss Is Regular White House Visitor  October 23, 2012
When Romney Met Kenny: Mitt's Islamist Gamble  October 23, 2012
Emir Of Qatar Brings Millions To Hamas In Gaza  October 23, 2012
IDF Foils Rocket Attack From Gaza After 7 Missiles Fall On Israel  October 23, 2012
Suicide Bomber Who Murdered 21 In Haifa Honored World Wide  October 22, 2012
UK Muslims On Trial For Thwarted "Mass Death" Terror Plot Linked To Al Qaeda  October 22, 2012
Massive Al Qaeda Terror Plot Foiled In Jordan  October 22, 2012
BREAKING- PipeLineNews Vindicated - Obama Springs His Iran Nuke Negotiations October Surprise As Predicted  October 21, 2012
Will A Desperate Obama Try To Wag The Election, Attacking Libya?  October 19, 2012
The Real Difference Between Islamic 'Extremists' and 'Moderates'  October 18, 2012
Muslim Terrorist Thwarted In Plot To Bomb Federal Reserve Building in NYC Linked To Al-Qaeda  October 17, 2012
Al-Qaeda's Resurgence  October 16, 2012
Civilization Jihad In The UK : Thousands Of Muslims Demand Google Remove "Innocence Of Muslims" Film  October 15, 2012
Is Team Obama Secretly Negotiating With Iran In Ploy To Influence Election?  October 15, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide: Mohammad Badie Calls For Holy War To "Liberate" Jerusalem  October 12, 2012
House Hearings - Obama's Failure In Benghazi  October 12, 2012
Who Really Are The Obama Voters?  October 11, 2012
Video Timeline Reveals Massive Obama Coverup Of Benghazi Attack  October 11, 2012
Somali President Thanks Kenyan Troops For Liberating Somali Cities From Al-Shabaab  October 10, 2012
FBI Offers $50,000 For Information On US Citizen Ahmad Abousamra Tied To Al Qaeda  October 10, 2012
17 Year Old Terrorist Stabs Israeli Bus Driver At Betar Illit  October 10, 2012
Arabs Harass Bus Passengers In Be'er Sheva - Throw Rock Through Door  October 10, 2012
NHS Muslim Doctor On Sabbatical Suspected In Kidnapping Of Two Journalists In Syria  October 10, 2012
Police In France Kill Jihadi Linked To Attack On Jewish Store - Arrest 11 Others In Nationwide Raids  October 7, 2012
Jewish Leader In Germany Halts Anti Semitic Attack With His Gun  October 7, 2012
Obama Appoints Radical Islamist Salam Al-Marayati To Represent US At Human Rights Conference  October 7, 2012
The Muslim Takeover Of The ACLU  October 7, 2012
Kenya Attacks Last Major Al-Shabaab Stronghold In Somalia  October 5, 2012
Abu Hamza And Four Other UK Terrorist Suspects To Be Extradited To US  October 5, 2012
CAIR Can Expel You "For Any Reason"  October 5, 2012
Code Pink In Pakistan To Take Part In Protest Lead By Imran Khan Against US Drone Strikes Targetting Taliban  October 5, 2012
Barack Obama: Stealth Candidate  September 28, 2012
Nairobi Kenya Bans Hijab In High School, Mombasa Muslims Angered  September 28, 2012
Then They Came For The Mohammed Filmmakers And I Did Not Speak Out  September 28, 2012
Norway Appoints Pakistani Muslim As Culture Minister  September 28, 2012
Rioting? No Excuses Necessary!  September 24, 2012
Iranian General: War With Israel "Will Eventually Happen"  September 24, 2012
A Muhammad Cartoon A Day  September 23, 2012
Obama's Muslim Childhood  September 23, 2012
Rep. Joe Walsh Vows To "Pursue And Expose" Radical Islamist Threat In Chicago  September 23, 2012
Pakistani Minister Offers Bounty To Muslims Says He Would Like Kill Filmmaker As "Noble Deed"  September 23, 2012
Rep. Rogers: No Proof Consulate Attack Was Connected To Film  September 23, 2012
'Jihad Network' Broken Up In Belgium-'Fighters To Somalia And Syria'  September 22, 2012
Apocalypse Obama  September 21, 2012
Obama And Clinton Broadcast Apology To Muslims On Pakistani TV-Fail To Appease Frenzied Islamic Mobs  September 21, 2012
Is It Time for 'Make Your Own Mohammed Movie Month?'  September 20, 2012
Jewish Supermarket Bombed, French Embassies Closed due to Muslim Cartoonophobia  September 20, 2012
Popular Dutch Chain Store HEMA Offers 'Easy To Wear' Hijabs  September 20, 2012
Jailed Hofstad Group Member Plotted Terror Attack From Cell  September 20, 2012
The West,The "Arab Spring",and the Threat Of Shari'a -"Spring Fever: The Illusion of Islamic Democracy", as Reviewed by Andrew Bostom  September 19, 2012
MPAC Strategy: Advance Shari'a Through Strategic Alliances  September 19, 2012
'Religion of Peace' Adherents "Peaced Off" By Publication of Mohammed Cartoons in France  September 19, 2012
Muslim Savagery Versus The Civilized World  September 16, 2012
American Born Muslim Arrested In Thwarted Jihad Bomb Plot Aimed At Chicago Bar  September 16, 2012
'Freedom of Speech Must Be Defended': Geert Wilders Posts Link to "Innocence of Muslims' Video on PVV Website  September 16, 2012
Netanyahu: Iran's Leaders Guided By "Unbelievable Fanaticism"  September 16, 2012
Muslims Rampaging Worldwide  September 15, 2012
PA Arabs Injure 3 In Second Attack On Jewish Village  September 15, 2012
Four Americans Murdered In Orchestrated Attack On US Embassy in Libya  September 12, 2012
Libyan Guards At Embassy Led Muslim Mob To US Ambassador  September 12, 2012
Jewish Hostage Warren Weinstein Held By Al Qaeda Appeals To Netanyahu For Help -Says Obama Ignoring His Plight  September 12, 2012
Obama's Chickens Come Home To Roost  September 12, 2012
Outrage: Egyptian Islamists Breach U.S. Embassy Walls, Tear Down American Flag, U. S. Embassy Attacks American "Incitement" As Offensive To Shari'a  September 12, 2012
"Jihadism, Violent, Radical Fundamentalism, Has Emerged As This Century's Nightmare"  September 12, 2012
Muslims In Holland Sympathize With Former Maoist And Pro - Palestinian Socialist Party  September 11, 2012
American Embassy Attacked By Muslim Mob In Cairo - U.S. Flag Torn Down And Burned  September 11, 2012
Pro Islamist Obama Shuns Netanyahu - Cancels Meeting  September 11, 2012
Islamist Threat Continues To Grow Since 9/11  September 11, 2012
Muslim Mob Attacks And Destroys U.S. Consulate in Libya Killing One American  September 11, 2012
Arab Runs Down And Kills Israeli Security Guard  September 10, 2012
Mombasa Kenya New Flashpoint For Muslim Aggression  September 8, 2012
Islamic Violence In Mombasa Escalates, Imams Call For Boycott Of Upcoming Elections  September 8, 2012
Hundreds Of PA Arabs Attack Jewish Village Screaming "Slaughter The Jews"  September 8, 2012
North Korea Publicly Joins The Islamic Jihad While U.S. Armed Forces Morale Trapped In Team Obama's Sinkhole  September 5, 2012
PA Arab Worker Poisons Jewish Family  September 5, 2012
Democrats Ally With Radical Muslims To Hold Religious Gathering At DNC Convention  September 3, 2012
Radical Islamists Abound At Muslim Brotherhood Hamas Linked ISNA Convention  September 3, 2012
PA Increases Payments To Jailed Terrorists Who Killed Israelis  September 3, 2012
Salafi Terrorists Fire Rockets Into Sderot - Proclaim Jihad Against 'Criminal Jews' Is A Duty  August 27, 2012
Victims Of Arab Terror Calls For Disney Boycott Over Israeli Ahava Divestiture  August 27, 2012
Hamas Linked CAIR To Partner With ADC To Recruit Arab And Muslim Voters And Propagate Islamism  August 25, 2012
Oh No, Not Again, Bacon Attacks A Muslim Sacred Space!  August 23, 2012
Released Sbarro Mass Murderess Enjoys Celebrity Status Among Arabs And Muslims  August 21, 2012
Geert Wilders Freedom Party Presents 'Black Book' Over Ramadan Disturbances By Muslims In Holland  August 21, 2012
Saudi Arabian Regime Finances Radical Schools In Belgium  August 21, 2012
What Kurtz' "Radical In Chief" Tells Us About Barack Obama  August 21, 2012
Egypt's New Military Leader, General el - Sissi Is Ikhwan Through And Through  August 21, 2012
Police Publish Image Of Second Suspect In Bulgarian Suicide Attack  August 16, 2012
Hamas "Associated" CAIR Outraged Over Losing Nuisance Mosque Surveillance Lawsuit  August 16, 2012
Obama Dissembles At WH Iftar Dinner -Lauds Muslim Brotherhood Linked Huma Abedin  August 14, 2012
Sinai Becoming Hub Of World Jihad  August 14, 2012
The Sound Of Silence Screaming - Media Ignore Questions Regarding Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration Of Team Obama  August 14, 2012
Expert: 2005 IDF Disengagement From Gaza Caused Radicalisation Of Sinai Bedouins  August 9, 2012
Former Federal Prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy Briefs On Muslim Brotherhood And Huma Abedin  August 9, 2012
Christian Union Wants Islam Debate- 'Wilders Puts Important Theme On The Agenda'  August 8, 2012
Egyptian Cleric Who Founded Islamic Research Center In Ohio: "People Thirst For Jewish Blood"  August 8, 2012
Former Federal Prosecutor Andrew McCarthy And Frank Gaffney's Presser On Possible Muslim Brotherhood Influence Operation Inside White House  August 8, 2012
Morsi And Terrorists Have The Same Goals  August 7, 2012
Former Dutch Hostage Oerlemans: "Jihadists from Africa, Asia and Europe Are Fighting In Syria"  August 7, 2012
The Calculated Jihad Of The Muslim Brotherhood  August 2, 2012
The 'New Terrorism' Is Life Threatening  August 2, 2012
ADC Opens New Chapter In South Florida With Islamist Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout As President - Will Work With CAIR  August 2, 2012
Mosqueteers Unite! - Feisal Abdul Rauf To Speak At ISNA Confab  July 31, 2012
Team Obama To Issue Visas To Hundreds of Terrorists?  July 30, 2012
"Sharia Tourism" Initiative In Egypt Highlights Growing 'Fun'damentalism  July 30, 2012
Security Services: Radical Islam Prime Threat To Belgium  July 27, 2012
Bulgaria Terrorist Helped By Woman And Man  July 23, 2012
McCain Compromised Regarding The Muslim Brotherhood, Abedin Must Be Vetted  July 23, 2012
Al Qaeda Linked Group Claims Responsibility For Bulgaria Bombing : 'Ramadan Will Be A Month Of Holy War And Violence'  July 22, 2012
CFSP Report Reveals Radical Islamist Views And Agenda Of Senior State Department Official Huma Abedin's Mother  July 22, 2012
Gaza May Be Declared An Independent Country By Hamas - Expecting Egyptian Support For Move  July 22, 2012
Muslim Couple In UK Convicted Of Plotting To Murder Jews  July 20, 2012
Rezwan Ferdaus Pleads Guilty To Model Plane Bomb Plot Against Capitol And Pentagon  July 20, 2012
Bulgarian Police Searching For Second Terrorist Who May Have Bomb  July 20, 2012
Morsi Meets Head Of Hamas - Pledges Support For 'Palestinian' Cause  July 20, 2012
Suicide Bomber Who Targetted Israelis On Bus In Bulgaria Had Fake Michigan Drivers License - US Passport  July 19, 2012
Suicide Bomber Identified As Jihadist Who Was Released From Gitmo  July 19, 2012
Center For Security Policy Invites Dr. Saleha Abedin To Discuss Her Policy Positions  July 19, 2012
Stop Islamization Of Nations To Hold International Freedom Defense Congress In New York  July 19, 2012
Netanyahu: Terrorist Attack "Was Part Of A Global Terror Campaign by Iran And Hizbullah"  July 19, 2012
Suicide Bomber Kills Young Israelis In Bulgarian Bus Blast  July 18, 2012
Netanyahu: Iran To Blame For Bulgarian Bus Attack - Vows Reprisals  July 18, 2012
Convicted Hamas Linked Elashi Brothers Deported To Gaza  July 18, 2012
Senator McCain's Statement In Support Of Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Irresponsible  July 18, 2012
PA Names Summer Camp After Terrorist Who Murdered 37 Israelis Including 12 Children  July 17, 2012
Dutch Islam Expert Dr. Hans Jansen: "What Is Sharia?"  July 16, 2012
Obama State Department Sanctifies Egypt's Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood  July 16, 2012
Israel's Vulnerable Southern Border: The Threat Posed By African And Muslim Illegal Immigrants  July 16, 2012
Dutch To Deploy Extra Police To Combat Increased Moroccan Muslim Criminality During Ramadan  July 13, 2012
Obama's Increasingly Dysfuntional Thinking On Security Matters - Chavez No Threat  July 12, 2012
Sharia4Holland Spokesman Fined For Threatening Geert Wilders  July 11, 2012
CAIR Threatens To "Keep Up The Pressure" On U.S. Navy Despite Concessions  July 11, 2012
US Excludes Israel From Global Anti-Terror Conference - No Mention Of Israeli Terror Victims  July 10, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood Head Cleric Calls For Jihad Against Israel - Morsi Invited By Obama  July 9, 2012
Toulouse Terrorist Told Police In Standoff: "I Love Death As You Love Life"  July 9, 2012
Barack Hussein Obama Invites MB's Mohamed Morsi For White House Visit In September  July 9, 2012
Congressman Andre Carson At Terrorist Linked ICNA Event: U.S. Schools Should Be Modelled On "Our Madrassas"  July 9, 2012
Arab Terror Attacks On Israel Continue With Snipers And Missiles  July 9, 2012
Morsi Buys Power In Egypt - Payoff To Civil Servants  July 5, 2012
Obama Loses Egypt And Potentially Much Of The Middle East  July 2, 2012
Video: Morsi Urging Jihad During Election Campaign  June 29, 2012
"On Sabbatical" Google Exec., Wael Ghonim, Reportedly Meets With Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi  June 28, 2012
State Department Stonewalls Press Inquiry Over Allowing A Member Of A Terrorist Group To Meet With Senior Administration National Security Officials  June 27, 2012
Wide Open For Attack - Protective Cement Barriers Removed From U.S. And Brit Embassies In Cairo  June 27, 2012
Obama Confirms He Is Functionally An Islamist - Congratulates Egypt's New President, The Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi  June 26, 2012
Book Review - Fighting The Ideological War  June 26, 2012
Rep. Peter King Demands Accountability Over Granting U.S. Visa To Hani Nour Eldin, A Member Of The Terrorist Group Gama'a al-Islamiyya  June 26, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Mursi Chosen As President Of Egypt  June 24, 2012
Iranian State Media Exploits Outing Of West's Cyber Op Against Its Nuke Facilities  June 22, 2012
PA 'Ministry' Publishes Book Of Propaganda Terminology To Be Used Against Israel  June 20, 2012
Muslim Claiming Ties To Al Qaeda Takes Hostages In Toulouse Bank For "Religious Reasons"  June 20, 2012
Congress Alarmed Over Muslim Brotherhood Influence Operation Within The Administration  June 19, 2012
Egyptian Presidential Vote - Nile Delta May Hold Key  June 18, 2012
Egyptian Elections - Already Signs Of Muslim Brotherhood Vote Fraud  June 17, 2012
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Suffers Huge Defeat - Parliament Dissolved, Potential For Military To Maintain Control  June 17, 2012
Rep. Peter King Schedules Fifth In Series Of Hearings Investigating Radicalization Within The American Muslim Community  June 17, 2012
German Police Carry Out Large Scale Action Against Radical Salafist Muslims  June 15, 2012
Transcripts Of Interrogation Of Fogel Murderers To Be Published: Killer Says "It Was An Adventure"  June 14, 2012
'Puppet Show' On PA Website Telling Children To Become Martyrs Shut Down By Palestinian Media Watch  June 14, 2012
Turkish Minister Refuses Copy Of Geert Wilders Book "Marked for Death: Islam's War Against The West And Me"  June 13, 2012
Shariah4Belgium And Sharia4UK - Small But Dangerous Islamist Fringe Groups  June 12, 2012
The Muslim Public Affairs Council , "Bullying" and Creeping Shari'a  June 11, 2012
Wife of Terrorist "Carlos The Jackal" Isabelle Coutant -Peyre Representing Father Of Killer Mohamed Merah In Suit Against Police  June 11, 2012
Florida Association Of Criminal Defense Lawyers Held Event With Islamist Group EMERGE USA  June 10, 2012
Taliban Kills Dozens In Double Suicide Bombing  June 7, 2012
Glenn Beck At Philadelphia Freedom Center Event  June 5, 2012
"Miles of Smiles" - Islamist Agitators Prepare To Enter Gaza Through Egypt's Rafah Border Crossing  June 3, 2012
Three Jews Wearing Yarmulkes Viciously Attacked By Muslims in France  June 3, 2012
Shariah4Holland Threatens Wilders With Death  May 31, 2012
CAIR Defeated - Kansas Enacts Historic American Laws For American Courts Legislation  May 30, 2012
Why Did President Obama Free Terrorist Musa Ali Daqduq?  May 29, 2012
Shocked and Amazed - DC Atwitter Over Egypt's Coming Muslim Brotherhood Government  May 29, 2012
Did Obama Grab Drone Program from Military for Purely Political Reasons?  May 25, 2012
Iranian Theocracy Rejoicing Over "Softening" of the West in Nuke Negotiations  May 25, 2012
Freedom Denied: Allegan Police Department, the Council on American Islamic Relations and Surpressing First Amendment Rights  May 21, 2012
S.A. Ibrahim: ADL To Elect Muslim Linked To Islamic Society of North America To Philadelphia Regional Board  May 20, 2012
AEI Fellow Hirsi Ali Attacks Geert Wilders  May 20, 2012
Suicidal Political Grandstanding - Team Obama Intentionally Blows Agent[s] Cover In Al-Qaeda Operation  May 15, 2012
Obama's Afghan Failure  May 12, 2012
Administration Mum On Iran's Public Meddling In Afghan Affairs  May 10, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood/ Salafists Defy Egyptian Electoral Authority  May 9, 2012
New Al Qaeda Underwear Bomb Plot Thwarted By CIA  May 8, 2012
Mabel: Wife Of Comatose Dutch Prince Resigns As CEO Of Anti Semitic, Anti Israel and Anti American Think Tank 'The Elders'  May 8, 2012
Chris Christie's Islam Problem By Daniel Pipes and Steven Emerson  May 1, 2012
Muslim Convicted Of NYC Subway Suicide Bomb Plot  May 1, 2012
Wilders Calls Upon Muslims To Leave Islam In Speech Promoting New Book  April 30, 2012
The Muslim Brotherhood In America - A Troubling New Study  April 24, 2012
Despite Denials, Muslim Brotherhood's Egyptian Presidential Campaign Driven By Slogan "Islam Is The Solution"  April 24, 2012
The Remarkable Alliance Between Some German Neo-Nazis and Radical Muslims  April 18, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood Will Take To The Streets In Bold Attempt To Seize Power  April 18, 2012
Egyptian Court: Muslim Brotherhood/ Salafist Drafted Constitution Put On Hold  April 18, 2012
Palestinian TV - Moses Was A Muslim  April 18, 2012
Breaking - Why Is The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Meeting With Muslim Brotherhood Representative, The Freedom And Justice Party?  April 18, 2012
U.S. Ambassador To Egypt Warns Against Growing Ties With Iran  April 18, 2012
Copts Flee Egyptian Puppet Assembly  April 18, 2012
AP Misrepresenting "Liberal" Targets Of NYPD Surveillance  April 18, 2012
Islam's Cartoon Missionaries by Dr. Daniel Pipes  April 18, 2012
Mohammed Merah's Brother "Very Proud" Of Murders Held As Accomplice  March 24, 2012
Israel Will "Forcefully Respond" To Attempted Border Breaches During 'Global March To Jerusalem'  March 24, 2012
Geert Wilders New Book On Islam To Be Presented In New York On May 1st  March 24, 2012
Teaneck Mayor Mohammed Hameeduddin To Speak At Radical Islamist Fundraiser For EMERGE USA  March 23, 2012
So Sad - MSM Gets It Wrong Again, Toulouse Shooter Was A Muslim  March 22, 2012
DNC Debbie's Islamist Lie About Her Appearence At EMERGE USA Fundraiser  March 22, 2012
Muslim Murderer Mohammed Merah Killed In Toulouse While Jumping From Window  March 22, 2012
"Palestinian PM" Salam Fayyad Condemns Toulouse Killings For International Media Consumption While Praising Terrorists  March 22, 2012
Why Is WA State U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan Working With CAIR?  March 21, 2012
French Police Wait For Muslim Terrorist To Surrender 'Discreetly At Night'  March 21, 2012
Eyewitnesses Say Muslim Murdered Rabbi And Children In Front Of French Jewish School  March 19, 2012
Dalia Mogahed Islamist Obama Adviser Warns That Syria "Can't Deliver Resistance To Israel"  March 18, 2012
"United Nazis" Human Rights Council To Be Addressed By Hamas Terrorist In Switzerland  March 18, 2012
Terrorism and Intelligence Experts Say Iran Behind 'Global March to Jerusalem'  March 16, 2012
Islamic Jihad Threatens To Target Tel Aviv With Rockets  March 16, 2012
Stop Islamization of Nations To Hold Congress On Islamic Supremacist War Against Free Speech  March 16, 2012
Protest As Faux Moderate Stealth Jihadist Imam Shamsi Ali Speaks At Jewish Commmunity Center Forum  March 16, 2012
First Country To Bomb Nuclear Reactor Wasn't Israel  March 14, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood Threatens Proxy War With Israel  March 14, 2012
Egyptian Parliament Votes To Expel Israeli Ambassador, Halt Natural Gas Exports  March 13, 2012
More Appeasement And Stupidity From Jimmy Carter  March 13, 2012
Obama Putting Re-election Campaign Ahead Of Israel's Security  March 11, 2012
Terrorists Fire Over 100 Rockets At Southern Israel - Eight Israelis Wounded  March 10, 2012
Daniel Pipes: Religious Persecution In Islamic Middle East "Acquiring Genocidal Characteristics"  March 9, 2012
Power Grab - Muslim Brotherhood Announces Plan To Topple Egyptian Government  March 9, 2012
Jeremiah Wright, Cornel West Join Islamists And Anti Semites To Promote The Global March To Jerusalem  March 9, 2012
Two Kidnapped Europeans Killed By Boko Haram Captors In Rescue Attempt  March 8, 2012
Al Qaeda Linked ICNA Launches Nationwide Jihad Through Da'wa Campaign  March 8, 2012
Bashar al-Assad Reprising The Violence Of His Father  March 6, 2012
Dutch Holocaust Survivor - "I Saw How The Mufti Of Jerusalem Paid A Visit To Auschwitz-Monowitz"  March 5, 2012
Candidate For Congress Joe Kaufman Defends NYPD, Tells CAIR Representative He Should Be Watched "24/7" By Law Enforcement  March 4, 2012
Following Joe Kaufman Criticism, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz Does Damage Control, Cancels Keynote AddressTo Radical Muslim Group  March 1, 2012
Saudi Awamiyah Oil Pipeline Under Attack ?  March 1, 2012
Senior Pentagon Official Apologises To Islamists In Virginia For Koran Burning In Afghanistan  March 1, 2012
UPenn Officials And Students Show Support For The Terrorist Tied Muslim Students Association - Protest NYPD Surveillance  February 29, 2012
Debbie Wasserman Schultz Does Radical Muslim Fundraiser For EMERGE USA  February 27, 2012
Free Qur'ans For Any Purpose - The Utter Hypocrisy Of Muslim Rage  February 27, 2012
PA Arabs Attack Israelis In Jerusalem In What Appears To Be New 'Oslo War'  February 27, 2012
Congressional Candidate Joe Kaufman Planning Protest At Radical Muslim Fundraiser Featuring Debbie Wasserman Schultz  February 27, 2012
Rand Perspective On Iranian/Israeli Conflict Deeply Flawed  February 22, 2012
New Video - Anatomy Of A Smear - Charges CAIR And NY Times With "Cultural Jihad"  February 22, 2012
British Hate Cleric Haitham Al-Haddad Visits Holland Despite Strong Opposition  February 20, 2012
Will Obama Remove The $10 Million Bounty For Mullah Omar And Other Taliban Terrorists?  February 20, 2012
Suicide Bomber Wannabe Prayed At Anwar Al Awlaki's Former Mosque As Did 9/11 Hijackers and Nidal Hassan  February 19, 2012
Will Egypt Demand Release Of World Trade Center Bomber, The "Blind" Sheikh, For 19 American Hostages?  February 18, 2012
DOJ PR: Virginia Man Accused Of Attempting To Bomb U.S. Capitol In Suicide Attack  February 18, 2012
DOJ PR: Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab Sentenced To Life In Prison For Attempted Bombing Of Flight 253 On Christmas Day 2009  February 17, 2012
Muslim Suicide Bomber Arrested Enroute To Capitol Building  February 17, 2012
Al Qaeda Operative Who Tried To Blow Up Airliner With Underwear Bomb Sentenced To Life  February 16, 2012
No Need To Wait For A Muslim Majority For The Caliphate  February 16, 2012
Islamist Groups Censoring Material Used By FBI In Counterterrorism Training  February 16, 2012
Iran Hits New Milestone On Path To Bomb  February 15, 2012
University in Amsterdam Calls Off Lecture By 'Anti-semitic' Shari'a Expert  February 15, 2012
Hate Sheik Will Still Come To Amsterdam -Claims University Didnt Cancel His Talk  February 15, 2012
Barring Use Of Nukes, U.S. Incapable Of Destroying Iran's Fordow Weapons Lab  February 14, 2012
Muslim Extremists "Leading Threat To Canada's National Security"  February 13, 2012
Hamas' Prime Minister Of Gaza, Ismail Haniya, Greeted In Iran For High Level Talks  February 12, 2012
Al-Shabaab Becomes Al-Qaeda Affiliate  February 12, 2012
Iran To Unveil "Big New" Nuclear Acheivements - Hosts Hamas Leader  February 12, 2012
Al Qaeda Supports Overthrow Of Assad  February 12, 2012
Abu Qatada Could Further Radicalise Son Upon Release - Taxpayers To Fund His Protection  February 12, 2012
DOJ PR:Leader Of Revolution Muslim Pleads Guilty To Using Internet To Solicit Murder And Encourage Violent Extremism  February 9, 2012
Khameni Calls Distruction Of Israel And Genocide A Moral Obligation  February 6, 2012
Paks Push Further Alliance With Iran - "We Should Strengthen Our Trade And Economic Ties"  February 6, 2012
Convicted Al Qaeda-Inspired Terrorist's Confrontation With HJS Associate Director Douglas Murray  February 1, 2012
Four UK Muslims Admit Bomb Plot Targetting Stock Exchange,US Embassy, Rabbis And Mayor  February 1, 2012
The American Left's Reckless Disregard For The Truth Concerning The Muslim Brotherhood  February 1, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood's Big Lie - "Long Record of Commitment To Non-Violence"  January 31, 2012
Fogel Family Murderer's Mother And Aunt Praise Him On PA TV - Itamar Rabbi Calls For Their Arrest  January 29, 2012
Hamas Chief Meshaal Congratulates Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi On Huge Islamist Win In Egypt  January 25, 2012
World Ignores Iranian Threats To Destroy Israel  January 24, 2012
Iran's Press TV Banned In Britain  January 22, 2012
US DOD: Moazzam Begg Identified Fellow British Gitmo Detainee Shaker Aamer As Al-Qaida "Recruiter"  January 20, 2012
ECHR Ruling On Abu Qatada Undermines National Security  January 20, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Badi To Ambassador Patterson, "Shari'a Safeguards Freedom Of Religion"  January 20, 2012
U.S. Cancels War Games With Israel?  January 18, 2012
Paks Tell Obama Envoy Grossman To Take A Hike  January 18, 2012
Stop Islamization of Nations (SION) Merges SIOA with SIOE  January 18, 2012
Public Memorial For Murdered Fogel Family In Jerusalem On January 26th  January 18, 2012
Taliban Declares Victory In Afghanistan  January 17, 2012
Obama's Taliban "Partners" Continue Attacks Throughout Afghanistan  January 17, 2012
Terror Attack Thwarted At Court Where Fogel Family Murderer Was Sentenced  January 16, 2012
The New And Growing Islamist Threat From Latin America  January 15, 2012
PA's Head Cleric Calls For Killing Of Jews As Religious Islamic Goal  January 15, 2012
Noose Tightening - Another Top Iranian Nuke Scientist Assassinated In Tehran  January 12, 2012
Iran's Chief Military Advisor, Safavi, States That Islam Is An Ideology Of Domination  January 10, 2012
Will Team Obama Remove Hamas From State Dept's Terror List?  January 9, 2012
Obama Buds - Muslim Brotherhood - Call For Death Of Mubarak  January 9, 2012
Florida Muslim Arrested For Plotting Gun Bomb and Suicide Attacks In Tampa  January 9, 2012
State Department Creates Nonsensical Bureau Of Counterterrorism  January 7, 2012
Will The Anti - "Bullying" Movement Become A Vehicle For Shari'a Enforcement?  January 7, 2012
Iran Plans To Revisit War Games In Straits Of Hormuz During February  January 7, 2012
U.S. Surrenders - Obama To Release Taliban Terrorists From GITMO  January 3, 2012
Obama's Insane Gambit - Turn To Jihadist Supreme Yusuf Al-Qaradawi To Broker "Peace Treaty" With Taliban  January 2, 2012
Genocide Of Egypt's Christians Continues - State Department Ignores It  January 2, 2012
John Esposito Conflates Salafism With "Christian Right"  January 2, 2012
Reaping The Fruits Of Obama's Abandonment Of Iraq - Country Set To Implode, Civil War Appears Imminent  December 27, 2011
MPAC's 2012 Agenda - Using "Islamophobia" As A Bludgeon  December 26, 2011
Obama's Muslim Soldiers - Women Jr. ROTC's Allowed To Wear Hijab  December 25, 2011
Report Documenting Pro-Islamist Content In American Textbooks Sent To 500 School Superintendents  December 21, 2011
Hamas Calls For Formation Of Army To Liberate 'Palestine'  December 21, 2011
Democrat Congressmen Pander To Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups, Attacking Lowe's For Pulling Ads On Unpopular Cable Show All American Muslim  December 19, 2011
Study Shows U.S. Mosques Are Repositories Of Muslim Brotherhood Literature And Preachers  December 15, 2011
Lawfare: The War Against Free Speech: New Book To Counter Global Campaign To Censor Discussion About The Threat Of Militant Islam  December 14, 2011
Clinton Meeting With OIC Chief Ihsanoglu Hastening Shari'a Compliance in U.S.  December 14, 2011
Center for Security Policy Fact Checks the New York Times on Electro Magnetic Pulse Attack  December 12, 2011
New Book Reveals Systematic Hate Speech, Veneration Of Terror By Palestinian Authority Even During Peace Process  December 6, 2011
Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Ideology: PMW Translation of "Jihad Is the Way" by former leader of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt  December 6, 2011
Dutch Government Wants To Refuse Visa to Moroccan 'Pedo-Imam'  December 6, 2011
Obama Tells Multiple Whoppers About His Administration's Relationship With Israel  December 5, 2011
Clapper Steps In It Again, Refuses To Accept Terrorism As An Act Of War  December 5, 2011
The Iranian Threat to International Peace and Security  December 5, 2011
Hillary Clinton Dares Criticize Israeli Internal Affairs While Her State Department And Team Obama Whitewash Islam  December 5, 2011
Egyptian Islamists Election Wins A Nightmare For Israel  December 3, 2011
Members Of Iranian Volunteer Army [Basij] And Students Take Over Brit Embassy In Tehran  November 30, 2011
Muslim Brotherhood Seeming Winner In Egyptian Parliamentary Elections  November 30, 2011
David Yerushalmi's Strategic Analysis Of Lawfare - How To Stop The Shari'a Threat  November 30, 2011
Iranian Protestors Storm British Embassy Compound in Tehran  November 29, 2011
Libya: New Threat In The Middle East  November 29, 2011
Team Obama's Methodical Demolition Of American Interests Abroad  November 28, 2011
13 Year Old Jewish Girl Beaten By Muslims In Belgium  November 24, 2011
Fatah and Hamas Establish Partnership  November 24, 2011
Muslim Apologist Akbar Ahmed Dissembles On Terror Suspect Muhammad Yusuf's Motivation  November 23, 2011
Muslim Convert Muhammad Yusuf [aka Jose Pimental] Busted In Al-Qaeda Terror Plot By NYPD Intel Team- FBI Refuses Involvement  November 21, 2011
PA "A Vicious Jew-hating Terrorist Culture"  November 21, 2011
Dutch Freedom Party Launches 'Street Terror Reporting' Website  November 16, 2011
2010 FBI Hate Crime Stats Once Again Prove American Islamophobia Almost Nonexistent  November 15, 2011
The Obama/Holder War On National Security  November 14, 2011
The Arab Spring as a Security Threat to Israel  November 14, 2011
Muslims Against Crusades (MAC) Banned By Home Secretary: HJS Analysis  November 10, 2011
Obama's Withdrawal From Iraq Destabilizing Fragile Maliki Government  November 8, 2011
Marshall Breger VP of Conservative Jewish Think Tank Participates on Panel With Imam Magid of ISNA  November 7, 2011
Freed Terrorists To Get Homes From Abbas  November 6, 2011
Million Man March Planned To 'Liberate Jerusalem'  November 3, 2011
Office of French Newspaper Destroyed By Firebomb Attack Over Satire on Muhammad  November 2, 2011
Congressional Candidate Joe Kaufman Kicked Out OF Debbie Wasserman Schultz Event  November 1, 2011
Radical Muslims In Switzerland Sport Yellow Jewish Badges In Protest  November 1, 2011
Azizah al-Hibri , Obama Appoints Anti-Capitalist Islamic Radical To U.S. Commission On International Religious Freedom  November 1, 2011
Kent State Prof Shouts "Death to Israel" at Israeli Bedouin's Speech  October 31, 2011
Missile Attacks On Israel Every Six Minutes  October 30, 2011
Taliban Suicide Bomber Claims 12 American Lives in Kabul  October 29, 2011
Israeli Killed Two Injured In Terrorist Rocket Attacks - IDF Responds By Targeting Terrorists  October 29, 2011
Pro Israel MP Threatened By Muslims At London Mosque Meeting  October 29, 2011
Released Terrorist Would Kill Again  October 26, 2011
Attacks On Jews Increasing After Terrorist Release  October 26, 2011
Hebron Residents Warn of Return of Released Terrorist  October 26, 2011
Saudi Cleric Offers $100,000 Dollars For Kidnapping Israeli Soldiers  October 26, 2011
General Jack Keane - Obama's Turn-Tail Retreat From Iraq "Disastrous"  October 25, 2011
CAIR Makes Common Cause With Occupy Wall Street Marxists  October 24, 2011
Anti Israel Free Muslims Coalition Partner With Man Who Facilitated Prisoner Exchange Between Hamas and Israel-Plan Jerusalem Conference  October 19, 2011
National Jewish Umbrella Organization Expresses Unease Over Increasing Anti-semitism At Occupy Wall Street Protests  October 18, 2011
Released Hikers Feted By Islamist Group -Thank ISNA, Muslims And Quote Koran  October 18, 2011
Ground Zero Mosque's Head On Chopping Block - Faces Immediate Eviction, Owes $1.7M In Rent  October 17, 2011
Terrorist Attacks In Israel Increase On Eve Of Killers Prisoner Release  October 17, 2011
Team Obama Ignores Iranian Act Of War - Targeting Saudi Official In U.S.  October 15, 2011
Names of Terrorist Murderers To Be Released For Shalit Made Public - Victims Have 48 Hours To Appeal  October 15, 2011
State Department Report - No Christian Churches Left In Afghanistan, Conversion Contravenes,"The Tenets of Islam"  October 11, 2011
Plot By Iranian American To Kill Saudi Ambassador Foiled  October 11, 2011
Netanyahu To Release Over A Thousand Convicted Terrorists In Exchange For Shalit  October 11, 2011
Muslim Burning Of Egypt's Christian Churches Continues Unabated And Unpunished - Security Forces Kill Scores Of Copts  October 10, 2011
Occupy Wall Street Movement Driven By Neo-Marxist Rage  October 9, 2011
Department Of Education Carrying On Team Obama's Witch Hunt Via Its Office Of Civil Rights  October 6, 2011
Arab Murderers Of Israeli Father And Baby Son Captured  October 6, 2011
Islamic (Sharia) Law in Germany, Holland and Britain  October 3, 2011
Anwar al-Awlaki Killed In Yemen Drone Attack  October 2, 2011
U.S. Citizen Rezwan Ferdaus Arrested In Capitol Bomb Plot Investigation  October 2, 2011
Fatah Official Describes Plan For Destroying Israel On Al-Jazeera  October 2, 2011
PA Maps Of 'State' Eradicates Israel  October 2, 2011
Western Media Ignores Terrorist Killings of Israeli Children  September 28, 2011
Iran Threatens To Deploy Naval Vessels Off US Atlantic Coast  September 28, 2011
National Conference On Jewish Affairs Slams Team Obama, UN, MSM Over "Palestine" Vote  September 28, 2011
20,000 Libyan Missiles Go Missing  September 28, 2011
Broward County GOP Rejects Membership Of CAIR Stooge Nezar Hamze  September 28, 2011
10 Muslim UC Irvine Free Speech Opponents Convicted  September 27, 2011
Father And Baby Son Murdered By Arab Rock Throwers  September 25, 2011
Pro Israel Transit Poster Counter Offensive Launched By Stand With Us Group  September 20, 2011
Somali Terrorists Give Weapons Prize To Children In Koran Contest  September 20, 2011
Terrorist's Mother Launches PA Statehood Bid  September 19, 2011
A Newt Gingrich Administration Would "Absolutely" Investigate U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups  September 17, 2011
Fogel Family Killer Gets Five Life Sentences  September 14, 2011
In Praise of NYC's Muscular Counterterrorism by Dr. Daniel Pipes  September 14, 2011
Israel On Verge Of UN Vote On "Palestine" - Hopelessly Outgunned By Islamist PR Blitz  September 14, 2011
Arab Groups Launch Anti Israel Ad Campaign On NY Subways  September 14, 2011
Pete King To Testify Before Parliamentary Inquiry Into Islamic Radicalization  September 12, 2011
Mention of Islam Taboo at 9/11 Memorial Events  September 12, 2011
Victory - Ground Zero Mosque Denied Lower Manhattan Development Funds  September 8, 2011
9/11 Conspiracy Theories, Anti-Semitism and Anti-Americanism  September 7, 2011
Muslim Mini Riot At Playland Amusement Park, NY - 15 Arrested  September 5, 2011
Terror Attack in Tel Aviv leaves 8 Injured after Driving and Knifing Spree  August 30, 2011
Press Conference Against Radical Group CAIR August 30 in Pembroke Pines Florida with Joe Kaufman  August 29, 2011
Anti-American Hate Factory - Center For American Progress - In Bed With The Jihadists  August 29, 2011
Obama's Pretend Counterterrorism Policy by Dr. Daniel Pipes  August 29, 2011
Libyan Shoulder Fired Missiles Already In Jihadist's Hands?  August 27, 2011
Obama and Wasserman Schultz Sunning It Up In Martha's Vineyard  August 26, 2011
Rocket and Mortar Fire At Southern Israel Wounds Baby And Adult  August 24, 2011
Electrolux Tells CAIR To Stuff It  August 23, 2011
Iran "Convicts" Alleged Nuke Hit Man, Majid Jamali -Fashi  August 23, 2011
Israeli Killed Others Wounded In Terrorist Missile Attacks  August 20, 2011
8 Israelis Murdered in Multiple Terror Attacks  August 18, 2011
Radical Muslim Group Attacks U. S.Congressional Candidate Joe Kaufman In Letter To Allen West  August 18, 2011
Rep Allen West to CAIR Operative Hamze, "NUTS"  August 16, 2011
Was Anwar Al-Awlaki A Member Of The 9/11 Conspiracy?  August 16, 2011
White House Mischief by Dr. Daniel Pipes  August 16, 2011
The Trouble With Turkey  August 12, 2011
Insane Dutch Policy - Provide Free Martial Arts Training To Muslim Thugs  August 5, 2011
Muslim Brotherhood Justice - Mubarak Tried In A Steel Cage  August 3, 2011
Gallup Poll Shows Little Muslim Support For Islamist Pressure Groups - Yet Seems To Support Their Radical Agenda  August 3, 2011
NY Times' Hit Gal, Andrea Elliott, Carries Water For Muslim Brotherhood  August 2, 2011
Another Islamist Soldier Turns Terrorist in Texas by Dr. Daniel Pipes  August 2, 2011
Killer of Fogel Family Convicted  August 2, 2011
Rally In Support of Tulsa Police Captain Paul Fields on August 30th  August 1, 2011
Naser Jason Abdo - Muslim Soldier Arrested In Plot To Bomb Ft. Hood  July 28, 2011
Reps Peter King And Frank Wolf Introduce Legislation To Resurrect 9/11 Commission  July 28, 2011
Hizb ut - Tahrir Calls For Caliphate On Temple Mount  July 28, 2011
Continuing The Sham, J Street Misrepresents Own Poll - 59% Of American Jews Oppose Obama's Handling Of Middle East  July 26, 2011
Olsen Unfit To Run National Counterterrorism Center  July 20, 2011
Pete King - Third Round Of Muslim Radicalization Hearings Scheduled July 27  July 20, 2011
Who Is Abdurahman Alamoudi And Why Is Obama Trying To Set Him Free?  July 18, 2011
Poll - Most Palestinians Seek Destruction Of Israel  July 18, 2011
Muslim Outreach? Team Obama Moves To Release Convicted Al-Qaeda Financier Aldurahman M.Alamoudi From Prison  July 15, 2011
Obama's Failed Middle East Strategy - Poll:Muslim World Hates U.S. More Now Than During Bush Years  July 15, 2011
Iran's Plan For Nuke Weapon Center Impervious To Attack Near Completion  July 15, 2011
Pak's Toothless Threat In Row Over 4 Billion U.S. Aid Package  July 15, 2011
Europeans Meet With Muslim Brotherhood Reps In Egypt  July 14, 2011
Iranian Officials: This Is The Century of a Worldwide Islamic Awakening  July 14, 2011
Muslim Brotherhood Joins Calls For Purge And Show Trials For Mubarak Adminstration  July 10, 2011
Victory - Trojan Horse Khalil Gibran International Academy Finally Dies  July 8, 2011
Obama's New Middle East Partner - The Muslim Brotherhood - Funded By Iran?  July 6, 2011
Retired General Jack Keane Charges Pak ISI And Army Actively Working To Kill U.S. Forces  July 6, 2011
Congressmen Pete King And Frank Wolf Demand Removal Of Inflammatory Islamist Media From U.S. Prison System  July 5, 2011
Iran Delivers Threatening Letter to President Obama  July 5, 2011
Eichman's Trip To The Middle East In 1937 And Nazi Plans To Occupy "Palestine"  July 5, 2011
Flotilla Organizer Amin Abu Ibrahim aka Rashed Linked To Terrorism  July 4, 2011
3 Conspirators In Bronx Synagouge Bomb Plot Get Minimum Sentence  June 30, 2011
Why Is The Sacramento Bee Carrying CAIR Press Releases?  June 29, 2011
Hamas Prisoners Stage Hunger Strike  June 27, 2011
Congressman Frank Wolf Calls On IRS To Investigate Potential Foreign Funding Of CAIR  June 27, 2011
Geert Wilders Acquitted  June 23, 2011
Gilad Shalit: 5 Years in Terrorist Captivity  June 23, 2011
Muslim Charged With Shooting at Military Buildings in Northern Virginia  June 23, 2011
Two Muslim Converts Charged in Plot to Attack Seattle Military Processing Center  June 23, 2011
Dearborn Arab Festival: The City, "Is Lost...No Longer Part Of America"  June 21, 2011
Team Obama Giving Taliban Keys To The Store  June 20, 2011
Rep King, "Danger Remains Clear And Present...[Dirty Bomber] Jose Padilla...Converted To Islam In A Florida Jail"  June 16, 2011
Muslim Rep Keith Ellison Conflates Christians And Jews With Jihadists  June 16, 2011
Pete King Muslim Radicalization In Prison Hearings - Converts Are Radicalized And "Become Jihadists When They Get Out Of Jail"  June 14, 2011
Iranian Double Agent Kahlili - Rape And Torture Common Under Iran's Islamic Regime  June 14, 2011
Netanyahu To J Street - Get Lost  June 9, 2011
Iranian Defector Reza Kahlili - Iran Runs "Large Network" Through U.S. Mosques And Islamic Organisations  June 9, 2011
CAIRing for Jihad  June 9, 2011
Imran Khan: Supporting the Taliban?  June 7, 2011
Anti-Semitism Among Muslim Immigrants in Europe  June 6, 2011
Two "Palestinian" Animals Charged In Butchering Of Fogel Family  June 6, 2011
Whose Naksa is This Anyway ?  June 6, 2011
Fogel Killer: " Proud of what I did... because I did It for Palestine"  June 5, 2011
Groups Call For Closure of Margate Mosque Who's Imam Was Charged With Conspiracy To Finance The Taliban  June 5, 2011
Groups To Call For Closure Of Taliban Imam's Mosque - June 7 at 7:00 pm  June 4, 2011
The Muslim Brotherhood Comes to America at ICNA Conference  June 3, 2011
Iran's Khamanei Pushes Development Of Deployable Nukes  June 3, 2011
FBI Busts Two Suspected Iraqi Jihadis In Kentucky Then Kowtows To Muslim Community  June 2, 2011
Equating Anti-Semitism to Non-Existent "Islamophobia"- Joint Declaration by Jewish and Muslim Leaders on Europe Day  June 1, 2011
Geert Wilders' Final Remarks at his Trial in Amsterdam "I shall continue to speak"  June 1, 2011
Two Iraqi Nationals Indicted on Federal Terrorism Charges in Kentucky  June 1, 2011
CAIR-PA Attempts to Pressure Law Enforcement Not to Listen to Islam Experts  May 29, 2011
Tom Friedman Incites Palestinian Mobs to March on Israel in NYTimes  May 29, 2011
Calls For Palestinian Uprising from...Miami  May 27, 2011
Stand Up For Israel At CUNY Graduation On June 3 At 10 am  May 27, 2011
Why Is the American Jewish Committee And Other Jewish Groups Partnering With CAIR In Support of Shari'a?  May 27, 2011
ISNA's 48th Convention, Jihad Central  May 26, 2011
Transcripts of Netanyahu's speech to AIPAC and Congress  May 24, 2011
Imam Kareem Irfan Says His Emanuel Inauguration Speech Was "a Critical Opportunity for Wise Da'wah"  May 24, 2011
Muslim Brotherhood's ElBaradei Pressures Egypt's Military Chief, General Tantawi  May 23, 2011
New Study Demonstrates Shari'a Incursion Into American Legal System  May 23, 2011
Obama Repeats His Call for Israel to Return to "1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps" at AIPAC Conference  May 23, 2011
Muslim Brotherhood Moves to Further Radicalize Al-Azhar Imam Factory  May 20, 2011
Terrorists in Israeli Prisons to Receive Salaries from PA  May 20, 2011
Islamists Invited to Obama's Middle East State Department Speech  May 20, 2011
Court Filing Alleges "Clear And Convincing " Evidence Of Iran's "Direct Involvement" In 9/11 Attack  May 20, 2011
Paks Fire On U.S. Helicopter in Sign of Increasing Tension  May 17, 2011
Six Busted, Including Two Local Imams In Florida Terror Case  May 15, 2011
Six Muslims Charged in Miami for Providing Material Support to the Pakistani Taliban  May 14, 2011
Geert Wilders Speech "The Failure of Muliticulturalism in Canada and Europe"  May 13, 2011
Muslim Brotherhood's "Justice and Freedom Party," Will Discriminate Against Non-Muslims and Women  May 12, 2011
PA Venerates a Mass Murderer  May 12, 2011
Two Muslims Arrested For Plot To Blow Up NY Synagouges  May 12, 2011
Insidious Pork Attacks Continue On Mosques - CAIR In A Lather Over Lousiana Incident  May 10, 2011
Holocaust Deniers and Tourists Should Visit Berlin  May 9, 2011
Christian Persecution In Egypt Explodes After "Revolution"  May 9, 2011
Groups To Protest Anti-Israel Group, J Street In Boca Tonight At 7:30  May 8, 2011
Deplaned Imam Mohamed Zaghloul Runs MSA Affiliated Mosque has Degree from Al Azhar in Dawah  May 8, 2011
Statement by Lars Hedegaard on his conviction for "hate speech" in Denmark  May 6, 2011
Hamas Moving To Cairo?  May 5, 2011
Nearly 1,000 Israelis Murdered By Hamas and Fatah Terrorists since 2000 - 17,200 Injured  May 5, 2011
Islamist Participates in Mayoral Swearing-In Ceremony  May 4, 2011
Abbas's Fatah Mourns Death of Bin Laden - Calls it a "catastrophe"  May 4, 2011
RINO Lugar Goes South On Afghan Commitment - Effort "Does Not Carry A Strategic Value"  May 4, 2011
Crusader Obama To The Rescue  May 3, 2011
Bin Laden Killed by US Navy SEALS in Pakistan - Photos of Dead Bodyguards and Compound  May 2, 2011
Hamas and Fatah to Sign Reconcilation Agreement in Egypt  April 29, 2011
Holder - Failure To Prosecute Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups Bush's Fault  April 28, 2011
Stealth Jihadist Maajid Nawaz Speaker at 9/11 Memorial Event in NY on April 28  April 27, 2011
Hamas to Merge with Fatah Forming Single Terrorist Entity  April 27, 2011
PA Terrorist Police Kill One Israeli and Wound Four Near Joseph's Tomb  April 24, 2011
PA Arabs Celebrate Murder of Israeli Worshipper By Setting Fire to Joseph's Tomb  April 24, 2011
Keith Ellison Says Turkey Is 'Best Example of How Islam and Democracy Can Coexist' - Praises Gulen Schools  April 24, 2011
Hilary Clinton Speaks together with Islamists at U.S.- Islamic Forum  April 23, 2011
Radical Muslims to Speak at Temple U  April 22, 2011
Rep Peter King Demands That Eric Holder's DOJ Explain Its Failure To Prosecute CAIR  April 21, 2011
Egypt's "Freedom" Revolutionaries Demand That U.S. Release Terrorist Omar Abdel Rahman, The Blind Sheikh  April 21, 2011
Muslim Brotherhood Announces Creation of IkhwanTelevision Network  April 20, 2011
"Peaceful" Muslim Brotherhood Demands Appearence Before Congress  April 20, 2011
UC Berkeley Hosts Phony Islamophobia Conference Featuring Holy Land Foundation Prosecution Unindicted Co-Conspirator CAIR  April 20, 2011
PA Calls For Release of All Terrorist Murderers  April 18, 2011
IDF General Warns of Continuing Terrorist Threat  April 18, 2011
Israel's Hard Left Sides With One Of Fogel Family's Killers  April 18, 2011
Peter Siebelt Exposes Bertus Hendriks As Pro-Islamist  April 18, 2011
Bertus Hendriks: Witness Against Wilders Apologist for Terror  April 17, 2011
Teenage Boy Wounded in Hamas Missile Attack on School Bus Dies of Injuries  April 17, 2011
Israeli Leftists Offer Aid and Comfort to Arab Killers of Fogel Family  April 17, 2011
Two Arab Muslim Terrorists Confess to Fogel Family Murderers  April 17, 2011
Israeli MK Tzipi Hotovely Calls for Death Penalty for Fogel Family Killers  April 17, 2011
New Book Says Dutch Intelligence Wrongly Estimated Threat to Theo van Gogh  April 15, 2011
Did Holder's Justice Department Block Indictments Of Holy Land Foundation Unindicted Co-Conspirators?  April 14, 2011
Congressman Wolf Seeks Legislation To Create A "Team-B" Panel To Improve Counter Terror Strategies And Deal With Domestic Islamic Radicalization  April 13, 2011
Israeli Woman Thwarts Murder Attempt by Terrorists  April 13, 2011
VA Man Sentenced to 23 Years in Prison for Plotting Attacks on D.C.-Area Metro Stations with People He Believed to Be Al-Qaeda Members  April 12, 2011
Islamists Attack Stephen Schwartz - A Sufi Muslim - As An Islamophobe  April 12, 2011
Jews for Jihad? World Jewish Congress Working With Islamists From ISNA  April 12, 2011
Barbra Streisand Among Sponsors of Pro Palestinian Anti Israel Leftist GRITtv  April 12, 2011
Muslim Brotherhood Pulls Mogahed Story On Obama's Receptivity To Muslim Brotherhood Claiming "Inaccuracies"  April 11, 2011
Hundreds To Call For FAU Islamist Professor's Termination - Thursday April 14th at 11:45 a.m. at FAU  April 11, 2011
Upcoming ISNA Conference to Feature CAIR and MPAC Speakers and Congressman Keith Ellison  April 10, 2011
New Torah Study Hall in Memory of Rabbi Fogel being Built in Itamar  April 10, 2011
From Tahrir Square to Tallahassee - The Muslim Brotherhood's U.S. Enablers  April 9, 2011
Death Threat Videos Against Geert Wilders on YouTube  April 8, 2011
AAH Chairman Joe Kaufman To Debate Leader Of Anti-Israel Organisation J Street On April 8 In Miami  April 8, 2011
Terrorist Missile Attack Hits School Bus in Israel  April 7, 2011
Send a Card to Jonathan Pollard  April 7, 2011
Remembering Shalhevet Pass the Baby Murdered by Terrorists  April 7, 2011
Strike Three for Hamas by Dr. David Lazerson  April 7, 2011
One Third of Palestinians Support the Murder of Five Israelis In Their Home  April 7, 2011
Should We Blame a Florida Pastor for Deaths in Afghanistan? by Dr. Daniel Pipes  April 7, 2011
Al-Qaeda Lauds the Upheaval in the Arab World and North Africa  April 6, 2011
After Goldstone Retraction, ZOA Demands Rescinding His Despicable Anti- Israel UN Report  April 5, 2011
ZOA Urges UC Irvine To Terminate Olive Tree Initiative, And Federation To Stop Funding It, After Students Secretly Meet With Hamas Leader  April 5, 2011
Radical Muslim Falsely Labels Israeli Official a War Criminal  April 5, 2011
Justice Department Refers Five Accused 9/11 Plotters to Military Commissions  April 4, 2011
Statement of the Attorney General on the Prosecution of the 9/11 Conspirators  April 4, 2011
Goldstone Report A Fraud, Author Blames "Israel's lack of cooperation"  April 4, 2011
Obama And Holder Turn Tail On Civilian Trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed  April 4, 2011
Goldstone Report Author Concedes He Baselessly Targeted Israel  April 3, 2011
Wilders To Film Fitna 2  April 1, 2011
Government Financed Attempt To Stop Criminality By Moroccan Youth In Holland A Failure  March 30, 2011
Fox News Targeted, ADL Conducts Hit On Civil Rights Attorney David Yerushalmi, Senator Durbin Outed As Fraud  March 29, 2011
Four Middle Eastern Upheavals by Dr. Daniel Pipes  March 29, 2011
New Study on Hate Crimes Debunks the Myth of a Growing Trend in Muslim Victimization  March 29, 2011
Village Voice Writer, Tom Robbins Joins CAIR's Stealth Jihad  March 28, 2011
Geert Wilders Speech in Rome on "The Failure of Multiculturalism and How to Turn the Tide"  March 27, 2011
Israel Will Cut Ties With PA Over Hamas In Government  March 27, 2011
Geert Wilders Calls for International Leave Islam Day  March 27, 2011
U of Indiana Holds Islamic Propaganda Exercise With ISNA  March 27, 2011
UK Journalist Being Investigated For Calling Itamar Murderers "Savages"  March 27, 2011
Bigoted Dutch Muslim Leader Claims Geert Wilders, "Is In The Service Of Israel"  March 24, 2011
One Killed Fifty Wounded In Jerusalem Terrorist Attack  March 23, 2011
Israel Under Islamist Terror Attacks In Multiple Locations  March 23, 2011
Obama's Magical Mystery Tour - 10 Reasons Why The Attack On Libya Was Ill Advised  March 22, 2011
Iran, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban: Interesting Revelations by "Wikileaks"  March 21, 2011
Will Moroccan Financed Institution In Amsterdam Become A Jihad Center?  March 20, 2011
Moroccan Government to Open Cultural Center in Amsterdam  March 18, 2011
UK Airline Bomb Plotter Gets 30 Years  March 18, 2011
The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Iran And Re-Establishing The Caliphate  March 16, 2011
Public Protests in Syria Against Assad  March 15, 2011
Eminent American Muslim Jurist, Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, Declares Devout Muslims Muslims Must Observe Shari'a In All Aspects Of Life  March 15, 2011
New Al-Qaeda Publication Honors Role Of Muslim Women In Jihad  March 14, 2011
Hamas Lies About Their Killing Of Children  March 14, 2011
Saudi/Gulf States Military Assistance To Bahrain Had Approval Of White House?  March 14, 2011
 March 14, 2011
Fogel Family Massacre Result of Deliberate PA Incitement  March 13, 2011
Tens Of Thousands Attend Fogel Family Funeral In Jerusalem  March 13, 2011
Sarkozy Gets Tough With French Islamists - Fires "Diversity" Advisor, Abderrahmane Dahmane After Threat  March 13, 2011
Atrocity In Israel - Islamists Butcher Family, Including Babies - Gaza Rejoices  March 13, 2011
PMW Press Release: Palestinian Authority Incitement To Terror Prior To The Murders In Itamar  March 13, 2011
Terrorists Slaughter Jewish Family  March 12, 2011
AAH To Protest Anti-Semitic, Anti-White Hate Preacher Jeremiah Wright On Sunday March 13 In Miami  March 11, 2011
Sarkozy Fires Muslim Diversity Adviser  March 11, 2011
Hearing on "The Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim Community and that Community's Response"  March 10, 2011
House Democrats Doing Bidding Of Islamists-Alleging American, "Anti-Muslim Sentiment"  March 10, 2011
New Bill Would Protect Those Reporting and Responding To Terrorism Fears  March 9, 2011
Bridges TV Co-Founder, Muzzammil Hassan, Receives Maximum Sentence For Beheading Of Wife  March 9, 2011
Turkish Journalists Arrested In Suspicious "Plot" To Overthrow Government  March 8, 2011
Palestinian Media Watch Expose' Of Tournament Honoring Suicide Bomber Enrages UNRWA  March 8, 2011
Colorado Woman Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Provide Material Support to Terrorists  March 8, 2011
Melvin Bledsoe, Father Of Abdulhakim Muhammad - Little Rock Recruiting Center Jihadists - To Testify At King Hearings  March 8, 2011
Arabs Attack Jews In Israeli Town  March 7, 2011
Tulsa Mosque Has Islamist Ties  March 7, 2011
King Hearings: The Left, Free Speech And Shari'a  March 7, 2011
Hamas Prisoners Get VIP Treatment In Israel  March 6, 2011
LSE Funding Row: More Donations From Dictators To British Universities  March 6, 2011
US "Ally" Fayyad Calls American Aid "Extortion"  March 6, 2011
Jewish Student Suing UC Berkeley After Muslim Assault  March 6, 2011
Liberals Questioning Obama's Hard Pro-Islamist Tilt?  March 5, 2011
American Citizens To Tell Imams: "No, Imam, today I am NOT "a Muslim, too!" March 6th 1:30 NYC  March 4, 2011
Liberty Alliance Coalition Holds Press Conference In Lafayette Park On Shariah Law And The Constitution  March 4, 2011
Capitol Hill Alarmed Over Intimidation By Islamist Groups Preceding King Hearings  March 3, 2011
Two New Jersey Muslims Plead Quilty To Terror Charges  March 3, 2011
Taliban Murder Christian Government Minister In Pakistan  March 2, 2011
Kosovo Born Muslim Kills Two U.S. Servicemen Wounds Two In Frankfurt  March 2, 2011
King Hearings Gain Support - Sunday NY Rally Planned  March 2, 2011
Liberty Alliance Coalition To Hold DC Press Conference On Threat Of Shariah Law on March 3rd In Lafayette Park At Noon  March 2, 2011
Congressman Frank Wolf Demands State Funeral For Pakistan's Murdered Christian Minister Bhatti  March 2, 2011
 March 1, 2011
Tennessee Senate Bill 1028 Seeks To Stop Threat Of Shari'a Organisations  February 28, 2011
Radical Muslims Plan WH Pro Shari'a Rally With UK Clerics  February 28, 2011
Geert Wilders: Anti Islam Party Needed In All Europe  February 27, 2011
Tulsa Police Captain Disiplined For Refusing To Order Visit To Radical Mosque  February 26, 2011
Texas Resident Arrested on Charge of Attempted Use of Weapon of Mass Destruction  February 25, 2011
Six Muslims Arrested In Thwarted Pope Plot  February 25, 2011
Open Letter To Obama: Prevent Jihadists Anjem Choudary, Abu Issadeen and Sayful Islam From Entering U.S.  February 25, 2011
Conference Encouraging Implementation of Islamic Law at UPenn  February 25, 2011
Wilders Says Democracy Impossible With Islam  February 25, 2011
VA Man Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison for Providing Material Support and Encouraging Violent Jihadists to Kill U.S. Citizens  February 24, 2011
Saudi Student In Texas Arrested For Terror Plots  February 24, 2011
Tunesian Demonstrators Shout 'Death To The Jews'!  February 23, 2011
Coptic Christian Priest Stabbed To Death In Egypt  February 23, 2011
Muslim Brotherhood Associated Imam, Qaradawi - Kill Gaddafi  February 22, 2011
Leader of Islamic Movement Arrested For Arson In Israel  February 22, 2011
Egypt's Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood Announces Creation Of "Freedom and Justice" Party  February 22, 2011
Federal Government Funds Promoting Islamist Speaker - Ingrid Mattson - At University Of Minnesota Event  February 22, 2011
Governor Of Mississippi Praised Group Associated With Hamas And Al-Qaeda  February 21, 2011
Dissemblers At Council On American Islamic Relations - CAIR - Whip Up The Discredited Bogeyman Of Islamophobia  February 21, 2011
Muslim Brotherhood Leader Al-Qaradawi Returns To Cairo  February 20, 2011
Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff - Guilty Of "Hate Speech"," For Criticizing Islam  February 18, 2011
Dutch Christian Union Party Wants Sharia Banned In Constitution  February 18, 2011
Muslim Who Plotted JFK Bombings Given Life  February 17, 2011
Muslim Brotherhood To Form Electoral Party - Constitutional "Reform" Takes Ugly Turn, Ikhwan Now In Control  February 16, 2011
Muslim Clerics Demand Jordan Shut Night Clubs  February 16, 2011
Hariri Plans March Against Hizbollah  February 15, 2011
Muslim Brotherhood Pushes Enemies List - Those Who Made. "Statements Against The Revolution"  February 14, 2011
CAIR PA Reports Critics To Police As Potential Threats  February 14, 2011
Islamist Professor Teaches Lesson In Violence - Why Bassem Alhalabi Must Be Fired From FAU  February 11, 2011
CAIRing for the Muslim Brotherhood  February 10, 2011
Los Angeles Times - Head In The Sand Regarding Rising Domestic Islamic Radicalism  February 10, 2011
Brutal Iranian Regime Hangs Dutch-Iranian Woman and Praises "Islamic Liberation Movement" in Egypt  February 9, 2011
Translation of Muslim Brotherhood Document Proves Group's Dedication to Islamic Supremacy Through Violent Jihad  February 9, 2011
Translation of "Jihad is the Way" from Palestinian Media Watch  February 9, 2011
Speech by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff to the English Defense League  February 9, 2011
Former IDF Chief of Staff Calls on US to Stop Military Aid to Egypt  February 9, 2011
Why Islam Is Incompatible With Democracy  February 8, 2011
Geert Wilders: The Lights Are Going Out All Over Europe  February 8, 2011
A Primer On The Muslim Brotherhood - Why What Happens In Egypt Is Important To America  February 7, 2011
 February 7, 2011
Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt Wants Shari'a Law Implemented  February 6, 2011
Hamas Inciting Violence in Egypt  February 4, 2011
Islamist and Other Groups Write Boehner and Pelosi Objecting to King Hearings on Muslim Radicalism  February 4, 2011
Senate Report Slams Team Obama Over Fort Hood Jihad - Fear Of Identifying Islamism As Enemy  February 3, 2011
Muslim Brotherhood Would Nullify Peace Treaty With Israel  February 3, 2011
CAIRing for Anwar al-Awlaki and other Targets of Interest  February 2, 2011
Inside Egypt  February 2, 2011
ElBaradei Tells Mubarak To Leave Egypt  February 2, 2011
Park 51 And Patriotism - This Is A Joke...Right?  February 2, 2011
Turmoil in Egypt by Dr. Daniel Pipes  February 1, 2011
Synagouge Attacked in Tunesia  February 1, 2011
Muslim Brotherhood's Recent Journalism - Radicalism And Support Of Terrorism Unchanged  February 1, 2011
Team Obama Unconcerned About Losing Egypt  January 31, 2011
Muslim Brotherhood A Threat to Everyone  January 31, 2011
Militants in Egyptian Jails Freed by Armed Gangs  January 30, 2011
Events in Egypt May Lead to Changes in IDF  January 29, 2011
Florida Professor And Mosque Leader Pleads Guilty To Tallahassee Attacks  January 28, 2011
Egypt - Over 40 Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Arrested  January 28, 2011
Hizbollah in Gaza  January 28, 2011
Islamists in UK Issue Fatwa Against Home Secretary  January 28, 2011
Mahmoud Abbas Gives $2,000 To Family Of Pale Terrorist  January 27, 2011
Muslim Brotherhood Using Web In Promoting Egyptian Street Violence  January 26, 2011
Moscow Airport Suicide Bomber Squad Trained in Pakistan  January 26, 2011
Embassy Bomber Gets Life Sentence  January 25, 2011
Flotilla Terrorists Came to Kill IDF Soldiers  January 24, 2011
MSM Continues To Dissimulate On Threat Posed By Domestic Radical Muslims  January 24, 2011
Miami Islamist Group Helps Raise Money For Anti-Jewish Website, Rebel News  January 23, 2011
Khalid Sheik Mohammed Named As Pearl's Killer  January 23, 2011
911 Mosque Outrage, Imam Tries To Expropriate Jewish Prophet Moses  January 21, 2011
 January 21, 2011
Christians And Their Churches Targeted By Radical Muslims  January 20, 2011
New Fatwa Calls For Offensive Jihad  January 20, 2011
Peter King On Radical Muslim Hearings, "Leadership Of The Community Not Geared To Cooperation"  January 19, 2011
Abbas's Fatah Promotes Violence with Music Video  January 19, 2011
SIOA: Hamas-linked Islamic Supremacist Hate Group CAIR Attempts to Impede U.S. Military Intelligence Training  January 19, 2011
Turmoil in Tunesia by Dr. Daniel Pipes  January 18, 2011
Anwar Al-Awlaki Tells Muslims to Steal from Non-Muslims  January 18, 2011
Head of Shin Bet: Terrorism Threat High in and Around Jerusalem  January 18, 2011
Miami -Based Muslim Group , AMANA, Defiantly Reposts Article from Anti -Semitic Website  January 17, 2011
Analysis - If Sucess In Afghan War Is Dependant On Pak Cooperation, The Effort Will Likely Fail  January 17, 2011
CAIR Philly Boasts of Diversity Training Lessons in Public School District  January 17, 2011
Ground Zero Mosque Gets New Radical Imam  January 16, 2011
Radical Muslim Group Reprints Article From Anti-Semitic Website, Rebel News  January 14, 2011
CAIR Poster Tells Muslims Not to Talk to the FBI  January 14, 2011
Turkish PM Erdogan Supports Hamas  January 14, 2011
Hispanics Converting To Islam In Droves? Where's The Beef?  January 13, 2011
Home Front Commander: Missiles Will Hit Tel Aviv in Next War  January 12, 2011
Pakistan's Imams Overwhelmingly Support Assassination of Pak Governor Salman Taseer  January 11, 2011
IDF Preempts Terrorist Attacks  January 11, 2011
U.S. Stealth Jihad Groups - Nothing To Fear From King Hearings But The Truth  January 10, 2011
New Study - Iran Arming Hezbollah For War Against Israel  January 10, 2011
Egypt and Jordan Raise Threat of Violence Over Demolition of Mufti Hotel  January 10, 2011
Hillary Clinton Compares Gifford Shooting to 9/11 Attacks  January 10, 2011
Fort Lauderdale ISNA Conference Featured Wife- Beating Advocate Jamal Badawi  January 9, 2011
Assassination Of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer- Pakistani Islamists Silence Critic Of Blasphemy Laws  January 9, 2011
50,000 Rally In Pakistan In Support of Blasphemy Law  January 9, 2011
IDF Captures Five of Six Hamas Terrorists Released from PA Jail  January 7, 2011
Dutch Catholic School Reprimanded for Banning Headscarf  January 7, 2011
State Rep Drops Out Of Fort Lauderdale Conference For Radical Muslim Group  January 6, 2011
Killler of Four Israelis Released by Abbas  January 6, 2011
Speakers Fleeing ISNA Florida Conference  January 6, 2011
Superman In Muslim Superheroes Comic  January 6, 2011
Government Representatives Drop Out Of Fort Lauderdale Radical Islamic Conference  January 5, 2011
100,000 Converts to Islam in UK During Past Decade  January 5, 2011
Egyptian Copts - "With Our Soul And Our Blood We Redeem The Cross"  January 5, 2011
Amsterdam Police Chief Would Refuse to Enforce Burqa Ban  January 5, 2011
Pakistani Politician Who Opposed Blasphemy Law Killed  January 5, 2011
Al-Qaradawi A Moderate Now?  January 4, 2011
Muslim Brotherhood Group, ISNA, Coming To Fort Lauderdale- Americans Against Hate To Protest Saturday January 8  January 4, 2011
Muslim Brotherhood's Agitation Continues, Using Pretext Of Alexandria, Egypt Church Bombing  January 3, 2011
AP's "Analysis" Of Christian Church Bombing In Egypt, Ridiculous  January 2, 2011
Christian Church In Egypt Bombed  January 2, 2011
Obama Appoints Controversial James Cole As Number Two At DOJ  January 1, 2011
Geert Wilders Wants to Ban Sharia4Holland Group  December 31, 2010
Man Receives 12- Year Sentence for Possession of Guns, Pipe Bomb Components, Making a False Passport Application and Aggravated Identity Theft  December 31, 2010
Iraq Christians Targeted by Terrorists  December 31, 2010
Head Of CAIR - San Francisco Posts Video Venerating Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan  December 26, 2010
A Night with Hamas , CAIR and Hezbollah  December 26, 2010
French Jihadist Muslim Gang's Sentences Upheld In Halimi Murder Case  December 23, 2010
Largest Mosque in Western Europe Opens in Holland  December 20, 2010
Palestinian Media Watch You Tube Account Reopened  December 20, 2010
Rep Peter King To Hold Hearings On Islamic Radicalization  December 20, 2010
MSM Takes Notice Of Christian Genocide In Iraq  December 19, 2010
You Tube Closes Down Palestinian Media Watch Account  December 19, 2010
Sarkozy Wants to Ban Muslim Prayer in the Streets  December 19, 2010
West's War On Christianity - UK Red Cross Bans Christmas  December 17, 2010
Dutch Court Determines that Hofstad Group is a Terror Organisation  December 17, 2010
Hamas Fundraiser George Galloway Denied Entry Into United States  December 16, 2010
George Galloway Kept Out of the U.S.  December 15, 2010
Arab Arson in Israel Hushed- Up by Officials and the Media  December 15, 2010
Holy Land Foundation Representative Sentenced  December 15, 2010
Abdul Kadir Sentenced to Life in Prision for Conspiring to Commit Terrorist Attack at JFK Airport  December 15, 2010
Germany, Holland And Belgium Bust Jihadist Groups  December 14, 2010
George Galloway to Speak at Mosque in Florida  December 14, 2010
Stockholm suicide Bombing : Centre for Social Cohesion warnings ignored  December 14, 2010
Pouring Cold Water on WikiLeaks by Dr. Daniel Pipes  December 14, 2010
Suicide bombing in Sweden: latest terrorist attack exported from UK  December 13, 2010
Swedish Muslim Bomber Driven By Shari'a  December 13, 2010
DOJ Enforcing Shari'a In Berkeley School District - Meet America's Grand Mufti, Eric Holder  December 13, 2010
CAIR's "Hate Crime" Campaign Thoroughly Consistent With Policy Of Advancing Shari'a  December 12, 2010
Florida Pro-Israel Conference Sunday to be Nationally Televised by C-Span  December 10, 2010
Judicial Watch Sues Mayor Bloomberg's Office for Ground Zero Mosque Documents  December 10, 2010
Abbas Attempting to Unilaterally Declare Palestinian State  December 9, 2010
Arrest Made In Maryland Recruiting Center Bomb Plot  December 8, 2010
Christian Asylum Seekers in Holland Intimidated by Muslims and the Widespread Trouble with Muslim Immigrants  December 7, 2010
Dutch Politician Bolkestein Urges Orthodox Jews to Leave Holland  December 6, 2010
Wilders in Israel - Jordan is the Only Palestinian State  December 5, 2010
Christians Under Genocidal Attack Throughout The Muslim World  December 4, 2010
Christians in the Middle East an "Endangered Species"  December 3, 2010
Arab Arson Suspected in Deadly Fire in Israel  December 2, 2010
Team Obama Tried To Shield Pak ISI Chief In Mumbai Attack  December 2, 2010
Hillary Clinton's Terror State Gala  November 30, 2010
Somali Born Terrorism Plotter Attended Oregon High School and University  November 29, 2010
Oregon Resident Arrested in Plot to Bomb Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in Portland  November 29, 2010
Julian Assange Continues To Wage Cyber-War On U.S. Foreign Policy, Obama Shoots Hoops  November 29, 2010
Elisabeth Sabaditsch- Wolff trial "The Death Knell for a Free Europe?"  November 28, 2010
Another Somali Immigrant Busted For Terror Attempt - Christmas Tree Bomb Plot  November 27, 2010
Egyptian Christian Killed, Scores Arrested in Church Demonstration  November 26, 2010
Pastor Hagee: Israel's Fight Is Our Fight  November 25, 2010
Terrorists Motivated by Religous and Nationalist Ideology According to PA Study  November 25, 2010
Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference Tries to Islamize Ten Commandments  November 23, 2010
UK Muslim Schools Teaching Violent Wahhabi Curriculum  November 22, 2010
Death Of European Free Speech - Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff's "Anti-Islam" Trial To Commence Tomorrow In Vienna  November 22, 2010
Will Pakistani Asia Bibi Be Murdered Because Of Her Christianity Regardless Of Trial Outcome?  November 20, 2010
NATO Runs From Afghanistan  November 20, 2010
UK Police Blame English Defense League For Islamist Extremism  November 19, 2010
Ghailani Meltdown,Curtains For Obama Policy Of Prosecuting Terrorists As Criminals?  November 18, 2010
An Extremist Sharia Makeover  November 17, 2010
Will "Peaceful" Muslims In Pakistan Kill Christian Mom?  November 17, 2010
San Diego Resident Arrested, Charged With Aiding Al-Shabab Terror Group  November 16, 2010
DOJ Press Release: San Diego Woman Charged with Conspiracy to Provide Material Support to al Shabaab  November 16, 2010
Oklahomans Say No to Sharia by Dr. Daniel Pipes  November 16, 2010
Ex GITMO Detainees On Verge Of Receiving Windfall Payment From Brits  November 16, 2010
N.Y. Rabbis Withdraw From Event With ISNA - Not Moderate Group  November 16, 2010
Congressional Muslim Staffers Waging Stealth Jihad  November 15, 2010
Petraeus' Disagreement Is With Obama, Not Karzai  November 15, 2010
Accused Death Squad Leader Rears Ugly Face  November 12, 2010
Action Alert: California Boy Told To Remove Flag  November 12, 2010
Greta Duisenberg, An Anti-Semite  November 11, 2010
Moroccan Youth Terrorize Dutch Town  November 11, 2010
Al-Qaeda Terror Suspect Farooque Ahmad Pleads Not Guilty in U.S. District Court  November 10, 2010
"Change" Promise Unfulfilled In The Eyes Of Many Muslims  November 10, 2010
"Jordan is Palestine" Conference Planned in Israel  November 10, 2010
More Iraqi Christians Murdered by Terrorists  November 10, 2010
De Facto Shariah Law in America  November 10, 2010
Somali Al Shabaab Movement Becoming Increasingly Powerful  November 9, 2010
"Africanization" Of Israel Seen As Growing Threat  November 8, 2010
Lease for Saudi Islamic Academy Renewed - Shariah in America  November 8, 2010
Wilders: The Koran is Worse than Mein Kampf  November 7, 2010
This Is What Happens If You Don't Stand Up For People Like Dr. Jones!  November 7, 2010
Center for Security Policy Panel Briefing -Sharia The Threat To America - November 9 in NYC 2:30 - 4:00  November 4, 2010
Revolution Muslim Website Encourages Further Attacks on UK MPs  November 4, 2010
Support the Hebron Aid Flotilla - Nov 16 in NYC  November 4, 2010
Scores of Iraqi Christians Killed in Al Qaeda Church Attack  November 4, 2010
One World 2011 Partners With Hardcore Islamist Groups  November 4, 2010
Three California Men Charged with Conspiracy to Provide Material Support to al Shabaab  November 4, 2010
Florida Pro-Israel Conference December 12, 2010 with Daniel Mandel  November 3, 2010
Two Indicted in Missouri on Charges of Providing Material Support to a Terrorist Organization  November 3, 2010
Al-Awlaki Inspired Knife Attacker of British MP Gets Life  November 3, 2010
3 Charged With Aiding Somali Muslim Terror Group Al-Shabab  November 3, 2010
Character Assassination Of Islam's Critics Hits Fever Pitch In Europe  November 2, 2010
Germany's Freiheit Party Joins the Fray by Dr.Daniel Pipes  November 2, 2010
Murder of Theo van Gogh Six Years Ago Today, Euro-Islamists Remain Unchecked  November 2, 2010
Yemeni ink cartridge bombs: What can Britain do?  November 1, 2010
Dutch Hofstad Group Member Jason Walters Renounces Terrorism, Violence and Salafism  November 1, 2010
Participants in Canadian Jihad Fest - Ottawa's Just and Sustainable Peace Conference - Stoked With Hard Line Islamists  October 31, 2010
Cargo Airplane Bomb Plot by Al Qaeda Thwarted - Synagouges Targeted  October 30, 2010
Open Letter to get Ron Klein to Remove Keith Ellison from the Congressional Task Force on Anti-Semitism - Video  October 29, 2010
David Horowitz Freedom Center Hosts Richard Perle, Iranian Student Dissident Fakhravar  October 28, 2010
Virginia Man Arrested for Plotting Attacks on D.C.-area Metro Stations with People He Believed to Be Al-Qaeda Members  October 27, 2010
Representatives From Radical Muslim Group Hosted By Jewish Theological Seminary  October 27, 2010
Naturalized Pakistani Charged in VA Terror Case  October 27, 2010
FOX News Bill O'Reilly Praises Anti-Semitic Representative of Hamas Related Group  October 26, 2010
Detecting Terrorists in the U.S. Becoming More Difficult  October 26, 2010
Investigative Project on Terrorism Rejects Allegations by Tennessean, CAIR  October 26, 2010
Jewish Theological Seminary Forum on Judaism and Islam Troubling  October 25, 2010
Adam Gadahn of Al Qaeda Calls for Detroit Muslims to Attack Americans  October 25, 2010
US Breeding Grounds for New Terrorists  October 25, 2010
Clarion Fund to Release Documentary "Iranium"  October 25, 2010
Omar Khadr Pleads Guilty at GITMO Tribunal  October 25, 2010
FOX News Works To Legitimize Hamas-Related Group...Again  October 24, 2010
J Street Endorses Supporter Of Radical Muslim Group - Congressman Joe Sestak  October 24, 2010
Fifth Circuit Panel Finds Designation of Muslim Groups During Holy Land Foundation Trial as Unindicted Co- Conspirators in Error  October 24, 2010
Center For Security Policy: CAIR's role in Juan Williams firing may be in violation of Foreign Agents Registration Act  October 24, 2010
Super Hero Comics Go Islamist  October 24, 2010
New Trial for Geert WIlders  October 22, 2010
Muslim Public School Sued by ACLU Intimidates Opponents  October 21, 2010
Holy Land Foundation Lawyers File Appeal Briefs  October 20, 2010
Virginia Man Pleads Guilty to Providing Material Support to a Foreign Terrorist Organisation and Encouraging Violent Jihadists to Kill U.S. Citizens  October 20, 2010
American Professor Kaukab Siddique Urges Destroy Israel by any Means- Threatens Jews at DC Rally  October 20, 2010
Christian Asylum Seekers Attacked by Muslims in Dutch Asylum Centers  October 19, 2010
Unindicted Co-Conspirator ISNA Meets with Assistant Secretary of State at HQ  October 19, 2010
Four Men Found Guilty of Plotting to Bomb NY Synagouge and Jewish Community Center and to Shoot Military Planes with Stinger Missiles  October 19, 2010
Smadi Sentenced to 24 Years in Prison for Attempting to Use a Weapon of Mass Destruction to Bomb Dallas Skyscraper  October 19, 2010
Four Muslims Convicted in NY Synagouge Bomb Plot  October 18, 2010
German Chancellor Merkel - Multicultural Experiment Failed, Utterly  October 18, 2010
Radical Imam Ibrahim Dremali and Wife Arrested in Texas  October 18, 2010
Geert Wilders Exonerated, Prosecuters Say Not Guilty Of Anti-Muslim Discrimination  October 17, 2010
Is WH On Brink of Giving GITMO Terrorist Omar Khadr A Legal Break?  October 17, 2010
Merkel: Multicultural Society a Total Failure in Germany  October 17, 2010
Multicultural Attack on Truth - Solder Ordered to Delete Ft. Hood Video  October 15, 2010
New Website - Defend Ground Zero - Highlights Candidates in Opposition to 911 Mosque  October 15, 2010
Possible "Bacon Attack" on South Carolina Mosque - CAIR In High Dudgeon  October 14, 2010
AAH Demonstration Tuesday 11 to 1 pm in Boca Raton to call on Congressman Ron Klein to to remove Keith Ellison from Anti-Semitism Task Force  October 12, 2010
CAIR Continues Big Lie Regarding "Hate Crimes" Committed Against Muslims  October 12, 2010
Radical Islamist Groups Exploit GZM Controversy - Call for "Week of Dialogue" aka Dawa  October 12, 2010
North African Al-Qaeda Affiliate Demands Reversal of French Burqa Ban  October 11, 2010
New Regulations Tell Soldiers to Inform on Extremists  October 11, 2010
Why Is DHS Working With The Discredited Council on American Islamic Relations?  October 11, 2010
Unindicted Co-Conspirator in Hamas Funding Trial - ISNA - Meets with State Department and White House for ME Peace Initiative  October 7, 2010
Jewish Theological Seminary Partners with Anti - Semitic Unindicted Co - Conspirator ISNA  October 7, 2010
J Street Raises Money For Radical Muslim - Endorses Keith Ellison Shortly After Ellison Visits "Hamas Front" in Gaza  October 6, 2010
Muslim Terrorists Target Europe  October 6, 2010
Wilders Supported by Islam Experts at Trial  October 6, 2010
CAIR PA "discusses" Hajj Travel with Homeland Security  October 6, 2010
AAH Demonstration on October 12 in Boca Raton to Remove Keith Ellison from Anti-Semitism Task Force  October 5, 2010
Duelling Fatwas by Dr.Daniel Pipes  October 5, 2010
Life in Prison for Times Square Bomb Plotter Faisal Shahzad warns - "War with the Muslims has just begun"  October 5, 2010
Border Closures, Sure Sign Pakistan Is Not an Ally in War on Terror  October 5, 2010
Tariq Ramadan, Grandson of Muslim Brotherhood Founder, Keynotes - Unindicted Co-Conspirator CAIR - Banquet  October 4, 2010
Rep. Frank Wolf Calls for Afghan/Pakistan Study Group to Bolster War Effort  October 4, 2010
Islam: The Communism of Today - Speech by Geert Wilders in Berlin  October 4, 2010
Influential Anti-Islam Politician Geert Wilders Causes Taliban Leader to Threaten Holland  October 4, 2010
CAIR Must Answer to Fraud Charges by Five Former Clients  October 4, 2010
Pastor Rick Warren Listed As Official Speaker For Radical Muslim Group  October 3, 2010
Rick Warren: A Shill for Terror  October 3, 2010
ISNA Website Still Features Quran Preaching Anti-Semitism, Violence Against Women  October 3, 2010
Stratfor Afghan Study - Pakistan and the U.S. Exit From Afghanistan - Deeply Flawed  September 29, 2010
Two Decades of the Rushdie Rules by Dr.Daniel Pipes  September 29, 2010
Video Shows Mosque That Hosted Wellesley Public School Students Also Sponsored Hate Speakers  September 27, 2010
Terror Case Unindicted Co-Conspirator CAIR Rolls Disney Over Hijab  September 27, 2010
Widespread Racism at U.S. Civil Rights Division - Refusal to Prosecute Non-White Defendants  September 27, 2010
"Rushdie Rules" Reach Florida by Dr. Daniel Pipes - How Obama enforced Islamic law in the U.S.  September 21, 2010
Radical Mosque Opens New Premises in Berwyn PA  September 21, 2010
Link To Website Of Al-Qaeda Leader Who Threatened Cartoonist With Death Found On CAIR Leader's Site  September 20, 2010
New Report - Shari'a, the Threat to America - Details Civilizational Threat Posed by Ignoring Revolutionary Spirt of Islam  September 20, 2010
Geert Wilders Speech on 911 Against the Ground Zero Mosque  September 14, 2010
Terror Walks on J Street  September 14, 2010
Napolitano's "Culture of Preparedness" Looking in all the Wrong Places  September 14, 2010
ACLU Presser In Support of Al-Awlaki  September 14, 2010
French Bill Banning Muslim Veils Awaiting Sarkozy's Signature  September 14, 2010
Fort Lauderdale Newspaper Editor Glorifies Leader of Hamas-Associated Group During Rosh Hashanah  September 13, 2010
The Centre for Social Cohesion: Government Should Keep Control Orders  September 13, 2010
Leader of Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation in the U.S. Convicted of Two Felonies for Lying about Funds Bound for Islamic Extremists  September 13, 2010
Al-Qaeda Making Resurgence in Iraq, Taking Advantage of Obama's Drawdown  September 13, 2010
Response to Qur'an Burning Controversy Demonstrative of the West's Cultural Shame  September 13, 2010
Muslim Tolerance Update - Aussie Imam Calls for Beheading of Geert Wilders  September 7, 2010
Americans Wake Up to Islamism by Dr. Daniel Pipes  September 7, 2010
Is Paris Muslim?  September 7, 2010
It's Petraeus' Butting Into Domestic Politics on Qur'an Building Controversy That's Onerous  September 7, 2010
Red Cross Aiding and Abetting Hamas Leaders in Jerusalem  September 6, 2010
FDI: 911 Families Support Ground Zero Mega-Mosque Rally of Remembrance on 911  September 3, 2010
Run on Kabul Bank Spells Trouble for Embattled Karzai Administration  September 2, 2010
Spokesman for Jewish Community of Hebron : "Piece talks" caused terrorist murders  September 1, 2010
Cordoba, "Al-Andalus" and the "Ground Zero Mosque"  September 1, 2010
Islamist Groups Mount 911 PR Campaign  September 1, 2010
Geert Wilders Calls Islam "Backward"  August 31, 2010
Hamas Terrorists Murder Four Jews In Shooting Attack Near Hevron  August 31, 2010
Hamas Murders Four Jews Near Hebron  August 31, 2010
Florida Security Council - "Florida Mosque Caught on Video Raising Money for HAMAS Fundraiser"  August 30, 2010
Karzai Echoes Marine Commandant Conway's Criticism of Obama's Afghan Pullout Date  August 29, 2010
Islamizing Europe - Northeast London Schools Now Only Serving Halal Meat  August 22, 2010
AP Provides Revisionist "Guidance" For its Journos On 911 Mosque Controversy  August 22, 2010
Young Zionists To Protest Anti-Israel Group J Street At Florida JCC Wednesday Night August 25th at 7:00  August 21, 2010
Wikileak - Why isn't Julian Assange in Custody? Where is Team Obama's Outrage?  August 19, 2010
Ground Zero Mosque Protest New Start Time 11:00 August 22  August 18, 2010
AAH: Ground Zero Mosque Should Be Deemed Threat To New York And U.S. - Government Should Step In And Stop Mosque Project  August 18, 2010
Nascent Police State? Dem Speaker Pelosi - "I join those who have called for looking into how this opposition to the mosque is being funded"  August 18, 2010
The 9/11 Mosque - Location, Location, Location!  August 17, 2010
Synagouges, El Al Attack Plotter gets 70 Months in Jail  August 17, 2010
Dutch Diplomats get Talking Points Regarding Wilders  August 17, 2010
Exact Location of 9/11 Mosque Protest Sunday August 22 at 10:30 am  August 17, 2010
Radical 911 Mosque Leader - Imam Faisal Rauf - on Obama Funded Junket  August 17, 2010
Norway and Sweden: A Safe Haven for Dangerous Islamist Terrorists  August 16, 2010
Protest Against Ground Zero Mosque Sunday August 22 at 10:30 am  August 16, 2010
9/11 Families Stunned by Presidents Support of Mosque at Ground Zero  August 15, 2010
Frank Gaffney on "Obama's Ground Zero Mosque" and the White House Ramadan Iftar Dinner  August 15, 2010
Transcript:Obama's Speech at Iftar Dinner - Remarks on 9/11 Mosque lauded by Islamist Groups  August 15, 2010
It's Time To Demand Reciprocity in 9/11 Mosque Debate  August 10, 2010
Al Qaeda's New 'Planning Chief' Adnan Shukrijumah Lived for 15 Years in U.S.  August 10, 2010
State Dept. and American Embassy Bring Anti-Semitic Muslims to Temple University  August 9, 2010
Dutch MP Geert Wilders to Speak at 911 Anti-Mosque Event  August 9, 2010
Police in Germany Close Mosque used by 9/11 Hijackers and Cultural Center  August 9, 2010
United States Targets Terrorist Organisation Operating in India and Pakistan - Harakat -ul Jihad Islami  August 6, 2010
Briefing on the Release of Country Reports on Terrorism 2009  August 6, 2010
Attorney General Holder Holds a Press Conference Regarding Al-Shabaab Indictments  August 5, 2010
Fourteen Charged with Providing Material Support to Somalia-Based Terrorist Organisation Al-Shabaab  August 5, 2010
Canada Releases Terrorist Abdullah Khadr, Rejects U.S. Request for Extradition  August 4, 2010
FOX News Features Hamas Operative, Nihad Awad, On Its Daily And Nightly Shows  August 4, 2010
The Centre for Social Cohesion August Report : Coverage of Islamist Terrorism: The British Connections  August 4, 2010
Britain's New Export: Islamist Carnage by Dr. Daniel Pipes  August 3, 2010
9/11 Mosque Gets Go Ahead from New York Landmark Panel  August 3, 2010
Peres Charge of Brit Anti-Semitism Spot On, But When Will He Reject Oslo?  August 2, 2010
Two Muslims Convicted of Plot to Blow Up Fuel Tanks at JFK  August 2, 2010
Child Rehab Center in Sderot Destroyed By Hamas Rocket  August 2, 2010
Israeli Consul General Dayan To Appear on World Affairs Council of Orange County Panel with 911 Denier MPAC President Salam Al- Marayati ?  July 28, 2010
Breaking - Israeli Consul General Dayan Will Not Be Appearing on Panel with Salam Al-Marayati  July 28, 2010
Action by Terror Watchdog Group - Americans Against Hate- Results in AMANA President Sofian Zakkout Being Removed from U.S. Commission on Civil Rights  July 28, 2010
Radical Muslim Group Places Anti - Semitic Video of White Supremacist David Duke On Its Website  July 27, 2010
AAH Gets Radical Muslim Group Leader Thrown Off Of U.S. Commission On Civil Rights  July 27, 2010
In Search of a Terrorist - Adnan el- Shukrijumah  July 27, 2010
CAIR Strong Arms Electrolux in Minnesota  July 26, 2010
Anti-Hate Organization Calls On CNN To End Its Association With Terror-Related Group  July 22, 2010
Link to video "No Mosque At Ground Zero" - A Shrine to Sharia?  July 22, 2010
Treasury Targets Taliban and Haqqani Network Leadership: Designates Three Financiers Operation in Afghanistan and Pakistan  July 22, 2010
Wilders Calls on Muslims to Reject Qur'an, Announces International Freedom Alliance  July 22, 2010
No Mosque At Ground Zero - New Video Ad Savages Imam Faisal's Cordoba Initiative  July 22, 2010
Radical Saudi cleric Al Sudais opens new mosque in UK attached to government funded school  July 22, 2010
Hadia Mubarak-Washpost Religion Blogger's Absurd Claim - No religious basis for 911  July 22, 2010
Philadelphia's Islamist Boy Scouts  July 21, 2010
Virginia Man Accused of Providing Material Support to Terrorists  July 21, 2010
Resurgence of Anti-Semitism in Turkey and Amsterdam  July 19, 2010
Unindicted Co-Conspirator CAIR Claims Tea Party is Islamophobic  July 19, 2010
Wilders message to Muslims "Free yourselves from the Koran" Translation  July 19, 2010
Treasury Designates Anwar Al-Aulaqi Key Leader of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula  July 16, 2010
Farrakhan Demands Reparations from Jews by Dr. Daniel Pipes  July 13, 2010
Uganda - Suspected Muslim Terrorists Attack World Cup Site, Kill 64  July 12, 2010
U.S. Command Links Afghan Taliban with Pakistan  July 12, 2010
Border Alert - Hezbollah Support Structure Broken Up By Mexican Authorities  July 9, 2010
EU Court of Human Rights Halts Abu Hamza Extradition  July 8, 2010
Three UK Muslims Found Guilty of Airline Suicide Bomb Plot  July 8, 2010
Al Qaeda Arrest Shows Norway Under Terrorism Threat  July 8, 2010
Charges Unsealed Against Five Alleged Members of Al-Qaeda Plot to Attack the United States and United Kingdom  July 7, 2010
Trust the Palestinian Authority? By Dr.Daniel Pipes  July 6, 2010
Imam Anjem Choudary Warns of Terror Attacks Worse than July 7, 2005  July 6, 2010
Gun Grabber Andy Cuomo Supports Islamist Imam Rauf's Ground Zero Mosque  July 6, 2010
New Report Reveals that Britain is the Hub of Violent Islamism Worldwide  July 5, 2010
Obama's Envoy Rashad Hussain addressed Islamist Conference of CSID Together with Tariq Ramadan  July 5, 2010
Why Mayor Bloomberg is Mistaken in his Support of 911 Mosque - Cordoba Initiative  June 30, 2010
Tariq Ramadan Suing Rotterdam Muncipality over Firing  June 30, 2010
Filibuster Kagan: End This Charade  June 29, 2010
Hate Imam Zakir Naik to Address Canadian Islamist Conference - Journey of Faith - via Video Link  June 29, 2010
Watch Suriname's Desi Bouterse!  June 28, 2010
Dhimmi Alert - Christian Missionaries Arrested at Dearborn Islam Festival - Presence Offensive to Muslims  June 28, 2010
Dutch Jews Under Increasing Attack From Moroccan Muslims  June 28, 2010
Bat Ayin Update - Israeli Pogrom Against Its People Continues, will Joseph Chai Yeshiva be Next?  June 28, 2010
Congresswoman Sue Myrick Calls For Taskforce to Investigate Presence of Hezbollah on the US Southern Border  June 27, 2010
CAIR's Pro-Terror Red Flags  June 25, 2010
Faisal Shahzad, Jihadi , Explains Terrorism by Dr. Daniel Pipes  June 25, 2010
Imam Faisal Rauf - Leader of 911 Mosque Building Project - Refuses to Condemn Hamas  June 23, 2010
The Left's New Enemy: "Empire" by Dr. Daniel Pipes  June 22, 2010
Kagan's Tolerance of Creeping Shari'a While at Harvard Should Trouble Gays  June 21, 2010
Napolitano Continues Perfidy at Dept of Homeland Security  June 21, 2010
Will PM Netanyahu Allow the Pogrom-like Destruction of Yosef Chai Yeshiva?  June 21, 2010
Faisal Shahzad Pleads Guilty To Times Square Bomb Plot  June 21, 2010
Times Square Bomber Faisal Shahzad Pleads Guilty - "I Consider Myself a Mujahedeen and a Muslim Soldier"  June 21, 2010
Obama Cairo Speech Blowback Leaves Middle East in Shambles  June 19, 2010
Faisal Shahzad Indicted for Attempted Car Bombing in Times Square  June 17, 2010
U.S. Ambassador to UN, Susan Rice - U.S. Won't Block UN Investigation of Gaza Flotilla Incident  June 14, 2010
Muslim Congressmen to Speak at Islamist Conference  June 10, 2010
Islamist Turkey Overreaches by Dr. Daniel Pipes  June 9, 2010
Obama Rep Rashid Hussain Keynotes at Islamist Conference  June 9, 2010
PA Incitement during Proximity Talks Documented by Palestinian Media Watch  June 8, 2010
AG Holder Honored by Saudi Funded Group - American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Commitee Delivers Keynote Address  June 8, 2010
Disgraced ex-MP George Galloway Urges Breaking Gaza Blockade Via Syria and Jordan  June 8, 2010
Thousands Attend NY Protest Against Ground Zero Mosque  June 7, 2010
Iran's Make Believe Relief Organisation - Red Crescent - Threatens Further Flotilla Provocation  June 7, 2010
Hamas Flotilla Jihadists Receive Hero's Welcome in Turkey  June 4, 2010
U.S. Muslim Groups Demand Meeting with Obama, Urge End of Gaza Blockade  June 4, 2010
Gaza Peace Flotilla - Cruisin' For A Bruisin'  June 2, 2010
Obama Administration at Major Fault in Gaza Flotilla Fiasco  June 2, 2010
Heinrich Himmler, the Holocaust, Today's Suicide Bombers and Militant Islam  June 1, 2010
First -Hand Report by Soldier Who was Attacked by Terrorists on Gaza Flotilla  June 1, 2010
Israel Interdicts Hamas Aid Flotilla, Many Terror Supporters Killed- Netanyahu Cancels Meeting with Obama  May 31, 2010
Israeli Soldiers Attacked by Terrorists on Gaza Anti - Israel Flotilla  May 31, 2010
Jury Convicts Pakistani Citizen of Conspiring to Support the Taliban and Unlawful Possession of Firearms  May 28, 2010
Radical Muslim Group - Sharia4Belgium /Muslims Rise Demands Imposition of Shari'a Throughout Europe  May 27, 2010
Florida Counter-Terrorism Conference 2010 (6/8/10) Organized by Americans Against Hate  May 27, 2010
How Islamists Came to Dominate European Islam by Dr. Daniel Pipes  May 26, 2010
Man Admits Attempting to Use a Weapon of Mass Destruction to Bomb Skyscraper in Downtown Dallas  May 26, 2010
John Brennan's "Al Quds" NYU Address- Providing Aid and Comfort to the Islamists  May 25, 2010
9/11 Families Reject Towering Mosque Planned for Ground Zero Site  May 24, 2010
Leading Up To Peace Talks, Fatah Website Calls Israelis "The Zionist Enemy"  May 21, 2010
Congressman Frank Wolf Again Calls For Thorough Intel Review  May 21, 2010
Pakistani -American Group To Feature "Unindicted Co-Conpirator" Of '93 WTC Bombing At May Convention  May 20, 2010
Confrontational Islamist Plan for 911 Mosque Mired in Chaos  May 17, 2010
Five American Muslims Face Life Sentence in Pakistani Court, Charged with Making War on "Infidels"  May 15, 2010
Imam Eric Holder  May 14, 2010
Muslims attack cartoonist Lars Vilks during free speech lecture  May 13, 2010
Is Iran Aiding al-Qaeda?  May 13, 2010
No Pushback from Team Obama on Massive Proposed U.N./ World Health Organization Global Internet Tax  May 13, 2010
Wafa Sultan Speaks at Philadelphia Event  May 12, 2010
Rally to Halt Ground Zero Mosque on June 6 at 12 noon  May 12, 2010
Young Zionists PR: Leading Up To "Peace" Talks , Fatah Website Calls For The Destruction Of Israel  May 11, 2010
Will the State Department Add the Pakistani Taliban to the Foreign Terrorist Organization Registry?  May 11, 2010
Dr. Daniel Pipes Awarded Z Street Prize for Peace Plan  May 11, 2010
Mullah Omar Captured?  May 11, 2010
Pak Link with Shahzad Another Indication that Obama Terror Strategy is Bankrupt  May 10, 2010
CAIR- Chicago Calls Banned Terrorist Leader "World-Renowned Scholar"  May 10, 2010
U.S. Representative Continues Courtship With Enemy By Meeting With 'Hamas Front' In Gaza  May 9, 2010
AAH PR: FOX News Show Attempts To Legitimize Hamas - Associated Group CAIR  May 8, 2010
Mumbai Terrorist Sententenced to Death  May 6, 2010
Is Obama's Long Promised High Value Detainee Interrogation Group Operational?  May 6, 2010
DOJ NY PR: Manhattan U.S. Attorney Charges Faisal Shahzad with Attempted Car Bombing in Times Square  May 5, 2010
Fareed Zakaria and Others Wrong, Pakistan is Not the "Epicenter of Islamic Radicalism"  May 5, 2010
Why Would Anyone Want to Blowup Times Square? By Dr. Daniel Pipes  May 5, 2010
DOJ PR: Statement of Eric Holder on Arrest of Faisal Shahzad in Times Square Bombing Attempt  May 4, 2010
Naturalised American Faisal Shazad recently returned from five month trip to Pakistan  May 4, 2010
Pakistani Arrested in NY Car-Bomb Plot  May 4, 2010
Ahmadinejad's new friend: African dictator Robert Mugabe  May 3, 2010
PMW: From Terrorists to Role Models: The Palestinian Authority's Institutionalization of Incitement  May 3, 2010
The Palestinian Authority Celebrates Terrorists Who Killed Israelis by Dr. Daniel Pipes  May 3, 2010
My Peace Plan: An Israeli Victory by Dr.Daniel Pipes  May 2, 2010
DOJ PR: U.S. Citizen Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Provide Material Support to Al Qaeda  April 28, 2010
Members of Banned Group Campaign To Stop Muslims Voting in UK  April 28, 2010
Attempted NY Subway Bomber Zarin Ahmedzay Pleads Guilty  April 26, 2010
Al -Qaeda commander Rashid Rauf ordered New York subway attacks  April 26, 2010
Kurt Westergaard, Subjected to Death Threats by Islamists, Put on "Indefinite Leave"  April 22, 2010
South Park episode censored after Muslim threats  April 22, 2010
CAIR's Attempted Censorship of Florida Bus Advertisements Defeated  April 22, 2010
Dutch parliament will speedy debate over Islam conference  April 21, 2010
Muslims threaten South Park creators with death over Muhammad in a bear suit  April 21, 2010
Pentagon Study Sounds Alarm - Iranian Al-Quds Force Presence in Venezuela Increasing  April 21, 2010
South Park Controversy - New York Islamist Group "Revolution Muslim" Incites Murder of Cartoon's Creators  April 21, 2010
Great Victory for the First Amendment - Case Demonstrates that CAIR is a Fraudulent Civil Rights Organisation  April 21, 2010
DOJ Spin Regarding FBI Counter Terror Efforts Not Justified Its Own Report  April 20, 2010
Cooperation with America Cited in Recent Pakistani Suicide Attacks  April 20, 2010
Indonesian High Court Lets Blasphemy Law Stand  April 20, 2010
ICNA Materials Promote Jihad at Philly Free Library Festival  April 19, 2010
Attempting to Delineate "Homespun" from Foreign Islamic Terror Counterproductive in Long Run  April 19, 2010
Will ICNA be Allowed to Practice Stealth Jihad at Philadelphia Free Library Festival?  April 15, 2010
Fayyad sponsors fencing tournament named after terrorist leader  April 14, 2010
Philly Mayor Nutter Enthusiatically Shills for CAIR, Unindicted Co-Conspirator in Largest U.S. Hamas Terror Funding Prosecution  April 14, 2010
Transcript of Mayor Nutter's speech to CAIR banquet April 3 2010 in Philadelphia  April 14, 2010
Formerly Banned Islamic Radical Tariq Ramadan Tours US, Speaks at CAIR Event and Congress  April 13, 2010
Holder Stonewall Continues - Effort to Shield Lefty Al-Qaeda Defense Bar  April 12, 2010
Modification of U.S. Nuke Retaliation Policy-Perhaps the Worst National Security Decision in American History  April 9, 2010
Obama Regime Well on Way to Losing Iraq and Afghanistan  April 7, 2010
Muslim Public Service Internships and the Stealth Jihad  April 7, 2010
When Israel Stood Up to Washington by Dr. Daniel Pipes  April 7, 2010
Increasing Obama National Security Malfeasance - Plans to Drop Profiling of Middle East Air Travelers  April 4, 2010
Chicago Taxi Driver - Raja Lahrasib Khan - Indicted on Federal Terrorism Charges  April 4, 2010
Congressmen Wolf and Myrick Demand Halt to GITMO Detainee Releases to Aghanistan  April 4, 2010
CAIR's Fort Hood Hijacking  April 4, 2010
Young Zionists To Protest Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Town Hall Meeting - Monday April 5th at 7pm  April 4, 2010
The problem with Turkey:Resurgent Islamism, Mafia-style organized crime, import-brides,arranged marriages, inbreeding,polygamy,prostitution and honor-killings  March 28, 2010
Forgotten Document Outlines Deep Hezbollah Involvement in South America  March 27, 2010
DOJ PR: Chicago Man Charged With Providing Material Support To Al Qaeda By Attempting To Send Funds Overseas  March 26, 2010
FAU Professor And Mosque Leader Bassem Alhalabi, Arrested For Assault On Joe Kaufman  March 25, 2010
Assault at Muslim Capitol Day - Joe Kaufman reports on being attacked by FAU professor Bassem Alhalabi  March 24, 2010
Saudis Launch Major Counter Terrorism Effort - Over 100 Al-Qaeda Suspects Arrested  March 24, 2010
Holder/Obama Release Two More Uighur Terror Suspects  March 24, 2010
Clinton Judge - James Robertson - Set to Free Top Al-Qaeda Terrorist  March 23, 2010
Team Obama Continues Myth of Pakistan's Commitment to War on Terror  March 22, 2010
Emerson Vermaat responds to false accusations against him made by Linda Sarsour  March 22, 2010
UK Muslim News "Awards for Excellence" Lauded by PM and Other Politicians  March 22, 2010
Warrant Out For Muslim Attacker Of AAH Chairman Joe Kaufman  March 21, 2010
Treasury Designates Gaza-Based Business, Television Station for Hamas Ties  March 18, 2010
We Don't CAIR Conference in Oklahoma City - Tuesday March 23rd  March 18, 2010
Young Moroccan criminals terrorise Veenendaal - Mayor warns residents not to go out at night  March 18, 2010
DOJ PR: David Coleman Headley Pleads Guilty to Role in India and Denmark Terrorism Conspiracies Admits Conducting Surveillance for Lashkar e Tayyiba in Planning 2008 Mumbai Attacks  March 18, 2010
Moroccan Thugs Terrorize Dutch City  March 18, 2010
David Coleman Headley Pleads Guilty To Conspiracy in Mumbai and Denmark Terror Plots  March 18, 2010
CAIR Attacks the Foreign Policy Research Institute by Dr. Daniel Pipes  March 17, 2010
Netanyahu's Brother-in-Law: Obama's an Anti-Semite  March 17, 2010
Statement in Support of Israel Expressing Alarm over President Obama and Secretary Clinton's Efforts to Undermine the Jewish State  March 17, 2010
New 'CAIR Observatory' connects the dots on CAIR's foreign funding and lobbying  March 17, 2010
AP Discovers Civilizational Conflict Between the West and Islam  March 16, 2010
America's Shiny New Palestinian Militia by Dr.Daniel Pipes  March 16, 2010
Biden's Visit to Israel - Permission To Breathe  March 15, 2010
Journalist And Cameraman Assaulted At Muslim Capitol Day -Assailant Bassam Alhalabi Director of Boca Mosque Charged With Battery  March 12, 2010
Obama Admin Sides With Terrorist Abbas In Jerusalem Building Row  March 11, 2010
The American Jewish Committee Teams up with Hispanic Supremacist Group the National Council of La Raza  March 11, 2010
America on Guard program in opposition to Muslim Day at the Florida State Capitol - March 10th and 11th 2010  March 10, 2010
"The Philadelphia Imperative" A National Security Briefing Thursday April 1, 2010  March 10, 2010
Pennslyvania Female Jihadist Arrested: Sought to Mount Attacks Which Would Terrorize the "Whole Kuffar World"  March 10, 2010
DOJ PR: Pennslyvania Woman Indicted in Plot to Recruit Violent Jihadist Fighters and to Commit Murder Overseas  March 9, 2010
Tom Campbell Outed Again As Phony Conservative  March 9, 2010
Heathrow Airport Terror Probe Expands  March 8, 2010
Arrest Mix-Up:Pakistani Suspect Not American Al-Qaeda Spokesman Adam Gadahn  March 8, 2010
Pakistan Spy Agency Bombed  March 8, 2010
Terror Soft Eric Holder Busted - Identity of Al-Qaeda 7 Revealed by Fox News  March 5, 2010
DOJ PR: Mesa Man Sentenced to Prison for Lying to the FBI During a Terrorism Investigation  March 5, 2010
German Muslims jailed who plotted 'second September 11'  March 4, 2010
Imam pleads guilty to tipping NYC subway bomb plotter  March 4, 2010
Anti - Hate Group To Rally Against CAIR on March 6 in Fort Lauderdale  March 3, 2010
Bowing to Radical Islam - Article and Video  March 3, 2010
Can Tahir ul-Qadri Help Reform Islam?  March 3, 2010
Crisis in Turkey by Dr. Daniel Pipes  March 2, 2010
First Muslim College Might Well Become Hotbed of Radical Islam  March 1, 2010
Grassley Letter Forces AG Holder To Admit That At Least 9 DOJ Attorneys Represented GITMO Terrorists or Filed Amicus Briefs on Their Behalf  February 25, 2010
New Book Reveals Hamas Double Agent Saved Scores of Innocent Lives  February 25, 2010
DOJ PR: Two Charged with Terror Violations in Connection with New York Subway Plot  February 25, 2010
The "Peace Partners" Who Never Were  February 24, 2010
Muslim American Society Splinter Group - Muslim Americans for Palestine [MAP] - Adopts Radical Palestinian Viewpoint  February 24, 2010
Widespread Pak Anti - Americanism Demonstrated in Effort to Repatriate Aafia Siddiqui  February 24, 2010
Al -Qaeda And The Taliban Very Happy With Dutch Labor Party Stance On Afghanistan Which Is Fully In Line With Their Tactics  February 24, 2010
The Pennsylvania Lifeline to Hamas  February 22, 2010
Najibullah Zazi pleads guilty to New York subway bomb plot "martyrdom operation"  February 22, 2010
Powerful New Film - Crossing the Line - Details Rise of Anti Semitism on Campus  February 22, 2010
AAH To Lead Protest Against CAIR And "Unindicted Co-Conspirator " Of 93 WTC Bombing - March 6th  February 16, 2010
Shocked and Amazed - State Department Discovers That Iran Might be a Dictatorship  February 16, 2010
CAIR's Hamas Co-Conspirator Associates  February 15, 2010
Ahmadinejad Declares Iran a "Nuclear State"  February 12, 2010
Barnard College Teams with Columbia MSA and Radical Harvard Cleric for Islamic Finance Symposium  February 11, 2010
Anti -Hate Group To Protest At Location Of Radical Muslim Street Sign , Noon Friday  February 10, 2010
Muslim Advocacy Day - A Comprehensive Report  February 8, 2010
Court Rejects Wilders' Witnesses  February 8, 2010
At War with Radical Islam? It's time to connect the dots  February 8, 2010
The Mosque Next Door - The Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center  February 8, 2010
Demands for State Funded Muslim Only Schools in Britain Grows Louder  February 8, 2010
Clueless About CAIR and ISNA  February 7, 2010
Dutch politician Geert Wilders launches websites on political trial  February 7, 2010
Pakistani Scientist Convicted in NY on Terror Charges  February 5, 2010
Islamist Rabble Rousing Over Imam Luqman Abdullah's Messy Departure  February 4, 2010
Experts: Terror attack on U.S. is likely in the near future  February 4, 2010
Al Qaeda plans to surgically insert bombs into terrorists to foil new airport scanners  February 3, 2010
KSM to be Tried in New Haven  February 3, 2010
Dutch High Court Orders Retrial of Hofstad Group  February 3, 2010
House Moves to Ban Civilian Trial of KSM, Frank Wolf Introduces Legislation  February 3, 2010
Islamist Lawfare Defeated in Texas  February 2, 2010
How to Save the Obama Presidency: Bomb Iran by Dr. Daniel Pipes  February 2, 2010
The Problem With Islamic Broadcasting Networks And Islamic Schools In The Netherlands  February 1, 2010
The Terror and Crime of the American Task Force on Palestine  January 29, 2010
Ft. Hood Study - DOD's Shocking Whitewash of Major Hasan's Jihad  January 28, 2010
Former CAIR Chicago Chairman Safaa Zazour Becomes ISNA Secretary General  January 27, 2010
Failure To Break Abdulmutallab - Amidst Unraveling Administration, MSM Comes To Bat For Obama's Terror Policy  January 27, 2010
The Wake Up Call That Never Comes - Why The Latest Bin Laden Message Should Be Of Special Concern To Obama  January 26, 2010
UK Spawns Islamic Terrorists  January 25, 2010
Salam Fayyad to speak at Herzliya Conference  January 25, 2010
US officials warn of attacks by Al-Qaeda trained female suicide bombers  January 24, 2010
Effective Interrogation Of Christmas Bomber Blocked By White House- National Security Team Cut Out Of Process  January 24, 2010
Pentagon report on Ford Hood massacre doesn't mention Islam  January 22, 2010
CAIR's Fort Hood Idol  January 22, 2010
Geert Wilders Statement To The Court  January 21, 2010
The Centre For Social Cohesion PR: Largest Muslim Student Group Promotes Extremists  January 20, 2010
Why I Stand with Geert Wilders by Dr. Daniel Pipes  January 19, 2010
Pakistan's ISI Intelligence Service Implicated In Afghanistan CIA Bomb Attack  January 18, 2010
Al -Qaeda In The Arabian Peninsula Issues Threats Against U.S.  January 18, 2010
Victory for Free Speech in Texas  January 18, 2010
Joe Kaufman Wins Islamist Lawsuit Yet Again  January 18, 2010
Sharia: A Threat To Britain's Future As A Tolerant Society  January 14, 2010
Rewards for Justice: State Department,FBI Release Digitally Enhanced Photos Of Most Wanted Terrorist Suspects  January 14, 2010
PR- Center for Social Cohesion: How UCL Authorities Ignored Islamist Extremism  January 10, 2010
Video: Rep Sue Myrick Warns Of Homegrown Terrorism, Ft. Hood Explained  January 10, 2010
Free Speech To Go On Trial In Holland With Geert Wilders Case on January 20  January 10, 2010
Anti-Hate Group To Call For Davie,FL Council Member's Resignation  January 7, 2010
Turning Tail in Yemen, will Obama Now Admit the Failure of his GITMO Repatriation Policy?  January 4, 2010
Obama Confidant Bill Ayers Joins Pro-Hamas Demonstration in Egypt  January 4, 2010
Somali Muslim with ties to Al -Qaeda tried to murder Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard  January 2, 2010
FBI's Listing Of Top 2009 Terrorism Cases  December 31, 2009
Anti-Hate Group To Launch Pro- Israel Initiative At Wednesday Rally December 30 at 3:00  December 30, 2009
VA Congressman Wolf Again Calls For Halt To Repatriation Of Yemeni GITMO Detainees  December 30, 2009
DOJ PR: Nigerian National Charged with Attempting to Destroy Northwest Airlines Aircraft  December 30, 2009
Obama Amends Executive Order 12425, Placing INTERPOL Beyond The Reach Of American Law?  December 30, 2009
Memphis Muslim threatened jihad and to blow up businesses  December 29, 2009
Thwarted plane bombing debunks myth of link between poverty and terror  December 29, 2009
Terrorists Who Killed Rabbi Treated As Martyred Heroes By Mahmoud Abbas and Salam Fayyad  December 29, 2009
What the Near-Tragedy in Detroit Revealed by Dr.Daniel Pipes  December 28, 2009
Flight 253 and Counterterror's Epic Fail by Robert Spencer  December 28, 2009
2009 - Jihad Comes To America In A Big Way  December 28, 2009
Davie, FL Councilwoman Accuses Jews Of "Trying To Convert Everyone" Says Hamas Related Group Has Right To Street Sign  December 28, 2009
Interview with Tom Trento about On Guard Rally in Ft. Lauderdale December 30 2009  December 28, 2009
Terrorist's Journey From London Student To Jihadist  December 27, 2009
Adul Farouk Abdulmutallab's Nigeria Seen As Home To Growing Al-Qaeda Threat  December 26, 2009
Radical Islam's Defiling of Christmas by Joe Kaufman  December 26, 2009
IDF Killed Terrorists Who Murdered Rabbi  December 26, 2009
Failed Terrorist Attack On U.S. Airliner By Nigerian Muslim Tied To Al-Qaida  December 26, 2009
Rabbi murdered by Abbas's Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade U.S. trained terrorists  December 25, 2009
Some Common Sense in Egypt and Saudi Arabia by Dr. Daniel Pipes  December 24, 2009
Treasury Targets Iraq Based Jaysh Rijal al Tariq, Freezing Their U.S. Assets  December 24, 2009
Dutch police arrest Moroccan "Snow terrorists"  December 24, 2009
Congressman Frank Wolf Presses AG Holder On Black Panther Voter Intimidation Case - Demands Answers  December 22, 2009
Police warn of Mumbai -style terror attack in London  December 21, 2009
Current U.S. Rules Of Engagement In Afghanistan Problematic  December 17, 2009
City Of Davie Refuses To Remove Hamas-Related CAIR Street Sign  December 16, 2009
Seattle Jihadi Naveed Haq Jailed For Life For Attack On Jewish Federation  December 15, 2009
Muslim Defense Lawyer In Holland Allowed Not To Rise For Judge In Courtroom - The Shadowy Side of Multiculturalism  December 14, 2009
DOJ PR: Terrorism Defendants Sentenced - Ehsanul Islam Sadequee Receives 17 Years - Syed Haris Ahmed Receives 13 Years  December 14, 2009
AAH PR: Broward County Attempts To Place Blame For Hamas -Associated Street Sign On City Of Davie  December 13, 2009
Anti-Hate Group To Protest Hamas Linked Organisation's Adoption Of A Street In Broward County  December 10, 2009
Attempt to bring Muslim killer of French Jewish DJ to court  December 10, 2009
UK Muslim sentenced to life in airline bomb plot  December 10, 2009
American students in Pakistan wanted to die as martyrs  December 10, 2009
UK Muslim Adam Khatib found guilty of airline bomb plot  December 9, 2009
Swiss Minarets and European Islam by Dr. Daniel Pipes  December 9, 2009
U.S. faces rising threat from homegrown radical Islamists  December 9, 2009
DOJ PR: Chicagoan Charged With Conspiracy in 2008 Mumbai Attacks in Addition To Foreign Terror Plot in Denmark  December 7, 2009
Thousands Rally In NYC To Protest Trying Terrorists As Civilians  December 6, 2009
Unbelievable- ISNA Islamist Louay Safi Does Da'wa At Ft. Hood  December 5, 2009
Reward Offer for Pan Am Flight 73 Hijackers  December 5, 2009
Video Released About Temple Terrace Mayor Joe Affronti And His Terror -Related Awards  December 2, 2009
Islamist group claims responsibility for Russian train bombing  December 2, 2009
9/11 Never Forget Coalition Says Failure To Consult NYC Police Commissioner Shows AG Holder Trial Decision Put Politics Over Security  December 2, 2009
Obama's Muslim Outreach, Kareem Shora And The Department Of Homeland Security  November 30, 2009
Swiss vote to ban minarets  November 30, 2009
Muslim convert suspected in Russian train bombing  November 30, 2009
Anti-Hate Group Calls On Temple Terrace Mayor To Give Back Terror-Related Awards  November 25, 2009
DOJ PR: Four Indicted for Conspiring to Support Hizballah; Six Others Charged with Related Crimes  November 24, 2009
Islamism 2.0 by Dr. Daniel Pipes -How legal Islamism poses more of a threat than violent Islamism  November 24, 2009
Two Names Added To FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists List  November 24, 2009
Dick Cheney Charges Obama Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Decision Will Lead To "A Show Trial"  November 23, 2009
Terror Charges Unsealed in Minnesota Against Eight Defendants, Justice Department Announces  November 23, 2009
Maj. Hasan's Islamist Life by Dr. Daniel Pipes  November 21, 2009
Senator Sessions Blasts Holder At 9/11 Hearings,Criminal Prosecution, "Dangerous...Misguided...Unecessary"  November 19, 2009
Islamist Terrorists In Holland, Spain and Italy - Recent Arrests And Court Cases  November 16, 2009
Team Obama's Indefensible Decision To Try GITMO Terrorists in NY Federal Court  November 14, 2009
Congressman Frank Wolf "Deeply Concerned" Obama Plan To Try 9/11 Terrorists Will "Put The U.S. On Trial" Instead  November 14, 2009
Congress Hoekstra Files Request For Preservation Order Regarding Ft. Hood Documents  November 14, 2009
Attorney General Announces Forum Decisions for Guantanamo Detainees  November 14, 2009
Belgium wants to revoke terrorist's nationality  November 12, 2009
Rep.Wolf Again Demands GITMO Detainees Not Be Sent To Al-Qaeda Stronghold, Yemen  November 12, 2009
Siraj Wahhaj, 1993 World Trade Center Unindicted CoConspirator Meets With Bloomberg  November 12, 2009
US State Department Launches Partnerships With Muslim Communities with Forum For The Future 2009  November 11, 2009
FBI Press release on Hasan and Fort Hood "shooting incident" "has not identified a motive"  November 11, 2009
Sudden Jihad or "Inordinate Stress" at Ft. Hood ? by Dr. Daniel Pipes  November 9, 2009
Uncritical Pursuit Of Diversity Prevents Calling Hasan's Ft. Hood Attack Islamic Terrorism  November 9, 2009
Ft. Hood Killings Part Of The Stealth Jihad  November 9, 2009
Fort Hood killer handed out Korans on the morning of his attack shouted "Allahu Akbar" before shooting  November 6, 2009
Fort Hood Attack- Obama's Insensitive, Callous Remarks  November 6, 2009
Belgian lesbian Muslimah suspected victim of honor killing by parents and faith healer  November 5, 2009
Israel Seizes Huge Arms Cache, Purportedly Having Originated in Iran  November 5, 2009
Rep Frank Wolf Blasts Obama, Opposes Sending GITMO Detainees To Yemen  November 4, 2009
Secty. Of State Clinton Meets With Libyan Terrorist?  November 4, 2009
Murder of Theo van Gogh marked in Holland  November 2, 2009
Al-Qaeda Sleeper Agent Ali Al-Marri Jailed In US For Eight Years  October 29, 2009
State Department Re- Designates Al- Qa'ida In The Islamic Maghreb [AQIM] As A Foreign Terrorist Organisation  October 28, 2009
DOJ PR: Two Chicago Men Charged in Connection with Alleged Roles in Foreign Terror Plot that Focused on Targets in Denmark  October 28, 2009
CAIR's Inner Workings Exposed in new book "Muslim Mafia"  October 28, 2009
DOJ PR: Eleven Members/Associates of Ummah Charged with Federal Violations- One Subject Fatally Shot During Arrest  October 28, 2009
Anti-Hate Group Condemns Jesse Jackson For Appearence At CAIR Event  October 26, 2009
Anti-hate Organisation Calls For Censure Of Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison For Involvement With Radical Islamists  October 24, 2009
Dutch MP Geert Wilders Delivers Stirring Call To Action Against Radical Islam  October 22, 2009
DOJ Press Release on sentencing of Toledo terror plotters Amawi - El-Hindi and Mazloum  October 22, 2009
DOJ Press Release on arrest on Tarek Mehanna who plotted attacks on shopping malls  October 21, 2009
CAIR's 15th Annual Banquet Features Anti - Semites And Jihadists  October 21, 2009
How to prevent terrorism recruitment in prisons  October 20, 2009
The Muslim Student Union And U.C. Irvine - Not A Hostile Enviornment For Jews?  October 19, 2009
UK Muslims plan march to demand full shari'a law  October 18, 2009
"Hymietown" Jesse Jackson Headlines Banquet For Hamas Linked CAIR  October 17, 2009
Rep. Sue Myrick's "Wake Up America" 2.0 Agenda  October 15, 2009
CAIR's Inner Workings Exposed by Dr. Daniel Pipes  October 15, 2009
UC Irvine files complaint with feds that MSU raised money for a "terrorist organisation"  October 15, 2009
UC Irvine Muslim Student Union Guilty of Hamas Fundraising on Campus? Feds Notified  October 15, 2009
Obama Gives Khadhaffi $2.5M In Aid, Khadhaffi Releases 88 Al-Qaeda Terrorists  October 15, 2009
Rifqa Bary Suffers Further Abuse,Judge Orders Her Back To Ohio  October 14, 2009
Terror Bomber Rachid Ramda Gets 22 Year Minimum Sentence  October 14, 2009
Muslim Mafia - Congressmen Shadegg, Myrick, Broun and Franks Slam CAIR  October 14, 2009
Feds Say Terror Plotter Najibullah Zazi Had Contact With Top Afghan Al-Qaeda Leader  October 14, 2009
Brit MP Sadiq Khan Ministers To Terror Suspect Babar Ahmad  October 13, 2009
Taliban Offensive Continues,Indian Attack Kills At Least 10  October 12, 2009
Team Obama's Panic To Separate Al-Qaeda From The Taliban  October 12, 2009
Destabilizing Western Society Through Import Brides, Polygamy, Islamist Terrorism and Crime  October 11, 2009
CAIR's Dissembling In The Farahi Case  October 8, 2009
Hezbollah Defender Arif Alikhan Appointed By Team Obama To DHS  October 8, 2009
Al - Aqsa/Hamas TV Teaching Childen To "Slaughter" Jews  October 6, 2009
Jytte Klausen Author Of "The Cartoons That Shook The World" Speaks in Philadelphia  October 2, 2009
ISNA - Co - Conspirator In Hamas Terror Trial Participates in TSA's Community Program  September 29, 2009
DOJ PR : Najibullah Zazi Indicted for Conspiracy to Use Explosives Against Persons or Property in the United States  September 24, 2009
NY Terror Plot - Najibullah Zazi Indicted On Conspiracy To Use Weapons of Mass Destruction  September 24, 2009
Jihadist arrested in plot to bomb III courthouse  September 24, 2009
Jordanian Muslim arrested after placing inactive bomb in Dallas skyscraper  September 24, 2009
Terror Defense Lawyer/Imam & Anti-Semitic NY Imam Behind Islam On Capitol Hill Event  September 23, 2009
Law Enforcement Worries NY Al-Qaeda Terror Plot Is "Still Alive"  September 22, 2009
Al Qaeda linked NY and Colorado Terror Suspects to Appear in Court - Affadavits  September 21, 2009
Dutch Pol Geert Wilders Proposes "Head Rag Tax" For Muslim Women  September 17, 2009
Hugo Chavez And Iran - A Remarkable Leftist - Islamist Alliance Against Freedom  September 16, 2009
NY terrorists plotted backpack bombs to kill as many people as possible  September 16, 2009
Al Qaeda Terror Plot Busted In New York ?  September 15, 2009
Mastermind in Bly Oregon terror camp plot sentenced to life  September 15, 2009
Three UK Muslims Get Life Terms For Airplane Liquid Bomb Plot  September 14, 2009
Wilders "Trial Of The Century" Set For January, Blasts Obama As Chamberlain  September 14, 2009
Homes searched in NY terror probe  September 14, 2009
Obama Brings Pro - Saddam, Anti - Israel Palestinian Al Waleed "Refugees" To US  September 14, 2009
Lt. Col. Allen West & Walid Phares- 911, Eight Years And Counting  September 12, 2009
Anti- Hate Group Calls For Investigation Into CAIR Leader's Ties To Islamic Radical Yusuf Al-Qaradawi  September 10, 2009
UK Set To Release Dozens Of Terrorists Into Low Security Hostels  September 9, 2009
NY Madrassa Principal Almontaser's Suit Dismissed  September 9, 2009
Almontaser suit against NYC Departnent of Education dismissed by court  September 8, 2009
Rifqa Bary - The Illiberalism Of Mainstream Islam  September 8, 2009
Three UK Muslims found guilty of plotting to kill thousands in airplane bomb plot  September 7, 2009
Obama Cairo Blowback - New Jersey Muslims Organize Massive Da'wa Event On Capitol Hill  September 7, 2009
CA Pols Share Iftar With Hamas Front Group CAIR  September 3, 2009
Islamist Groups Threaten Free Speech Ruling in Joe Kaufman Case  September 3, 2009
White House list of Iftar event invitees and transcript of remarks by the President  September 2, 2009
Niqabs and Burqas: The Threat Continues by Dr.Daniel Pipes  September 1, 2009
Rifqa Bary - Prisoner of Islam  September 1, 2009
Rifqa Bary Documents - Father Threatened To Kill Her, Noor Mosque Which Family Attended Has Terrorist Ties  August 31, 2009
Chertoff- Country "Won't Be Safe" Under Obama's Tepid Anti-Terror Policies  August 30, 2009
Cheney - Obama CIA Prosecution "Will Do Great Damage Long Term"  August 30, 2009
Holder And Obama Move Against CIA  August 25, 2009
Faux Moderate Tariq Ramadan Fired As Lecturer And Integration Advisor  August 25, 2009
Who Is Behind The State Department Hyped Muslim Da'wa Film, 'Journey Into America?'  August 21, 2009
Counterterrorism in Obama's Washington by Dr. Daniel Pipes  August 19, 2009
California man sentenced to 70 months for jihadi plot to kill Jews and attack military bases  August 19, 2009
USF student Youssef Megahed 'may have been part of a terrorist cell'  August 19, 2009
Tariq Ramadan fired as Rotterdam integration advisor for ties to Iranian regime  August 18, 2009
Jihadist Truck Bomber Strikes Russian City  August 17, 2009
Moroccan Immigrants In The Netherlands And Belgium And Their Involvement In Crime And Terrorism  August 17, 2009
Atlanta Jihadist - Ehsanul Islam Sadequee - Convicted  August 12, 2009
German Jihadists say Hatred of US was behind Terror Plot  August 12, 2009
Deported Yemeni Terrorists Welcomed Home By Thousands At Saan'a Airport  August 12, 2009
Holder's DOJ Gets Closer To Prosecuting Bush Admin Officials Over Gitmo  August 10, 2009
By 2050 a fifth of the European Union will be Muslim  August 9, 2009
White House Senior Advisor Brennan Defends Obama's Administration Abandonment Of War On Islamic Terrorism  August 7, 2009
Doctor friend of Glasgow airport bombers can stay in UK  August 7, 2009
Islamist Child Abuse - How MAS exploits children to further their agenda  August 7, 2009
Presidential Support for U.S. PLO Terror Mission  August 7, 2009
Book Review: Emerson Vermaat -Nazi's Communists and Islamists: Remarkable Alliances between Extremists  August 7, 2009
Predator Missile Launch Misses Pak Taliban Leader, Kills His Second Wife - Update Mehsud believed killed  August 6, 2009
Afghan Crisis - Top Defense Chiefs Call For As Many As 30,000 More Troops  August 4, 2009
No to Islamic Law by Dr. Daniel Pipes - How shari'a is being implemented in the West  August 4, 2009
Radical Islamist group paid for Congressman Keith Ellison's trip to Mecca  August 4, 2009
Obama's "Peaceful" Uighurs Continue Chinese Jihad  August 3, 2009
Australian police arrest four in thwarted military base suicide attack plot  August 3, 2009
Obama Allows Export Of Once Restricted Technologies To Terrorist Syria  July 29, 2009
'Shoe Bomber' Richard Reid sues to resume his jihad from prison  July 29, 2009
Moroccan terror leader Abdelkader Belliraj gets life in jail  July 28, 2009
Australian convert pleads guilty to terror plot aimed at killing thousands  July 28, 2009
Germany facing terror threat  July 28, 2009
How a terrorist from Long Island made contact with Al Qaeda  July 28, 2009
"Willing To Die As Martyrs," Seven Charged In Extensive North Carolina Muslim Terror Plot  July 28, 2009
Suicidal Brits Issue Hijabs To Women Police Officers  July 28, 2009
New York City Council Mandates Observance Of Muslim Holidays  July 28, 2009
Latest Obama Crackdown Would Threaten Anti-Islamist Websites  July 27, 2009
Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades threatens Sacha Baron Cohen over Bruno film  July 27, 2009
CAIR Lies About First Decision In "Flying Imams" Case  July 27, 2009
Seven men in South Carolina arrested on terrorism charges  July 27, 2009
American Al-Qaida gets life for Bush assassination plot  July 27, 2009
Clinton Set To Transfer $200M To Terrorist Palestinian Authority  July 24, 2009
Team Obama Set To Destroy Military Tribunals  July 23, 2009
American convert to Islam trained with Al Qaeda - plotted attacks on commuter trains - fought in Pakistan and Afghanistan  July 22, 2009
AG Eric Holder Visits Saudi Funded Da'wa Mosque  July 21, 2009
Mumbai Terrorist Pleads Guilty  July 20, 2009
Hizb Ut -Tahrir Jihad Conference Held In Chicago Suburb draws hundreds  July 20, 2009
Interfaith dialogue group with Islamists from abroad and in the U.S. has lunch at Saudi embassy  July 20, 2009
Madrassa Masquerading As Minnesota Charter School Remains Defiant  July 19, 2009
Dead and injured in Jakarta hotel suicide bombings  July 17, 2009
UK Convert Found Guilty of Suicide Bomb Plot In Shopping Center  July 17, 2009
Obama's "Muslim Outreach" - Obsessed With Wrong Question  July 16, 2009
ICNA brings Jamaat-e-Islami to America  July 15, 2009
Terror linked Imam of radical mosque in Miami fighting deportation seeks help of Congressman Kendrick Meek  July 15, 2009
The Moroccan Taxi Mafia In Amsterdam  July 14, 2009
Somalis in America return to join jihad with Al Qaeda linked Al-Shahab  July 13, 2009
Verdict in torture murder of French Jew Ilan Halimi  July 13, 2009
Saudis On Verge Of Establishing Huge Wahhabi Base In Fairfax County Virginia  July 13, 2009
Young Female Islamist Denial  July 10, 2009
Radical Mosque Opens In Boston  July 8, 2009
Islam in Obama's Cairo Speech by Dr. Daniel Pipes  July 7, 2009
Leaders of newly opened Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center are extremists  July 7, 2009
CAIR Responsible For Framing Anti-Jihad Investigator David Graubatz As Gun Toting Neo-Nazi?  July 6, 2009
Dave Gaubatz Files Complaint With FBI Over Expulsion From 2009 ISNA Conventions And Reveals Hate Literature Distributed At Group's 2008 Event  July 6, 2009
Pak Taliban "Buying" Children And Forcing Them To Become Suicide Bombers  July 5, 2009
Petition To Remove Keith Ellison From Anti -Semitism Task Force  July 2, 2009
CAIR Distributes 100,000 Korans;Overtly Proselytizes by Dr.Daniel Pipes  July 1, 2009
Terrorist Phone Conversations In Mumbai Attacks  July 1, 2009
UK's Shari'a Court System Metastasizing At Exponential Rate  June 30, 2009
Islamist Lawsuit Against AAH Chairman Joe Kaufman Dismissed -Ruling Says Case Has No Merit  June 29, 2009
Total Victory - Jihadi Lawsuit Brought Against Joe Kaufman By Radical Muslims Dismissed  June 29, 2009
Al- Jazeera and the Muslim Brotherhood  June 26, 2009
Netanyahu's Fatah Folly - How the Israeli PM is courting a terrorist organisation  June 24, 2009
Pastor Rick Warren Scheduled To Attend Annual Convention Of Convention Of Unindicted Terror Trial Co-Conspirator- The Islamic Society of North American (ISNA)  June 24, 2009
Chicago Islamists Push Statewide Arabic Programs In Public Schools  June 24, 2009
New Jersey Man Received 17 Month Sentence For Providing Material Support and Resources to Hezbollah  June 23, 2009
The 2005 Iranian Presidential Election Was Also Rigged  June 23, 2009
Young Muslims' Moderator Hater - Mujahideen Ryder promotes hate on Muslim youth web forum  June 18, 2009
Terror Linked Bridgeview Mosque Behind Push For Arabic Language Instruction In Illinois Public Schools  June 18, 2009
Obama's Damaging Policy Of "Non-Meddling" In Iran  June 17, 2009
Muslim Brotherhood, "Read To Send Immediately 10,000 Mujahidin To Fight The Zionists"  June 17, 2009
The Problems With Somali Immigrants: Asylum Fraud, Juvenile Crime, Honor Crimes, Illegal Money Transfers and Islamism  June 15, 2009
Virginia GOP Rep Wolf Rips CAIR In House Speech Asking "Who Is CAIR?"  June 15, 2009
Tampa Mayor Iorio To No Longer Award Radical Group CAIR With Proclamations  June 10, 2009
America's First Muslim President  June 9, 2009
Saudi Lackey Appointed To Homeland Security Advisory Council  June 9, 2009
DOJ Fact Sheet: Prosecuting and Detaining Terror Suspects in the U.S. Criminal Justice System  June 9, 2009
Obama's Plan To Protect Terror Funding Muslim Charities A Clear And Present Danger To Israel  June 9, 2009
Verdict In - Al -Qaeda,The Taliban And Their American Muslim Apologists Loved Obama's Cairo Dhimmi Speech  June 8, 2009
Unbelievable - Holder Justice Department Sues To Enforce "Right" To Wear Hijab By Corrections Officers  June 8, 2009
Dr. Daniel Pipes Accesses Obama's Cairo Speech  June 4, 2009
Obama's Muslim World Address In Cairo Examined  June 4, 2009
Obama - U.S. "One Of The Largest Muslim Countries In The World"  June 3, 2009
Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, A Muslim Convert, Kills Military Recruiter In Arkansas Jihad Attack  June 2, 2009
Al-Muhajiroun says they plan to regroup in the UK - Centre For Social Cohesion Press Release  June 1, 2009
Terrorist Group Al- Muhajiroun To Relaunch In UK  June 1, 2009
Muslim convert shoots two soldiers at army recruiting center in Arkansas  June 1, 2009
Netherlands, A Nation In The Grip Of Stockholm Syndrome  May 28, 2009
Obama And Holder Ready To Supplant War On Terror With Clinton's Disastrous Law Enforcement Model  May 28, 2009
Hamas funders jailed for 65 years in Texas  May 27, 2009
Heinrich Himmler's Remarkable Admiration For Islam: "It Promises Beautiful Women In Heaven"  May 26, 2009
Jihad plot foiled in New York - bombings of synagouges and shooting down of military planes were planned  May 21, 2009
Libel Lawfare Conference Probes New Islamist Tactic Of Intimidation Via The Courts  May 21, 2009
A History of Muslim Terrorism Against Jews in the United States by Dr. Daniel Pipes  May 21, 2009
Somali in Minneapolis Pleads Guilty to Aiding Al Qaeda  May 21, 2009
Nomination Of Harold Koh Raises Grave Issues Concerning U.S. Sovereignty  May 21, 2009
Jihad Plot To Bomb New York Synagogues Foiled  May 21, 2009
Islamist Movement Spreading In Bosnia  May 21, 2009
German Interior Minister Schauble Opposes Taking Detainees from Guantanamo  May 18, 2009
Stealth Jihad College Proposed By Faux Moderate Sheikh Hamza Yusuf  May 18, 2009
Sears Tower Attack Plotters Convicted In Miami  May 12, 2009
Deport Radical Muslim Cleric Foad Farahi  May 12, 2009
ISNA, Conspiring Since 1963 - How the Islamic Society of North America and the Muslim Student Association are one and the same  May 12, 2009
Hate Preacher Abu Izzadeen granted early release from prison in the UK - The Center for Social Cohesion press release  May 7, 2009
Obama Sellout Of Israel Continues-Nuke Stockpile Now In Jeopardy  May 6, 2009
Media Disinformation Campaign Hits High Gear In Duka Case  May 5, 2009
Fascist Brit Home Secretary, Jaqui Smith, Bans Michael Savage  May 5, 2009
Rep Frank Wolf Blasts Imminent Release Of Ugyhur Terrorists, Stating It Poses "Profound Security Problems"  May 4, 2009
Convicted terrorist plotter testifies in Oregon jihad camp conspiracy trial  May 1, 2009
Top Taliban Associate and Former Mujahideen Warlord Sentenced To Life on Heroin Trafficking Charges  May 1, 2009
Former U.S. Prosecutor Andy McCarthy Blasts AG Holder, Calls GITMO Task Force A "Charade".  May 1, 2009
Obama's Muslim Woman Advisor, Dalia Mogahed, Showcases Her Islamism  April 30, 2009
Hezbollah Drug Ring Busted On Curacao, FInancial Home Of Nazi Collaborator And Obama Funder George Soros  April 30, 2009
U.S. Government : Al Qaeda remains greatest terrorist threat  April 30, 2009
Ali Al-Marri pleads guilty to being sleeper agent for al-Qaeda in the U.S.  April 30, 2009
Friends of 7/7 bombers sentenced for plotting to attend jihad camp  April 29, 2009
The Flying Imam's Tactical Demand For National Security Documents  April 29, 2009
CAIR Demands End To Surveillance of Radical Muslims As Price For "Improving America's Image"  April 28, 2009
Duka Brothers Get Life In Prison For Ft. Dix Muslim Terror Plot  April 28, 2009
Prognosis Poor In Pakistan's Non Battle With Taliban  April 26, 2009
Decision On Sami Al Arian Motion Postponed  April 26, 2009
Hizb ut- Tahrir Britain (HT) promotes violent jihad -Extreme HT cleric brought into UK to preach violence  April 21, 2009
North African And Nigerian Crime And Terrorist Networks  April 20, 2009
UK Visa Loophole Providing Free Potential Access To Pakistani Terrorists  April 13, 2009
Terror Trial Of Oussama Abdullah Kassir Set To Begin In New York  April 13, 2009
On Campus Anti-Semitism, Pro-Terrorism - How The MSA promotes radical speakers  April 12, 2009
Philly Court Crushes Shar'ia In Philly Cop Case, Council on American Islamic Relations and ISNA Take Big Hit  April 12, 2009
Hamas singer Monzer Taleb to speak at CAIR- Cleveland fundraiser this weekend  April 3, 2009
Radical Islamists infiltrate moderate Muslim groups in Indonesia  April 3, 2009
Somali Islamists Score Big In Court, Pocket Cash And Force Shari'a Compliance On Meat Packing House  April 2, 2009
Ethan Allen CEO Farooq Kathwari Speaking At Muslim Brotherhood Affiliated Event  March 31, 2009
Dhimmi Senator Feingold Pushes FBI To Renew Ties With CAIR - Gets Rebuffed By Mueller  March 30, 2009
Pakistani Police Chief Warns of 9/11 Style Attacks on US and Europe By Al Qaeda and Taliban  March 30, 2009
Islamists submit resumes of 45 Muslims to White House for government positions  March 30, 2009
UK police identify 200 children as potential Islamic extremists  March 29, 2009
University of Pennslyvania Hillel Continues To Work With Hamas Supporting Muslim Students Association  March 26, 2009
U.S. - Israeli Relations Grow More Strained, IDF Official Shunned By Obama Administration  March 25, 2009
Dozens Of Al- Qaeda Trained Brits Allowed To Enter Country From Pakistan  March 25, 2009
American Wing Of Muslim Brotherhod Meets With Obama's FBI  March 24, 2009
E-mails from an Enemy - Joe Kaufman corresponds with an active supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood  March 24, 2009
Iranian President Ahmadinejad's Remarkable Admiration for "Aryans" and (Neo-) Nazis  March 24, 2009
Dutch political party demands dismissal of Tariq Ramadan as paid city advisor after anti homo comments  March 19, 2009
Clueless Obama Homeland Security Chief Napolitano - Islamic Terrorism Now "Man Caused Disasters"  March 18, 2009
American Muslim Groups And U.S. Law Enforcement  March 17, 2009
Anjem Choudary investigated by UK police over jihad fundraising  March 16, 2009
Anjem Choudary appeals for funding for jihad - Investigation of former Al Muhajiroun leader urged  March 15, 2009
Home Office Ban Hezbollah Spokesperson from UK - Center for Social Cohesion Press Release  March 13, 2009
Planned Terror Attack In Amsterdam Thwarted With Arrests Of Seven Dutch Moroccan Citizens  March 12, 2009
FBI: Somali - Americans Recruited to Fight Jihad With Al Qaeda Linked Group -Senate Committee Testimony  March 11, 2009
Judicial Tyranny Has Usurped Executive's War Fighting Power  March 11, 2009
9/11 Planners Release Document Expressing Pride In Attacks  March 10, 2009
Brit Think Tank Wants To Arrest Hezbollah Member Ibrahim Moussaoui If He Is Allowed To Enter UK  March 9, 2009
Centre for Social Cohesion campaigners to seek arrest of Hezbollah spokesman attempting to enter UK  March 8, 2009
CAIR Sex,Drugs and Profanity - Affad Shaikh of CAIR LA reveals his true self  March 7, 2009
Bulgarian MP: Southern Villages Being Converted To Islam By Force  March 6, 2009
How The Voice of America Promotes Radical Islam  March 6, 2009
Americans Against Hate To Rally Against CAIR Fundraiser in FL Sat. March 7 2009  March 6, 2009
Somali Group Linked To Al Qaeda Recruits Muslims In The Midwest  March 6, 2009
Obama/Hillary Visibly Tilting Towards Terrorist Fatah Over Israel  March 5, 2009
Islam On Trial- Why Resistance To Mosque Surveillance Demonstrates The Tenuous Loyalty Of Many Muslims  March 3, 2009
Hamas Linked Group Elects NC State Senator Larry Shaw As Board Chairman  March 3, 2009
Hamas Linked Group,CAIR, Decries FBI Mosque Surveillance Program  March 1, 2009
ISNA's Beheading: How the Islamic Society of North America bears responsibilty for 'honor' killing  March 1, 2009
Hezbollah Spokesman Due to Enter the UK - Centre for Social Cohesion press release  February 26, 2009
Ohio Man Sentenced To 20 Years For Terrorism Conspiracy To Bomb Targets In Europe And The United States  February 26, 2009
Suspected Al Qaeda Sleeper Agent Ali al- Marri to be Tried in Civilian Court  February 26, 2009
Beheading in Buffalo: The Deceits of Bridges TV  February 24, 2009
Director of FBI Warns that U.S. Cities Face Terror Attacks - Text of speech  February 24, 2009
Percentage of Gitmo Detainees Return To Terrorism  February 24, 2009
Muslim Apologist/Saudi Lobbyist Set To Chair Obama's National Intelligence Council  February 23, 2009
Al Qaeda operative Binyam Mohammed transferred from Gitmo to freedom in UK  February 23, 2009
U.K Think tank calls for vetting of Muslim schools to eliminate fundamentalists - reveals radical websites  February 19, 2009
Mumbai attackers had list of 320 potential targets worldwide  February 19, 2009
New Government counter-radicalisation strategy undermined on UK campuses  February 19, 2009
Philadelphia Cop Killings Due To Jailhouse Islam?  February 19, 2009
Evidence from Operation Cast Lead Shows Hamas Uses Mosques to Store Weapons and Launch Rockets and Mortar Shells  February 18, 2009
UK Rules For Deportation Of Abu Qatada - "Bin Laden's right hand man in Europe" - Case timeline  February 18, 2009
Eight Muslims in Liquid Plane Bomb Plot on Trial in UK  February 17, 2009
Former FBI Agent Warns of Implemention of Islamic Law in the U.S.  February 17, 2009
Co-Conspirator on Campus - Siraj Wahhaj invited to speak at University of Florida  February 17, 2009
Terror -Tied Individual Creates Group To Lobby Florida Legislature - Ahmed Bedier and United Voices For America  February 16, 2009
On The Edge Of Oblivion - Geert Wilders arrest and deportation signal end of democracy in UK  February 16, 2009
The Dual Life of a Pro-Terror Activist - Ahmed Bedier and United Voices for America  February 12, 2009
Geert Wilders Arrested Upon Entering UK - Muslim Justice Minister and House of Lords Member Pushed For Ban  February 12, 2009
Threat By Islamist MP Nazir Ahmed Gets Geert Wilders Banned From The UK  February 11, 2009
Islamist Eboo Patel To Serve On Obama's Faith Advisory Council  February 11, 2009
UK Peer Nazir Ahmed signs letter with prominent UK radicals - Center for Social Cohesion press release  February 11, 2009
Ahmed Nazir Muslim member of House of Lords intimidates UK government into submission in Wilders case  February 11, 2009
Former Partner of Eric Holder's Law Firm Represents Cole Bomber And 14 Other GITMO Detainees  February 9, 2009
Death of a Hamas Supporter- Jawhar Badran described himself as a suicide bomber  February 9, 2009
Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow Feign Moderation,Prepare For The Caliphate  February 6, 2009
The Depravity Of Iraq's Islamists: Woman Confesses In Widespread Rape/Suicide Bombing Scheme  February 5, 2009
House Of Reps Queries FBI Over Details Of Its Overdue Rejection Of CAIR  February 4, 2009
Australian Cleric Abdul Nacer Benbrika Convicted for Leading Terrorist Cell  February 4, 2009
Hitler Predicted Holocaust As Early As January 30, 1939  February 3, 2009
FBI Rejects CAIR- Will No Longer Meet With Hamas Mouthpiece  January 31, 2009
U.S. House of Representatives Cautioned To Stay Away From CAIR  January 31, 2009
CAIR's "Holocaust" Libel  January 31, 2009
UK Muslim convert jailed for 18 years for restaurant bomb attack  January 31, 2009
UK Muslim population growing '10 times faster than rest of society'  January 31, 2009
Saudi Prince Turki Al-Faisal Shake's Empty Gauntlet At U.S. Over Gaza  January 27, 2009
ISNA and MPAC's Terror Ties  January 27, 2009
"Jihadi rehab" terrorists rearrested in Saudi Arabia  January 26, 2009
Ex Saudi ambassador Prince Turki al- Faisal threatens U.S.  January 26, 2009
Hate preacher Khalid Yasin in Holland: "Wilders must be flogged"  January 25, 2009
LSE bans Douglas Murray from chairing debate on Islam  January 25, 2009
Radical Muslim groups in U.S. 'welcome Obama's policies' thank him for announcing Gitmo closure  January 25, 2009
Terrorist who plotted attacks on NYC to be freed  January 25, 2009
Chabad Lubavitch headquarters threatened with attack by NY based radical Muslim group  January 22, 2009
Outreach to Obama led by radical Islamist - American Muslims for Constructive Engagement as "civilizational jihadists"  January 22, 2009
Suspect linked to London bombings held in Al Qaeda raid in Pakistan  January 22, 2009
Dutch MP Wilders Prosecuted For Criticizing Radical Muslims Under "Hate Crime" Statutes  January 22, 2009
Austrian legislator gets fine and suspended jail sentence for "anti Muslim incitement"  January 22, 2009
Dr. Treating Wounded In Gaza Says Death Toll Vastly and Intentionally Inflated  January 22, 2009
Geert Wilders to be prosecuted for hate speech for warning of Islamisation  January 21, 2009
ACLU to sue Minnesota Muslim public school and state education department for promoting religion  January 21, 2009
9/11 terror planners "We are proud of 9/11" "We are doing Jihad for the cause of God"  January 20, 2009
Islamists at UK's Quilliam Foundation Receive Major Funding From UK Government  January 20, 2009
Speech by Joe Kaufman protesting CAIR/ Hamas Islam ads on FL buses - Video of local Muslims praising terror groups  January 19, 2009
Leaders of Hamas linked group met with Obama's Transition Team  January 18, 2009
Head of Hamas linked Islamic Society of North America to deliver prayer at inauguration event  January 17, 2009
DOJ: Chicago Cousins Plead Guilty to Conspiracy to Provide Material Support to Terrorists  January 16, 2009
Terror Group Behind Mumbai Massacre Reemerges Under New Name  January 16, 2009
Geert Wilders Party Wants To Stop Hate Preacher Khalid Yasin From Coming To Holland  January 15, 2009
University Of Amsterdam Cancels Event With Hizb Ut- Tahrir  January 15, 2009
Law Enforcement Continues Sorry Record In Partnering With Islamists  January 14, 2009
How The West And UNRWA Fund A Proxy War Against Israel  January 12, 2009
"Moderate" Muslim Ahmed Marcouch Wants Muslims Only District Of Amsterdam  January 12, 2009
Islamist In Headscarf To Lead Amsterdam District Council  January 12, 2009
Dade And Broward Counties Supporting Muslim Hate Speech, Group Demands Change  January 11, 2009
CAIRing for Hamas  January 10, 2009
Obama's Preferred Future Spy Chief Leon Panetta Supported Communist-Linked Anti -CIA Think Tank  January 9, 2009
Amnesty International's New Terrorist Penpal Program  January 9, 2009
How UNRWA Aids Hamas  January 8, 2009
Obama Team Will Talk To Hamas  January 8, 2009
UK Stealth Islamists Turned Counter Extremism Advisors Blame Israel For Muslim Violence Against Jews  January 8, 2009
Gretta Duisenberg and Harry van Bommel- Two Dutch Hamas Apologists  January 8, 2009
Gaza Conflicts Leads To Attacks On Jews In Europe  January 7, 2009
The BBC As The Hamas Broadcasting Corporation - How their propanda incites to attacks against Jews  January 7, 2009
Mumbai Masterminds Cheered Killings  January 7, 2009
Land for Peace Doesn't Work - Pro Hamas demonstrators in Amsterdam chant "Hamas ,Hamas ,Jews to the gas"  January 7, 2009
Dutch Socialist MP calls for new intifada against Israel  January 7, 2009
Arab European League Behind Anti-Jewish Riots In Belgium  January 6, 2009
Belgian Islamist group targeted six Jews including Bernard Henri Levy  January 5, 2009
Rotterdam Gets Muslim Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb  January 5, 2009
Hamas threatens to "kill Jewish children anywhere in the world"  January 5, 2009
Support For Hamas' Use Of Child Hostages Indicative of Islam's Moral Bankruptcy?  January 5, 2009
Omar Bakri sought in Lebanon for training Al -Qaeda terrorists  January 3, 2009
Much Ado About Something- Muslims "Booted" Off Airline Flight After Bomb Comment  January 2, 2009
Arab European League rioters enter Jewish quarter of Antwerp during anti Israel demonstration carry Hamas flags  January 1, 2009
The Dream Of The Terrorism Deniers Dies Hard  January 1, 2009
Two Israelis shot by Arab terrorists in Denmark  December 31, 2008
UK Self Proclaimed Ex Radical Ed Husain Exposed As Anti-Semitic Extremist  December 31, 2008
Steath Jihadist Sofian Zakkout Wins Community Service Award  December 30, 2008
Boston Globe Religion Column Errs In Posting MPAC/CAIR Propaganda  December 29, 2008
Terror Linked Group -CAIR-Calls Israeli Anti-Hamas Action "Massacre"  December 29, 2008
MPAC UK launches hunt for researchers who worked to expose hate literature in mosques  December 28, 2008
Anwar Al -Awlaki linked to 9/11 hijackers scheduled to speak at UK Muslim conference at "mainstream" mosque  December 27, 2008
Radical Islamic Conference taking place in Toronto  December 26, 2008
Islamist Imam Maulana Shafayat Mohammed Interviews FBI?  December 24, 2008
AP's Odd Take On Ft.Dix Muslim Terror Conviction  December 24, 2008
Five Muslim Extremists Convicted In Ft.Dix Terror Case  December 23, 2008
Department of Justice press release: Five Radical Islamists Convicted of Conspiring to Kill Soldiers at Fort Dix  December 23, 2008
Shilling for the Ft. Dix Six - Muslim organisations in America outraged at terror convictions  December 23, 2008
Staten Island Satellite TV Operator Javed Iqbal Provided Material Support To Hizballah TV Station  December 23, 2008
Ahmed Bedier: Islamist Masquerading as Human Rights Leader  December 23, 2008
Holy Land Foundation Document-Feds Case Stating CAIR's Intimate Ties To Hamas And The Muslim Brotherhood  December 23, 2008
Five South Jersey Muslims convicted of plot to kill soldiers at Fort Dix  December 22, 2008
Pakistani secret agents linked to terrorists  December 22, 2008
Is Laskhar-e-Taiba the new Al Qaeda?  December 22, 2008
CAIR's corporate charter revoked - loses DC corporate status  December 22, 2008
U.S. Somali Enclaves Probed for Terrorism Links  December 22, 2008
The Mumbai Conspiracy - Pakistan and Jamaat -e- Islami  December 22, 2008
Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK Spokesman Glorifies Terror Center for Social Cohesion Reveals  December 20, 2008
NL moderate Muslim poster boy Ahmed Marcouch says his political and spiritual guide is Yusuf Al-Qaradawi  December 20, 2008
Two British Muslims Convicted Of Being Al Qaeda Members One Charged As "Director Of Terrorism"  December 18, 2008
Former USF Student Gets 15 Years In Terror Case  December 18, 2008
UK doctor Bilal Abdulla jailed for 32 years for London and Glasgow terrorist attacks  December 17, 2008
The Last Days of CAIR - Why the Council On American Islamic Relations days are numbered  December 17, 2008
NY Times' Gesticulations Regarding The Lexicon Of Terrorism  December 17, 2008
The Role of "Lashkar-e-Taiba" In The Mumbai Attacks  December 17, 2008
Terror case doctor fights deportation from UK to Jordan  December 17, 2008
Muslim Doctor In UK Found Guilty of Glasgow Airport And Nightclub attacks -Timeline Of The Plot  December 16, 2008
CAIR Courts Hatred Of Jews In Recent Cyber Action  December 14, 2008
Terror 'charity' front for Laskhar-e -Taiba still open in Pakistan  December 14, 2008
Geert Wilders Speech At The Anti Jihad Convention In Jerusalem  December 14, 2008
Al Qaeda suspects held in Belgium planned suicide attack  December 11, 2008
Terror Tied Group Extremist Imam Participate In Event - "Islam in America" - Mayor Yoder - scheduled to speak  December 10, 2008
Lebanese Muslim student in botched train bomb plot jailed for life in Germany  December 10, 2008
Mumbai terrorists were part of a large group  December 10, 2008
New indictments against Muslim students in Georgia who tried to join Laskhar-e-Taiba  December 10, 2008
India calls for U.N. to ban Pakistan based Jamaat-ud-Dawa 'charity' front for Laskhar-e-Taiba  December 10, 2008
The Hate Bus - CAIR and ICNA's message of Islamic supremism  December 9, 2008
Khalil Gibran International Academy- Drawing the Line  December 9, 2008
Still Asleep After Mumbai - The refusal to call Muslim terrorism by name by Dr. Daniel Pipes  December 9, 2008
Gunmen In Mumbai Attack Identified  December 9, 2008
Jamaat-ud- Dawa 'charity' plotted Mumbai attacks  December 8, 2008
Holtzberg murder : Silence=Acceptance  December 8, 2008
Terror threat against Holland bigger than ever  December 4, 2008
Tampa Mayor Honors Extremism - proclaims "CAIR Day"  December 4, 2008
Asra Nomani - At Home with the Pak Jihad  December 4, 2008
Abu Qatada: Bin Laden's right hand man in Europe jailed indefinitely  December 2, 2008
Commission warns of nuclear or biological weapons attack before 2013  December 2, 2008
Warning Delivered Two Months Before Mumbai Attacks - Terror Expert Worries about Similiar Scenario in Britain  December 1, 2008
Pakistan's Repellant Plea To India  December 1, 2008
Mumbai Death Toll Expected To Reach 300  November 30, 2008
200 dead hundreds injured in Mumbai terrorist attacks - police launch manhunt for any remaining terrorists  November 29, 2008
Brooklyn Rabbi And Wife Among Dead In Mumbai Terror Attack on Chabad House  November 28, 2008
The Muslim Response To The Holy Land Foundation Guilty Verdict  November 28, 2008
British passport holders among terrorists who carried out Mumbai attacks  November 28, 2008
Mumbai Attacks, Once Again The Finger Points To Pakistan's ISI  November 28, 2008
127 people killed 300 wounded in multiple terrorist attacks in Mumbai  November 27, 2008
Feds warn of possible Al Qaeda plot to target New York subway with suicide bombers or explosives  November 27, 2008
ICNA's Islamist Southern Strategy - Major U.S. Muslim organisation linked to terror  November 27, 2008
The Holy Land Verdict: A Setback for the Stealth Jihad  November 26, 2008
CAIR Hit With RICO Lawsuit- Alleging That Islamist Organisations Operates As A Criminal Enterprise  November 24, 2008
Holy Land Foundation Hamas funding trial: Guilty on all counts  November 24, 2008
VICTORY!!! Holy Land Foundation Defendants Found Guilty Of All Charges  November 24, 2008
Tampa Mayor Ignores Terror Ties, Declares "CAIR DAY" Americans Against Hate press release  November 22, 2008
Hassan Diab: The case against the Ottawa professor suspected of 1980 Paris synagouge blast  November 22, 2008
Foundation for Ethnic Understanding does interfaith with radical Islamists at Temple Emanuel in Beverly Hills  November 17, 2008
UK doctor admitted "I am a terrorist"  November 17, 2008
Does "Citizen Politician" Delegation To Middle East Terrorists Outposts Prefigure Obama's Diplomacy?  November 16, 2008
Wrinkle In Holy Land Foundation Defense Case Might Prove Vital In Trial Outcome  November 16, 2008
University Instructor in Canada Arrested for 1980 Paris Synagouge Bombing  November 14, 2008
Muslim Brotherhood Linked Arab Faux Charity Declared Hamas Funder by U.S. Treasury  November 13, 2008
CAIR's Disappearing Leadership Act  November 12, 2008
Check book Islamism: George Mason U Accepts "Gift" From International Institute For Islamic Thought  November 12, 2008
NL security services labels brother of Muslimah arrested in England "a danger to the state"  November 12, 2008
Osama Bin Laden's right hand man in Europe 'may flee abroad'  November 12, 2008
Obama Wins, Muslims Divided - American Muslim groups celebrate Obama's election by Dr. Daniel Pipes  November 11, 2008
Hamas congratulates Obama - claims ongoing ties with administration  November 11, 2008
Nazis,Communists and Islamists - The Extremes Often Touch  November 10, 2008
Muslim extremists in UK planning mass casualty attacks according to leaked government report  November 9, 2008
George Mason U receives $1.5ml for Islamic Studies Chair from Wahhabi funded IIIT  November 8, 2008
Taliban Challenges Obama To Reject War On Terror And Work For Peace  November 5, 2008
Radical Muslims Celebrate Election Of Obama  November 5, 2008
Passing anti-American radicalism from generation to generation - Obama's extremist connections  November 4, 2008
Western embassies threatened with attacks ahead of Bali bomber executions  November 4, 2008
Obama's Connection to Sirhan Sirhan, Islamists and denial of birth and youth as a Muslim by Dr. Daniel Pipes  November 3, 2008
Rashid Kalidi: Spokesman for the PLO  November 2, 2008
Small Gathering In Holland Commemorates 4th Anniversary of Van Gogh Assassination  November 2, 2008
Terror Research Organization- Iranians Threatening Attack  November 1, 2008
UK Centre for Social Cohesion press release - The UK government to work with extremist Muslim students  October 30, 2008
LA Times, Lies About Khalid-Obama Affair, Then Engages In A Coverup  October 29, 2008
Radical Islamist Views Catching Up With Obama  October 29, 2008
Obama's Mansion, Saddam's Money by Dr.Daniel Pipes  October 28, 2008
Keith Ellison's Congressional Resolution Implementing A "Global Marshall Plan" Supported By Radical Imam  October 28, 2008
PLO Acknowledges: Still at War with Israel by Dr.Daniel Pipes  October 28, 2008
CAIR Slapped Down Again - FBI "Hate Crime" Data Proves Islamophobia Almost Entirely Nonexistent  October 27, 2008
Obama Office Operates in Philly's Islamist Corridor - owned by Kenny Gamble aka Luqman Abdul Haqq  October 27, 2008
UK Defeated By Muslim Stealth Jihad, Capitulates To Shari'a  October 26, 2008
Attorney May Move For Summary Judgement In Obama Birth Certificate Case  October 23, 2008
Terror Case Co-Conspirator Mounts Legal Assault On JBS Swift's Nebraska Meat Packing Company  October 23, 2008
Obama would fail security clearance due to Islamist ties by Dr.Daniel Pipes  October 22, 2008
Muslim Mayor For The Netherlands Second Largest City?  October 19, 2008
UK Muslim convert pleas guilty to failed nail bomb attack on restaurant  October 16, 2008
Feds Charge 14 In Missouri Based Hamas Terror Funding Prosecution  October 16, 2008
AAH rally to remove Hamas supporter from Broward school board diversity committee - Friday October 17 -12:30 pm  October 15, 2008
Targeting Dutch Politicians: The Case of the "Piranha Terrorists"  October 15, 2008
Another Day, Another Unsubstantiated "Death Threat" Against A CAIR Operative  October 15, 2008
Greeley,Colorado Muslim Immigrants Retain Counsel, Consult With CAIR Thugs  October 13, 2008
Dutch Mayor Reaches Limit, Threatens To Throw Parents of Muslim Jihadis Out Of Their Homes  October 13, 2008
Mayor of Gouda : Throw parents of Moroccan thugs out of their homes if they don't control their children  October 11, 2008
AAH chairman calls for Broward school board official to resign for refusing to remove Hamas supporter from diversity committee  October 10, 2008
UK terror doctor addressed will to Osama Bin Laden  October 10, 2008
CAIR and MAS leaders attended Obama outreach meeting with new director Minha Husaini  October 10, 2008
UK doctors planned campaign of murder with series of car bomb attacks culminating in Glasgow airport suicide attempt  October 9, 2008
FBI: CAIR is a front group for Hamas  October 8, 2008
Dr. Daniel Pipes : Counting Islamists "more than all the facists and communists who ever lived"  October 8, 2008
America's Mainstream Web Terrorist - web designer Mazen Mokhtar helps ICNA and Al Qaeda  October 8, 2008
Europes's Last Stand speech by Geert Wilders  October 8, 2008
UK Study for EU Commission on Recruitment and Mobilisation for the Islamist Militant Movement in Europe  October 7, 2008
Unindicted Terror Co-Conspirator Co-Opting Jewish Organizations  October 7, 2008
DHS Appealing Decision Granting Extremist Imam Qatanani Permanent Residency In U.S.  October 6, 2008
Top Dutch Justice Minister In Denial Over Moroccan Muslim Jihad  October 6, 2008
Dutch City Terrorized By Muslim Jihadis, Police and Government Officials Cowed Into Dhimmitude  October 5, 2008
UK threat 'approaching critical' - Plans made to deal with those who 'self radicalise' - Somali community ties to Al Qaeda cited  October 3, 2008
Muslim convert gets 35 years in plot to attack shopping mall  October 1, 2008
Al Muhajiroun threatens publisher of Mohammed book with death after firebomb attack  September 29, 2008
Anti -Jihad Convention in Jerusalem this December - Geert Wilders and Dr. Daniel Pipes among speakers  September 29, 2008
Mainstream Islamic Websites in the US Connected to Terror  September 29, 2008
Radical Muslims Obsessing Over "Obsession" - attempts to stop distribution of film act of stealth jihad  September 29, 2008
Fierce debate in NL about dealing with Moroccan hooligans "this land is being inundated by an epidemic of Moroccan violence"  September 26, 2008
Terror suspects arrested on KLM jet in Germany -police appeal for help in tracing terrorists planning attack  September 26, 2008
UK Muslim on trial was senior Al Qaeda leader directed terrorism for years  September 25, 2008
Former U.S. Officials Promoting American Wing Of Muslim Brotherhood's "U.S. Muslim Engagement Project"  September 25, 2008
Group calls for Hamas supporter Jawhar Badran to be removed from Broward County School Board Diversity Committee  September 25, 2008
Canadian Muslim found guilty in terror plot to storm parliament and behead PM  September 25, 2008
Crime and Terrorism: The Role of Moroccan Immigrants In Holland, Belgium and Spain  September 25, 2008
Four Arab terrorists arrested in Jerusalem in attempt to run down soldiers with cars and bulldozers  September 24, 2008
Representative Tom Tancredo proposes "Jihad Prevention Act" against advocates of shar'ia here and abroad  September 24, 2008
Representative Tom Tancredo Introduces Anti-Shari'a Legislation, The Jihad Prevention Act  September 24, 2008
DHS official Daniel Sutherland spoke at recent ISNA conference  September 23, 2008
Hamas Mouthpiece, CAIR, Protests "Obsession" Distribution To The FEC  September 23, 2008
Homeland Security Official Addresses American Wing of The Muslim Brotherhood  September 23, 2008
Morrocan youth in Holland feel more Muslim than Morrocan  September 22, 2008
Al Muhajiroun now calling themselves the "Salafi Youth Movement" threatening a 9/11 or 7/7 attack  September 22, 2008
Spies warn Al Qaeda is planning October attacks to influence elections  September 22, 2008
IDF soldier blinded by female terrorist in acid attack  September 22, 2008
Terrorist bomb in Pakistan intended to destroy Marriott hotel  September 22, 2008
Seventeen soldiers injured after Arab terrorist rams vehicle into group in Jerusalem  September 22, 2008
Al Muhajiroun Reinvents Itself - Again  September 22, 2008
Second terrorist attack in 8 days on Israeli town of Yitzhar thwarted  September 21, 2008
State Department Pushing Islamist Imam Khalid Latif, As Builder Of "Communities of Faith and Diversity"  September 19, 2008
Youngest terrorist sentenced to two years in UK  September 19, 2008
Cyber jihad: A war waged from apartments and bedrooms  September 19, 2008
Sixteen Foreign Nationals and Corporations Indicted on Charges of Illegally Exporting Potential Military and Explosives Components to Iran  September 18, 2008
Shari'a Offensive Continues in UK With Brit MP Calling For New Law "Equalizing" Religions  September 18, 2008
Geert Wilders: "Morrocans are colonising Holland"  September 17, 2008
Bombing at US embassy in Yemen kills 16 - Saudi jihadis flee to Yemen  September 17, 2008
Morrocan crime and violence in Holland leads to jihad  September 17, 2008
Somalia Continue Efforts To Enforce Shari'a, Aided By Phony Civil Rights Group  September 17, 2008
Hiding Sami - How FAU prof Bassem Alhalabi is hiding his connection to Sami Al Arian and other radical Islamists  September 16, 2008
Federal Refugee Program Involved In Forcing U.S. Employers Into Shari'a Compliance  September 16, 2008
Hamas Mouthpiece CAIR In High Dudgeon Over Mass Distribution Of "Obsession" A Video Expose Of Islamic Extremism  September 16, 2008
Al Muhajiroun Resurfaces in London Under Guise of "Association For Islamic Research"  September 15, 2008
Prosecution of Holy Land Foundation begins again today  September 15, 2008
Founder of Al Muhajiroun Omar Bakri threatens Paul McCartney will be "target of suicide bombers" if he plays in Israel  September 15, 2008
Fired Somali workers dispute leads to flyers urging "Behead those who insult Islam" in JBS Swift cafeteria  September 13, 2008
Al Muhajiroun meeting: "Muslims will one day conquer Britain - by having more babies" warn of another 9/11  September 13, 2008
Jordanian Court Proceeds With Action Against Europeans, Charging Blasphemy And Insulting The Prophet  September 10, 2008
London's Islamist Assistant Police Commissioner Forced To Take Leave  September 10, 2008
UK liquid bomb airline plotters to face retrial  September 10, 2008
Ingrate Somali Muslim Workers On Rampage - Again- This Time At Colorado Meat Packer, JBS Swift  September 10, 2008
UK MP calls for investigation into Tablighi Jamaat for role in radicalisation of Muslim youth  September 10, 2008
Muslim Cop's Lawsuit Attempts To Force Shari'a Compliance On Philadelphia Police Department  September 9, 2008
Palestinian Authority TV Using Disney Symbols To Sell Mass Murder To Children  September 9, 2008
Three UK Muslims found guilty in airline liquid bomb plot  September 8, 2008
Ban on gathering in Dutch town after disturbances as Moroccan youth declare "the time has come to fight"  September 7, 2008
Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) Lies About Al-Arian Attempts To Dismiss His Guilty Plea As "Non Terrorism Related"  September 5, 2008
Testimony By FBI And Elected Officials Allow Hamas Supporting Imam To Be Given Permanent Residency In U.S.  September 5, 2008
Council On American Islamic Relations [CAIR] May Have Engaged Criminal Fraud  September 5, 2008
The story behind the German terror plot one year on  September 4, 2008
Judge rules NJ Imam who was linked to Hamas can become legal U.S. resident  September 4, 2008
Holy Land Foundation Prosecutors Move To Streamline Hamas Funding Terror Case  September 3, 2008
Hamas Mouthpiece CAIR Rejoices Over Temporary Release of Admitted Terrorist Sami Al-Arian  September 3, 2008
So -Called Moderate UK Mosque Preaches Hate, Urges Faithful To "Kill Gays"  September 2, 2008
CSC Press Release: Abu Qatada (Al Qaeda's top man in Europe) meets with convicted Egyptian extremist while out on bail  September 1, 2008
UK Ministers recruit young Muslims as advisors to combat Islamic extremism - will use music and sports to "reduce tension"  August 29, 2008
Brother Of Convicted Terrorist Sentenced  August 28, 2008
Mohammed Tahieri -Azar The "Jeep Jihadist" Given Long Sentence  August 28, 2008
Brandeis University's Partnership With Hamas Linked, Al Quds University Underwritten By Ford Foundation  August 27, 2008
Barack Obama through Muslim Eyes by Dr.Daniel Pipes  August 25, 2008
Religion of Peace Update - Egyptian Convert To Christianity in Hiding, Fearful Of Muslim Retribution  August 25, 2008
Free Gaza Protesters Given Medals By Hamas Leader Ismail Haniyeh  August 25, 2008
Democrat Party Gives Convention Speaking Role to Radical ISNA President Ingrid Mattson  August 23, 2008
Anti -Hate Group Calls On Democrats To Disinvite Radical Muslim Leader From Convention  August 23, 2008
Chicago's Hamas Youth - How the Muslim Youth Leadership Symposium trains a generation of extremists  August 21, 2008
Why Is Anyone Listening to Maajid Nawaz? Ex - Terrorist trades violent for stealth jihad  August 20, 2008
Tampa's Terror for Kids - How the Islamic Academy of Florida became the American Youth Academy  August 20, 2008
The Ghosts of Stalinism: Stalin, Georgia and Ukraine  August 20, 2008
Three UK Muslims convicted of planning terror attacks -targetted the Queen and royal family  August 19, 2008
South Florida Muslims Promote Islamization Under Guise Of "Civic Engagement"  August 15, 2008
Terror Friendly Group -CAIR-Joins With Leftist Church Groups,Demand Government Censorship  August 13, 2008
UNC Chapel Hill "Jeep Jihadist" -Taheri Azar-Pleads Guilty To Attempted Murder  August 13, 2008
The West's Islamist Infiltrators by Dr.Daniel Pipes  August 12, 2008
Scottish Muslim Council Member Suspended Over His Family's Participation In Pakistani Jihad Training  August 11, 2008
CAIR Assassination Plot? Civil Rights Coordinator of CAIR-CA held at border for questioning  August 8, 2008
Creeping Shar'ia Turned Back-Tyson Reinstates Labor Day  August 8, 2008
Mazen Asbahi,Obama's Immoderate Muslim Outreach Director, Forced To Resign  August 6, 2008
MIT trained scientist Aafia Siddiqui Arrested for Attempting to Kill United States Officers in Afghanistan  August 5, 2008
Shari'a Comes To Shelbyville Tennessee  August 5, 2008
The Rapid Re-Islamization of Southern Spain ["Al-Andalus"]  August 4, 2008
Barack Obama's New Muslim Advisor Cements Campaign's Ties To Terror Friendly Organisations  August 2, 2008
Congressman Sherman tells MPAC to "severe connection with Hathout brothers" after attempt to block Emerson testimony  July 30, 2008
Senators Coburn and Kyl call for the State Department to stop funding Islamists  July 30, 2008
DOJ: Man involved in domestic terrorism plot targetting military and Jewish facilities sentenced to 22 years  July 29, 2008
"Deeply Alarming" Study- Nearly Two Thirds of UK's Activist Muslim Students Justify Violent Jihad  July 28, 2008
"Wake Up America" Progress Report - Rep. Sue Myrick's 10 point plan to counter terrorism  July 28, 2008
Radical Conference Highlights Alliance Between Islamists And Left  July 28, 2008
Paks In Danger Of Losing Control Of Nukes -appeasement of Islamists hastening radicalization  July 28, 2008
Al Arian lawyers go after federal prosecuter claiming "bias against Muslims"  July 28, 2008
The Origins of the Muslim Brotherhood "Project"  July 24, 2008
Minor Victory In War On Terror,Fed PC Thought Police Defeated - banning of "offensive" terms overturned  July 24, 2008
Muslim World League "Interfaith Conference" Descends into Jew Bashing Da'wa Fest  July 22, 2008
Terrorist attack with bulldozer wounds 23 in Jerusalem - driver relative of jailed Hamas member  July 22, 2008
Report on MWL interfaith conference calls it "The Saudi Monologue" UAE official attacks Zionism  July 21, 2008
Samir Kuntar and the Last Laugh by Dr. Daniel Pipes  July 21, 2008
Eboo Patel Again Reveals His Duplicity  July 21, 2008
Release Of Samir Kuntar By Israel Emblematic Of West's Moral Weakness  July 21, 2008
Security Firm Takes On CAIR  July 17, 2008
Iran and Hezbollah Increasingly Active In Latin America and Africa  July 16, 2008
Senate report on Terrorism and the Internet  July 14, 2008
5 Muslims plead guilty in UK trans-Atlantic airline terror plot  July 14, 2008
An Anniversary with Terror : ICNA and the Muslim Brotherhood of Pakistan Jamaat-e-Islami  July 14, 2008
Abu Qatada: Bin Laden's ambassador in Europe enjoys 800,000 pound home and welfare benefits on bail in UK  July 10, 2008
Israeli Beduin arrested for Al Qaeda terror plot provided information on targets  July 9, 2008
American Jewish Committee rabbi to attend terror linked Muslim World League interfaith as da'wa conference  July 7, 2008
Israeli Arab terrorist group threatens 'unprecedented attacks' claims responsibility for tractor rampage and yeshiva shooting  July 7, 2008
Mahmoud Abbas meets Ramadan Shallah head of Islamic Jihad in Syria  July 7, 2008
Terrorist rampages with tractor in center of Jerusalem kills three wounds 66 - Clerics told killer to act  July 2, 2008
[The Islamist-Leftist] Allied Menace by Dr. Daniel Pipes  July 1, 2008
Which has more Islamist Terrorism, Europe or America? by Dr.Daniel Pipes  July 1, 2008
Live Leak removes Fitna film from internet - still available on Arutz 7  July 1, 2008
Co-Conspirators of Hate: Terror linked ISNA and NAIT file suit to have government's designation repealed  June 30, 2008
Virginia's Islamic Academy on Shaky Legal Ground - Is the ISA operating illegally?  June 27, 2008
Dutch Government Proposes Teaching Islam in Public Schools  June 26, 2008
Al Qaeda linked Muslim World League to sponsor interfaith conference in Spain July 16th to 18th  June 25, 2008
Dhimmi Dutch Companies Fall Into Line As Demanded By IslamoFacist Jordanians  June 24, 2008
North American Islamist Group (ISNA) planned to host Pakistani Terror Leader -invited Al Qaeda supporter to speak in Toronto  June 23, 2008
Khalil Gibran International Academy A Failed Institution, In Disarray -Arabic school scene of aggession and chaos  June 23, 2008
Geert Wilders Faces Arrest On International Warrant From Jordan  June 23, 2008
Muslim convert involved in domestic terrorism plot against military and Jewish targets sentenced to 22 years  June 23, 2008
Saudi Academy Intimately Tied To Extremist Saudi Muslims  June 22, 2008
Islamic Saudi Hate Academy - Official government school and websites encourage jihad and violence against non-Muslims  June 20, 2008
Does the American Jewish Committee/France Serve Three Masters - How the AJC aids and abets terrorists  June 20, 2008
Congressman Asks For Terrorist Screening of Gaza Fulbright Scholars - Cites ties between Hamas and Islamic University  June 20, 2008
Jordan issues arrest warrant against Dutch MP Geert Wilders - demands extradition if he travels abroad  June 20, 2008
Abu Hamza al -Mazri loses battle to block extradition to the US for terrorism trial  June 20, 2008
Obama's Statements On Terrorism Betrays A Doctrinally Bound Stupidity  June 19, 2008
USF student Ahmed Mohamed pleads guilty to terrorism charge  June 19, 2008
ISNA and NAIT join with ACLU to demand removal of co conspirator label in Holyland Foundation Hamas financing case  June 19, 2008
U.S. Treasury Targets Hizballah in Venezuela - lists terrorism linked individuals and entities  June 19, 2008
US Treasury Designates Al Haramain Islamic Foundation for providing "material and financial support to Al Qaeda"  June 19, 2008
Abu Qatada: Bin Laden's right hand man in Europe celebrates release from prison with call to "terrorise the non-believers"  June 19, 2008
3 Ohio Muslims found guilty in plot to kill troops in Iraq -verdict hailed as first on 'home-grown' terrorism cell  June 19, 2008
US Commission on International Religious Freedom confirms material inciting violence at Saudi Islamic Academy  June 17, 2008
The Growing Problem of Islamist Salafism in Holland: Justifying Polygamy  June 17, 2008
Protest at Islamic Saudi Academy in Virginia demanding investigation into violent teachings  June 17, 2008
The "Great Mind" of a "Wife-Beating" Author - Jamal Badawi promotes wife beating and is lauded by CAIR  June 16, 2008
Demonstration To Demand Islamic Academy Investigation Tuesday June 17th in Alexandria Virginia  June 16, 2008
CAIR's Congressman Keith Ellison Gives Aid And Comfort to Iran -claims Western press gives negative view of Islam  June 15, 2008
Split Court Decision Awards Al-Qaeda Protection in U.S. Courts  June 13, 2008
Eboo Patel and The Interfaith Youth Core - Da'wa's Newest Media Darling  June 11, 2008
Muslim World League Behind Saudi "Interfaith" Da'wa Conference - World Jewish Congress lauds initiative of terror tied group  June 8, 2008
Rejecting Terrorism, But Not Jihad: Subversion from within  June 6, 2008
Saudis invite terrorists to interfaith dialogue conference -Iranians bash America  June 5, 2008
Muslim World League behind Saudi "interfaith" conference -largest da'wa group seeks to propagate Islam through dialogue  June 5, 2008
CAIR-Chicago's Admission of Guilt -The Council on American Islamic Relations violated it's 501(C)3 status by attacking McCain  June 5, 2008
Ohio man pleads guilty in Al Qaeda terror plot  June 3, 2008
CAIR -Chicago's Admission of Guilt  June 3, 2008
ADC Inaugurates Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Heritage Center - Congressman Rahall presents him with Capitol building flag  June 2, 2008
U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Continue to Legitimize Terror Friendly Groups in Muslim Dialogue Hoax  June 2, 2008
Why Are the FBI and National Guard Working With Wahhabists? Sponsors of AAI gala together with Saudi Embassy  June 2, 2008
Child murderer scheduled for release in hostage exchange vows to continue terrorist attacks  June 1, 2008
Keith Ellison's MAS Hate Affair - How a Congressman wages jihad from within  May 30, 2008
Shari'a Alert- Terror Linked CAIR Pressures Employer to Accomodate Muslim Women Who Refuse To Conform To Safety Regulations  May 28, 2008
Muslim converts attempts nail bomb attack at Jewish owned restaurant in the UK -Muslim center probed  May 27, 2008
Why Are Prominent Jewish Groups Represented On Bernardin Center's Board Alongside Notorious Islamists?  May 27, 2008
The Ahmed Bedier I Know - CAIR official leaves to continue fomenting radical Islam under guise of peace initiative  May 27, 2008
Bassem Youssef - A Disgruntled Arab Employee's War Of Subversion Against The FBI  May 26, 2008
The Eight Forbidden Cartoons by Gregorius Nekschot with english captions  May 26, 2008
Australian town moves against Islamic School  May 26, 2008
Dutch cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot: "I am no longer safe"  May 25, 2008
Fantasizing "The New McCarthyism" -Dhabah Almontaser's hysteria and conspiracy theories  May 25, 2008
ICNA opens women's shelter - supported by local politicians -police promise "to work and cooperate"  May 24, 2008
Reforming Terror - How Reform Jews are helping radical Islamists  May 23, 2008
Has CAIR Violated Its Non-Profit Tax Status?  May 20, 2008
Palestinian Journalists Correctly Blame "Refugee Problem" On Arabs - flight was part of jihad plan against Israel  May 20, 2008
Dutch Artist Gregorius Nekschot's Cartoons Deemed "Possible Incitement to Violence"  May 18, 2008
Dutch Cartoonist Who Mocked Muslims Jailed for "Discrimination" -Gregorius Nekshot arrested on charge made by radical Islamist  May 16, 2008
New Bin Laden tape calls for attacks on Israel "Palestinian issue the most important"  May 16, 2008
Fifth Column Muslim Police Officer Remains On Payroll After Disrupting Terror Investigation And Anti - terror training program  May 14, 2008
Report By Watchdog Group States Palestinian Fatah Government, "Allied With...Enemies of the US"  May 13, 2008
Censorious MN State Rep Mindy Greiling, Lauded By Terror Friendly CAIR  May 13, 2008
Former U.S. Senator and FL Governor Bob Graham To Speak At Saturday Event Along With Hamas -Related Individual  May 9, 2008
Transfer of Kifah Jayyousi to jihadist prison halted as lawyers claim "racial profiling"  May 8, 2008
CAIR Showboats At Manzanar -uses Japanese internment camp as publicity stunt to claim "Islamophobia"  May 8, 2008
Abu Qatada -Bin Laden's 'right hand man' in UK to be released on bail  May 8, 2008
Barack Obama's Muslim Childhood -By Dr. Daniel Pipes -How his deception about his past makes him unfit to be president  May 6, 2008
The Muslim Interfaith Charade - How Omar Abdel-Rahman's interpretation of Islam exposes the farce of dialogue  May 6, 2008
Terrorist Cries and Lies -Propaganda film about Sami Al Arian under guise of documentary  April 25, 2008
State Department Funding ISNA's Propagation of Islam via citizen exchange program  April 25, 2008
Terms "Jihadist" and "Islamo-Fascist" Booted By Feds For Fear of Antagonizing Jihadists and Islamo-Fascists  April 25, 2008
Nazi and Communist Collaboration In Germany During the Decade Preceding Hitler's "Third Reich"[1923-1933]  April 22, 2008
Islamic Marketing 101-Maha ElGenaidi of the Islamic Networks Group Takes Da'wa Act On The Road  April 22, 2008
CAIR's Duplicity in Focus-Al Arian Propaganda Film Screening Charade  April 18, 2008
Six in UK convicted of terror -related crimes -fundraising and incitement  April 18, 2008
Hamas Cleric Predicts 'Rome Will Be Conquered by Islam' urges women to become suicide bombers  April 15, 2008
Al -Arian Starving for Attention - Head of PIJ in US goes on hunger strike gets support from Islamist groups  April 15, 2008
Hakeem Olajuwon -Islamist in the Hall of Fame  April 15, 2008
Phony Moderate Muslim Muzammil Siddiqui Disrespects Holy Father, "Popes come and go"  April 15, 2008
West Point cadets "learn Islam" in radical mosque from Imam who criticises Iraq war and calls for Islamic governments  April 14, 2008
UK now monitoring "30 active terror plots" 2,000 individuals and 200 networks - plans to bring over "moderate"Pakistani clerics  April 13, 2008
Glasgow Airport bomber's sent email to brother who failed to report plot  April 13, 2008
Glasgow Airport bombers planned attacks on nightclubs - Muslim doctor targetted clubs with failed explosives  April 11, 2008
A Madrassa In Minnesota - At Taxpayer Expense -Tarek Ibn Ziyad Academy violates establishment clause  April 10, 2008
Minnesota Charter School- Tarek Ibn Ziyad Academy- Operating As A Madrassah  April 10, 2008
Islamic Networks Group- Dialogue As Da'wa - How Islamic speakers bureaus promote cultural jihad  April 10, 2008
Jailed terrorist Marwan Barghouti to be featured at Israeli Peace Now anniversary rally  April 9, 2008
Two Israelis killed in terror attack on Nachal Oz Crossing fuel depot  April 9, 2008
Abu Qatada: Bin Laden's right hand man in Europe wins appeal against deportation from UK  April 9, 2008
Three Muslims on trial for helping 7/7 bombers select their targets - "Praise for 9/11 on accused PC"  April 9, 2008
Why Is The Department Of Homeland Security Funding The "Hardening" Of Florida Mosques?  April 9, 2008
Georgetown U, Nihad Awad, Keith Ellison and AJC participate in Wahhabist funded "Islam in American Politics" dialouge event  April 8, 2008
CAIR Extremist To Speak on Extremism - Dawud Walid to speak at Grand Valley State University hosted by the MSA  April 7, 2008
Thwarted airline terrorists inspired by video of 7/7 attacks - text of martyrdom videos  April 7, 2008
Jihad Comes to Wall Street with "Sharia Finance" of terror  April 4, 2008
AAH Calls On Lansing Mayor To Rescind Award from CAIR -Michigan Leader  April 4, 2008
Thwarted airline bombers 'planned to sacrifice wives and children'  April 4, 2008
Trial begins in London of would be airline bombers  April 3, 2008
CAIR's March with Terror  April 1, 2008
Will Europe Resist Islamization? Dr.Daniel Pipes discusses Europe's struggle to maintain Western values  April 1, 2008
Muthanna Al-Hanooti, Another CAIR Official Indicted On Terrorism Charges  March 30, 2008
U Penn's Hillel and MSA's Spring Break Interfaith Jihad Adventure  March 27, 2008
Hate and Terror Awarded - CAIR's Dawud Walid gets special recognition from Mayor of Michigan  March 27, 2008
The Saudis Deceptive Religious Reform Proposal  March 26, 2008
NYPD's classfied information vault to fight terrorism  March 25, 2008
Fatah's Embrace of Islamism  March 25, 2008
Islamist Group-MPAC-Directs Stealth Jihad Against CA Senator Barbara Boxer  March 25, 2008
CAIR's Support of Terrorist Sami Al- Arian Proves Organisation's Jihadist Sympathies  March 20, 2008
Why is Senator Barbara Boxer's office meeting with CAIR?  March 19, 2008
Bereaved families call for "getting up and taking action" with march on Jerusalem terrorist's home  March 15, 2008
Andre Carson Joins Ellison's Stealth Jihad in Congress  March 14, 2008
Pakistani suspected of belonging to terrorist network planning attacks in the West arrested in Holland  March 14, 2008
Muslim Classes For German Schools - "We are Germany"  March 14, 2008
CAIR Comes Clean on Hamas  March 12, 2008
Why Are Law Enforcement Agencies Including The Los Angeles Police Department Still Meeting With CAIR And Other Islamist Groups?  March 10, 2008
MAS Jihadi Olympics  March 7, 2008
CAIR States Support for Hamas - Statements Made Days Before Hamas Terror Attack on Israeli Teens  March 7, 2008
Terrorist shoots eight students to death in religious school in Jerusalem wounds 13  March 6, 2008
Muslim Weekly apologises to Dr. Daniel Pipes  March 4, 2008
Terror arrests in Morocco show threat from all walks of life  March 4, 2008
Anti Semites for Obama - Farrakhan compares candidate to Mohammed  February 28, 2008
Haj Amin Al-Husseini - Nazi collaborator and model for today's Islamists  February 27, 2008
Imam of Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Virginia helped hijackers and Al Qaeda  February 27, 2008
U.S. Army LTC Alan West To Headline Saturday Night Americans Against Hate Rally Against CAIR Florida 3/1/08  February 27, 2008
Al Qaeda calls for the murder of Geert WIlders  February 27, 2008
CAIR's Anti-Law Jihad  February 26, 2008
The Return of the CAIR Quran - version banned in LA schools being promoted again  February 26, 2008
Islamist to remain in key position at Pentagon while terrorism expert is sacked  February 26, 2008
Mohammed El Baradei's anti Western pro Islamist agenda  February 26, 2008
Hassan Abu-Jihad -How a Muslim convert and US Navy sailor became a terror suspect  February 26, 2008
UK's Top Jihadist Convicted In London trial  February 26, 2008
Terror recruiter "Mohammed bin London" convicted in the UK  February 26, 2008
The Portable Jihad- Radical Imam Ibrahim Dremali Moves to Texas  February 25, 2008
Houston Rockets to honor terror funder and founder of da'wa mosque Hakeem Olajuwon with monument  February 24, 2008
Rep. Ron Klein Refuses To Remove Keith Ellison From Anti - Semitism Task Force  February 20, 2008
Hizb ut-Tahrir - A dangerous anti-Semitic and terrorist organization  February 19, 2008
U.S. Recognition of An Al-Qaeda Infiltrated Kosovo Is Indefensible  February 19, 2008
Al-Qaeda linked Mosque Breaks Ground in Boca Raton  February 17, 2008
Florida Attorney General McCollum's Submission to CAIR and MPAC  February 16, 2008
Man convicted in UK Muslim soldier beheading plot and supplying equipment to the Taleban  February 15, 2008
Hezbollah No.2 Imad Fayez Moughnieh killed in Syria  February 14, 2008
CAIR promoting shari'a with year long da'wa course at the Foundation for Islamic Education  February 14, 2008
UK obsession with multiculturalism breeds terrorists  February 14, 2008
Prince Bandar threatened to withhold terrorist info if UK bribe inquiry wasn't halted  February 14, 2008
Americans Against Hate shows Cong. Ron Klein proof of Cong. Keith Ellison's dealings with radical Islamist groups  February 13, 2008
Five arrested in terrorist murder plot against Danish cartoonist  February 12, 2008
Six GITMO Terrorists Face Death Penalty in Military Tribunal Proceedings  February 11, 2008
Attack on Bombay Stock Exchange thwarted  February 11, 2008
A Legacy of Hate: Congressman Keith Ellison delivers eulogy at funeral of head of MAS Minnesota  February 11, 2008
Oprah's Islamist Nightmare: Talk show host's program exploited by the Muslim American Society  February 8, 2008
Dhimmi Archbischop of Canterbury Bows to Sharia  February 7, 2008
Five men found guilty of helping failed London bombers  February 5, 2008
Terror attack in Israel kills one injures scores -bomber came from Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah group  February 4, 2008
Bush Housing Secretary Jackson In Bed With Islamist Philly Developer Kenny Gamble  February 4, 2008
PR: Congressman Keith Ellison to speak at memorial for dead Islamist leader  February 2, 2008
Hofstad Group - Wrong decision by Dutch appeals court  January 31, 2008
Department of the Defenseless  January 31, 2008
 January 31, 2008
Radical Muslims for Obama  January 31, 2008
Al Qaeda threatens a wave of suicide bombings in UK -demands release of Muslim prisoners  January 30, 2008
Yasher Bushnaq former president of the Islamic Association of Palestine indicted for naturalisation fraud  January 30, 2008
NL Muslim Councilwoman who told a constituent to 'convert to Islam' and "drop dead" is being forced out after signing HUT petition  January 27, 2008
Professor Hans Jansen explains why the Koran is "a license to kill"  January 27, 2008
Weekend of terrorist attacks in Israel  January 27, 2008
Pro-Taliban Pakistani Imran Khan Meeting With Senate Democrats  January 25, 2008
Dutch court labels Hofstad Groep "criminal terrorist organisation" nine members get up to 15 years  January 23, 2008
Jose Padilla gets 17 years on terrorism charges - called "dangerous Al Qaeda operative" Hassoun and Jayoussi also sentenced  January 22, 2008
Rushdie redux: Foreign governments warn Holland to stop Wilders film Iran threatens "extensive repercussions"  January 22, 2008
Hysteria over Geert Wilders rumored Koran film continues unabated as country goes into crisis mode  January 22, 2008
Georgia Tech student wanted to die a martyr - Pakistani born US citizen "coveted jihad life"  January 22, 2008
Hizb ut- Tahrir new force in the West Bank  January 22, 2008
Spanish police thwart terror attack in Barcelona  January 20, 2008
Al Qaeda suspect faces US court and life imprisonment for US embassy bomb plots -planned to kill handlers as informant  January 18, 2008
CAIR falsely alleges that candidates are "running as fast as they can" away from Muslims  January 18, 2008
Dutch PM Balkenende calls Wilders' Quran Film.,"cause for severe crisis" says "there is no reason to panic"  January 18, 2008
Moroccan member of Dutch labor party threatens native Dutch "drop dead -convert to Islam" "You are the foreigners here"  January 16, 2008
Director general for security in Dutch Interior Ministry sends letter to mayors warning of onrest due to WIlders film  January 16, 2008
PR: AHA Calls On Department of Defense To Cut Ties With Muslim Extremist Group  January 16, 2008
Austrian Politician Faces Jail for Remarks About Islam -gets security detail after video threat on You Tube  January 15, 2008
Muslim charity which supported reelection of mayor Ken Livingstone linked to terrorism  January 13, 2008
Dutch police arrest anti Wilders demonstrators  January 13, 2008
CAIR Speech at Centcom Cancelled  January 12, 2008
UK shopgirl in Heathrow and dental assistant planned terror attack  January 8, 2008
Temple University rejects IIIT funding for Islamic chair honoring Mahmoud Ayoub citing concerns about terror ties  January 7, 2008
Temple University rejects endowed chair for Islamist professor Mahmoud Mustafa Ayoub  January 7, 2008
Geert Wilders" Islam is a fascist ideology" - calls tolerance signatories in Dutch paper "gullible naive fools" and "dhimmis"  January 2, 2008
Kenny Gamble the United Muslim Movement and Universal -Islamist payola in the City of Brotherly Love  December 31, 2007
Muhammad and Mrs.Jones - Kenny Gamble's Philadelphia Muslim Enclave  December 31, 2007
Third Muslim student arrested at USF on weapons charges in explosives investigation  December 30, 2007
Bhutto coverage abysmal -fails to point out corruption and Pakistan lobbyist Siegel's lack of credibility  December 29, 2007
American Muslims to train as Imams in UAE  December 25, 2007
Was Barack Obama a Muslim?  December 24, 2007
Is FOX News selling out to the Islamists?  December 24, 2007
Report on the first conference of The Muslim Alliance of North America - Philadelphia Nov.2 - 4 2007  December 24, 2007
Residents protest plans to build Islamic school in Sydney Australia  December 22, 2007
Strike a Blow for Freedom, Stop The Jihad Against Dutch Politician Geert Wilders - sign the petition  December 21, 2007
Belgium on alert after arrest of 14 in thwarted Al Qaeda jail break  December 21, 2007
CAIR Once Again Defends Confessed Terrorist Al-Arian  December 20, 2007
UK children targeted with terror sing-along DVD for with mother as suicide bomber [pictures]  December 19, 2007
The War on America -Holyland Foundation case revealed extent of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration  December 19, 2007
Dutch Security Service warns against Muslim Brotherhood's clandestine infiltration tactics  December 19, 2007
Islamist in the Army - How the Islamic Circle of North America has infiltrated our military  December 18, 2007
Dhabah Almontaser's Campaign of Deceit - How she spreads a conspiracy theory of a plot against her  December 18, 2007
What You Should Know About CAIR, The Assault on Michael Savage and The Stealth Jihad  December 15, 2007
Movement To Deny Freedom of Speech to Dutch MP Wilders Intensifies  December 13, 2007
Islamist Extremist Convention 2007- MAS and ICNA event attracts thousands  December 13, 2007
CAIR Sacramento Director Basim Elkarra's History Of "Not Credible" Death Threat Allegations  December 9, 2007
Rep. Meeks Cozy Relationship with Terror -Linked Organisation and Mauri Saalakhan  December 9, 2007
Press Release: American Will Not Be Bullied by CAIR and Radical Islamists - support free speech  December 9, 2007
Has Philanthropist Lester Crown Been Duped by Islamists?  December 8, 2007
Intifada Dhabah - Judge rejects Khalil Gibran principal's attempts to get job back  December 6, 2007
University of Florida attempts to ban slogan "Radical Islam Wants You Dead" on film screening flyer  December 5, 2007
American Islamic Hamas Relief - Is FEMA helping fund overseas terrorists?  December 4, 2007
Holland Girds For Protests After Geert Wilders Announces "Anti Quran" Film  December 1, 2007
Islamic Center of Boca Raton congregant Dr. Rafiq Sabir gets 25 years for supporting Al Qaeda  November 29, 2007
Mastermind In Terror Plot, Rafiq Sabir, Gets 25 Year Sentence  November 29, 2007
Derrick Shareef pleads guilty to plot to blow up Rockford shopping mall - roomate gave information to Al Qaeda  November 29, 2007
Hugo Chavez- A fascist and a friend of Holocaust deniers and drug dealers  November 28, 2007
Muslims Riot In France - Shades Of The Intifada - What the MSM Doesn't Want You to Know  November 28, 2007
Stop the Madrassa Community Coalition Demands Apology from Almontaser for false accusations  November 28, 2007
Ohio mall bomber wannabe Al Qaeda ally sentenced to 10 years  November 27, 2007
CAIR Refuses to Condemn Hamas While Attempting to Censor Michael Savage  November 27, 2007
Almontaser Mounts First Amendment Case Against NY School District -link to complaint  November 21, 2007
Islamist Ex-Principal Of Khalil Gibran International Academy, Dhabah Almontaser Sues New York School District (video)  November 20, 2007
Israeli murdered in terrorist shooting by Abbas's Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades -infiltration foiled  November 20, 2007
University of Pennslyvania Hillel Conducts Interfaith Hoax With Radical Muslim Student Association  November 19, 2007
The Madrid Terrorism Trial Verdict - some critical comments  November 18, 2007
The Mullahs and the Islamic Circle of North America  November 15, 2007
US State Department delusional if it sees Bhutto and her Al Qaeda linked pro Taliban allies as the answer  November 15, 2007
Abu Hamza al - Masri to be extradited to US to face terrorism charges  November 15, 2007
10,000 Islamist terrorist attacks since 9/11 -60,000 dead and 90,000 injured  November 15, 2007
Brit Court Clears Way For Extradition Of Terror Imam Abu Hamza  November 15, 2007
Dr. Daniel Pipes on "The Threat to Israel's Existence"  November 12, 2007
From Pakistan With Terror: How the Islamic Circle of North America is tied to the Bhutto attack  November 7, 2007
20 arrests in European terror cell - 2 suspects in UK for suicide bomber recruitment  November 6, 2007
The Radicalization of young Moroccans and Turks in the Netherlands  November 5, 2007
UK M15 says terror threat evolving jihadists recruited younger  November 5, 2007
Conestoga High School students to go on CAIR sponsored da'wa visit to terror tied Foundation for Islamic Education  November 5, 2007
Pakistani terror group's reconnaissance mission in New York  November 4, 2007
Madrid bombers sentenced- victims families to appeal lenient rulings  November 3, 2007
Liberty City 7 had reached "jihadization" one step away from attack  October 31, 2007
One of Fort Dix Six plotters to plead guilty  October 30, 2007
Islamist groups file lawsuit in an attempt to silence Joe Kaufman  October 28, 2007
CAIR's attack on Dr.Daniel Pipes based on distortion - reveals group's refusal to condemn Hamas  October 27, 2007
UK Conservatives undermine counter terrorism efforts by forming Conservative Muslim Forum lead by Islamists  October 25, 2007
Jailed USF Egyptian student pleads not guilty to explosives charge - made bomb making video  October 25, 2007
PA closes down zakat committees proving HLF and others funded Hamas  October 24, 2007
Secular Tunesia may face a new, younger Islamic challenge  October 24, 2007
Holy Land Foundation mistrial reveals problems of prosecuting terror trials by jury  October 23, 2007
Muslim teacher who attacked army base chanting "Death to America" wanted to commit suicide by cop  October 23, 2007
Muslim headscarf may have been cause of fatal schoolbus crash in Canada  October 23, 2007
Dr.Daniel Pipes Joins the New York Times Syndicate  October 23, 2007
Dr.Daniel Pipes Discusses The Threat of Radical Islam At Scuttled Islamo -Facism Awareness Event  October 23, 2007
The Islamic Association of Palestine lives on  October 22, 2007
Mistrial in Holyland Prosecution,Government to Retry?  October 22, 2007
Dutch Intelligence Report : Islamists now pretending to be moderate  October 21, 2007
Holy Land Foundation Verdict In, Sealed Until Monday  October 19, 2007
Internet Jihad in the USA  October 16, 2007
Americans Against Hate stages protest against ICNA terror ties at Six Flags Over Texas  October 15, 2007
Dhabah Almontaser Teams Up with CAIR alleging "Islamophobia" will speak at NYU Islamic Center run by KGIA advisor Latif  October 15, 2007
Cop Killer Abu Mumia Jamal Supports Khalil Gibran International Academy  October 15, 2007
Nine year old Israeli girl run over and killed by terrorists on Yom Kippur who planned further rampages  October 12, 2007
Arab taxi driver in Jerusalem kidnaps three Jewish boys who were surrounded by lynch mob  October 12, 2007
Dealing with Hirsi Ali Derangement Syndrome  October 11, 2007
Trial of UK terrorist "Osama bin London" who ran training camps across UK  October 11, 2007
Curfew in Dutch neighborhood as Moroccan youth threaten "Paris like" riots  October 9, 2007
New Dutch Intelligence Report: Radical Islamic following increasing in Holland and becoming more "professional"  October 9, 2007
Homegrown terrorism in Germany: The case of Christian Ganczarski  October 8, 2007
Americans Against Hate website provides proof of ICNA's Ties to Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas  October 7, 2007
Why is Islam critic who claims she needs millions for protection against Islamist threats represented by the terrorist lawyer?  October 7, 2007
Department of Homeland Security Islamist payday to AMANA /AMER and Shukrijumah spokesman Zakkout?  October 3, 2007
Radical Muslims to hold event at Six Flags Over Texas -protest on October 14th with Americans Against Hate  October 3, 2007
Head of MAS forced to resign from VA immigration commission after being caught on tape extolling jihad  October 3, 2007
Preempt terrorists or not? by Dr.Daniel Pipes - Constitutional freedoms didn't anticipate US citizens being pro Al Qaeda  October 3, 2007
Bosnian Muslim attempts to smuggle bomb into US embassy in Austria  October 1, 2007
Converts to Islam pose expanding threat  September 30, 2007
Fanatic Muslim Family Day -How Six Flags Over Texas is aiding radical Islamists by Joe Kaufman  September 29, 2007
Dr.Daniel Pipes on "The Threat to Israel's Existence: Why it's back what it means"  September 23, 2007
Muslim American Society using Boy and Girl Scouts to promote Islamist agenda - illegally used children to recruit voters  September 23, 2007
1999 study of Arab American Students in Public Schools cites CAIR and ADC for curriculum aid material  September 23, 2007
Dr.Daniel Pipes explains "We must not appease -we must win" at discussion on radical Islam at Jewish Policy Center event  September 20, 2007
The "Civilisation-Jihadist Process" Is Well Underway - CAIR, The Muslim Brotherhood and the Khalil Gibran Academy  September 20, 2007
Why the Muslim Brotherhood is a danger to the United States  September 17, 2007
Court sentences Hofstadgroep member Samir Azzouz to four years for preparing attacks on government buildings  September 17, 2007
Muslim student in Scotland convicted of planning suicide attacks- threatened "to blow up Glasgow" from "respectable family"  September 17, 2007
The internet replaces camps for jihad training  September 17, 2007
Swedish cartoonist in hiding after Al Qaeda death threat against him and editor for cartoon  September 17, 2007
Muslim student in gets 6 1/2 prison on terror charges in Texas -others remain in custody  September 16, 2007
Jihadi video for bomb detonation found on computer of arrested University of South Florida Muslim students- pdf court documents  September 16, 2007
Canadian Muslim arrested in connection with Austrian Al Qaeda video threat case  September 16, 2007
Websites for Germany's Turks being used to recruit homegrown terrorists  September 16, 2007
The Muslim Brotherhood in America Defined as "Threat Organisation"in DOD Memo  September 16, 2007
150 demonstrators arrested at anti Islamisation demo in Brussels -Heads of Vlaams Belang manhandled by arrest  September 15, 2007
Amsterdam's coddling of jihadists shows Dutch have become complacent  September 12, 2007
Europeans appear to be submitting to Islam  September 12, 2007
German terror planners confess  September 12, 2007
Operation Alberich :How the CIA helped foil the German terror plot - 45 suspects still being sought  September 11, 2007
Dr.Daniel Pipes accesses the war on terror "America's Crash Course On Islam"  September 11, 2007
Dr.Daniel Pipes on Arabic language schools in the U.S. "Teach Arabic or Recruit Extremists?"  September 11, 2007
Mayor Bloomberg in Dhimmi Mode Proclaims "Muslim Day" in letter to Muslim Day parade  September 11, 2007
Hamid Hayat jailed for 24 years in California for training at jihad camp and giving "material support" to Al Qaeda  September 10, 2007
Muslim stabs rabbi in Frankfurt shouting Allahu Akhbar -Jewish theater director murdered in Uzbekistan  September 9, 2007
Maritime terrorism -the threat from the sea  September 7, 2007
Prosecutors Insist CAIR conspired in Hamas case  September 7, 2007
CIA warns of Al Qaeda plots as US studies Bin Laden video tape  September 7, 2007
Steve Emerson on the NY Times whitewash of the ISNA conference  September 7, 2007
Dr. Daniel Pipes on the Council on American Islamic Relations dissembling "CAIR's Dirty Tricks Against Me"  September 7, 2007
Ten terror plotters still being sought in Germany in connection with thwarted attacks  September 6, 2007
Suicide bomb attack kills 15 prior to Algerian president's mosque visit -attack blamed on Al Qaeda  September 6, 2007
3 Muslims arrested in Germany for planning "massive" bombing of Frankfurt airport and US base at Ramstein  September 5, 2007
Leader and member of German group planning terror attacks were converts to Islam - Ulm "Multicultural House" had jihad role  September 5, 2007
Denmark arrests eight linked to Al Qaeda for planning bombing attacks - 6 foreign born jihadis had Danish nationality  September 4, 2007
Stop the Madrassa by Frank Gaffney - How the Khalil Gibran School will promote radicalism  September 4, 2007
Three Muslims indicted in Oslo terrorism case - one fired shots at Norway's main synagouge  September 4, 2007
Self made terrorists- analysis of NYPD report "Radicalisation in the West-The Homegrown Threat" link to document  September 4, 2007
FBI's Most Wanted Terrorist List  September 4, 2007
Islamist Keith Ellison joins Congressional Task Force on Anti Semitism while promoting Muslim Brotherhood agenda  September 4, 2007
New York fears jihad -lessons in arabic language school "Multicultural education leads to Theo van Gogh"  September 2, 2007
A students guide to hosting Islamo-Fascism Awareness week October 22-26 2007  September 2, 2007
Muslim student arrested with pipebombs near Navy base had terror past in Egypt -documentation indictment pdf  August 31, 2007
Dr.Daniel Pipes on Saudi reaction to his piece "United to Exclude Saudi Airlines"- "Saudi Arabian Airlines Cleans Up It's Act"  August 31, 2007
CAIR's Goebbels style propaganda against Dr.Daniel Pipes refuted  August 30, 2007
Ban Islam? Dr.Daniel Pipes on eradicating radical Islam not the religion as the only viable strategy  August 29, 2007
CAIR's plans for KGIA :The Islamists long term indoctrination and cultural jihad strategy  August 28, 2007
Justice Department to co -sponsor event with ISNA unindicted co-conspirator in terror funding case  August 28, 2007
Al Qaeda has active plot to hit the West soon  August 28, 2007
The Holyland Foundation terror charity part of plot to "destroy Western civilisation from within" documentation links  August 27, 2007
Two University of South Florida Muslim students charged with having explosives near S.C. Navy Station  August 27, 2007
Thomas Moore Law Center joins to stop Khalil Gibran Academy -calls it "Incubator for Islamist Radicalization" PR  August 27, 2007
Head of Muslim Consultative Network Adem Carroll warns of "dangerous situation" if Khalil Gibran Academy doesn't open  August 27, 2007
US Justice Department to co sponsor convention of unindicted co-conspirator in terror funding case  August 27, 2007
Dutch government to spend 28 million euros to fight 'polarisation and radicalisation'  August 27, 2007
Police in India find 19 bombs after simultaneous terror attacks kill over 44 wound scores  August 26, 2007
James Ujaama pleads guilty to terrorism charges - Seattle man attended Finsbury Park Mosque and aided Taliban  August 26, 2007
Pete Seda pleads not guilty -Al Haramain director returns to Oregon to face trial for funding Chechen mujahideen  August 26, 2007
Congressman Keith Ellison named as Grand Marshal of Muslim Day Parade -AAH calls on him to resign  August 24, 2007
Khalil Gibran's Muslim Brotherhood advisor Talib Abdur-Rashid advocates jihad and runs Boy Scout troop  August 23, 2007
Does KGIA supporter Michael Feinberg also support Hamas? Rally speaker joined CAIR,Lynn Stewart and ISM at '02 event  August 23, 2007
Foreman of Amsterdam's ill fated Wester Mosque project arrested on money laundering charges - weapons found  August 23, 2007
Texas CAIR founder Ghassan Elashi tells judge Holyland Foundation terror prosecution is a "Zionist conspiracy"  August 22, 2007
Khalil Gibran strategy meeting at radical mosque proves school will be a madrassah  August 22, 2007
Dr.Daniel Pipes: Unite to ban Saudi Arabian Airlines until they stop barring non Muslim religious items from their country  August 21, 2007
Muslim Day Parade sponsored by terror linked groups to take place in NYC on September 9th  August 20, 2007
Arab who fought for right to build home in Jewish Village backed by Islamist movement to spearhead takeover  August 17, 2007
New York Islamist Day Parade Aims to promote Islam with terror linked sponsors  August 17, 2007
Florida Trail of Terror Revisited :Padilla, Hassoun, and Jayoussi's local friends and supporters fall silent after terror conviction  August 17, 2007
Dr.Daniel Pipes: Stop the NYC Madrassa  August 16, 2007
Padilla Hassoun and Jayyousi found guilty in terror trial -dirty bomber wannabe could get life in jail  August 16, 2007
Almontaser's Resignation Leaves Khalil Gibran's "Intifada-Structure" Intact - Islamist supporters show radical nature of school  August 15, 2007
Emerson Vermaat: Former Communist Ella Vogelaar now embraces Islamic culture: Portrait of a Dutch government Minister  August 15, 2007
NYPD study warns of mounting threat by homegrown terrorists "who throw away their baseball caps and grow beards"  August 15, 2007
Enough is Enough:Ban the Koran: Translation of Geert WIlders Volkskrant piece which is causing uproar in Holland  August 14, 2007
Muslim Town Hall meeting held at terror tied Islamic Society of Bay Ridge -killer of Jewish student was incited by mosque sermon  August 12, 2007
Dhabah Almontaser resigns as head of Khalil Gibran jihad public school after intifada remarks cause outrage  August 10, 2007
Dutch Freedom Party Leader, Geert Wilders Calls for Banning the Quran documentation  August 10, 2007
Dutch Freedom Party Leader Geert Wilders: Calls for Koran ban after leader of ex Muslim group is assaulted in name of Islam  August 8, 2007
Ex FBI agent Jeffrey Wisenfeld calls Khalil Gibran school security risk - blasts principal designate Almontaser  August 8, 2007
Two University of South Florida Muslim students jailed after being found near naval base with explosive device  August 7, 2007
Executive summary of Khalil Gibran school proves it will be a jihad recruiting center for CAIR legal staffers and Islamist activists  August 7, 2007
Dhabah Almontaser slated principal of Khalil Gibran public school tied to "NYC Intifada T-shirts" and pro terror Al-Awda  August 6, 2007
Arrest of Yusuf Bey and others in raids on Black Muslim bakery in SF may be related to murder of local journalist  August 3, 2007
Middle East Forum Legal Project to defend Robert Spencer from the Council on american Islamic Relations  August 2, 2007
CAIR's Shari'a Strategy - Muslim cop who arrested student for alleged Koran flush has working ties to radical Islamist groups  August 2, 2007
Principal designate of Khalil Gibran school aims to indocrinate not educate -Dhabah Almontaser's Islamism in video expose'  July 31, 2007
Emerson Vermaat: The Dutch Labor Party and Islam: The Limits of Multiculturalism  July 31, 2007
How paying for hostages prolongs the fight against terrorists: "Deals from the Dark Ages" by George Jonas  July 29, 2007
Virginia paintball jihadi sentenced for lying in terror case -obstructed prevention of attacks  July 26, 2007
Mosque in Italy recruited children for jihad -courses held on poisons,explosives, and piloting -Imam and aides arrested  July 25, 2007
Muslim in Texas sentenced to ten years for attending terrorist training camp -wanted to help set up Islamist state in Somalia  July 25, 2007
Dutch parliamentarian reports on Christians being crucified in Iraq - converts and those in "mixed marriages" targetted  July 25, 2007
NY public school madrassa crucial battle in war of ideas - Frank Gaffney on why the Khalil Gibran school must be stopped  July 24, 2007
Hamas sympathiser Linda Sarsour's ties to Khalil Gibran Academy and principal designate Dhabah Almontaser  July 19, 2007
Parents of Keren Malki victim of Hamas bombing condemn NYT and HBO for glamourising their child's killer in "Hothouse" film  July 17, 2007
Muslim man in UK jailed for rocket making instructions found in luggage returning from Syria trip with wife and baby  July 17, 2007
Pennslyvania man caught in internet terror sting sentenced for offering aid to Al Qaeda  July 17, 2007
Uproar after Dutch Labour party minister says Islamic Holland inevitable - Muslim parliamentarian calls prospect "fantastic"  July 16, 2007
Muhammad Salah convicted of funding Hamas - lying about murder of David Boim - Abdulhaleem Ashqar to be sentenced  July 12, 2007
Faux moderate British Muslim Initiative exploits terrorist attacks to portray Muslims as the victims of non existent backlash  July 12, 2007
The Muslim Student Association as missing unindicted co -conspirator  July 11, 2007
Chertoff shows dhimmitude to pro-terrorist leader of radical Dearborn mosque in second meeting with Michigan Muslims  July 11, 2007
AAH rallies against Islamic Circle of North America in Hartford demands organisation be put on terror watch list  July 10, 2007
The Red Mosque and the Talibanisation of Pakistan  July 10, 2007
MPAC - Islamists using politics to undermine national security  July 10, 2007
Al Zawahiri tape threatens attacks over Rushdie knighthood -Muslim Council of Britain justifies threats as "not unexpected"  July 10, 2007
Failed London transport bombers jailed for life - radicalised by Abu Hamza Al Masri at Finsbury Park Mosque  July 9, 2007
Bin Laden gave "blessing" for UK doctors bomb plot  July 5, 2007
Three UK Muslims jailed for inciting terrorism using internet website  July 5, 2007
Al Muhajiroun deputy Anjem Choudary called for recruits for Jihad in Somalia on website - 5 Britons reported arrested in Ethopia  July 5, 2007
UK web designer who urged killing of non Muslims at cartoon demo convicted with 3 others of "incitement to murder in the name of religion"  July 5, 2007
"Those who cure you are going to kill you" British cleric in Iraq was given hint of impending attack by Al Qaeda chief  July 5, 2007
Doctors used UK house as bomb factory - Muslim asylum seeker arrested in separate plot to bomb nightclubs  July 5, 2007
7 doctors held in UK bomb plot - bomb factory in Scotland - suspect car at mosque detonated -1 doc described as "model citizen"  July 3, 2007
Shoeless George Bush: Dr.Daniel Pipes on the president's failure to grasp radical Islam and why he shouldnt send a delegate to the OIC  July 3, 2007
NHS as Al Qaeda's jihad conduit to the West: "Health service has been used to get terrorists into Britain to launch attacks against us"  July 3, 2007
Jihad doctors in US :Rafiq Sabir sentenced in '07 for swearing an oath of allegiance to Bin Laden - Rafil Dhafir jailed in NY 2004  July 3, 2007
Two doctors held in UK Al Qaeda bomb plot -6th terrorist being sought -pictures of events and arrests "timeline of terror"  July 2, 2007
UK police"Around 250 British determined to mount terrorist attacks" "So many people plotting prioritising is the only way"  July 2, 2007
More arrests of Muslim doctors expected in UK car bomb attack probes - terror network of foreign physicians suspected  July 2, 2007
Muslim doctor in Australia arrested in UK car bomb terror plot  July 2, 2007
Al Qaeda linked suicide bomber drives car bomb into Spanish tourist groups killing 10 people  July 2, 2007
Terrorist cell behind bomb plot "not yet neutralised" Scotland Yard counter terrorism chief warns of "further attacks"  July 2, 2007
Suicide belt reported found on SUV terrorist- -car bombs in London linked to Glasgow attack - UK and US airports on high alert  July 1, 2007
Airport car bomb failed to detonate twice -crackdown on fertiliser sales may have forced terrorist switch to gas cannister explosives  July 1, 2007
Four arrests in UK airport car bomb attack -video -pictures -Terrorist threw punches and shouted "Allah Allah"  July 1, 2007
5 arrested in UK airport and nightclub "Al Qaeda" terror -residents near airport say 2 Asian men moved in "a month ago"  July 1, 2007
Nightclub attack alert issued two weeks ago - bomb attempt on London clubs similiar to those planned by 5 jailed terrorists  June 30, 2007
UK security services missed Jihadi fundraising parties minutes from police HQ in Herndon  June 30, 2007
UK under attack as car bomb rams into Glasgow airport main terminal - terrorists arrested after setting SUV and selves on fire  June 30, 2007
Salman Rushdie and British Backbone: Dr.Pipes warned UK should take Pakistani suicide terror threats seriously after knighthood  June 30, 2007
Car bomb in London defused - reports of vehicle "driven erratically" before driver ran off raises fears of suicide attack attempt  June 29, 2007
UK fears of Al Qaeda bombing campaign in UK "Rejoice,by Allah London will be bombed" police issue warning to night clubs  June 29, 2007
Steve Emerson: In reaching out to OIC "President aligns with those who believe the West is responsible for Islamic terrorism"  June 29, 2007
Tycoon Farooq Kathwari -Son died in jihad in 1992 - prevaricates that 9/11 to blame for potential Muslim radicalism in U.S.  June 28, 2007
Bosnian Muslims and Itzebekovics backed by Saudi King Fahd and Wahhabists- false"moderates" are "white Al Qaeda"  June 27, 2007
Al-Qaeda leader calls on Muslims worldwide to back Hamas with "weapons,money and attacks on U.S. and Israeli interests"  June 25, 2007
Hamas leader claim he saw kidnapped BBC correspondent on video with bomb belt - kidnappers will "slit throat of journalist"  June 24, 2007
Muslim Council of Britain intimidation: Abdul Bari incites Muslims to"confront" politicians to show opposition to Rushdie knighthood  June 22, 2007
The Islamisation of US public schools begins miles from Ground Zero:DOE letter announcing tax payer funded madrassah in Brooklyn  June 22, 2007
Young Muslims -Young Hamas - ICNA and MAS youth wing preaches jihad should be placed on terrorism watch list  June 22, 2007
Bush administration and State Department to legitimise Muslim Brotherhood based on Robert Leiken's analysis?  June 22, 2007
Khalil Gibran moral equivalency - New York public jihad school a threat to national security - not just another "theme" school  June 22, 2007
Pakistani businessmen from Islamabad Traders Association pledge $160,000 dollars to anyone "who beheads Rushdie"  June 22, 2007
American Intifada by Dr.Daniel Pipes - Account of America under siege from terrorism and legal Islamism  June 21, 2007
Emerson Vermaat:Spanish police alarmed at growing "Takfiri" jihadist influence in Spain: coping with crime, immigration and terrorism  June 20, 2007
Fort Dix terror plotter who begged for bail etched threat to FBI on wall of cell referred to Kosovo Liberation Army  June 19, 2007
Two Palestines, Anyone? By Dr.Daniel Pipes -Non existent country mestatasizes into "moderate" and jihadist terrorist enclaves  June 19, 2007
Is the American Enterprise Institute - AEI -going Islamist? Scholars Muravchik and Sommers collaborate with terror linked CSID  June 19, 2007
UK Muslim politicians side with Pakistan and Iran in condemning Rushdie $150,000 offered by clerics for his "execution"  June 19, 2007
Pak religious affairs minister: "Rushdie knighthood justifies suicide attacks against the west" protesters shout "kill him!"  June 18, 2007
"Moderate" Abbas and Fatah terrorists murder and pillage in Gaza -Israel rescues fleeing enemies  June 17, 2007
Congressman Keith Ellison speaks at CAIR event - group unindicted co conspirator in Holyland Hamas funding case  June 16, 2007
7 jailed in UK sleeper cell "dirty bomb" plot scouted UK and US buildings transport targets -profile of AQ leader Dhiren Barot  June 16, 2007
Israel saves "moderate" Fatah terrorists - showdown with Hamas -Al Qaeda may be imminent  June 16, 2007
Islamist state declared by Hamas in Gaza "The era of justice and Islamic rule has arrived"  June 15, 2007
AAH to protest at Muslim American Society/ICNA -Demands government shut down group for funding Hamas 7/8/07  June 15, 2007
Trial of Fort Dix Six to begin in October - Special websites will provide information-documentation-possible live feed  June 15, 2007
CAIR accuses WTimes of "Islamophobia" after they report on membership being down 90% since 9/11  June 15, 2007
Congressman Andrews, Mayor Gural, and Assemblyman Connors Turn Dhimmi At New Jersey Jihad Mosque Event  June 13, 2007
Pregnant mother of 8 and of 4 planned joint suicide bombings in Israel using humanitarian permit to enter for medical treament  June 13, 2007
Text of remarks made at New Jersey "Jihad" mosque open house by Congressman Andrews, Assemblyman Connors,Mayor Gural, FBI  June 12, 2007
Terrorists protected as citizens civil rights not to be murdered are undermined - court rules against enemy combatant detentions  June 12, 2007
San Diego Arab public school implements shari'a - forms taxpayer funded madrassah  June 12, 2007
"Women uncovered meat" Mufti replaced by Imam who was lauded for bringing Islam to Australia  June 11, 2007
San Diego Arab/Muslim public school practices"serious indoctrination" taxpayer funded madrassa operates as autonomous entity  June 11, 2007
Islamic culture festival in Philadelphia organised by journalist for Final Call NOI paper Michael Z. Mohammed  June 10, 2007
JFK plotters tried to recruit Shukrijumah - last contact in Trinidad found murdered  June 9, 2007
AAH calls upon Keith Ellison to repudiate the Muslim American Society aka the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S.  June 7, 2007
New Jersey Jihad Mosque Trustees Change Story, Now Say Duka Brothers "Were Angry and Frustrated by Iraq and Afghanistan"  June 7, 2007
Government Documents Reveal CAIR is Hamas - ISNA also named as unindicted co conspirator in Holy Land terror funding  June 6, 2007
New survey shows that one in four UK Muslims thinks the government staged 7/7 transport bombings  June 5, 2007
Fort Dix jihad plot shows existence of "White Al Qaeda" Kosovo as international terror hub  June 5, 2007
Islamists in the courtroom - Dr.Daniel Pipes on the use of lawsuits to intimidate researchers announces MEF legal aid initiative  June 5, 2007
Interfaith Da'wa: Bischops meet with ICNA to compile document on "principles of Catholic and Sunni Muslims marriage traditions"  June 5, 2007
CAIR and ISNA named as part of criminal conspiracy in Hamas funding case -link to U.S. government indictment  June 4, 2007
4 Muslims charged in plot to kill thousands by blowing up JFK fuel lines in neighborhoods -1 US citizen jailed in Brooklyn ex airport worker  June 2, 2007
63 year old Muslim from Brooklyn behind [plot to destroy JFK and put entire U.S. "in mourning" to earn his "place in paradise"  June 2, 2007
JFK terror plot mastermind thought of "blowing up" airport while working as cargo handler - nabbed walking out of Brooklyn diner  June 2, 2007
Chronology of the JFK fuel pipeline terror plot -informant played critical role in arrests-DOJ statement  June 2, 2007
MPAC and CAIR Praise Osama Bin Laden by Dr.Daniel Pipes -MPAC's Edina Lekovics lies to Steven Emerson on NBC show  June 1, 2007
Project for London Merkaz 'mega mosque' suspended - tied to Tablighi Jamaat and Al Qaeda recruitment  June 1, 2007
Khalil Gibran Jihad School's new public relations ploy - Army Sgt. Patrick Kowalchuk reports for duty  May 31, 2007
Islamic Center of South Jersey trustee Badat changes story - Duka brothers showed "aggravation and frustration over Iraq and Afghanistan"  May 30, 2007
UK terror suspects who fled monitoring said to be targetting overseas -two related to convicted fertilizer bomb plotter  May 29, 2007
Brooklyn College grad Syed Hashimi extradited to U.S. from U.K. for arming Al Qaeda to attack Americans  May 29, 2007
Terrorist who murdered Kahane son and daughter in law member of Abbas's Fatah hid out in Muqtada compound in Ramallah  May 29, 2007
Islamic Society of Boston gives up lawsuit against David Project, Concerned Citizens and Fox in wake of document demand  May 29, 2007
Ingrid Mattson - Ex Catholic convert to Islam who leads organisation on terror fund list tells Jews to beware of fundamentalist Christians  May 28, 2007
Blair says human rights of terrorists being put before protection of citizens after 3 suspects flee control orders  May 28, 2007
Fertiliser bomb plotters brothers dissappear after breaching UK anti terrorism control orders  May 27, 2007
Fort Dix plotter Serdar Tatar applied to become Philly police officer weeks before planned attack  May 27, 2007
Sentences increased for Islamists who plotted attacks on Eiffel Tower and Department stores - group had Chechen connections  May 27, 2007
One is too many: Pew survey shows 1 in 4 young U.S. Muslims supports suicide bombings  May 25, 2007
Doctors Without Borders gave Arab terrorist staffer pass to enter Israel -plotted to murder Olmert-Lieberman -Be'eri  May 25, 2007
Islamic Center of South Jersey talks peace at staged open house preaches jihad in books and pamphlets  May 25, 2007
UK deports radical Imam who incited subway bomber to Jamaica  May 25, 2007
Americans Against Hate calls upon U.S. government to shut down Islamic Circle of North America and stop terrorism funding  May 25, 2007
Halal Jugend -ISNA to hold "Islamic Games" at NJ Brunswick public school " the way you play basketball...makes it more Islamic"  May 24, 2007
Correction of Brooklyn Daily Eagle editor Ranaan Geberer's distortion of Dr.Daniel Pipes's views  May 24, 2007
The Real Arab School Fear By Dr.Daniel Pipes - Khalil Gibran School advisory board members promote violence and extremism  May 22, 2007
Khalil Gibran Jihad School -Indoctrination not Education  May 22, 2007
Woman suicide bombers are dying to kill Israelis  May 22, 2007
Terrorist murderer Khaled Mashaal asks Lebanese PM to protect his supporters as army battles Fatah Islam  May 22, 2007
Islamic Center of Boca Raton congregant Dr. Rafiq Sabir on trial for Al Qaeda aid plan -accomplice Tarik Shah pled guilty to terror charges  May 20, 2007
Lackawanna Six terrorist Goba testifies dirty bomber wannabe Padilla was at Afghan jihad camp visited by Bin Laden  May 20, 2007
Khalil Gibran School Advisor Khalid Latif Threatened NYU with Jihad Over Danish Cartoons  May 17, 2007
The Islamic Circle of North America -Muslim American Society Young Muslims -Hamas and the Jamaat -e- Islami connection  May 16, 2007
FBI identifies four more suspects in Fort Dix Terror case not enough evidence to charge them  May 14, 2007
Khalil Gibran "Jihad" School Principal Dhabah Almontaser Attempts to Hide - refuses to talk to media or respond to concerns  May 14, 2007
Parents call emergency meeting to protest Khalil Gibran "Jihad" School concern over "girls in burkas" and "overcrowding"  May 14, 2007
Parents call emergency meeting over new location of Khalil Gibran "Jihad" School- claim "overcrowding" not radical Islam the problem  May 13, 2007
Thousands joins with Ahmadinejab at anti American hatefest in Dubai after red carpet welcome by Zayed Al Nahyan and Rashid Al Maktoum  May 13, 2007
Marwan Kreidie: State Civil Service chairman and Rendell appointee moonlights as spokesman for Al Aqsa mosque and terror plotters  May 13, 2007
Jihad camp Imam Mazen Mokhtar jailed for tax fraud -ran Al Qaeda mirror sites tied to UK Heathrow bomb plotter Babar Ahmed  May 11, 2007
Imam Fouad Elbayly who called for murder of apostates resigns from The Islamic Center of Johnstown PA  May 10, 2007
Mayor Bernie Platt Of Cherry Hill breaks ground with local Muslims "thank God, we're going to have a mosque"  May 10, 2007
Radical groups form Muslims for Constructive Engagement working with US gov and DOD to Islamise America from within  May 10, 2007
Paintball "often played" "unusual activity" and" recent school dropouts" in Cherry Hill jihadi home point to martyrdom intent  May 9, 2007
Muslim terror plotters "hiding in plain sight neighbors and relatives "shocked" by arrests of "bunch of regular guys" kin involved  May 9, 2007
UK arrests 4 more linked to '05 transit bombings including widow of tube bomber- three arrests last month in ongoing investigations  May 9, 2007
Clerk asked to copy jihad video foils terror plot - "shocked" neighbors failed to report home paintball practice and talk of religion  May 9, 2007
FBI "Homegrown terror plot "brand new form of terrorism" operating under the radar "more dangerous then known group"  May 9, 2007
Cherry Hill jihadis worshipped and did roof work at Philly's Al Aqsa mosque  May 9, 2007
Khalil Gibran Jihad School to be housed in Brooklyn High School of the Arts - Principal denies Muslims behind 9/11  May 9, 2007
Six foreign born Muslims in NJ arrested in jihad plot to kill soldiers in Fort Dix - prepared with paintball practice  May 8, 2007
Plotters of Fort Dix terror attack identified one may have filed rejected claim for asylum in UK  May 8, 2007
Khalil Gibran School Arabic public school with clerical advisory board must be shut down as religious school  May 8, 2007
Give us your tired -your poor- your jihadi masses - Fort Dix terror plotter lived on base as Albanian refugee in 1999  May 8, 2007
Emerson Vermaat: FBI and CIA knew early in 2003 that Mohammed Sidique Khan was a potential terrorist  May 8, 2007
CAIR helps host NJ officials - Governor Corzine, Senator Menendez -State Attorney General Rabner-Rep Pascell at American Muslim Union event  May 6, 2007
Khalil Gibran "Jihad School" plan "postponed" DOE head Klein "If the school becomes... a religious school... I will shut it down"  May 6, 2007
Muslims threaten riots if Sarkozy elected socialist candidate exploits fears of Islamist violence to garner votes  May 4, 2007
Protest in NYC to call for removal of CAIR president from Human Rights Commission Sat. May 5th 7 to 8:30 pm  May 3, 2007
Terrorist murder of Israeli professor was botched assassinate attempt on Israeli Knesset member by Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah  May 2, 2007
Europol Report analyses threat of terror "France-Spain-UK countries most severely affected by terrorism"  May 2, 2007
Omar Bakri Mohammed and Al Muhajiroun started convicted UK terrorists on road to bomb plot -school friends "shocked"  May 1, 2007
Dutch Academic Hans Jansen Warns "Moderate" Muslims "Make Use of Radicals"  May 1, 2007
Florida church member brings case to stop radical mosque "as nuisance and threat to the community" complaint cites CAIR  May 1, 2007
Geert Wilders: Close all Islamic schools immediately -"To protect children from Islamist ideas" "Too much Islam in Holland"  May 1, 2007
Party for Freedom leader Wilders urged to "tone down" critique of Islam -after fatwa and threats of violence against Dutch interests  May 1, 2007
Five UK Muslims sentenced to life for planned attack against night club linked to Al Qaeda -tapes reveal other plots  April 30, 2007
US terrorist Barbar and Canadian Khawaja tied to UK bomb plot which "could have killed hundreds" - links to videos and indictment  April 30, 2007
How UK terror plotters trained at camp in Afghanistan together with New York Jihadi Babar Junaid and 7/7 bomber  April 30, 2007
UK coach probably murdered by Tablighi Jamaat players angered he told them to curtail prayer time -fled Pakistan after fatwa  April 30, 2007
Former airline employee sentenced for spying for Saddam "sleeper agent" spied on Iraqis in US  April 30, 2007
Terrorist attacks up by 40% - US government chart with statistics and briefing on Release of 2006 Country Reports on Terrorism  April 30, 2007
Convicted UK terror plotters tied to 7/7 bombers - Al Muhajiroun and Al Qaeda charts and diagrams show terror plot  April 30, 2007
Muslims in France attack rabbi and young woman Jews in Norway and France call warned not to wear religous symbols in public  April 29, 2007
Dutch Islam expert: "Moderate Muslims too strive after Islamic society in NL -make use of radicals to enforce their wishes"  April 27, 2007
Geert Wilders claims "intimidation" by Dutch Counter Terrorism Coordinator who warns politician to "tone down"his criticism of Islam  April 27, 2007
Saudis arrest 170 people in terror plot to attack oil fields with planes and foreign targets  April 27, 2007
Ayatollah issues fatwa calling for murder of Geert Wilders -Counter terrorism coordinator urges Dutch politician to tone down criticism of Islam  April 26, 2007
Omar Khadr charged with grenade murder of American soldier  April 25, 2007
Radical cleric arrested for" incitement" together with 5 UK Muslims for "radicalisation" and "financing international terrorism"  April 24, 2007
A Madrasa Grows in Brooklyn: Dr. Daniel Pipes on why the Khalil Gibran International Academy should not be opened  April 24, 2007
Johnstown Islamic Center Imam ElBayly issues terroristic threats against speaker advocates murder of apostates  April 23, 2007
3 UK Muslim students on trial for waging Al Qaeda "media war" recruiting for jihad via websites appeared to lead "normal lives"  April 23, 2007
Iranian born engineer at Phoenix nuclear plant arrested on charges of downloading plans of control rooms and reactors to Iran  April 22, 2007
Terrorists in Turkey slit throats of Christian Bible publishers "let this be a lesson to the enemies of our religion"  April 19, 2007
Jihad School principal Dhabah Almontaser: 9/11 attacks "triggered by the way the US breaks it's promises... around the world"  April 19, 2007
Khalil Gibran School -Government funded da'wa - Muslim Sensitivity course for public school teachers denies Islam linked to terrorism  April 18, 2007
Debbie Does Da'wa: Khalil Gibran Jihad school principal Almontaser exploits 9/11 and anti Muslim bias claims to spread Islam  April 17, 2007
Khalil Gibran principal Almontaser undergoes PR makover switches clothes and headcovering in attempt to disquise Islamist agenda  April 16, 2007
New York Jihad School Principal Dhabah Almontaser Decried "FBI" Tactics toward convicted subway bomb terror plotter Siraj  April 16, 2007
Ohio Al Qaeda operative attended same Columbus mosque as shopping mall and Brooklyn Bridge bomb plotters  April 15, 2007
Al Qaeda targets US diplomatic offices in Morocco as jihad intensifies -two suicide attacks near consulate and cultural center  April 14, 2007
Geert Wilders warns of assassination attempt as result of demonisation by leftists including friends of AEI fellow Hirsi Ali  April 14, 2007
Head of CAIR Columbus OH Ahmed Al Akhras knows arrested A-bomber wannabe -vows group's support -claims charges "out of character"  April 13, 2007
A Jihad Grows in Brooklyn: Khalil Gibran International Academy will propagate Islamism and Arab surpremacism -documentation  April 13, 2007
Amnesty and crackdown failed to stop terrorism in Algeria -France fears they will be targetted by Al Qaeda Maghreb group  April 12, 2007
Muslim convert from Columbus Ohio accused of training with Al Qaeda to bomb European resorts and US bases  April 12, 2007
Four Moroccan terrorists blow themselves up after police raid -linked to internet cafe bomber  April 11, 2007
More legal Islamist intimidation as Muslim sues Maryland Hospital for 30ml "to educate people on the religion of Islam"  April 11, 2007
CAIR and ADC praise Pelosi trip to ME as Ellison meets terror inciting Mufti of Al Aqsa  April 11, 2007
Six Imams sue passengers for voicing suspicions after choreographed terror probe  April 11, 2007
Two suicide bombs in Algeria kill 30 terrorists target PM headquarters and city suburbs  April 11, 2007
Joe Kaufman calls for CAIR to be shut down at protest against Congressman Sestak's appearence at fundraiser in Philly  April 8, 2007
PA Governor Ed Rendell appears at CAIR fundraiser in Philly -aids Congressman Sestak to legitimise Hamas front group  April 8, 2007
Keith Ellison claims visit to Al Aqsa and Imam who incited Muslims against Jews on Hamas radio proves "reconciliation is possible"  April 8, 2007
Plea for changed in Dutch VVD party paper - anonymous writer advocates criminalising spreading of "hateful text"  April 5, 2007
Three more Muslims charged with aiding July 7th bombers police plead with community to tell what they know  April 5, 2007
Protest against Congressman Joe Sestak's appearence at CAIR fundraising banquet - April 7th 5:15 Hilton City Avenue Philly  April 4, 2007
Home is where Hamas is -Matthew Levitt presents the myth of moderate -charitable terrorism  April 2, 2007
Radical Imam tells Muslims in Holland not to pay taxes to harm Dutch state -Wilders calls for deportation  April 2, 2007
Steven Emerson refutes NY Times piece that attempted to conceal CAIR's terror ties  March 29, 2007
Hamas reiterates goal of world domination by Islam - annihilation of Israel -establishment of Caliphate in Jerusalem  March 28, 2007
CAIR working to destroy U.S. Canadian Relationship in partnership with leftists  March 28, 2007
French Muslim convert Willie Brigitte gets 9 years for Al Qaeda plot to blow up Sydney nuclear reactor  March 24, 2007
Family of fugitive dirty bomber wannabe shares fun on My Space as "next Mohammed Atta" "Big Bro' Adnan Shukrijumah still on the loose  March 23, 2007
Utah Mayor Rocky Anderson denies jihad in mall shootings aids and abets Al Qaeda by bashing US government in time of war  March 23, 2007
Muslim Sailor indicted on terror charges for disclosing location of US destroyers to Al Qaeda had ties  March 23, 2007
UK police arrest 3 more 7/7 plotters poised to flee to Pakistan to join terrorists  March 23, 2007
US and EU to meet with perpetrators of school bus bombing -Israel Law Center condemns contact with PA's Mohammed Dahlan  March 22, 2007
Salt Lake City Police Chief denies Talovics "suicide by cop" was act of martyrdom  March 21, 2007
Wahhabists speaking with forked tongues: CAIR's "Open Letter" to Congress a study in Islamist doublespeak  March 18, 2007
Memorial sculpture for Theo van Gogh unveiled in A'dam-"The Scream" - aims to show that terrorism will not stifle free speech  March 18, 2007
Utah Mall Jihadi Sulejman Talovics told girlfriend it would be the"happiest day of his life" had martyrdom revelation of "white horse"  March 17, 2007
Transcript of Khalid Sheik Mohammed statement :Confesses to killing Daniel Pearl planned assassinations of pope and politicians  March 15, 2007
Khalid Sheik Mohammed list of terror associations and plots  March 15, 2007
CAIRing for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed - group's concern for KSM and dirty bomber wannabe Shukrijumah shows terror ties  March 15, 2007
The Islamization of Antwerp by Paul Belien: Future of the West will be decided in Europe  March 15, 2007
Dutch law which allows steps to be taken against persons linked to terrorist activities - decried as difficult to enforce  March 14, 2007
Dem lawyer demands Sestak cancel CAIR fundraiser talk and fire staffer - Congressman quotes Torah to justify Islamist connections  March 14, 2007
Radical Islamists in Thailand execute bus full of Buddhist women and children in jihad claiming lives daily  March 14, 2007
Guilford College hate crime hoax case by Muslims is dismissed by court for lack of evidence another set back for CAIR  March 14, 2007
Khalid Sheik Mohammed admits planning 9/11 and scores of other attacks - Transcripts: Ramzi bin Al Shib -Faraj Al Libi  March 14, 2007
Republican Conference labels CAIR "Terror Apologists" calls on Democrats to deny use of Capitol room for seminar  March 13, 2007
Congressman Joe Sestak continues to dissemble about CAIR fundraiser -vows to speak and maintain radical Islamist staffer  March 13, 2007
Suicide bomber in Casablanca injures three in internet cafe after owner denies him access to jihadist websites  March 12, 2007
New York set to open Khalil Gibran 'Jihad' School - connected to Saudi funded ADC -principal won CAIR award  March 10, 2007
Al Qaeda recruiting more Westerners faster via internet -UK most vulnerable to attack because of Pakistani citizens  March 10, 2007
Dr.Daniel Pipes awarded Danish Free Speech Prize -links to pictures and coverage  March 10, 2007
Albany Imams who planned attack with informant convicted in terror sting "one drawn by money -other by ideology"  March 9, 2007
Muslim navy sailor disclosed ship locale /attack info to Al Qaeda- tied to Babar Ahmed in UK and mall grenade terror plotter  March 9, 2007
Joe Kaufman speech at CAIR Florida protest March 2007  March 4, 2007
Europe's Stark Options: Dr.Daniel Pipes on the future of Western countries and their Muslim populations  March 3, 2007
Congressman Joe Sestak employs staffer from Saudi funded front group for Hamas - Adeeba Al Zaman : From CAIR to Congressman's office  March 2, 2007
Congressman Joe Sestak abets legal Islamism hires CAIR staffer - Group removes speakers names from poster leaves only his  March 2, 2007
Philly Imam jailed for 8 years for selling guns including assault rifles  March 2, 2007
Imam in Georgia makes history as first person to be convicted on terrorist offenses - lead Rome mosque  February 28, 2007
U.S. Representative Joe Sestak to speak at CAIR fundraiser banquet  February 28, 2007
Israeli stabbed to death by terrorists near Hebron two 18 year old Muslims confess to murder of Ezra Levanon  February 26, 2007
French Nationals Shot Dead in Saudi Arabia in Al Qaeda terrorist attack  February 26, 2007
Court :Serbs not guilty of ethnic cleansing of Bosnian Muslims -Sbrebrenica killings not act of systematic genocide  February 26, 2007
Twenty year old threatens: Florida city of Kissimmee "is going to be bombed by Al Qaeda" homemade bombs found in home  February 25, 2007
US Rep Joe Sestak to speak at CAIR Philly banquet with Edward Peck who met with terrorists on CNI "political pilgrimage" in '06  February 25, 2007
2,000 homegrown terrorists planning suicide attacks in UK - "Extremist Threat Assessment" sees increasing risk  February 25, 2007
Muslim Council of Britain demands shari'a law in public schools -ban on "unIslamic activities" backed by London school advisor  February 23, 2007
Salt Lake City Muslims Cast Themselves and Victims in Mall Shooting - Sudden Jihad Syndrome and denial of terrorism  February 22, 2007
New York Muslim arrested for terror funding was GOP donor  February 22, 2007
Terror attack thwarted in Philly? Black Muslim planned bombs in Center City Mall as "domestic terror against white Americans" in 2003  February 22, 2007
Police in Utah seize guns and holsters from Bosnian Muslim shooters home after father denied knowing he owned any guns  February 21, 2007
Emerson Vermaat: Madrid Terrorists Possessed an Important Al-Qaeda Manual  February 20, 2007
London subway bombers watched death videos - suspect tried to flee in burqa  February 20, 2007
Exchange between Dr.Daniel Pipes and Brandeis' President Reinharz spotlights how moral relativism abets Islamism  February 20, 2007
Iowa Muslim Recognition Day a celebration of dhimmitude  February 20, 2007
Bosnia linked terror plot : Danish court jails one releases three for planning attacks aimed at forcing Iraq pullout  February 18, 2007
Imam of Salt Lake City Islamic Center arrested on charges of aggravated spousal abuse including knife throwing and death threats  February 18, 2007
More denial of terror? Muslim mall shooter's father 'wants to know who gave son the guns' - family asks for donations for burial in Bosnia  February 17, 2007
Mall killers father "happy" for community bringing flowers to his door -fellow mosque goers call shootings "a low point for us Muslims"  February 17, 2007
Denial of terrorism in Utah mall shooting rampage by Muslim teen ? Mayor blasts "terror rumors" - police have "no motive "  February 16, 2007
Al Qaeda in the Maghreb : Terrorist bombings in Algeria signal new attack front  February 15, 2007
Red Army Brigades resurgence in Italy with thwarted attempt to attack PM home and arrest of 15 members  February 14, 2007
C.W.Post College Caves to CAIR - Group's legal director praises Muslim 'terror humor' - denounces student spoof video  February 13, 2007
French leftist satirical magazine Charlie-Hebdo wins lawsuit brought by 'moderate' Muslims over publication of cartoon  February 12, 2007
C.W.Post College sued for $2.5ml for firing students who made terrorist video spoof - apologies for 'offending Muslims'  February 12, 2007
CAIR wages cultural jihad against CW Post students for spoof hostage video - firings and community service ensue  February 9, 2007
Accusers in Guildford hoax hate crime claim take new lawyer - case appears to be non starter  February 9, 2007
Dr.Daniel Pipes talk disrupted at UC Irvine by Islamist goons from university funded Muslim Student Union  February 8, 2007
Iraqi health minister arrested - Shi'a Sadr supporter used health ministry facilitities for "sectarian kidnapping and murder"  February 8, 2007
Excavations showing historical proof of Jewish claims to Temple Mount causes Arab hysteria and calls for 'a third intifada'  February 8, 2007
Guilford College links to pro terrorism Quaker school in Ramallah brings jihad and Sari Nusseibeh on campus  February 8, 2007
From terrorism to legal Islamism: Iraqi Shia parliamentarian was sentenced to death for role in U.S. and French embassy bombings  February 7, 2007
Call to replace BBC Mideast editor Jeremy Bowen after BBC memo blames Israel for terrorist infighting and PA debacle  February 7, 2007
Muslim goons stalk Guilford football players as result of "anti Muslim bias claim hoax" incitement by CAIR and leftists  February 6, 2007
Muslim Hit Team Prowling Guilford College  February 6, 2007
Write to UC of Irvine President to protest Muslim Student Union calls for jihad and disruption of Dr. Daniel Pipe's talk  February 5, 2007
Guilford College witness accounts :Palestinian' victims were attackers - Khader was suspended for beating Jewish student in 2005  February 4, 2007
Jamal Khalifa terror funder - founder of Muslim World League and Bin Laden brother in law murdered in Madagascar 'burglary'  February 2, 2007
Radical Islam v.s. Civilisation -Dr. Daniel Pipes's talk at the Livingstone debate in London  February 1, 2007
Salah and Ashqar convicted of obstruction of justice as lawyers praise Hamas linked clients "fight for freedom" against "illegal occupation"  February 1, 2007
Islamists targetted three Muslim soldiers for kidnap and beheadings while home on leave in UK  February 1, 2007
Terror raids in Birmingham after Muslim soldier is targetted for beheading/kidnap as punishment for serving in UK army  January 31, 2007
Muslim students claiming 'hate' beating at Guilford College came from suicide bomber sympathetic Friends School in Ramallah  January 31, 2007
Jews in Yemen leave their homes after Islamist death threats  January 29, 2007
Suicide bomber kills 3 Israelis and self in Israeli resort - Fatah weapons funded by U.S. directed 'at Israelis not Hamas'  January 29, 2007
Dr.Pipes v.s.Mayor Livingstone : "Clash of Civilisations or World Civilisation?" link to debate video  January 28, 2007
Guilford College controversy Being Manipulated By CAIR -Quaker school tied to pro terrorist Friends school in Ramallah  January 28, 2007
New York Times hinders prosecution of Padilla dirty bomber case -lawyers who leaked wiretap docs were interviewed on left wing show  January 27, 2007
Cleveland Imam Fawaz Damra deported to PA released by Israel despite terror ties- CAIR claims media campaign helped  January 26, 2007
Dirty bomber wannabe Jose Padilla's lawyers leak wiretap info to NYTimes in attempt to bias jurors  January 26, 2007
Ex CIA director James Woolsey : PA Arabs dont deserve state until they stop teaching their children to hate and murder -link to interview  January 24, 2007
Dr.Daniel Pipes and Douglas Murray Triumph Over "Red Ken" Livingstone in London Debate  January 22, 2007
CAIR Overestimates Number of American Muslims by 400%  January 20, 2007
CAIR :Defendants in 9/11 terrorism lawsuit linked to Hamas and Al Qaeda complain about realism in FOX's 24 depiction of Islamist terrorism  January 18, 2007
Official statement from U.S. government refuting claims CIA funded Osama Bin Laden 2005  January 17, 2007
Six UK Muslims on trial for botched bombings one "faced woman with child wearing NY shirt" before attempting to detonate  January 15, 2007
London bomber wannabees attended sermons by jailed cleric Abu Hamza at Finsbury Park terror mosque  January 15, 2007
The "Project': Muslim Brotherhood blueprint for cultural jihad - English translation  January 15, 2007
Explosion at US embassy in Athens terror attack - device fired into compound  January 12, 2007
Text of President Bush's speech Feb.10, 2006  January 11, 2007
Douglas Murray to partner with Dr. Daniel Pipes at Livingstone's "Clash of Civilisations" debate - News release from Mayor's office  January 10, 2007
CAIR and Hasan Al Turabi -Quba Institute does Interfaith with the Philly Mitzvah Food Pantry  January 9, 2007
Cleveland Terrorist Imam Fawaz Damra deported to West Bank arrest by Israel for membership in Palestian Islamic Jihad  January 9, 2007
Hijacker helper Motassedeq sentenced to 15 years by German court for "facilitating attacks"  January 9, 2007
Al Muhajiroun Bakri issued "Holy War" declaration in 2002 - possible link to 2007 kidnap beheading plot  January 7, 2007
CAIR award rescinded by Senator Boxer after Joe Kaufman exposes terrorism ties  January 4, 2007
Wahabist Congressman Keith Ellison swears oath of allegiance to Allah on Koran  January 4, 2007
Keith Ellison: From Nation of Islam to Terrorist's Congressman  January 4, 2007
Five arrested in Spain for helping Madrid train bombers flee -more suspects being sought  January 3, 2007
Irvin J. Borowsky and the CSID: How a militant Islamist think tank exploits interfaith to promote Islam  January 3, 2007
Radical Imam continues to preach in Amsterdam mosque in spite of two year ban -Geert Wilders urges deportation  January 3, 2007
Holland's Post -Secular Future - Joshua Livestro on why Christianity's revival may be the antidote to Europe's Islamisation  January 1, 2007
Philanthropist Irving J.Borowsky board member of Saudi think tank-held fundraiser for Al Qaeda linked group at Liberty Museum  December 31, 2006
Saddam Hussein shouts encouragement to PA terrorists before hanging - uncut execution video  December 31, 2006
Somali Jihad ending as Islamists routed by Ethiopian military - embassy bombing suspects being hunted  December 30, 2006
U of Notre Dame prof Asma Asafruddin "Mainstream Muslims should want a return of the Caliphate"  December 29, 2006
Video of Jihad in Chechnya with death of Basayev and others -Beslan massacre terrorist loses appeal against life sentence  December 28, 2006
Hizbollah paying Iranian cash to Hamas for rocket attacks on Israel - amount increased per number of killed and wounded  December 27, 2006
Dr.Daniel Pipes : How the West Could Lose - 'Legal Islamism' greatest threat  December 26, 2006
Ethopia bombs Somalia declares war against Islamists  December 25, 2006
AEI fellow and Ayaan Hirsi Ali's scholarship questioned use of ghostwriters exposed -documentation "I am a master in the art of lying"  December 25, 2006
American Al Qaeda James Ujaama captured in Belize after fleeing while on parole -part of Finsbury Mosque terror group  December 25, 2006
Top Taliban leader dispatched to Allah by US firepower - death of Mohammed Osmani hinders plans for new offensive  December 25, 2006
London Mayor Livingstone joked about convicted terrorist son of jailed Abu Hamza working on Underground  December 24, 2006
Senator Boxer Rescinds Award to CAIR after Americans Against Hate and CAIR Watch alerts her to group's terror ties  December 22, 2006
Terrorist cleric Bashir cleared of Bali bombing charges taunts victims with lawsuit for damages  December 22, 2006
London police chief "Al Qaeda biggest threat to civilian life since the Nazis" - warns of holiday attacks  December 22, 2006
Invitation to Dr.Daniel Pipes debate with London Mayor Ken Livingstone January 20th 2006  December 21, 2006
Representative Virgil Goode warn against the Islamisation of American in open letter to his constituents  December 21, 2006
ABC news analyst's Fawaz Gerges stealth Islamism- Thanks Al Muhajiroun member Kamran Bokhari for help with edit of Jihad book  December 21, 2006
Jihad guide for Muslim youth by MB founder Hasan Al -Banna"May Allah grant your and yours the honor of martyrdom in his way!"  December 21, 2006
US must tighten port security to prevent terrorism  December 21, 2006
Al Qaeda threatens to target Western countries  December 20, 2006
New Dutch goverment terrorism report "radicalisation on the increase" "Muslim marriage brings young girl converts into terror network "  December 20, 2006
Amsterdam neighborhood gets 'radicalisation expert' 'Young Moroccans are hatefilled and very radical'  December 20, 2006
Tariq Ramadan denied entry into US because of terror ties welcomed as guest lecturer in Rotterdam - calls for Islamisation of Europe  December 20, 2006
 December 20, 2006
Two percent of Muslims in Amsterdam prone to radicalisation  December 20, 2006
Dr.Daniel Pipes: Israel's Domestic Enemy - Resident Arabs attack Jews - demand end to Jewish state  December 20, 2006
Kamran Bokhari : Stratfor's "resident jihadist" organises radical Islamist Caliphate conference  December 19, 2006
Muslims in Europe blame non Islamic West for their alienation - Map and statistics  December 18, 2006
Dr. Daniel Pipes To Debate London Mayor Livingstone- Clash Between the Civil and the Uncivilized  December 16, 2006
Imam airplane incident staged to revive calls for end to profiling -proposed legislation will endanger airline security  December 14, 2006
American from Ohio-Grey Warren- arrested in Egyptian terror sweep of Koranic students  December 14, 2006
Will Avigdor Lieberman's tough stance on Arabs weaken as he assumes power in the Israeli government?  December 14, 2006
Egypt Moves Against Muslim Brotherhood, Arresting It's Financier Mohammed Khayrat el -Shater in Cairo  December 14, 2006
Attorneys seek to Dismiss Holy Land Foundation Prosecution  December 13, 2006
Suspicious behaviour of Imams ordered off plane was premeditated to provoke removal and litigation  December 13, 2006
Mall bomb plotter's father was NOI member - Rockford Muslims issue statement claiming Shareef is 'anonymous'  December 10, 2006
Head of Al Qaeda in Turkey arrested - CD bomb found - American and European 'students' arrested in Cairo terror plot  December 10, 2006
Emerson Vermaat exclusive report: Dutch court sentences terror suspect Samir Azzouz ("Piranha") to eight years  December 5, 2006
Jewish students in Belgium attacked by cinder block throwing Muslims who lay siege to building defy police  December 5, 2006
Founder of Texas Chapter of CAIR - Ghassan Elashi's sentencing Proves Groups Terror Ties  December 5, 2006
Muslimah held in UK for not disclosing husbands planned Jihad and martyrdom - wrote of sacrificing child  December 3, 2006
US Investigating Mosque Foundation  December 3, 2006
Bin Laden linked ringleader of airline 'terror probe' says hijackers were not Muslims -Omar Shahin lied about FBI call and handcuffs  December 3, 2006
Imams returning from media manipulation conference attempt cultural jihad on U.S. Airways flight as 'field exercise'  December 2, 2006
Hofstadgroep leader Samir Azzouz gets 8 years in jail for planned terror attacks on nuclear reactor- parliament -politicans -security services  December 1, 2006
UK terrorists who planned Oregon Jihad camp to be extradicted to U.S.- Barbar Ahmad and Haroon Aswat lose legal fight  November 30, 2006
Morocco arrests Imam for recruiting suicide bombers for Iraq  November 30, 2006
Keith Ellison spoke at Minnesota conference attended by U.S. .Airways 'terrorist probe' Imams on "Imams and Politics"  November 29, 2006
Radical Islamist Keith Ellison demands to meet with airline officials to defend provocation by 'terror probe' Imams  November 29, 2006
Islamic Society of North America discusses training Imams together with North American Imam Federation for cultural and political Jihad  November 29, 2006
Air marshals say Imam incident instills fears of reporting suspicious behaviour and is "pyschological terrorism"  November 29, 2006
Teen forced to attend mosques and religous lectures during court mandated 'sensitivity training' at terror linked CAIR office in Chicago  November 28, 2006
Imams removed from plane were engaged in "terror probe". Used removal from airplane as publicity to end profiling and scrutiny of Muslims  November 28, 2006
Hamas threatened U.S. Senator during trial of Bridgeview Mosque member Muhammed Salah - Mayor Daley opens park donated by terrorist funders  November 26, 2006
Mosque with member being tried for terrorism donates garden to Chicago during trial- Mayor Daley cuts ribbon with Hamas members  November 26, 2006
Peace Now incites terrorists and helps undermine Israel by presenting false data urging removal of Jewish towns  November 25, 2006
Counter terrorism means killing those 'who rise to kill you' - Calls for armed civil defense units to fight terror and rocket attacks  November 24, 2006
Keith Ellison's declare "God is good y'all!" as supporters cry Allahu Akhbar! Transcript and link to video- snubs President but addresses CAIR dinner  November 23, 2006
Leading member of Hizb ut Tahrir working in Home Office processing asylum applications - calls to ban group unheeded until now  November 23, 2006
Woman suicide bomber - 64 blows herself up near Israeli troops in Gaza was human shield at terrorist house spared by Israelis  November 23, 2006
Geert Wilders Freedom Party predicted win of 6 seats in Dutch election - Politician targetted by Islamists set to gain beyond expectations  November 22, 2006
Dutch burqa ban fights cultural Jihad - CAIR "Hijab is walking symbol of Islam" - Muslimahs don hijab as post 9/11 political act  November 21, 2006
CAIR's banquet fetes their minions as precursors of the 'Congress of the United States of Allah' - UAE - Saudis see returns for funding  November 21, 2006
Georgia businessman/Iman with 'home mosque' guilty of funding Hamas via Holyland Foundation for Relief and Development  November 21, 2006
German police foil Islamist terror plot to pay airport worker to load explosives into El Al plane -suspects released  November 20, 2006
Misplaced compassion for enemy will cause more Israeli deaths as IDF calls off strike to spare 'innocent citizens' shielding terrorists  November 19, 2006
A vote for Chaka Fattah helps cop killer Abu Mumia Jamal -Mayoral candidate tied to Islamist Arab backers and black nationalist movement  November 19, 2006
Wounded Taliban in Quetta Pakistan recuperate in clinic financed by 'Afghan businessman'  November 18, 2006
From Al Husseini to Hitler :Radical Islam and the Nazi connection - Pan Arabism to the PA  November 17, 2006
Emerson Vermaat: Letter to Dutch paper citing terrorist lawyers warnings to judges to heed the 'vox populi' and acquit Hofstadgroep members  November 17, 2006
Morrocan Muslim in Germany to be tried for third time knew about 9/11 plot " The Jews will burn and we will dance on their graves"  November 16, 2006
Thanksgiving/Ramadan in Hernando an exercise in Islamism not altruism -CAIR preys on the vulnerable for converts  November 14, 2006
CAIR wages Jihad against the First Amendment -County Commissioner's wife's letter "I believe what is happening is illegal"  November 12, 2006
Facts about terror ties of Florida mosque which received taxpayer funded help - CAIR member also official of Al Qaeda funding front  November 11, 2006
Text of speech by head of MI5 - 'On the international terrorist threat to the UK' 1600 terrorists planning attacks  November 10, 2006
MIM: Press release: CAIR wages Jihad against the First Amendment in FL - with help of governor and local politicians  November 10, 2006
CAIR sends letters urging politicians to distance themselves from Hogans 'before the elections' - US Rep slams Muslim group  November 10, 2006
UK Hindu convert 'not born Muslim nor underprivileged' - planned attacks to kill thousands long before wars in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan  November 8, 2006
First Muslim in Congress lauded by radical Islamists - Wahhabists -Nation of Islam and Muslim Brotherhood back Ellison  November 8, 2006
Indonesian Muslim on trial for beheading three Christian schoolgirls in 2005 -accomplices trials pending  November 8, 2006
German priest immolates self in protest at unwillingness of church to confront Islamist threat -Culture war looms  November 8, 2006
Arab Thought Forum - Hamas 1998 -2006 Transcripts of political meetings and uprising plans with Hamas -funding for 'martyrs'  November 7, 2006
Head of Arab European League allowed back into Belgium after going for Jihad - wont be charged in NL protest road block  November 7, 2006
Mosque in Florida got taxpayer funded equipment and personnel to help with Ramadan whistle blowers vilified as press plays into CAIR's hands  November 7, 2006
Douglas Murray: "Silence on the problem of Islam elevates Islam" "We must speak out"  November 7, 2006
Barot arrest one of the most difficult anti -terrorism operations ever from Pakistan to the UK  November 7, 2006
Dhiren Barot- From conversion to Al Qaeda: How a Hindu airline ticket clerk became a dirty bomber wannabe  November 7, 2006
Dr.Daniel Pipes -United States never at war with Islam -1976 treaty vowed friendship with Muslims  November 7, 2006
U of Penn Prez Gutmann has got to go - How a pretend suicide bomber umasked the true face of moral relativism on campus  November 7, 2006
Danny Pinner sentenced to two years in jail for self defense against Jihadis in Gaza : Police admit fabricating confession statement  November 6, 2006
Hindu born terrorist convert to Islam 'plotted to kill thousands' by flooding subways & detonating dirty bombs in UK and US  November 6, 2006
Terrorist behind Madrid train bomber who bragged about 'his work' that killed 191 people jailed for ten years  November 6, 2006
Keith Ellison: The Wahhabist choice for Congress -endorsed by Zogby and the American Arab Leadership Council /AAI  November 5, 2006
Keith Ellison CAIR and Hamas - A vote for Ellison is a victory for Hamas the Wahhabists and The Nation of Islam  November 3, 2006
NL government want investigation into Hague cleric who preached Van Gogh should die- Imam : Cursing is part of Islamic culture"  November 1, 2006
Sleepwalking Dutch lulled into complacency on terrorism - Geert Wilders Freedom Party tries to wake up the country  November 1, 2006
Did Musharraf 'allow' US strike on terrorist school which wouldnt have been there without his knowledge? Speculation that Al Zawahiri is dead  October 31, 2006
Dr.Daniel Pipes: Measures outside of decision to act to stop Iran like "rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic"  October 31, 2006
Muslim youths set bus with passengers on fire in Marseilles - critically injuring woman as Jihad continues in France  October 29, 2006
Terror attacks in Israel continue unabated civilians and soldiers shot -couple almost lynched near Jerusalem  October 29, 2006
Muslim female with Israeli citizenship used supermarket job to help plan suicide bomb attack with Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade terrorists  October 29, 2006
Agentinian prosecuters request demand for arrest of Iranian ex president Rafsanjani for plotting bombing of Jewish Center  October 29, 2006
Oz sheik blasts sentencing of Muslims convicted in 2002 for brutal gang rapes "uncovered meat is the problem" (transcript of charges)  October 27, 2006
Oz government: No action against rape supporting Mufti - won't step down till "world is clean of the White House' as thousands of Muslims show support  October 27, 2006
Jihad Merit Badges for Boca Boy Scouts? Islamic Center of Boca Raton troop HQ proclaims "Ramadan is the month of Jihad"  October 27, 2006
Van Gogh murder investigation to see why security services underestimated killer's role in Hofstadgroep group  October 27, 2006
French brace for new Jihad riots in Paris suburbs -Muslim youth hijack bus at gunpoint, evict passengers and torch it  October 27, 2006
Australian cleric causes furor compares unveiled women to abandoned meat warns that Christians and Jews will burn in hell  October 26, 2006
Ahmed Rehad of CAIR (defendents in 9/11 terror lawsuit) to address Moorhead U students on 9/11 and Muslim American relations  October 24, 2006
Alberto Fernandez State Department's top dhimmi member of MESA - participant at CSID confab - favorite of Al Jazeera and IslamOnline  October 22, 2006
World Assembly of Muslim Youth -WAMY - a template for new UK terror groups  October 21, 2006
UK in mortal danger as terror cells proliferate in under the guise of Boy Scouts and Boys Brigades  October 20, 2006
Pentagon concludes Koran encourages suicide bombings -CAIR's Omar Ahmad praised those who "kill themselves for Islam"  October 20, 2006
Convert or Die: FPM symposium on the role of forced conversion in Islam  October 19, 2006
UK prime target of Al Qaeda as young Muslims organise youth groups and training camps in Pakistan and UK  October 19, 2006
Somali Islamists declare : "we will slaughter Christians" - "Somalis are 100% Muslim and will always remain so"  October 17, 2006
Christians converts to Islam from Rajah Soleiman group believed to be planning attacks in the Philippines  October 16, 2006
Lynn Stewart lawyer of Omar Abdel Rahman sentenced to 2 1/2 years - letter smuggled from jailed cleric lead to tourist murders  October 16, 2006
Are Minneapolis Taxi fares going to support Al Qaeda ?  October 15, 2006
The Saudi -Osama Connection - UN sanctions falcon smuggle as KSA and UAE officials aid Al Qaeda via hunting jaunts  October 12, 2006
Americans Against Hate plan protest against ex NOI member congressional candidate Keith Ellison for taking money from CAIR on Saturday Oct. 14 in Florida  October 12, 2006
UK convert to Islam admits plotting dirty bomb attack and to detonate limo bombs against U.S.targets  October 12, 2006
Minneapolis airport drops plans for sharia lights on Muslim taxis after 'overwhelming backlash' resulting from Dr.Daniel Pipe's article  October 11, 2006
No sharia at airport: PR from MAC announces "Proposed Taxi Test Program Cancelled at Minneapolis-St.Paul International"  October 11, 2006
Ex heavy metal rocker turned Al Qaeda Adam Gadahn becomes first American charged with treason since WWII  October 11, 2006
Planned Muslim High School in Annapolis aims at recruiting non Muslims to Islam as Jihad through conversion hub  October 10, 2006
Denial of terror in Holland? : "Man of 'North African appearence' attacks employees in welfare office with butcher knife  October 10, 2006
UK Muslim policeman who refused duty at Israeli embassy was married by suicide bomber cleric who fled Britain after London attacks  October 10, 2006
Dr. Daniel Pipes on the Minnesota airport sharia lights taxi plan : Don't Bring that Booze into my Taxi"  October 10, 2006
Iraqi Muslim living in Germany arrested for being 'Osama Bin Laden's ambassador' - spread Al Qaeda videos via internet  October 10, 2006
PA man indicted for planning to aid Al Qaeda to blow up Trans- Alaska Pipeline  October 9, 2006
Terror attack by Al Qaeda cell on Oslo synagouge thwarted  October 9, 2006
CAIR WATCH website launched by Americans Against Hate to monitor activities of the Council on American Islamic Relations  October 9, 2006
Turkish Muslims in Holland radicalising quickly Milli Gorus leader seen as 'moderate' replaced by fundamentalist  October 9, 2006
London police surrender to Islamists - Part II  October 6, 2006
French police under attack by Muslim youth - over 2,500 injured - union leader says war ongoing in Paris suburbs  October 6, 2006
Geert Wilders:Head of Freedom Party calls for 'assimilation contract' and halt to non Western immigration to stop "tsunami of Islamisation"in Holland  October 6, 2006
Islamist terrorist plot in Prague to take scores of Jews hostage in synagouge and blow it up during holiday prayers thwarted  October 6, 2006
Top Muslim Cop in UK refuses to guard Israeli Embassy in London "beginning of the end for British policing"  October 5, 2006
Islamist Iraqi president plays both sides as American trained Iraqi police disbanded for aiding murder and kidnap squads  October 5, 2006
Hezbollah is for Lovers? Muslim student couple at University of Central Florida aspire to live happily ever -as martyrs  October 5, 2006
Scotland Yard watching thousands of terror suspects Muslims :Family ties to Pakistan and students of concern  October 5, 2006
Saudi fundedHamas front group CAIR gets millions in PR - announces drive to collect funds for churches burned by Hamas in Gaza  October 4, 2006
Emerson Vermaat's new book: Jihad in the Netherlands- the Hofstadgroep trial  October 4, 2006
UK club bomber refuses to answer questions about training with ISI - to not endanger family in Pakistan  October 3, 2006
London police surrender to Islamists will consult with Muslims before conducting terror raids  October 3, 2006
Musharraf's ties to terrorism from Taliban to Laskar E Taiba - India charges Pakistan security force with collusion in Mumbai train bombings  October 1, 2006
Al Qaeda in Iraq issues call to kidnap Westerners to free jailed 1993 WTC plotter - calls for nuclear scientists to make dirty bomb  September 29, 2006
"Bouteilles a la mer" PR : New french language media monitor news site launched in Belgium to as alternative to MSM  September 29, 2006
Omar Bakri Mohammed rejoices in RAF deaths in Afghanistan says he visited Islamic school raided for suicide bomber recruitment  September 29, 2006
Muslim Council of Britain head " British school children should be encouraged to attend Muslim establishments"  September 29, 2006
In Harm's Way,German Opera Company Cancels Idomeneo Over Fear of Offending Muslims  September 28, 2006
Germany Continues on The Downward Spiral Towards Dhimmitude  September 28, 2006
Khalid Sheikh Mohamed linked to London suicide bomb plot  September 27, 2006
Ex German culture minister on opera cancellation: " The Pope showed the way by being so extraordinarily apologetic"  September 27, 2006
Fugitive Al Qaeda terrorist- Bin Laden lieutenant killed by British troops- linked to Indonesian bombings -plotted attacks on U.S. embassies  September 26, 2006
Jihad in PA backyards: Saudi run Foundation for Islamic Education granted expansion school and youth camps:text of ruling  September 26, 2006
Dr. Daniel Pipes: Intimidating the West from Rushdie to Benedict -the Islamist agenda behind the Pope protests  September 26, 2006
Berlin opera house cancels show with severed head of Mohammed fearing Muslims could behead them in revenge attacks  September 26, 2006
Affluent educated Slavs and Ukrainians new face of Islamist terror in Russia - predicted to have Muslim majority "in our lifetime"  September 25, 2006
Head of Muslim Council of Britain warns of two million Muslim terrorists in UK ready to attack-former MCB leader was knighted by Queen  September 25, 2006
Pope Benedikt meets with Muslim leaders Vatican publishes text of his remarks  September 25, 2006
Muslim Council of Britain continue- "2 million angry UK Muslims could attack - 700,000 are in London'  September 25, 2006
Dr. Daniel Pipes "No compulsion in religion is what it's followers make of it"- the deceptive use of a Koranic verse to deny forced conversions  September 25, 2006
Egyptian clerics denied entry at Miami airport included speaker at Islamic Center of Boca Raton fundraiser which included head of raided 'charity"  September 24, 2006
Al Qaeda to Pope: West 'war against Christianity and the West will go on till Islam takes over the world" 'conversion or the sword'  September 22, 2006
Kidnapped drivers released by terrorists in Iraq used as unwitting suicide bombers - in booby trapped cars detonated by remote control  September 22, 2006
Unwilling ally :Pakistan releases thousands of Taliban - establishes safe havens for terrorists near Afghan border  September 22, 2006
Islamic Center of Boca Raton hosted fundraiser for Al Qaeda charity Life for Relief and Development in 2005  September 22, 2006
FBI raid turns up 134,000 dollars in home of Life for Relief and Development board member and Imam of Michigan mosque  September 22, 2006
Terrorist leader Nasrallah speaks to hundreds of thousand supporters at Hezbollah rally - calls for new Lebanese government  September 22, 2006
UK Home Secretary heckled by convert from banned Al Ghurbaa group -urges Muslim parents to "keep a close eye on their children"  September 21, 2006
AP Photographer caught with Al Qaeda terrorists and weapons who staged corpse photos and filed false reports defended by employers  September 21, 2006
Terrorists in Gaza use children as shields to put Israeli soldiers off guard knowing they won't shoot at children  September 21, 2006
Terror money and currency changers nabbed in IDF operations - 'charity' and terror funding mixed together  September 21, 2006
Terror 'charity' Life for Relief and Development busted - directors Khalid Jassemm Multanna Alhanooti's homes raided  September 21, 2006
What Al Qaeda's Call for Pipes,Spencer, Emerson,and Scheur To Convert to Islam Means  September 19, 2006
Muslim Taxi Drivers At Minneapolis International Airport Subjects Fares to Shari'a  September 19, 2006
Pope Benedikt Criticizes Islam by Dr.Daniel Pipes " free speech is a critical defense against the imposition of an Islamic order"  September 19, 2006
Shari'a in St.Paul - Muslim taxi drivers refuse passengers who may be carrying alchohol -colored light planned for Islamic taxis  September 18, 2006
Young Muslims CA career guidance for 'the pleasure of Allah' to "bring about the nascent Islamic renaissance of our era "  September 18, 2006
 September 18, 2006
New terrorist groups in Gaza claim credit for attacking five West Bank churches as religion of peace violence continues  September 18, 2006
Swiss Interior Minister Paschal Couchepin : Pope's Islam comments "intelligent and necessary"  September 17, 2006
Italian nun aidworker and bodyguard killed in Somalia after Imam tells Muslims "to hunt down and kill whoever offended...Mohammed"  September 17, 2006
Terrorist bombs in Thailand kill four wound over a hundred at department store in tourist area  September 17, 2006
Jihadists threaten Pope: "We swear that we will destroy your cross in the heart of Rome ...and that your Vatican will be attacked"  September 16, 2006
Six Flags NJ's 'Great Muslim Adventure Day' "The owner ...never imagined that cries of Allahu Akbar would be heard everywhere"  September 15, 2006
Pope's speech on Islam enrages Muslims -"Things that are evil and inhuman...spread by the sword" excerpts and text of speech  September 15, 2006
Member of UK terror cell joked about blowing up parliament -was happy about 9/-attended meetings of Al Muhajiroun  September 15, 2006
Terror suspect in UK fertiliser bombings was UK born assimilated Muslim cricketeer who still believes in Taliban rule  September 15, 2006
UK Muslim students planned to blow up 1,800 capacity London nightclub by getting jobs on premises -plot caught on tape  September 15, 2006
Dutch Justice Minister: ' We will have to implement shari'a if the majority wants it' Political uproar in call to ban shari'a party  September 14, 2006
Nasrallah demands release of Samir Kuntar - child killer who is considered a national hero as part of kidnapped soldier swap  September 13, 2006
Terrorists shouting 'Allahu Akhbar' attempt to storm U.S. embassy in Damascus - days after Al Qaeda tape calls for attacks  September 12, 2006
Al Qaeda linked group Jund al- Sham claimed to be behind US Embassy attacks  September 12, 2006
Four men charged in UK terrorist recruitment network that trained in English countryside  September 12, 2006
PR MIM: Al Qaeda linked group - 'set to transform Six Flags into the Great Muslim Adventure Day' in Jackson New Jersey on 9/15/06  September 12, 2006
Emerson Vermaat : The 9/11 conspiracy theorists: Why they are dead wrong  September 11, 2006
9/11 Imam - The Des Moines CC sullies the memory of terror victims by hosting radical Islamist Ibrahim Dremali  September 11, 2006
From mass murder to ritual murder - 9/11 -Theo van Gogh - and the bloody trail of Islamic Facism in the West  September 11, 2006
Al Qaeda urges Muslims to step up attacks against the West - releases video with 9/11 hijackers meeting Bin Laden  September 11, 2006
Bags of weapons belonging to Samir Azzouz found- jailed Hofstadgroep member started new Piranha group  September 7, 2006
Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer rejects Al Qaeda call to convert invites Gadahn to embrace democracy  September 5, 2006
Suicide bomb plot foiled in Denmark connected to Lebanese train bomb plotters in Germany  September 5, 2006
Kennedy School of Business at Harvard's forum for conspiracy theorists and Jihad apologists hosts murderous despot Khatami  September 5, 2006
President Bush: No Compromise, No Dialouge With Terrorists  September 5, 2006
Transcript of Al Qaeda tape with Al Zawahiri and Adam Gadahn calling on Americans to convert to Islam  September 5, 2006
UK Police raid 'school for martyrs' used by Abu Hamza Al Masri - 18 premises being searched in massive terror sweep  September 4, 2006
Terror camp fears years ago about raided UK Muslim school where Abu Hamza and Gitmo inmates trained  September 4, 2006
Iraqi terrorist kills UK tourist wounds 5 others at Jordanian tourist site -shouted Allahu Akhbar before opening fire  September 4, 2006
Bomb blast in Turkish cafe kill 2 - in Kurdish Workers Party series of attacks  September 4, 2006
Jihad Through Forced Conversion : FOX Journalists Centanni and Wiig - Hostages for Life  September 4, 2006
How 9/11 changed America -spending statistics  September 4, 2006
Four UK terror suspects visited extremist camps  September 4, 2006
Terror plot thwarted in Morocco - 56 arrested including Maroc Air pilots, wives, and security force members  September 3, 2006
Restaurant and Islamic school raided in London as police arrest 14 more terror suspects not connected to previous plots  September 3, 2006
Muslim who sued police after being shot in chemical terror raid held on child porn charges  September 3, 2006
Taliban carry out execution in Afghanistan in parts of country still under their control  September 3, 2006
Soon to be AEI fellow Hirsi Ali delivers coup de grace to ex party colleagues -aids Islamists by calling Immigration Minister Verdonck 'dangerous'  September 3, 2006
DA in Alamada county says Afghan Muslim SUV rampage 'appeared deliberate' - most victims run over in vicinity of Jewish Center  September 3, 2006
Sucessor to Abu Hamza - head of Supporters of Sharia who warned of new attacks nabbed in terror raid linked to Islamic School  September 3, 2006
Dr.Daniel Pipes responds to Al Qaeda tape - "I am faithful to my own religion" -rejects calls to convert -vows to defeat radical Islam  September 3, 2006
Islamic School outside London being searched after arrests as premises for Muslim Youth terror training camps and retreats  September 3, 2006
Raided UK 'Islamic school' for youth was used as camping grounds for jailed terror cleric Abu Hamza Al Masri and followers  September 3, 2006
Interview with Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders: The legacy of Pim Fortuyn - calls for halt to non Western immigration  September 3, 2006
Saudi in Denver sentenced for slaveholding and sexual assaults on housekeeper claims he treated her according to Islamic law  September 3, 2006
Fugitive dirty bomber wannabe Adnan Shukrijumah still a major threat  September 3, 2006
Tape from Al Qaeda No.2 Ayman Zawahari and Ex Californian Adam Gadahn calls for Americans to convert to Islam  September 2, 2006
Jeep Jihad's family "aghast" at attack- attended Bakr Al Siddiq mosque where car plowed into bystanders 3 weeks before  August 31, 2006
Bush calls war on terror a 'decisive struggle'  August 31, 2006
SUV terrorist Omeed Aziz Popal may plead insanity "wanted to kill policeman but couldn't find any"  August 31, 2006
Three more Muslims in the UK arrested on plane bomb terror charges -27 people remanded to date  August 30, 2006
Self Proclaimed Terrorist, Omeed Aziz Popal kills one injures 20 in SUV Jihad in San Francisco - just returned from Afghanistan  August 30, 2006
Emerson Vermaat: Out of Africa: Illegal immigrants,crime,terrorism, polygamy and AIDS  August 29, 2006
Piggybacking on Terror in Britain by Dr. Daniel Pipes - How Islamists are exploiting the near death of thousands  August 29, 2006
Dr.Daniel Pipes:The Fatal Stabbing of Angelo Martino :Family of Italian terrorist sympathiser accepts apologies from killer's mom  August 29, 2006
Unifil aided and abetted Hezbollah - provided detailed Israeli troop movement on website  August 28, 2006
U.S. Embassy in Zagreb gives books to Saudi funded Islamic Center  August 28, 2006
Olmert ignores calls by soldiers of inquiry - brags of war acheivements- ready for prisoner exchange with Hezbollah  August 28, 2006
Saudi run Edinburgh Central Mosque raises money for Hamas Islamic Relief 'charity' at Islamic (da' wa) Festival Aug, 1- 31 'O6  August 28, 2006
Kidnapped Fox journalists forced to 'convert to Islam or die' "they had the guns -we didn't know what was going on"  August 28, 2006
CAIR Mearscheimer & Walt-'Die Judische Lobby ist Unsere Ungluck' -Conspiracy theorists do DC as part of Wahhabist 50 ml PR campaign  August 28, 2006
Muslim teacher at Al Huda Islamic school in Maryland gets 15 years for helping Pakistani terrorist group  August 27, 2006
Father of 2 airplane bomb plotters founded Crescent Relief 'charity'- funds frozen after earthquake donations went to terrorists  August 27, 2006
20 UK nationals injured in three bombings at Turkish coastal resort and one in Istanbul  August 27, 2006
Muslims charged in Sarajevo with suicide bomb plot in Europe - linked to 40 member 'Internet Al Qaeda' global terror cell  August 27, 2006
Al Qaeda recruiting 'white Muslims' in Bosnia as non Middle Eastern looking operatives for attacks in Europe  August 27, 2006
Sharia in the UK -Muslim second wives may get a tax break  August 26, 2006
Moroccan born Muslim in Denmark on trial for incitement to terrorism - used publishing company to distribute Jihad books and videos  August 26, 2006
Olmert must go: IDF soldiers dispatched to destroy Jewish home during celebration meant to boost morale on homefront  August 25, 2006
Lebanese Muslim nabbed in Cologne train bomb plot -20 year old terrorist Jihad Hamad had bomb factory in his German apartment  August 24, 2006
Hofstadgroep terrorist who helped Van Gogh murder plotter flee Holland found poisoned in bed  August 24, 2006
Arab Israeli citizen spied for Hezbollah gave information on IDF deployment and operations to 'journalist' from Al Manar  August 24, 2006
Time to Profile Airline Passengers? by Dr.Daniel Pipes  August 23, 2006
Olmert Must Go: A PM who cannot lead his country in war is unfit to rule - Kadima leads Israel forward into the abyss  August 23, 2006
White and Jew hating armed militia comes to Philly in the form of the New Black Panther Party for Self Defense  August 23, 2006
Kidnapped IDF soldiers Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser "not in great condition" ignored by Red Cross - No word on Gilad Shalit  August 23, 2006
US flight enroute to Bombay is escorted back to Amsterdam where bearded passengers who 'ignored safety intructions' are arrested  August 23, 2006
Terror plot that spans the globe : 11 British Muslims charged with plane bombing plot attempt to kill thousands  August 22, 2006
UK Hamas leader Azzam Tamimi tells crowd of 8.000 "Dying for your beliefs is just" "We are Muslims in Europe not European Muslims"  August 22, 2006
IDF reservists, bereaved families and supporters:Olmert,Peretz,Livni - Resign!  August 22, 2006
An Open Letter to the American Enterprise Institute: Ayaan Hirsi Ali : ruthless self promotion v.s. real scholarship  August 21, 2006
Hezbollah terrorists on American Soil  August 21, 2006
Mother of 8 month old baby, 17 year old, and 9 other Muslims charged in plane bombing plot martyrdom videos found  August 21, 2006
Russia's Problem :The Chechens or Islamic Terrorists?  August 21, 2006
Message to "do attacks now" forced UK to move against plotters -described as 'well educated and middle class'  August 21, 2006
Jihad Jack walks free from jail - Aussie convert who met Osama Bin Laden released because evidence deemed inadmissible  August 21, 2006
Senior IDF officier ; "Nasrallah Must Die" Israel continues to disrupt arms flow to Hezbollah terrorists from Syria  August 20, 2006
Kadima leads Israel over the abyss: How Israel stopped short of winning the war and guarantees new agression  August 20, 2006
Hady Amr: Ex Clinton Muslim 'Policy Analyst' speaks at UK City Circle- venue operated by Al Qaeda webmaster Iqbal Asaria  August 20, 2006
Douglas Murray: Author of "Neoconservatism:Why We Need It" interviewed on Pipeline News  August 19, 2006
Terrorist train bombs failed to detonate in Germany : Hezbollah funded Lebanese student arrested - accomplice being sought  August 19, 2006
European Union becomes the European Ummah : Europeans forced to accomodate Islam by Serge Trifkovic  August 18, 2006
Young Muslims 'Miss Martyr' camp at the YMCA's Camp Bernie in New Jersey  August 18, 2006
Peace Now attacks Jewish women and children with legal orders to destroy homes of families of soldiers killed and serving in Lebanon  August 17, 2006
No jihad in our backyard: Florida residents oppose radical mosque - Islamist critic Reverend Dozier takes on CAIR's Altaf Ali  August 17, 2006
Strange Logic in the Lebanon War - by Dr. Daniel Pipes - Public relations battle becomes more important then enemies defeat  August 17, 2006
Press Release MIM: YMCA Camp Bernie to host Young Muslims 'Jihad' camp in NJ 7/18/06  August 17, 2006
Radical Trends in African American Islam  August 17, 2006
The Enemy Within (and the Need for Profiling) by Dr. Daniel Pipes - How extra scrutiny of Muslims makes us all safer  August 16, 2006
Who is screening the screeners? Muslim airport employees pose major threat to airport security  August 16, 2006
 August 15, 2006
UK Crescent Relief 'charity' sent earthquake aid funds to 3 terror plotters - links to Jamaat Al Fuqra and Lashkar E Taiba  August 15, 2006
London Journal: "Moderate" Muslims Behaving Badly  August 15, 2006
UK Muslim groups and parliamentarians open letter to Blair 'change your foreign policy or expect to get blown up'  August 15, 2006
Muslim arrested in London plane plot planned to use wife baby and milk to deflect suspicion and smuggle bomb chemicals on board  August 14, 2006
UK police continue hunt for two dozen terror cells -fears that individual Islamists will attempt attack several suspects still at large  August 13, 2006
Airline plot mastermind and 2 brothers arrested all UK born - link found to fugitive 9/11 plot accomplice in Hamburg  August 13, 2006
Three Texas Muslims charged with plot to blow up Michigan's McKenzie bridge -found with 1,000 cell phones in minivan  August 13, 2006
Britain says it seized Al Qaeda leader who was responsible for other atrocities and sent terrorists abroad for training  August 12, 2006
Ayaan Hirsi Ali -Soon to be American Enterprise Institute fellow calls ultra orthodox Jews "fundamentalists" and "fanatics"  August 11, 2006
24 arrests in homegrown terrrorist plot to blow up 10 airliners from UK to US with liquid explosives -recent convert also nabbed  August 11, 2006
List of 19 of 24 Pakistani Muslim terror suspects published by Bank of England as their assets are frozen -group aged 17 to 35  August 11, 2006
Dearborn Muslim students nabbed for terrorism during traffic stop in Ohio at start of Jihad road trip - airline passenger lists uncovered  August 11, 2006
Dearborn Hezbollah Jihadis busted in Ohio with airline passenger list had airport employee mom -Extra scrutiny needed of Muslim airline workers  August 11, 2006
Threat posed by Muslim airport employees highlighted as Heathrow airport worker with all area access is arrested in terror plot  August 11, 2006
British born Pakistani Muslim terror plotters included airport security guard/ new father,student, and three recent converts  August 11, 2006
Airport security firm was forced to retain Muslim screeners in 2001 despite security risks and terror country origins  August 11, 2006
Brother of terror plotter arrested in Pakistan operative of Al Qaeda plot mastermind- martyrdom videos found in homes  August 11, 2006
Homegrown Pakistani Muslim terrorists linked to 7/7 bombers  August 11, 2006
UK Foils plane bombing plot with liquid explosives on US bound flights - 21 arrested - Red terror alert in US -hand luggage banned  August 10, 2006
Emerson Vermaat: Lebanese President says government not in control of Hezbollah  August 10, 2006
Sudden Jihad Syndrome in Seattle by Dr. Daniel Pipes Why Muslims require extra scrutiny  August 9, 2006
Little Green Footballs website director Charles Johnson tipped of media to doctored photos by Lebanese Reuters photographer  August 9, 2006
 August 9, 2006
Dayna Klein - American Jewish Hero: Shot pregnant woman who saved her baby and defied terrorist speaks about Seattle attack  August 9, 2006
IDF captures soldier's kidnapper - surprises sleeping Hezbollah terro