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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > The "Moribund" Al-Qaeda Runs Obama Out Of The Middle East

The "Moribund" Al-Qaeda Runs Obama Out Of The Middle East

August 13, 2013


August 13, 2013 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – President Obama is fleeing the Middle East, forced by the hand of the terrorist organization which he claims to have killed, al-Qaeda.
From the early days of Obama's first term, he has gone to great lengths to narrowly define the "threat" - you know, the one where things spontaneously combust, people explode or "man made" disasters occur without cause - as being vested solely in the actions of a single stateless organization.

For purposes of clarity what we have been referring to since 9/11 as al-Qaeda is an irregular military wing of a much larger whole which should now be correctly identified as al-Qaeda Central [hereafter AQC] which includes the remnants of the Islamic terror group led for so long by Osama bin-Laden and which brought down the World Trade Center's Twin Towers, incinerated 3,000 American civilians and seriously damaged the Pentagon 12 plus years ago.

Not so oddly, the factors motivating AQM to mount its murderous attacks remain unexamined; the process mystifies official DC.

On the surface, to these amateurs - who would get away with none of this sleight-of-hand if the drone media were even half awake - this must have seemed clever at the time. It allowed Team O to permanently side-step the nasty kernel of truth at the center of the matter, that the "enemy" was not merely represented by a single or even multiple groups or individuals but rather defined by an ideology, violent and pre-violent Islamism. It also served to blur the uncomfortable truth that the never ending expansionist warfare in which the West is immersed is grounded in the cement of Qur'anic chapter and verse and sanctioned by a 10th century interpretation of the Shari'a.

To the gatekeepers of the inner flame, the response has been boilerplate…c'mon folks move it along, nothing to be seen here.

The president's entire game plan hinged upon a single event, the killing of bin-Laden and subsequent declaration that, minus its leader, al-Qaeda had been totally devastated and was no longer a factor.

It was of little consequence inside Obama's brain trust, that at the time when Binny assumed room temp - thanks solely to Seal Team Six, the entire Spec Ops community, and yes the enhanced interrogation of GITMO terrorists which took place during the GW Bush administration, he was no longer even really running the organization.

This is not a diminution of Binny's considerable and evil skill [which might as well have been the work of Iblis or Shaytan, the former being the Muslim equivalent of the Judeo-Christian Devil, the latter an extraordinarily evil spirit [jinn], but not the Head Demon himself] in getting the jihad ball rolling, but since the organization is constructed in a manner similar to that of the mafia, no one is truly irreplaceable. For example, if Scarface gets nabbed by the Feds, then Greasy Mike the Butcher is raring to take over. Additionally AQC had so quickly inspired or helped organize similar indigenous jihadist groups whose leadership quickly jumped at the opportunity to run their own version of the local McDonald's of Islamic terrorism, that the parent organization quickly became somewhat redundant.

The doctrine of global jihad - the genuine enemy - has been heavily influenced by the writing of early Muslim Brotherhood theoretician, Seyyed Qutb and the Indo-Pakistani writer Abul A'la Maududi [Mawdudi], who proclaimed Islam to be a revolutionary ideology – which it most assuredly is. Maududi also saw an affinity between Marxism and his brand of fundamentalist Islam. It should go without saying that in the Sunni world, the Wahhabist "puritanical" [in the literal sense of reverting to traditional practices] influence is undeniably present. Wahhabism is no stranger to violent jihad.

Upon the announcement of bin-Laden's death, Team Obama wasted little time in trumpeting the blare of faux victory to anyone who would listen. He deliberately set about creating the impression that upon the king-pin's demise, eternal peace in the ME was assured; our troops could come home and everyone would live happily ever after, albeit on the federal dole.

So eager was Obama to foster the image of the tough as nails, heroic wartime leader who finally – after 8 years of "failure" by GW Bush – succeeded in killing the jihadist major domo – that he threw WH resources behind the effort to assist in the production of a Hollywood movie recounting his bravery…and…well…that of the people who actually made it happen.

In providing this unprecedented level of assistance to the production of "Zero Dark Thirty," there's no doubt that U.S. intelligence means and methods were compromised.

This particular CIC didn't care then and doesn't give a rat's ass now.

"According to the records, the Obama administration granted Boal and Bigelow unusual access to agency information in preparation for their film, which was reportedly scheduled for an October, 2012 release, just before the presidential election," the site wrote, noting that "Zero Dark Thirty" will now premiere in December, after the election." [source, Brent Lang, Documents Reveal Pentagon, CIA Help With Kathryn Bigelow's 'Zero Dark Thirty', CNN]
But facts are stubborn things and in retrospect, the killing of Binny had no lasting negative net effect either on al-Qaeda or its now legion of localized franchises.

However…the imagery of Osama bin-Laden, AK in hand cut down by infidel bullets, made him a martyr, quite useful as a recruitment tool – "come brothers, pick up your weapons as together we avenge the death of the great warrior leader Osama, Alahu Akhbar!" [Note: the truth is rather prosaic, Bindle dude was already probably dying in a pool of blood on the floor, wounded in the head by the onrushing operators who then capped him with an HK battle rifle].

But the ball was already in play. Obama had been conducting foreign and military policy for years as if his Romper Room representation pf the threat was real.

As a result the ME has been thrown into pandemonium.

Iraq has been abandoned, absent a status or force agreement which might have prevented it from turning into a jihadist outpost or becoming an unrecognizable client state of Shia Iran. The negotiations which were to lead to an agreement whereby a certain level of U.S. force would remain behind to give the Iraqi's a chance of preserving their still maturing, non-secular form of semi-self government, were completely blown by Team O which in the final analysis really didn't care about one way or another, besides staying inside this volatile pressure cooker might have boxed Barry into a corner and force him to kill some bad guys. None of that for this administration, potentially way too messy from a PR angle.

The friendly though autocratic Egyptian government of Hosni Mubarak was toppled by the hand of Obama, who worked, not so far behind the scenes through his puppet ambassador Anne W. Patterson, to bring the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood to power in the form of Mohamed Morsi, who now resides behind bars, where he should have been years ago when Mubarak was administering industrial strength whoop-ass to MB types.

On the heels of the Iraq fiasco, soon the United States will also turn tail in Afghanistan, throwing the Afghan people upon the tender mercies of the Taliban, with whom this administration has been negotiating. Never mind the American and allied battle casualties, upwards of 1,700 American soldiers KIA. The sacrifice of these young men has been poorly repaid by an ungrateful WH solely to promote the political career of a craven Chief Executive.

All state actors understand the message implicit in selling out the Afghanis; "the assurances and promises of the Americans aren't worth spit, if that. Our former allies have already internalized that warning.

Our enemies are sustained by such treachery.

With the departure of a large and battle hardened armed force from the region, the possibility of quickly having the ability to re-project power back into those theaters becomes problematic. Complicating matters greatly, our allies no longer trust us, or at least will never ever trust Team O again.

Certainly we have immensely powerful carrier battle groups in the area, but ground pounders and trigger pullers are what counts…and everyone knows it…Fallujah was cleared inch by bloody inch by the best fighting men in the world, not dots on a situation room map projection.

Just over the last two or three weeks we have been witness to a bizarre spectacle, with 19 U.S. Embassies quickly being shuttered and diplomatic staffers hustled out of country.

It did not look like an orderly draw-down it looked just like what it was, a rout.

Then miraculously, the sun shined and everything now was just fine as it was breathlessly announced that 18 of the 19 embassies would be re-opened.

Yes, add magician to Obama's long list of imagined talents.

In Real-Ville [thank you Rush] we go from a warning deemed severe enough to cripple our diplomatic missions to the most troubled areas of the world and in the time it takes for John Kerry to snap this spider-like fingers the "all clear" signal was given. One has to wonder if poor Johnny was even in the loop on this caper.

The "mortal threat" dematerialized more quickly than it appeared

Shades of Monty Python..."she a witch, burn her..."uhhh...why, what has she done?" Stepping forward some lout suggests, "well she turned me into a newt!" "A newt you say? you look fine to me." Says the accuser, "well...it got better..."

Yes American foreign policy is now routinely conducted as if it were a sketch in some slap-stick grand comedy.
For the record, we never bought this supposed terrorist threat, it always failed the smell test. Like many others, even those in the drone media, we had great doubt as to the veracity of the main allegation, that "heavy Internet chatter" was a precursor to some grand and deadly escapade. That this B grade spy novel plot was also completely self-serving was the kicker as far as we were concerned. These folks couldn't handle another Benghazi disaster, besides they had already offed their sacrificial lamb, Ambassador Chris Stevens].

Nearly everything concerning the circumstances under which the U.S. national security types proffered that they had become aware of the "threat," screams "false flag." Imagine a conference call taking place between senior al-Qaeda leaders during which they openly are overheard planning the next series of deadly attacks.

No one familiar with the capabilities of U.S. signal intelligence would ever believe that such matters would be discussed in what is now assumed to be a public forum wide open to snooping using our sophisticated techniques.
That's just, crazy talk.

Taking action based upon this curious information, the president morphed into Obama the human yo-yo, bobbing, spinning, advancing and retreating, dancing like a marionette to al-Qaeda's mournful tune.

Calamitous, not to mention embarrassing and demeaning to the office of President of the United States and Commander in Chief.

Let's recap a bit:

At the time of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack al-Qaeda was a relatively small group of mostly foreign [Sunni] fighters located in Afghanistan, operating under the approval and protection of the Taliban. As a mujahideen irregular army it assisted in defeating the supposedly invincible Soviet Army…thanks largely to the assistance of GHW Bush and his nasty Stinger SAM missiles.

However the group under bin-Laden's leadership had grander plans which quickly became clear.

Now, twelve years later, after Team O officially croaked Binny in his PJs, al-Qaeda has metastasized into a much larger and more dangerous adversary which AQC doesn't control.

A listing of these franchises would include, Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, Al-Shabaab, Al-Qaeda in Iraq, Al-Qaeda in Syria, Al-Qaeda in Libya, Al-Qaeda in Uzbekistan, Al-Qaeda in the Sinai Peninsula…and on and on.

In 2001 Al-Qaeda had no Internet presence, it couldn't recruit, indoctrinate and train would be jihadists online…today however it's delivering sophisticated terrorist extension courses coordinated through a decentralized network
Let's narrow the focus a bit and look at the increased level of threat presented by just a single player, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula which has developed a cadre of new leaders and explosive experts, mostly out of Yemen. A bright 36 year old, Nasir al-Wuhayshi now leads AQAP. He understands the need [strategic and tactical] to delegate important roles to specialists and has wisely it seems hired Ibrahim al-Asiri as his chief bomb architect. Al-Asiri has demonstrated a high degree of innovation in devising new explosive devices and substances He is believed to be the master mind behind the liquid explosive which fortunately failed to detonate when used in the Christmas Day "underwear bomber" plot.

He is also thought to be a zealous proponent pushing the concept called Franken-bombing, in which the explosive device or substance is hidden or even surgically implanted in the bomber's body. Al-Asiri is apparently also working on explosive materials which are undetectable using current screening technology.

Not only does al-Wuhayshi front AQAP, he is believed to rank very high in AQ Central, perhaps third in command behind Ayman al-Zawahiri. [AQAP information sourced from, Michael Higgins, How a 36-year-old built al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula into a feared terrorist group in just a few short years, National Post]

All of the al-Qaeda franchisees are striving to make their organizations ever more deadly, hence al-Qaeda is far stronger today than it was on 9/11.

Mr. Obama and his surrounding yes men are leading the United States down a rabbit hole. The president's genuine lack of knowledge regarding these matters, his bumbling, indecisiveness and inability to conduct real military [as opposed to the PR friendly drone attacks] operations against al-Qaeda targets invites further attacks.

Obama and his national security leadership almost shouts to the world that America is weak, disorganized and lacking in resolve. The enemy finds this reassuring and above all, provocative.

As we have unfortunately seen, it acts accordingly.

Further resources::
1. "How a 36-year-old built al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula into a feared terrorist group in just a few short years"

2. "Al Qaeda may have new 'ingenious' liquid explosive"

©2013 PipeLineNews.org LLC, William Mayer. All rights reserved


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