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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Ayatollah Khameinei Addresses Jihad Conference In Tehran: Revolutionary Islam Mandatory Interpretation of Quran

Ayatollah Khameinei Addresses Jihad Conference In Tehran: Revolutionary Islam Mandatory Interpretation of Quran

May 1, 2013

April 30, 2013 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - On Monday, the 29th, Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei delivered opening remarks as Iran hosted the "Islamic Awakening, Ulema Conference." The event was held in Tehran.

His 3,600 word speech was devoted to an analysis of what has come to be called the "Arab Spring."

We note two major themes of the Ayatollah's address:

1. Khameinei views as being very positive for the spread of Islam, the multiple Muslim-led revolutions which are taking place in the Middle East and North Africa in that they have the potential of starting the process of establishing the world-wide caliphate:
"...Today the subject of Islamic Awakening, which you will discuss in this conference, tops the list of the issues of the Islamic world and the Islamic Ummah, an amazing phenomenon that will result in the re-emergence of Islamic civilization - for the Islamic Ummah and then for all of the world - in the not too distant future providing that, with Allah's permission, it stays healthy and continues..."

The turmoil in these Muslim [and also in his eyes, "pre-Muslim," countries] is caused by a revolutionary form of Islamic ideology which the Ayatollah views as being the correct interpretation of Qur'anic scripture, in that it is aggressive, uncompromising and is geared towards global domination.
"...This is the first sign of the political and revolutionary events in North Africa and the Arab region on a global scale, which itself is a harbinger of greater truths that will come to pass in the future..."

"...The dimensions of this auspicious awakening are widespread and mysterious, but what was witnessed of its immediate outcomes in a few North African countries can make hearts confident about the great and amazing outcomes that will be achieved in the future..."

For some perspective on the terrorist nature of the Islamic Awakening movement, its website features a piece written by the ex-pat Iraqi terrorist Muqtada al-Sadr, who now resides in Iran, on need of the Ulema [Islamic scholars] to properly direct, the revolution.
"...[the] Ulema should oversee the ongoing Islamic revolutions in order to guide them into the right path of Islam..."
Sadr - a Shiite - created the "Mahdi Army" in 2003 which operated out of Baghdad's vast slums - renamed in homage to him, Sadr City - to wage asymetrical warfare against the American troops and Iraqi government.

2. Destruction of Israel continues to be a centerpiece of jihadist theory:
"...Since the first day up until today, the tragedy of Palestine has been a combination of killings, assassinations, destruction, usurpation and transgression against what is held sacred in Islam. The necessity of putting up a resistance against this warring and usurping enemy and fighting him has been agreed upon by all Islamic denominations and all honest and healthy national currents. Any current in Islamic countries which disregards this religious and national responsibility out of consideration for the domineering demands of America or under the pretext of unreasonable justifications should not expect to be viewed as loyal to Islam and sincere in its nationalistic claims. This is a test. Anybody who does not accept the slogan of liberating Holy Quds [Jeusalem] and saving the Palestinian nation and Palestinian territories or anybody who sidelines this slogan and turns his back on the camp of resistance, will be condemned. The Islamic Ummah should keep this clear and fundamental standard in mind everywhere and at all times..."

What are some of the conclusions which can be drawn from Khameinei's speech?

1. The ideas of Sayyed Qutb [an Egyptian Islamist theoretician, and the intellectual father of contemporary Muslim terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda and its bretheren] basically a "purification" of Islam which stresses that it is Islam's destiny to govern the world - are the motivating force behind the jihadist/Arab Spring movement.

2. Additionally, for those inclined to continue to believe that a"peaceful Islam" is lurking just around the corner, it remains a non-negotiable tenet of Islamist ideology that Israel must be destroyed.
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