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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Hatem Bazian: American Muslims For Palestine Sued To Recover Damages For Terrorist Murder Of Jewish Student

Hatem Bazian: American Muslims For Palestine Sued To Recover Damages For Terrorist Murder Of Jewish Student

Stanley And Joyce Boim's Son David Was Murdered By Terrorists When He Was 17
May 15, 2017

Parents of US terror victim sue Arab groups to recover damages

US Pro-Palestinian groups accused of being fronts terrorist fundraisers sued by parents of teenager murdered in terrorist attack in Israel.

JTA, י"ח באייר תשע"ז, 5/14/2017

JTA - The American parents of a teenage yeshiva student shot in 1996 at a bus stop near the town of Beit El north of Jerusalem, have filed a lawsuit to recover the damages it was awarded by a jury in federal court in Chicago.

Stanley and Joyce Boim on Friday filed the lawsuit in Chicago against two US Arab groups American Muslims for Palestine and Americans for Justice in Palestine Educational Foundation- which they claim are the "alter egos" of three Islamic fundraising groups that were found guilty in December 2004 of funding terrorism that led to the death of David Boim at the age of 17.

The groups that a federal jury and judge in Chicago ordered to pay $156 million in damages to the Boims were the Islamic Association for Palestine, the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, the Quranic Literacy Institute and Muhammad Salah.

The judgment was upheld in 2008 by the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

The US Arab organizations say they have no relationship with groups outside of the United States, including the four that were found guilty of funding terrorism.

"It's a frivolous lawsuit," AMP Chairman Hatem Bazian told Reuters. "They are using the Islamophobic environment we are in to try to tarnish and defame an organization that is in good standing, and has been working diligently to provide a perspective on the Palestine cause to the American public."

"The Anti-Terrorism Act can't be set aside simply by rebranding yourself," the Boims' lawyer Stephen Landes told Reuters.


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