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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Egypt's New Military Leader, General el - Sissi Is Ikhwan Through And Through

Egypt's New Military Leader, General el - Sissi Is Ikhwan Through And Through

August 21, 2012

August 16, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Over the last week the proverbial "other shoe" has dropped in Egypt with the country's jihadist President, Mohammed Morsi, sacking the country's military leadership [led by now "retired" Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi] and replacing it with one headed by General el-Sissi, a known quantity

Until this action many viewed Tantawi as a kind of moderating power behind Morsi's throne.

We never fell for that malarkey, understanding that Morsi was calling shots from the get go, exerting considerable influence even before his election in a fraud filled plebiscite.

Morsi's uneasy partnership with the more hard line Salafists leaves him with no significant opposition, though the Salafists will push Morsi hard for a more rapid imposition of Shari'a. No one could stop him even if they so wished, and apparently outside of the Copts, few do.

The change came lightening quick, as is Morsi's style, instantly making DOD Chief Panetta appear foolish and naive in his fawning July 31 statement, "He is the president of all the Egyptian people and he is truly committed to implementing democratic reforms," the secretary added. In his view, Panetta said, Mursi and Tantawi have a good relationship and are working together toward the same goal..." [source, DOD website, Panetta Says New Egyptian President Is His "Own Man" ]

Don't think so Mr. Panetta, he might be president of all the people but he is no more democratic than is Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez.

Tantawi was viewed as friendly to the United States, his service commanding an Egyptian force which participated in op Desert Storm, having no small part in that assessment and much of his officer corps had received U.S. training - for better or worse.

Regardless of how Tantawi and the rest of Egypt's' high ranking officers are viewed by many, they are and have been paid rather handsomely, i.e., they have simply been bought off. Their continued fealty to the U.S. is therefore not assured in the least - any more than bin-Laden stayed a "bought man" after the U.S. made it possible for his mujahideen to defeat the Soviets, upon which he turned rabidly on his benefactors.

As one of the few who understands this development with a clear head, Andrew McCarthy today notes what dispassionate observers of the bogus Arab Spring should also be able to see:

"...Egypt's military culture is not "inured against Islamism...as an institution Egypt's army has always been rife with Islamists. That is because Egyptian society is decidedly pro-Islamist. The military...[is]...a reflection of Egyptian society." [source, Andrew McCarthy, General el-Sissi's Ties - The important ones are to the Brotherhood, not the U.S. National Review]
Egypt's military is Islamist in its operative sensibilities and [again as McCarthy makes clear] el-Sissi, could not possibly have risen so quickly through the ranks if it hadn't been for his Brotherhood sympathies.

So despite the ignorance being displayed by the media about this matter as well as the hoax of a democratic Arab Spring, el-Sissi 's arrival on the scene should be viewed for what it is, another sign that Egypt's leaders look far more to Iran for inspiration, than towards the da'wa consuming Americans who continue to feed this beast expecting it to lose its vicious central core of enmity towards the West.

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