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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Video: IAF Blows Up Hamas Commander's Home Where Explosives Were Stored

Video: IAF Blows Up Hamas Commander's Home Where Explosives Were Stored

November 18, 2012

Video: Air Force Blows Up Hamas Commander's Home
The Air Force bombed the home of Hamas' northern commander Ahmed Randor in what foreign media called a strike on "civilians." Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

The Israeli Air Force bombed the home of Hamas northern commander Ahmed Randor Saturday afternoon in what foreign media called a strike on "civilians."

The video shows ensuing secondary explosions, indicating that explosives were stored in the building.

The media tide against Israel has become apparent since Friday, after it was clear that Israel had dealt the terrorist organization a serious psychological and military blow by wiping out most of its Iranian-supplied Fajr medium-range missiles and senior Hamas commanders.

The New York Times headlined on Saturday "Israel Broadens Its Bombing in Gaza to Include Civilian Sites" but later changed the word "civilian" to "government."

Its report did not mention the bombing of Randor's home, which the video proved was a storage center for explosives.

AFP again quoted Hamas sources as fact and told its readers worldwide that Gaza "medics said 48 Gazans had been killed by early Sunday and more than 450 injured since Israel launched its air campaign on Wednesday, with at least nine militants among the 16 people killed on Saturday alone according to the latest tally."

The French news service also did not include the aerial strike on the home of Randor.

The IDF reported that the Navy and Air Force bombed several terrorist targets, including underground rocket launchers and a major training camp operated by Hamas terrorists.

Foreign media outlets covering events in Gaza are often constrained to report within parameters set by the terrorist organizations that have created a state of fear among civlians and endangered the lives of news correspondents and their colleagues.

Gaza terrorists have repeatedly kidnapped and held foreign nationals -- often journalists -- hostage for weeks and sometimes months at a time. There have also been several cases in which those captives did not make it out alive, including a Italian citizen who was a volunteer in Gaza with the far-left International Solidarity Movement (ISM).

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