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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Will A Desperate Obama Try To Wag The Election, Attacking Libya?

Will A Desperate Obama Try To Wag The Election, Attacking Libya?

October 19, 2012

October 18, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - In a recent feature piece Obama Secretly Negotiating With Iran In Ploy To Influence Election?, we explored the possibility of an October/November surprise with regarding Iran's well advanced nuke program as a ploy to influence the election.

These weren't random musings, there is considerable chatter bouncing about regarding desperate measures which this failed administration might take in order to influence the November 6 presidential election.

As things stand today, the debates have finally focused the public's attention on Team Obama's woeful record, economically as well as in the area of national security/foreign policy.

To many this is coming as a rather unpleasant full immersion in the truth, that Mr. Obama is a hard left [we believe neo-Marxist] fraud in an expensive suit - a suit which by the way was paid for by you and me.

Today's Gallup Poll reflects a growing lead by challenger Mitt Romney, an almost astounding 7 point one, far beyond the realm of statistical anomaly. This is not to say that the elections is over, it's far from that.

Worse yet, the third and last debate will take place this Monday, October 22 and it will be devoted to foreign policy, the absolute weakest card in Obama's already abysmal hand.

Indisputable evidence is piling up that the decision to pull security from our embassy in Benghazi, Libya was made by him, not some junior flunky in the bowels of the Dept. of State.

We hear rumblings that there are diplomatic cables suggesting that Secretary Clinton's multiple requests for increased security at Benghazi were vetoed from above and in the administration's organizational chart, Hillary reports to the president.

Read between the lines.

So with his reelection bid quickly assuming the proportions of a smoking train wreck, we believe that it's quite possible that Mr. Obama could employ a wag the election strategy, aside from the one that we outlined in the above referenced piece.

We are less than three weeks away from what is probably the most important election in memory and for Team Obama, his chances appear to be slipping rapidly away.

Benghazi is his current Achilles heel. His obfuscation and outright lying on the matter, attempting to hide his personal culpability in failing to adequately defend an embassy which is in a war zone and in a city which is a known al-Qaeda stronghold is on the verge of sinking his ship of state.

Therefore do not be surprised that at some point before the election overt military action might be taken against "those who are responsible" for the Benghazi atrocity in an effort to counter the growing impression that his foreign policy has been a disaster, a clear and present threat to U.S. national security.

The reason why Benghazi was not seriously defended, despite pleas by the ambassador, the Secretary of State and numerous other State Department security officials, see House Hearings - Obama's Failure In Benghazi , is that it would put the lie to his claim that the killing of bin-Laden, who actually had ceased leading al-Qaeda some time ago and was at the point of his death merely a figurehead, ended al-Qaeda's threat.

Providing a vigorous defense of Benghazi would have been an admission of failure. It would have proved his critics right. Furthermore, it would also go a long way to completely undermining the lynch pin of the administration's "reset" with the Muslim world, that American only threatened by a small number of "extremists" who just happen to be Muslim...what a coincidence. It would reveal the dark truth that the genuine threat to American security coming from the Muslim world is an ideology, an ideology called Islamism, which can and has been justified via the Qur'an, by those who seek the destruction of the West.

It is from Islamism that jihad flows, not simply from one or two or a dozen terrorist organizations. All of these actors are driven by the triumphalist belief that they are acting upon the word of Allah, that his religion will dominate.

All can trace their roots back to Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, which this administration has embraced.

Islamism and its foot soldiers are the enemy.

Where and when they can [generally where they are in the minority] they work behind the scenes, as they are doing in North America and less covertly in Europe to undermine the society. Where they are close to a majority or at least a very significant force, they gladly embrace war against the unbelievers - jihad.

It is impossible to know what has caused Mr. Obama to adopt his not obviously failed policy but the fact exists, counted among the dead at Benghazi, that whatever its motivation it has utterly failed.

This particular president is a desperate man, he is different from all others who preceded him. From the outset it was his goal to fundamentally change the face of America, to slowly strangle capitalism while expanding the central government beyond all bounds.

His long term plan, that shared by his fellow progressive/neo-Marxist allies, is to make such a large number of Americans dependent on the federal government that the United States will cease to function as a republic and will instead become a one-party collectivist state...a command economy which has no room for real liberty and freedom.

Mr. Obama's overall world view is more than vaguely anti-American, and at this point, we put nothing past him.

So if tomorrow or early next week, or 10 days from now you hear that some form of military actions has been mounted by the administration against an al-Qaeda or other terrorist position in Benghazi, do not be surprised.

It will have nothing to do with "bringing justice" to the Benghazi killers, rather it will have everything to do with Mr. Obama seeking to hold on to his seat of power to finish the American transformation.

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