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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > What You Should Know About CAIR, The Assault on Michael Savage and The Stealth Jihad

What You Should Know About CAIR, The Assault on Michael Savage and The Stealth Jihad

December 15, 2007

What You Should Know About CAIR, The Assault On Michael Savage And The Stealth Jihad

December 14, 2007 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - The Council on American Islamic Relations [CAIR] is a stealth jihad organization. It is a Saudi Wahhabist funded, Hamas friendly entity which is working to incrementally force acceptance of Sharia in the United States.

It does this through the courts, working with leftist groups such as the ACLU, through direct legal intimidation pursuing phony claims of Islamophobia and discrimination and through campaigns of common, garden variety thuggery, such as its attempt to destroy nationally syndicated talk show host Michael Savage.

In pursuing this strategy CAIR is following a carefully crafted plan set forth by the Muslim Brotherhood in 1991, designed to destroy America and the West from within.

This plan was developed by the Muslim Brotherhood. It was first revealed in document which was seized in a raid in Virginia 15 years ago at the residence of some of the Holy Land Foundation defendants, and which serves today as a key piece of evidence in that ongoing case.

This document refers to what the Brotherhood calls the "Civilization Jihadist Process."

That CAIR is participating in such a process is not surprising, since the organization really evolved from its intellectual parent, the Muslim Brotherhood.

Muslim Brotherhood ==> Hamas ==> Palestinian Committee ==> the Islamic Association of Palestine [IAP] ==> CAIR

CAIR grew directly out of the IAP, an organization created by Moussa Abu Marzook in 1981, Marzook is a key functionary in HAMAS. Its believed that he is now living in Syria.

The IAP was named in the HLF indictment as being part of a conspiracy to support HAMAS.

The ties between the IAP, CAIR and the Holy Land Foundation are direct:

  • Nihad Awad is the Executive Director of CAIR, he was the PR Director for the IAP
  • Omar Ahmed was the President of the IAP and the founder of CAIR
  • Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR's chief spokesman worked for the IAP.
  • Ghassan Elashi, the founder of the Texas chapter of CAIR has already been convicted on terrorism charges in the Infocom case, and is a key defendant in the HLF prosecution. Elashi was party responsible for incorporating the HLF.
  • Cementing the relationship between the two organizations, the Holy Land Foundation gave CAIR $5,000.00 in 1994, thought to have helped it open its DC office.

    It is clear therefore that evidence developed by Federal law enforcement places CAIR within a top down hierarchy of terror friendly groups.

    Leading the charge on the West Coast against Michael Savage is Basim Elkarra. He is the Director of CAIR's Sacramento California chapter and the leader of the effort to deny Dr. Savage his freedom of expression, alleging that he engages in "hate speech."

    On this subject, Mr. Elkarra simply has no credibility.

    The organization that he represents is an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest anti-terror funding prosecution in U.S history and he has a personal history of making allegations which are untrue. Elkarra, like all CAIR officials, refuses to specifically and by name condemn the Palestinian terrorist group HAMAS.

    The idea that Mr. Elkarra has any moral authority speaking out against hate speech is absurd.

    Elkarra is claiming to have been subjected to death threats as a result of his battle with Michael Savage. Despite the fact that the FBI told Elkarra not to speak about the alleged threats but somehow the story got to the Sacramento Bee.

    Elkarra's record is one of untruthfulness in such matters.

    He made similar claims of death threats in late 2006 when Barbara Boxer rescinded an award of achievement that her office had erroneously made to Elkarra. Upon a thorough investigation of the matter the FBI. according to Boxer's office, found that Elkarra's claim was "not credible."

    It seems reasonable to assume that until proven otherwise Mr. Elkarra should be considered not credible, period.

    Elkarra is also the former President of the U.C. Berkeley Muslim Student Association. The Muslim Student Association was created by the Saudi Wahhabists, as was the Islamic Society of North America [ISNA] which serves as an enforcer of Wahhabist orthodoxy in the 80% of American mosques which it controls. Both organizations function as players in the Brotherhood's stealth jihad.

    ISNA was also named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation prosecution, as a member of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood.

    The MSA has all the attributes common to militant Islamic groups. Its "starter guide" even boldly counsels that its members "Islamicize" college politics:

    "It should be the long-term goal of every MSA to Islamicize the politics of their respective university...the politicization of the MSA means to make the MSA more of a force on internal campus politics. The MSA needs to be a more "In-your-face" association."

    Elkarra while at Berkeley participated in a rally and actually moderated a program which featuring the Hamas operative Mohammed Salah. [source, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, 'Muslim Students Sponsor Palestine Program at Berkeley,' June 2000]

    The above thumbnail sketch should make clear that the unprecedented attack on Michael Savage by CAIR is merely another battle in a long-term war by the Islamists whose intent is the eventual subjugation of the West under the yoke of an Islamic theocracy.

    CAIR's jihad in this matter, led by Basim Elkarra is strategically calculated to silence and when possible destroy critics of radical Islam and it closely adheres to the plan set forth by the Muslim Brotherhood.

    In short form that is all one needs to know to understand the stakes involved and the necessity of resisting the push by the Islamists to incrementally force Sharia on America. http://www.pipelinenews.org/index.cfm?page=cairsavage%2Ehtm

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