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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Obama's Syrian "Rebels" Gang Rape 15 Year Old

Obama's Syrian "Rebels" Gang Rape 15 Year Old

September 12, 2013

September 11, 2013 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – According to Middle East scholar, Raymond Ibrahim, the al-Qaeda linked Syrian "rebels" which Obama supports are engaging in wide scale atrocities, especially towards young Christian women.

As Ibrahim [fluent in Arabic] observes:

"…The degradation of Christian women living in the Islamic world continued in the month of June. In Syria, after the al-Qaeda linked rebel group conquered Qusair, a city of the governate of Homs, 15-year-old Mariam was kidnapped, repeatedly gang raped according to a fatwa legitimizing the rape of non-Sunni women by any Muslim waging jihad against Syria's government, and then executed.

According to Agenzia Fides, "The commander of the battalion ‘Jabhat al-Nusra' in Qusair took Mariam, married and raped her. Then he repudiated her. The next day the young woman was forced to marry another Islamic militant. He also raped her and then repudiated her. The same trend was repeated for 15 days, and Mariam was raped by 15 different men. This psychologically destabilized her and made her insane. Mariam became mentally unstable and was eventually killed." [source, Raymond Ibrahim, Muslim Persecutions of Christians: June, Islam Translated]

We evaluate the above in light of last night's incoherent address by Obama, claiming that the United States had to attack Syria's Assad government, "for the sake of the children."

Sorry Mr. President, if there is something on which we both might agree on it's that being gassed is, most likely, preferable to the way this little girl was brutalized then killed.

Regardless, this administration continues, with the assistance of the lap-dogs in the MSM, to ignore the real atrocities [especially those committed against women and Christians] which are going on every day in Syria and the Muslim world at large.

Churches are burned, Christians are gang raped, burned, crucified, anything to further the jihad against "the unbelievers."

No one, not even, "the children" are exempt from this ongoing campaign of terror. Despite their lack of ink in the MSM, these are not isolated instances of individuals who are out of control or simply vicious criminals, it's part of a strategy of religious domination, of forced submission; one sanctified by Islamic doctrine and on an ever growing scale, as normatively practiced throughout the entire Muslim world.

On this 12th anniversary of the most deadly terrorist attack the U.S. has ever sustained we hope that American's will finally confront the evil which endangers this country. It's not "man caused disasters," acts committed by "lone-wolves," "extremists," or any of the euphemisms which the left uses as band-aids over a cancer.

It's a Medieval ideology of subjugation masquerading as a religion.


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