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David Bedein's Center For Near East Policy Research Membership Appeal

May 3, 2017

Shalom Haverim!

Over the past couple months, I have joined forces with the Center for Near East Policy Research (CFNEPR) in Jerusalem.

One project CFNEPR works on tirelessly on is our continuing expose of the UNRWA connection to terror.

We film UNRWA schools and disseminate evidence of UNRWA incitement to all legislative bodies in all nations that fund UNRWA. Our work sees results.

Thanks to our efforts, the GAO, the US GENERAL ACCOUNTING OFFICE, now underway, conducts an unprecedented US investigation of UNRWA.

Over the past few months alone we've produced a new book & a new documentary and I've personally contributed to a dozen articles.

CFNEPR is now in the process of dispatching our experts to present our findings at the US Congress, the German Bundestag, the Canadian Parliament, the Swedish Parliament, the British Parliament and the Australian Parliament.

CFNEPR is funded by a membership organization, which you can join at the rate of one Shekel a day or 365 IS/100$ a year.

If CFNEPR reaches 10,000 members, we can gross One Million Dollars to reach policy makers and journalists across the globe.

I ask each of you to join CFNEPR.

After all, who can't afford a shekel day?

Everyone who joins CFNEPR will receive our 2 books "Genesis of the Palestinian Authority" & "UNRWA: A Roadblock to Peace".

Think of friends who might be interested in becoming a memberů. Please share: http://israelbehindthenews.com/invitation-to-membership-for-center-for-near-east-policy-research/13643/

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