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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Jewish Volunteer Guard At Copenhagen Synagouge Died Stopping Muslim Attack

Jewish Volunteer Guard At Copenhagen Synagouge Died Stopping Muslim Attack

February 15, 2015

Copenhagen Volunteer Died to Stop Muslim Attack on Girl's Bat Mitzva

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On February 15, 2015 @ 10:39 am In The Point

Dan Uzan had a degree in politics and played basketball. He volunteered to stand guard on the Copenhagen synagogue. He died keeping a Muslim terrorist out of the synagogue where a young girl's Bat Mitzva was taking place.

It appears likely that he prevented a major massacre.

Dan Uzan, the guardian "hero" who died to save the 80 people in the synagogue

37-year-old Dan Uzan was the perpetrator's latest victim in Copenhagen. He stood between the perpetrator and a Jewish confirmation celebration with about 80 guests in the synagogue.

The Chairman of The Jewish Society, Dan Rosenberg Asmussen said, "Dan and his family have paid an unreasonably high price. We are grateful that he set up and helped to guard so that we could have our celebration. That was Dan. Many people can be grateful that he was there last night," said Asmussen.

Friends remember him fondly.

"He was a nice guy. He always helped others, was always friendly and helped people when they needed it," says Ariel Skop.

Uzan is hailed today for having prevented a massacre inside the synagogue.

"I dare not think of what might have happened if the perpetrator had managed to get inside," said the strongly affected chairman of The Jewish Community, Dan Rosenberg Asmussen.

"How do we go on? Dare we still come here on services on Saturdays or celebrations? Or must we go underground? I think it is important that we do not. We must support the synagogue and everything Dan stood for."

Here's the official statement from the synagogue.

On Sunday night at approximately 00:50, a perpetrator opened fire on the entrance to the Copenhagen synagogue. The synagogue was closed, but in Jewish House, a parish hall behind the synagogue, they were celebrating a young girl's confirmation in a party with 80 guests.

The perpetrator shot Dan Uzan, who stayed at the gate to provide access to the party, as well as two policemen. Dan Uzan was badly injured and died shortly after the shots. The two police officers were injured, but are out of danger.

Dan Uzan was a child of the congregation. He spent his school years at the Jewish school in Copenhagen and later graduated with a degree in economics from the University of Copenhagen. In his free time he was very involved in the Jewish community. He lived to be 37 years before a terrorist deprived him of his precious life.

Jewish communities are in shock at the attack, but everyone's thoughts go first and foremost to the survivors and the injured policemen and their families.

Baruch Dayan Emet. (Blessed be the True Judge)

Some stories delve more into Dan's background.

Rabbi Jair Melchior said Dan Uzan, 37, was guarding a celebration at a Jewish community building near the synagogue when he was shot dead.

"He was a person who was always willing to help. An amazing, amazing guy," said Melchior, speaking from Israel's international airport before boarding a return flight to Copenhagen.

Uzan was described by members of the community as a brave young man, who was well liked and who had for years been serving it faithfully as a guard at community events.

It is yet unknown if the terrorist was in fact trying to force his way into the synagogue and if Uzan had stopped him. On Facebook, friends of Uzan appeared to agree that he had indeed prevented a massacre.

"The Community is in shock, it is like the shootings in Paris," Rosenberg Asmussen said, "we had contacted the police after the shooting at Café Krudttønden to have them present at the bat-mitzva, but unfortunately this happened anyway."

Rabbi Yitzi Loewenthal, the Chabad emissary in Copenhagen, told Israel Radio that Jews were now afraid to leave their homes.

This is what Islamic immigration has wrought.

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