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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > The 9/11 Mosque - Location, Location, Location!

The 9/11 Mosque - Location, Location, Location!

August 17, 2010

Location, Location, Location!

Dr. David Lazerson

Imagine for a moment that the Japanese have decided to build a cultural center next to Pearl Harbor. Or that the German government has voted to put up a Nazi historical center, for learning sake mind you, next to Treblinka or Auschwitz. Or how about something as "neutral" as a floating tourist center above the Titanic wreck? Not only bad taste but truly offensive to common sense and decency.

And yet this is exactly what the proposed 9/11-site mosque is all about. Indeed, ya just don't get better location than downtown Manhattan. It's busy and bustling nearly 24/7, filled with folks from all across the globe. It's got the business heartbeat of the world. It now has the soul of NYC and the United States. But one thing it shouldn't have is a mosque.

Democracy is tough, tricky business. It's about making sure that everyone has the right to pursue life, liberty & the happiness in his or her own way, as long as no one else gets hurt. But a Twin Towers site mosque is wrong because a whole lot of people will be hurt in the process. 9/11 is hallowed ground only because some, in the name of Islam, turned it into a burning hell. It belongs to those who perished and were harmed there, and the brave souls that fought so valiantly to save others. It belongs to the friends and families of all whose lives were directly affected by this cowardly attack. In essence, it belongs to the American people.

If Imam Rauf is truly a voice for "moderate Islam," as he claims to be, then why do he and other Muslims insist on building right next to the 9/11 site and, in the process, upset the vast majority of Americans? When other sites were offered instead of the 9/11 grounds, Rauf and his group refused. Clearly then, the Imam's message isn't about multi-culturalism or fostering brotherly love and singing hand-in-hand "We Are The World." It's a Mosque that glows in bright neon lights: In Your Face!

Nobody is telling Rauf that he can't build a mosque. No one in the USA is refusing his right to practice his religion, assuming it's not the wacko militant version of Islam that advocates killing-in-the-name-of. A mosque next to the Twin Towers site is not just in poor taste. It's not only offensive. It's wrong. Period. People of common sense need to band together to stop this nightmare from becoming reality. Politicians need to stop bending over backwards to jump on the "politically correct" bandwagon. They need to be sensitive to the voice of mainstream America. If not, they should be voted out of office. Instead of a mosque next to the 9/11 site, we need to build an everlasting memorial to those who were so cowardly and heinously attacked there. This is the only structure that should be permitted near the former Twin Towers.

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