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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Turks In Holland And Turkey Promoting Islamist Supremacy By Exploiting Case Of Boy Placed In Foster Care With Lesbian Couple

Turks In Holland And Turkey Promoting Islamist Supremacy By Exploiting Case Of Boy Placed In Foster Care With Lesbian Couple

April 2, 2013

By WILLIAM MAYER, translation from the Dutch by BEILA RABINOWITZ

April 2, 2013 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - In a country and part of the world that is cascading from crisis to crisis, one would imagine that the government of Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan would be attending to important matters of state.

Not so...

Right now it seems that much of the Turkish electorate and the PM are preoccupied with the fate of a nine year old boy who was removed - at a very early age - from the custody of his biological parents who abused and neglected him and then placed in the home of a lesbian couple who have taken care of him for nearly all of his life.

"...Turkish media has made an enormous ruckus over the nine year old Yunus who lives with Christian lesbian foster parents. Yunus lives there at the behest of a judge due to abuse and neglect by his parents. Yunus was five months old when he was placed there. Now he is nine years old. The government of Erdogan and his party in the Turkish parliament have been occupied with Yunus..." [source, Elsevier Netherlands]
At one time Westerners held great hope that Mr. Erdogan would be able to steer his country around the global rising tide of Islamism, but his actions since taking office have proven that his intent is to slowly return Turkey to a Shari'a controlled state.

As this matter develops in Turkey, officials in the Netherlands have taken notice, registering alarm and consequently are investigating the country's Turkish organizations.

These cultural affairs types have expressed concern over the inability or unwillingness of Muslim immigrants to integrate into the society and apparently feel that Turkey's public display of "bigotry," regarding sexual preference might be a component in the failure of Muslims to assimilate into the Dutch culture.

The Netherlands has, to put it mildly, taken a very permissive attitude regarding its Islamic population, most of whom have emigrated from Northern Africa. The inaction of the Dutch government in this matter is scandalous in that these Muslim immigrants are responsible for an unprecedented general wave of lawlessness including anti-Semitic violence and intimidation. So great is the perceived threat that Holland's Jews have been unofficially advised to leave the country.

Though giving it lip-service, Islamic radicalism in the Netherlands has largely been ignored despite the clear linkage between this burgeoning population and a rising rate of criminality. Actually its far worse than the statistics make it appear...many of Holland's Muslims appear to be in a near state of war against the larger society - Islamic communities within Holland's larger cities have become "no-go" areas, places where law enforcement dares not trod.

The country's Muslims have refused to integrate, displaying a level of intolerance against the larger society that is really unprecedented. Muslims have been allowed to issue death threats with impunity against those that dare speak out against Islamist bigotry and excesses. As a result, growing numbers of people are being forced to hire body guards and in some cases live underground lives in hope of avoiding deadly confrontations such as the one which befell Theo van Gough who was assassinated - nearly decapitated in public - by the son - Mohammed Bouyeri - of a Muslim immigrant in November of 2004...

...So it is with a certain sense of irony that the Turkish controversy is being taken so seriously by some Dutch authorities. While they pursue a question for which they already know the answer - Muslim [and of course Turkish] organizations in Holland actively stoke the fires of intolerance, bigotry and Islamic supremacy - they fail to act on this clear and present danger while they play bureaucratic games designed to show concern but do nothing about the problem.
2013 PipeLineNews.org LLC, William Mayer. All rights reserved.


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