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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Terrorists fire into Gaza in preparation for further attacks

Terrorists fire into Gaza in preparation for further attacks

August 14, 2005

Terrorists Attack Kfar Darom as IDF Prepares Pullout; 5 InjuredSunday, August 14, 2005


In several incidents Saturday night, Arab terrorists opened fire from PA-controlled areas at Kfar Darom in central Gaza. Five soldiers were injured by friendly fire during the retaliation.

In one attack, at approximately 3:30 AM, an Arab terrorist opened massive rounds of fire from a three-story building which is located several dozen meters north of the Jewish town, overlooking the whole community. Protest tents housing pro-Gush Katif activists as well as military positions were targeted. From the initial terrorist fire, there were no injuries.

An IDF tank stationed in Kfar Darom returned fire at the terrorist. As a result of the tank fire, an IDF armored personnel carrier, which had arrived at the scene in order to prevent further shooting, was hit. The Arab terrorist was also hit.

IDF Givati officer Elroi Mizrachi, 22, from Efrat was severely wounded and four IDF soldiers were lightly wounded during the incident. Mizrachi sustained tank shell fragments to his head. The soldiers were evacuated by helicopter to Soroka hospital in Be'er Sheva where the seriously wounded officer is reported to be in stable condition. The four other soldiers are to be released in the course of the day.

The IDF is currently investigating the circumstances of the incident.

Women In Green Founder Nadia Matar, who is residing in Gush Katif to protest the Disengagement Plan, commented on the terrorist attack:

"I am ashamed that my government is going to reward those terrorists who opened fire in Kfar Darom last night, who are undoubtedly friends of the terrorists who murdered the pregnant mother Tali Hatuel and her 4 daughters last year, by giving them them Kfar Darom and the Gush Katif Jewish towns. I am appalled at the thought that a 3-kilometer convoy of the IDF including tens of thousands of soldiers and thousands of vehicles will make their way to Gush Katif tomorrow, not to strike against the terrorists who continue to attack us daily, but to expel the Jews from here."
In coordination with Israeli Defense Minster Shaul Mofaz, PA Interior Minister Nasser Yusef has stationed close to 7,500 armed Arab troops with the stated purpose of protecting the Jewish Gaza towns from Arab attacks. Those troops failed to prevent the incidents of gunfire on Kfar Darom Sunday night.

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