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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > New Book Says Dutch Intelligence Wrongly Estimated Threat to Theo van Gogh

New Book Says Dutch Intelligence Wrongly Estimated Threat to Theo van Gogh

April 15, 2011

April 15 2011-Militant Islam Monitor-In a new book written by Heleen de Waal, a former staff member of the the Dutch intelligence services (AIVD) the writer alleges that the dossier of his murderer was handled by an "inexperienced" staffer who "dramatically underestimated" the threat against him and that the information was "within reach". The book is called "Halve Lucht" and will come out on Saturday. http://www.nu.nl/binnenland/2492812/aivd-schatte-risicos-van-gogh-verkeerd-in.html

Van Gogh made a film called "Submission" about abuse of women in the Muslim community in which a naked woman was painted with Koranic verses advocating wife beating.

His killer, Mohammed Bouyeri, was a known member of the radical ‘Hofstad Group' and had once been arrested with the phone number of an international terrorist in his possession. He killed Van Gogh for a perceived insult to Islam and used a knife to stick a message into his body threatening other politicians including Geert Wilders who has had to live with 24/7 protection since the murder.

According to the RTL Nieuws report headlined "AIVD Wrongly Estimated Threats to Theo Van Gogh":

"The AIVD had information which according to their own criteria should have led to an increased level of alertness."…PVV leader Wilders wants to know what is true about the reports that the AIVD failed in the protection of Theo Van Gogh, who was murdered in 2004. He is demanding clarification from the government."


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