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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Fadi Kablawi: South Florida 'ISIS' Imam Spews Hatred In North Miami Islamic Center

Fadi Kablawi: South Florida 'ISIS' Imam Spews Hatred In North Miami Islamic Center

Bashes Jews,Christians, Hindus,Gays & Fellow Muslims - Runs Reviver Academy For Kids
October 22, 2020

South Florida 'ISIS' Imam: 'Jews Behind All Corruption in the Earth'

Fadi Kablawi spews venom against Jews, Hindus, Christians, gays and fellow Muslims.

Mon Oct 19, 2020

Joe Kaufman

Joe Kaufman, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, is Chairman of the Joe Kaufman Security Initiative and the 2014, 2016 and 2018 Republican Nominee for U.S. House of Representatives (Florida-CD23).

Fadi Kablawi (Qablawi), head imam of the North Miami Islamic Center (NMIC) and FBI 'person of interest,' is a radical Muslim's radical. His targets comprise of Jews, Christians, homosexuals, women, Hindus and Muslims, even his fellow radical Muslims. This past July, he made the claim that Jews are behind all the corruption on Earth. He did so, during one of his Friday khutbas (sermons), in front of his congregation, which includes young and impressionable children. At times, he draws large crowds. Will Kablawi's dangerous rhetoric drive one or more of his followers to commit acts of violence? Has it already?

Fadi Yousef Kablawi, a.k.a. Abu Ubeidah, was born in Amman, Jordan, in 1978. At the age of 17, he moved to the US with his family. After finishing high school, Kablawi attended Florida International University (FIU) for his undergraduate studies and completed his doctoral degree in dental medicine, at the University of Pennsylvania, in 2005. Working alongside his wife, he had a thriving Miami dentistry, until August 2017, when he was arrested for allegedly using his business to overcharge his patients and commit Medicaid fraud. A video news report depicts a somber Kablawi handcuffed and sporting an orange jumpsuit, standing in front of Bond Court judge, Mindy Glazer, who happens to be Jewish.

Incorporated in September 2010, the North Miami Islamic Center (NMIC), a.k.a. Masjid As Sunnah An Nabawiyyah, is the brainchild of Kablawi. In fact, the mosque's colorful logo bears the name of Kablawi's former corporation, al-Tayyib, which is as well the mosque's website address, altayyib.com. A children's school, Reviver Academy, shares the identical North Miami location of the mosque. According to Kablawi, he created the school in order to provide a pure and unfiltered form of Islam for the kids. Photos and video footage from the school show the children using the same area of the mosque where Kablawi emits his hate speech.

Kablawi is an equal opportunity offender, attacking all faiths, including his own, though Jews are by far his primary target. Last month, he told his congregants, "[A Muslim] doesn't associate his behavior with an iman (faith). The Jews are different. They will use the iman, which is 'We're Jews,' to justify every heinous thing they do." Also last month, he stated, "You will find the most enemies to the believers are the Jews." This past July, Kablawi told his congregation the following about Jews: "Look at the façade and the corruption in the Earth, today. You'll find them behind it, in everything."

Kablawi is not happy that some of his fellow Muslims are making peace with Israel. On September 15th, at the White House, historic peace agreements were signed between Israel, Bahrain and the UAE. On October 2nd, Kablawi told his audience, "Anything you sign as peace is nothing but selling out, is nothing but cowardice, is nothing but humiliation, is nothing but debasement." On September 20th, he stated, "If anybody who brings this issue up… tell them brotherhood is stronger than cousinhood. When they abuse and kill our brothers… the Muslims in Palestine are brothers not cousins, and when my cousin kills my brother I will kill my cousin."

Kablawi is also not friendly towards Muslims who side with Hindus wishing to resettle in the Indian state of Kashmir, following years of terror and dispossession at the hands of Islamists. In August 2019, he tweeted his own mini fatwa (religious ruling), stating, "Whoever allies himself, celebrates and honors the Hindus for what they have done to Muslims in Kashmir is an apostate, out of the fold of the religion of Muhammad…"

Kablawi likes vilifying Christians, too. Last month, he told his congregants, "[T]he Christians don't think. They just follow whatever." He said that Christians have a "hallucinating imagination." He called Christianity "fake." In January 2019, he told his congregation, "The Christian religion makes no sense… If you look at all the religions in the world, Christianity can compete for first place in stupidity." This past July he stated, "Someone might ask, 'Why are there a lot of Christians?' There are lots of Christians, because their fitra (state of purity/innocence) got corrupted."

Kablawi also hates gays with a passion. Last month, he railed against gay rights. He stated to his audience, "20 years or 30 years ago, talking to someone about the rights of homosexuals – crazy! God knows what there will be tomorrow… Maybe the straight ones will be the gay ones. We will be looked at as abnormal." He referred to gays as "Sodomites." In March 2019, Kablawi bizarrely attacked gays and Christians together, tweeting, "After long research, I think I finally discovered the virus responsible for LGBTQ disease… It is called the Church virus; most dangerous mutation of such virus is the Catholic one." Kablawi has even attacked Islamist favorite Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and a leader from CAIR for cavorting with LGBT.

And when it comes to jihad, for Kablawi, there is only one primary meaning, and that is holy war. In July, he said, "[J]ihad is when you put your life on the line. Not the cute jihad, as they call everything 'jihad' today. A brother sent me a message, 'This is the Real Jihad'… about coronavirus. This kid somewhere in Falastin. They stopped him from seeing his mother, at the hospital, who was infected with the virus. He would climb, every night, the walls of the hospital and sit next to the room of his mother… May Allah reward him for being righteous and dutiful to his mother. But that's not the real jihad. Real jihad is not climbing walls. Real jihad is climbing over people's necks and heads and skulls."

This past July, hundreds of mosque goers packed Kablawi's NMIC, as Kablawi stood in front leading prayers. No doubt, his type of no frills Islamic fundamentalism has attracted a significant segment of the Muslim community. One must therefore question how much of Kablawi's extreme and bigoted rhetoric has his congregants taken to heart, and are they willing to act on it, meaning violently? One of his followers, Salman Rashid, this past December, was charged with soliciting ISIS to murder the deans of two South Florida colleges. And according to Kablawi, he himself is considered by the FBI to be a member of ISIS.

Fadi Kablawi is a danger and threat to society. The message that he sends to his congregation and all who watch and share his videos is one of hatred and violence. Kablawi believes that he is teaching the Islamic religion in the proper manner – one that is unfiltered and unapologetic – and that may very well be so. However, what Kablawi is doing, as well, is inspiring his followers and congregants, including very young and impressionable children, to retain this hatred and to potentially carry out the same type of jihad that Kablawi lauds and embraces.

Beila Rabinowitz, Director of Militant Islam Monitor, contributed to this report.


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