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Arabs Attacking Jews Throughout Israel

November 20, 2012

Major Arab Rioting, Rock Throwing in Judea and Samaria

Arabs on Monday significantly stepped up rock throwing and attacks on Israelis By David Lev First Publish: 11/20/2012, 7:21

Arabs on Monday significantly stepped up rock throwing and attacks on Israelis, expressing their support for Gaza and their opposition to Operation Pillar of Defense. There were numerous reports of riots and shooting as well throughout Judea and Samaria.

In the village of Halhoul near Hevron, an Arab attempted to attack an IDF soldier. The soldier shot and seriously injured his attacker. He later died of his wounds. Arabs also fired at an IDF checkpoint near Jenin. No one was injured, but there was damage to the checkpoint from the shots.

Arabs also rioted near Ma'ale Levonah in central Samaria. The Arabs threw stones and firebombs at passing vehicles. One vehicle was set afire by a firebomb, and an Arab mob surrounded the vehicle. The occupants of the vehicle managed to escape to safety before the mob descended on the vehicle and tore it apart.

Arabs also rioted at the Tomb of Rachel in Bethlehem, preventing Jews from entering the site. Police used anti-riot measures to break the crowd up. Two Arabs were seriously wounded in the riot, with seven others injured lightly.

Arabs also rioted outside Azoun, in central Samaria (Shomron), throwing stones at passing Israeli vehicles. Police and IDF troops broke that riot up as well.

There were also numerous reports of rock throwing on main roads, including Road 443, where several rock throwing incidents were reported in the Beit Horon area.

There were also rock throwing incidents outside Beitar Ilit and other towns in the area, as well as on Road 60 in the Binyamin area.

Bus number 143 from Jerusalem was hit with two molotov cocktails at 10 p.m., one hitting a window and smashing, and one rolling under the bus. No one was injured and the bus sustained no damage, but a young woman became hysterical. An ambulance met the bus at the entrance to Kochav Yaakov to ascertain that everyone was all right.

Earlier, there were riots in and around Hevron. One Arab who threw firebombs at IDF soldiers in the Beit Hadassah area was shot and injured.


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