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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Iranian State Media Exploits Outing Of West's Cyber Op Against Its Nuke Facilities

Iranian State Media Exploits Outing Of West's Cyber Op Against Its Nuke Facilities

June 22, 2012

16:17 - PDT - June 21, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - An article published Thursday by Iran's government controlled news agency, PressTV [see, http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2012/06/21/247267/us-uk-israel-after-cyber-attack-on-iran/] claims that the Mullocracy has taken measures to prevent what it alleges was a massive and coordinated cyber warfare operation to be conducted imminently against its nuke facilities by Western powers.

"'Based on obtained information, the US and the Zionist regime (Israel) along with the MI6 [the British intelligence service] planned an operation to launch a massive cyber attack against Iran's facilities following the meeting between Iran and the P5+1 in Moscow, Moslehi said on Thursday...'They still seek to carry out the plan, but we have taken necessary measures,' Moslehi"

While the statement seems self-serving, suggesting that Iran is technically up to any cyber challenge which the West might pose, the context of the story was revealing.

More than half of the article's text consisted of high level national security information which was leaked to the New York Times and the Washington Post by WH officials - intent upon creating a narrative that Mr. Obama is a foreign policy tough-guy.

"From his first months in office, President Obama secretly ordered increasingly sophisticated attacks on the computer systems that run Iran's main nuclear enrichment facilities, significantly expanding America's first sustained use of cyber weapons," The New York Times quoted "participants in the program" as saying.

In addition, a recent report by The Washington Post said the US and Israel have cooperated in creating a newly detected computer virus, dubbed Flame, to sabotage Iran's nuclear program. The malware was designed to spy on Iran's computer networks and send back intelligence used for an ongoing cyberwarfare campaign", the daily reported on Tuesday.

US National Security Agency, CIA and the Israeli military worked together to create the Flame virus, the Post added.

Moreover, Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Ya'alon on May 29 strongly hinted that Israel was involved in creating the computer virus to sabotage Iran's nuclear activities.

Ya'alon expressed support for the creation of the virus and similar tools, claiming that it was "reasonable" for anyone who sees Iran as a threat to take such steps."

While Mr. Obama in a recent press feigned umbrage over the mere suggestion that anyone in this WH was responsible, the lack of fervor with which he is pursuing the leakers and his failure to explicitly condemn such revelations and their subsequent publishing speaks otherwise.

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