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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Prosecutors want Rafil Dhafir jailed on terrorism charges

Prosecutors want Rafil Dhafir jailed on terrorism charges

August 20, 2005

Prosecutors want jail term in Iraqi charity case


SYRACUSE, N.Y. Federal prosecutors want at least a 24-year jail term for a Syracuse doctor found guilty of conspiring to violate U-S sanctions by sending money to Iraq through an illegal charity.

Now, for the first time, prosecutors are alleging a possible link between 57-year-old Doctor Rafil Dhafir and terrorism. A memo filed Monday says Dhafir poses a national security threat through his connections to terrorist organizations. Prosecutors say Dhafir wrote that potential beneficiaries of his Help the Needy charity included Jamaa Islamia, which the U-S State Department has called a terrorist organization. The notes, found in Dhafir's suburban Syracuse home, also said money would go to holy warriors in Iraq. Terrorism wasn't mentioned in Dhafir's 17-month trial. He was convicted in February on 59 counts of fraud, tax evasion, Medicare and Medicaid fraud, money laundering, visa fraud, violating U-S sanctions against Iraq and lying to federal agents. Dhafir was convicted of misusing 2 (m) million dollars that donors gave to his charity and spending more than 500-thousand on himself and friends. Dhafir was not charged with helping terrorists. His lawyer says he knows nothing of the notes cited by prosecutors. Dhafir will be sentenced August 29th.

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