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PEGIDA - Patriotic Europeans Against The Islamization Of The West

January 27, 2015


January 26, 2015 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – In the aftermath of the recent Islamic terror attacks in Paris, major fissures in Europe's Fourth Reich thought control experiment - multiculturalism - are rapidly appearing.

This isn't to suggest that these deviations from the standard party line instantly formed in reaction to the Charlie Hebdo and subsequent Jewish supermarket massacres; it's just that nationalist and nativist [some are referring to them as survivalist] sentiments on the Continent have been so stigmatized that up until now few would admit to their "unease with Muslim immigration" in public.

Europe's Draconian hate speech laws play a huge part as an enforcement mechanism against any departure from politically approved speech, a very wide plank in the progressive/Marxist agenda.

Undaunted, dissenters are now learning one of the most basic lessons in political advocacy. What one might be prosecuted for as an individual [example, Dutch MP Geert Wilders' upcoming "hate speech" trial for suggesting that there are too many Muslim Moroccans in the Netherlands or Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff an Austrian based lecturer prosecuted for her vocal opposition to Islamic ideology] is much harder to do when "offenders" swell into public demonstrations comprised of hundreds, thousands or in the case of the French reaction to Hebdo, millions.

Hate crime legislation is largely directed not at protecting minorities [though that is the stated narrative] but in providing an avenue whereby traditionalism can be criminalized. Thus the laws accomplish their main goal, falling most heavily as they do on Caucasian, Christian heterosexuals whose opinions run counter to what "thought criminal" Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff called, the "Global Ministry of Truth" [please refer to Our Present Is Your Future ]

Thus, non-Muslims reading verbatim passages from Islam's sacred books is an indictable offense but, "Depicting Jesus sodomizing his apostles" is not considered to be a "degradation of religious symbols" in Austria. Of course stating the historic fact that Muhammad married a six-year old girl is hate personified, at least in Eurothink. [source, Thomas Landen, Hate Crimes and Equality Before the Law, Gatestone Institute]

Though it has tried mightily, the legacy media has failed to tamp down the fact that Europeans are now vociferously objecting to the subversive role Islam is playing in their countries, because the "Parris effect" has now provided cover, at least temporarily, and the numbers are becoming too great to ignore.

This has led to the ascension of a spontaneous movement, PEGIDA [Patriotic Europeans Against The Islamization Of The West], which first sprang up in the city of Dresden, Germany. Since September the group has held protests critical of Islamist ideology and uncontrolled Muslim immigration. What started with a few dozen has now grown to nightly demonstrations of over 25,000.

From its origins, it's now branching out into numerous other [sometimes unlikely] European countries such as Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, France and the UK. Spain's PEGIDA offshoot is planning rallies but the government has, so far, refused to issue the necessary permit. The movement is growing quickly; plans for pro-PEGIDA marches are well underway for Switzerland, Belgium and other countries with significant Islamic populations.

One of the most troubling aspects of this controversy is that the legacy media has merged with the extant ruling elites, uniting under the common purpose of vilifying PEGIDA. It has become commonplace for government officials and the legacy media to launch remarkably vicious attacks against the movement, calling marchers Nazis, Fascists, xenophobes, haters, Islamophobes, etc.

To test this assertion simply Google PEGIDA and note the almost unanimous invective against it on the ‘Net. This isn't accidental.

For example, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, not known as a rabid left-winger is coming at PEGIDA hammer and tong, alleging that its members are, " racists with hatred in their hearts."

How Ms. Merkel knows this remains unanswered.

But this government/media bund is a sign of a deeper and more threatening rift which has developed between citizens and their elected leaders.

European governments without exception are completely invested in the ideology of multiculturalism; much the same has happened in the United States. It's a central component in normative Marxist theory, because it can and is being used as a wedge issue to stoke class warfare so that traditional culture, represented by the average man or woman-on-the-street, are being told that their very ethnicity indicts them as bigots.

Thus we see democratic institutions gleefully siding with jihadists against indigenous populations which have been so unwise as to allow unchecked immigration by people with a 10th century mindset actively engaged in what can only be described as an Islamic colonial invasion.

One of the long standing tenets of Western political theory is that populations which are denied the ability to adequately redress grievances eventually come to believe that revolution is as viable an alternative to oppressive/dictatorial faux democracies as it is to truly brutal dictatorships.

Such is the case in Europe where tensions continue to rise to the point where violent domestic strife is no longer such a controversial idea.

In the United States one only has to look to the "anti-white privilege" movement to gain some insight as to the processes which are involved. When one can be branded as a thought criminal at birth – the Original Sin of being Caucasian - then a dynamic is established that threatens the very societies which have permitted this insanity to take place.

The most recent large-scale example of this was the stoking of violent ethnic strife in Ferguson, Missouri. As is always the case with these reactionary movements, facts, logic and morality are jettisoned in favor of a demonstrably false party line. When one witnesses the president of the United States, Mr. Obama, siding with African American thugs simply because they are Black [and against blameless Caucasians, who actually constitute 77% of the population] republican democracy itself is threatened.

Historically it has been relatively easy to suppress minority dissent, at least for a while, because the full weight of government can be turned against a relative few, often with the support or at least the acquiescence of the majority.

However when the ruling class [which now unfortunately includes the Fourth Estate] turns on over three quarters of the population, a dynamic is set in place where a very un-civil conflict is entirely possible.

We feel duty bound to make the following point:

Though some with a romantic [in the classical sense of it being a regenerative force for good] point of view now talk openly of civil war [a growing possibility, both in Europe and the U.S.] in positive terms, history shows that once unleashed, the blind rage of the mob seldom, if ever, turns out well.

Case in point, in America, a Northerner chatting even briefly with native of the deep South about the American Civil war [widely and correctly viewed as a noble undertaking] will quickly find out that the even though the event [the "War of Northern Aggression"] took place 150 years ago deep psychic scars remain.

This is why the phobic reaction against PEGIDA in Europe is so worrisome, when nominally democratic governments partner with civilizational jihadists and seem to be willing to suppress huge majorities opposing them, it doesn't take much imagination to foresee the potential for disaster. As Western governments become even more deeply wedded to the ideology of a corrosive multiculturalism, social upheaval is almost a given.

The question free world leaders must honestly ask themselves is, "looking at America, Europe and the world's Muslim nations, what would lead you to believe that Islam is capable of coexisting [even as a minority population] with the West?"

The short answer to this is almost self-evident, "they aren't capable of living in a free society." Islam as it's largely practiced today and republican democracies are doctrinally irreconcilable. But with progressive leftism/Marxism now having assumed the status of a theology – the state religion - for an uncomfortably large number of Western leaders the answer is quite different:

"How dare you judge other cultures by our standards? These Muslim immigrants have just as rightful a claim on the culture as do the native born. And, by the way, your hatred will have consequences."

Because theology - by its very nature - is largely immune to both reason and logic, as has been the case throughout history the potential for a quasi-religious war quickly becomes evident.

Fortunately not all European politicians have become the equivalent of multiculturalist clowns. Geert Wilders [leader of Holland's PVV, Party for Freedom] mentioned above, has made the de-Islamization of the Continent a central plank in his party's platform. Yesterday, he sent a strong message of support to PEGIDA's Dresden demonstration which was large and enthusiastic.

Below a partial text of Wilders' remarks, translation provided by Beila Rabinowitz.

My Dear Friends In Dresden:

It is really fantastic what is taking place here in Dresden. Dresden shows how it should be, All of Europe is looking to you. You are not alone. You are part of something much bigger. In Germany, in Holland in all of Europe. You are fulfilling the hopes of many. You are the voice of the people against the elites. You are the people!

I support you with all my heart. Millions in Europe support you. I am proud of you. We want what you want: A free people, a free country, a civilized country and no Islamization. Let us fight for that together! No one can stop us.

Long Live Freedom!

Geert Wilders

"Meine lieben Freunde in Dresden,

Es ist wirklich fabelhaft was hier in Dresden passiert. Dresden zeigt wie's geht. Ganz Europa schaut auf euch. Ihr seid nicht allein. Ihr seid Teil von etwas ganz Großem. In Deutschland, in Holland, in ganz Europa. Ihr erfüllt die Hoffnung vieler. Ihr seid die Stimme des Volkes gegen die Eliten. Ihr seid das Volk!

In Deutschland haben die Menschen genug davon.
In Holland haben die Menschen genug davon.
In ganz Europa haben die Menschen genug davon.

Genug von dem Terror und dem Hass.
Genug von den Anschlägen, genug von dem Blutvergießen.
Genug von der Islamisierung.
Genug von den politischen Eliten,
die unsere jüdisch-christliche Identität und unsere Traditionen verraten,
die Zukunft unserer Kinder zerstören,
und den Ausverkauf unserer Länder und unserer Zivilisation betreiben.
In ganz Europa sagen die Menschen "Wir sind das Volk"! Und wir sind es leid!

Ich unterstütze euch von Herzen. Millionen in Europa unterstützen euch. Ich bin stolz auf euch.
Wir wollen, was ihr wollt: ein freies Volk, ein freies Land, ein zivilisiertes Land, und keine Islamisierung.
Lasst uns dafür gemeinsam kämpfen! Keiner kann uns stoppen.
Es lebe die Freiheit." [source, Geert Wilders, Party for Freedom]

©2015 PipeLineNews.org LLC, William Mayer. All rights reserved.


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