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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Uncle Of ISIS Muslim Killer Who Laughed While Murdering 38 People On Tunesian Beach: "He Was Perfectly Normal"

Uncle Of ISIS Muslim Killer Who Laughed While Murdering 38 People On Tunesian Beach: "He Was Perfectly Normal"

June 28, 2015

"...His uncle Ali Bin Muhammad Rezgui said 'everything was normal' the day prior to the massacre.

The distraught 70-year-old said: ‘He was with me on Thursday. We sat in the garden and he was perfectly normal.

‘He left here at 12pm and we had no idea what he was planning. We talked about his life and studies. That was the last time I saw him.

'He was a sweet boy when he was younger. He was a breakdancer and loved football. He should have had a long, happy life.'..."

"...At first glance, the life of Seifeddine Rezgui appeared to be like that of any other young Tunisian man.

An avid football fan, his family have described the 23-year-old as a young man who enjoyed all the trappings of Western society.

A supporter of Real Madrid, Rezgui loved breakdancing and sitting in cafes chatting with friends.

"...But beneath the veneer of normality, a radicalism was brewing which erupted on Friday with the massacre of 38 people on a Tunisian beach..."

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3142105/Engineering-student-loved-Real-Madrid-Facebook-breakdancing-Tunisian-mass-killer-secretly-supported-ISIS-wanted-make-people-world-suffer.html#ixzz3eNUEMYEH

TUNIS — The gunman whomassacred 38 foreign tourists at a beachside hotel on Friday trained with a militant group in Libya earlier this year alongside two Tunisians who later killed 22 people at the national museum, security officials confirmed on Tuesday.

Rafik Chelli, secretary of state for the interior, told The Associated Press that the gunman at the hotel,Seifeddine Rezgui, 24, a graduate of a technical college from central Tunisia, crossed illegally into neighboring Libya in January and trained with an extremist group near the town of Sabratha, in northwestern Libya, near the capital, Tripoli.


Sunbed gunman was high on COCAINE: Laughing fanatic took photos of his victims during tourist killing spree – as new pictures emerge of unexploded bomb found next to his dead body

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"...In an interview on Sunday, Prime Minister Habib Essid revealed more details about Rezgui, who gunned down 38 foreign tourists in the June 26 attack.

"We know he was a member of a dance club and was familiar with the tourism sector, having worked in it as an events organizer," Essid was quoted as having told the French-language newspaper La Presse.

The authorities have admitted that the transformation of an apparently normal young man caused amazement in Tunisia.

His mother, Radhia Manai, told Britain's Sunday Times her son must have been "brainwashed" by extremists as previously he would not have hurt a mouse.

She said he was "a victim like all the others"..."


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