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Tom Campbell Outed Again As Phony Conservative

March 9, 2010

March 9, 2010 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Tom Campbell, the Democrat's idea of a wet dream phony conservative candidate for CA Senator, has been outed by Steven Emerson's Investigative Project on Terrorism [IPT] as having continued to actively support fundraiser Sami Al-Arian even after the now confessed terrorist - having admitted providing "services" for Palestinian Islamic Jihad - was under investigation.

Sending a very strong signal at the time that Al-Arian might have been a tainted personality, his close associate [and brother-in-law] Mazen al-Najjar had been revealed in court proceedings as being a ""threat to national security."

"...He [al-Najjar] was a founding member - along with Sami Al-Arian, Khalil Shikaki, and Ramadan Abdullah Shallah - of the World Islam Study Enterprise (WISE), which was shut down in 1995 for its suspected ties to terrorism... On June 6, 1997, Immigration Judge R. Kevin McHugh denied al Najjar's bail request after reviewing classified evidence furnished by the government. In a one-sentence summary, McHugh stated that al Najjar was "associated with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and a threat to national security." [source, Discover the Networks]

During this period of time numerous media sources had done exposes on Al-Arian's radicalism, including NBC's Dateline which featured a clip of Al-Arian calling Jews "monkeys" and "pigs" and advocating the "death of Israel."

Yet with all of this as backdrop and after a $1,300 contribution by Al-Arian to Campbell's 2000 campaign, he authored legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives to bar exactly the kind of evidence that linked al-Najjar and later Al-Arian to Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

In a letter first obtained by the IPT, Campbell is seen hectoring University of South Florida president Judy Genshaft [See Full IPT report here] - [View IPT Campbell letter here] to reinstate Al-Arian despite the considerable evidence already in the public record casting doubts on Al-Arian's self-righteous and false claims of innocence.

Now locked in a tough California Senate primary [after fleeing the gubernatorial race] Campbell at first denied that Al-Arian had contributed to his campaign, until forced to admit it was true. Then he claimed he no longer had a copy of the letter he wrote supporting Al-Arian to USF, finally being chagrined once again when IPT published it in full.

With former University of South Florida professor Al-Arian currently under house arrest, awaiting contempt of court charges after having voluntarily accepted deportation, perhaps observant California voters have finally been given a sufficient glimpse of Campbell's lack of character, duplicity and phony conservatism, all of which disqualify him to represent the GOP in any capacity.

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