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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > NY Times Can't Resist Impulse To Bash Jews And Bow Before Obama's Throne

NY Times Can't Resist Impulse To Bash Jews And Bow Before Obama's Throne

January 26, 2015

January 25, 2015 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – In another whiny editorial, the 1/23 edition of the New York Times accuses Israeli PM Netanyahu of using his scheduled address to Congress to bolster his credentials in the upcoming parliamentary elections. As the Times sees it, Boehner and Netanyahu are trying to "undermine" the administration's nonexistent anti-terror strategy especially regarding Iran and its nuke ambitions.

"…Mr. Netanyahu, facing an election on March 17, apparently believes that winning the applause of Congress by rebuking Mr. Obama will bolster his standing as a leader capable of keeping Israel safe. Mr. Boehner seems determined to use whatever means is available to undermine and attack Mr. Obama on national security policy…" [source, Editorial, Playing Politics On Iran , NYT]

When it comes to protecting Obama the Times' boys are hysterical little girls, shrieking that John Boehner [despite a 6 year record of being comically deferential to the CIC] "…seems determined to use whatever means is available to undermine and attack Mr. Obama on national security policy."

It would be amusing to push the NYT sock puppet editorial board to define, in simple terms what Obama is trying to do internationally to quell the Islamic jihad. Our guess is that answer would be incomprehensible because Team O can't point to a single achievement in foreign relations:

  • He lost Iraq & is preparing to lose Afghanistan
  • A Boko Haram led caliphate threatens to overrun North Africa.
  • In every theater the sit rep is far worse than when he took office.
  • The entire Muslim world is ablaze, with the extraordinary exception of Egypt now led by el-Sisi. But if it would have worked out the way Obama intended, the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi would still be pushing the country towards a theocratic dictatorship, allied with Iran instead of being in jail, awaiting trial on charges of sedition.
  • Regarding the Arab/Israeli conflict, team O has clearly sided with the HAMAS supporting, so-called Palestinians.
  • Presidet Obama has estranged nearly all of America's traditional allies and his seething hatred for Netanyahu and Israel are palpable.
  • Iran draws ever closer to its dream of producing nuclear weapons as the WH turns a blind eye while conducting pretend negotiations.
  • The Continent is locked in a deadly struggle with its Muslim immigrants who are leaving a trail of blood and gore across Europe.
  • U.S. borders are increasingly insecure, as is our power grid.
  • The threat of domestic Islamic terrorism in the U.S. has increased alarmingly under this president, the Ft. Hood massacre, Boston Marathon bombing, the beheading of an Oklahoma woman, the Little Rock military recruiting murder, dozens of foiled bombing plots and a landscape of increasingly radicalized Wahhabist mosques all point to failed leadership.

To put it kindly, this is not a record of achievement.

But the Times' outdoes itself in asserting the most outlandish of its claims for the end of the piece – stating, absent a shred of evidence, that Team O and his weak sisters across the Atlantic consider Israel to be an ally, "Can Mr. Netanyahu really afford to dismiss such allies?"


If this is the way the government of the United States treats its alleged friends, its enemies should already be smoking corpses stacked like cord-wood. That not being the case, we find it amazing that the NYT editors believe that anyone reading their copy would find it in any way consistent with reality.

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