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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Former Bin Laden Tracking Unit Director Michael Scheuer Charges WH With Deliberately Allowing Americans To Die

Former Bin Laden Tracking Unit Director Michael Scheuer Charges WH With Deliberately Allowing Americans To Die

November 1, 2012

November 1, 2011 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - According to an interview conducted by NewsMax, Michael Scheuer, the man at the CIA who was in charge of the team hunting bin-Laden has leveled what is perhaps the most devastating critique yet of Team Obama's actions in the Benghazi tragedy.

Scheuer claims states in that interview:

"Had we sent people to try to help the people who were being attacked, we may have been too late, it may have taken too long to get there, we may have run into a bigger battle and lost more people but the key element here is there is no evidence, from day one until today, that the Obama administration did anything at all to help those people," he said. "Nothing was put in train. Nothing was tried. At the end of the day, we abandoned those four people on the orders of the president.

The communiques from the DOD and from the agency make it very clear, especially the CIA said, that at no level within the agency did we refuse to help those people who needed help. That was as close as General [David] Petraeus could come to saying that we were ready to help and the president and his staff said no use of force to rescue those people."

Scheuer's viewpoint is widely shared within the intelligence community, especially at the CIA, an organization which Obama has already thrown under the campaign bus.

Rumor has it that at least two of the networks have what is in effect the "smoking gun" email which proves that the order to "stand down" came from president Obama.

If things were to run their normal course in the MSM, this information would be withheld until after the election - remember the LA Times is still apparently holding video of Barack Obama praising PLO operative, Rashid Khalidi at a 2003 event.
However these are not normal times, now the nets have Fox News to contend with and Jennifer Griffin is all over this matter, reporting last Friday that it was the WH which ordered the CIA and other elite operators to "stand down."

If it appears that Fox can produce the incriminating email, then all bets are off. In the world of big time journalism, at least the way the left practices it today, your job is to insulate the president from the consequences of his actions, or lack thereof. However at a more base level, news organization operate with a pack of sharks mentality. If Fox makes Obama bleed into the water, then the MSM will simply engage in food fight, and Mr. Obama's reputation and electoral chances be damned - these folks do not want to get scooped and certainly not by the likes of the upstart and very aggressive Fox News team.

With the phony scare of the world's greatest hurricane now put to bed, the campaign is once again on. We believe that Mr. Obama will lose on the 6th, the only question now is whether it is going to be a landslide rejection.
If the MSM is forced to relate the terrible news about Barack Obama's Benghazi betrayal, they will merely be acting to save their own skins gladly roasting the bony little man in the expensive suit whom they largely created.
In the jaw breaking world of real journo, maintaining what's left of the MSM's street cred will trump anything and any president. In this matter the power to create is truly the power to destroy.

If necessary they will toss Obama out the window like a used condom rather than suffer further ignominy by defending a dead man walking.

According to informed speculation, it has become clear that Ambassador Stevens' major role in Libya was in brokering
arms to members of the Syrian opposition [of course the administration has no idea of exactly where these weapons will end up among the chaotic Syrian "resistance," which includes numerous al-Qaeda and related jihadist cells.
Word has it that Assad got wind of this and ordered the hit on Stevens, hence the administration's refusal to aid the CIA assets who disobeyed orders in order to help save embassy employees might have had the even more sinister motivation of tamping down the real reason behind the targeting of Stevens.

To see a full explication of this angle please refer to Clare Lopez' excellent reportage.

Given the fast breaking nature of this story, we feel that this is getting well beyond speculation and shortly, possibly before the election this tactical nuke will be detonated. If that happens the administration will be swept away in the blast wave.

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