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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > ISIS' European Terror Matrix Sowing Death And Destruction - At Least 400 Trained Jihadists In Europe Ready To Attack

ISIS' European Terror Matrix Sowing Death And Destruction - At Least 400 Trained Jihadists In Europe Ready To Attack

April 1, 2016

ISIS' European Matrix

How the terror commandos spin their web of death.

March 31, 2016

Emerson Vermaat

"ISIS has 400 trained fighters in Europe who are poised to unleash more terror attacks with orders to wait for the right time to cause maximum carnage," the British Daily Mail reported on March 23, 2016. ISIS terror commandos already struck in Paris on November 13, 2015, and in Brussels on March 22, 2016.

Abdel Hamid Abaaoud, the suspected mastermind of the terror attacks in Paris who operated from Belgium, said that around 90 jihadists had traveled from Syria to France and that "they were spread out around the Paris region: Syrians, Iraqis, British, French and Germans."

ISIS jihadists receive their training in special training camps in Syria and Iraq. The focus of their training is on how to plot and carry out terror attacks in Europe. Last January, the European police organization Europol claimed in an alarming report that such training camps not only are in existence in Syria and Iraq, but also in the European Union and the Balkan countries. Terror attacks on soft targets are also being planned in Europe itself, the report warns. This finding proved to be right: Both terror attacks in Paris and Brussels were partially planned and prepared from Brussels.

On Saturday March 26, 2016, the Italian anti-terror police arrested Jamal Eddine Ouali, a 40-year-old Algerian who forged lots of identity papers for illegal immigrants and terrorists linked to the ISIS attacks in Paris and Brussels. Ouali was arrested near the southern city of Salerno. He had provided forged identity papers to Mohammed Belkaid, Salah Abdeslam and Najim Lachraaoui, all of whom were members of the ISIS terror commandos that struck in Paris and Brussels.

At least two of the ISIS terrorists who were involved in the terror attacks in Paris entered Europe as asylum-seekers. Ahmad Al-Mohammad and Mohammed Al-Mamoud arrived in Greece early October 2015 and then traveled to France via the so-called Balkan route. They carried forged Syrian passports and blew themselves up near the Stade de France on November 13, 2015.

ISIS operative Salah Abdeslam is a Belgian-Moroccan from the problematic Brussels immigrant neighborhood of Molenbeek. Back in September 2015, he drove from Brussels, possibly via Italy to collect forged identity papers, to the Central Railway station of the Hungarian capital of Budapest. It was there that he picked up two other important ISIS operatives, Mohammed Belkaid and Najim Lachraaoui. These two operatives had arrived in Budapest by mingling inconspicuously among the flow of asylum seekers. Abdeslam provided them with forged identity papers. Lachraaoui's new identity was Soufiane Kayal and Belkaid's new identity was Samir Bouzid. Lachraaoui, just 24 years old and also a Belgian Moroccan, was the bomb maker for the Paris and Brussels attacks. Nail bombs were used in the terror attacks in Brussels. Lachraaoui is originally from Schaarbeek, another troubled neighborhood of Brussels. He had left for Syria in 2013 where he joined ISIS. But on March 22, 2016, just three days after Salah Abdeslam had been arrested by the Belgian anti-terror police, he blew himself up in the entrance hall of Zaventem airport, near Brussels. Another ISIS operative who blew himself up at the airport was a 29-year-old Belgian Moroccan man named Ibrahim el Bakraoui. His 27-year-old brother Khalid el Bakraoui blew himself up in the Brussels metro station of Maalbeek. The total number of those who died is now 35, more than 200 people have been injured.

Crime is rampant among North African immigrants in Europe, and Ibrahim el Bakraoui's career path from petty crime to jihadist terrorism is not exceptional at all. He was involved in armed robbery back in January 2010. He shot at police with a kalashnikov. He was sentenced to ten years in prison, but in October 2014 a judge lamely ruled that Ibrahim Bakraoui should be released. Less then one year later, in June 2015, he traveled to Turkey. He was subsequently apprehended by the Turks in the city of Gaziantep, near the Turkish-Syrian border. They rightly assumed he was on his way to Syria to join the jihadists. On July 14, 2016, the Turks expelled Bakraoui to the Netherlands, not to Belgium, warning that he is a dangerous jihadist. Due to a series of fateful miscommunications there was nobody to arrest Bakraoui upon his arrival at Amsterdam's airport of Schiphol, even though he had violated the conditions of his release. Then in March 2016 he would be one of the suicide bombers in Brussels, an ISIS operation.

On behalf of ISIS, a Belgian-Moroccan named Hicham Chaib claimed responsibility for the attacks in Brussels. Hicham Chaib is now living in Raqqa, the so-called ISIS capital in Syria. In an atrocious ISIS video message, Chaib claimed that there would be more attacks. The British Daily Mail reported: "Brussels slaughter ‘just a taste' of what is coming, warns ISIS chief executioner in chilling new video threatening further attacks on the West." War criminal Chaib is "responsible for countless beheadings, crucifixions and amputations in Syria," the Daily Mail writes. "At the end of the nine-minute video, the 34-year-old executes a kneeling ISIS prisoner, shooting him in the head."

Belgian authorities just cannot cope with the most serious security threat since the Second World War. Belgium's various police forces are understaffed and there is lack of communication between them. There are no-go areas in Brussels where well-armed Moroccan criminals dominate the neighborhood. Radical Muslims and terrorists can also count on the solidarity of fellow Muslims in the neighborhood. This is why it took five months before Salah Abdeslam, a very dangerous ISIS operative, could be arrested in Molenbeek.

It has become all too clear that the official policy of "multiculturalism" is not conducive to society's health. Neither is mass immigration from the culturally-backward Muslim world.

Patrick Kanner, France's minister for Cities, Youth and Sports, told French radio on Easter Sunday: "We know that there are today around a hundred neighborhoods in France which have potential similarities to what has happened in Molenbeek."

It's a dire warning.


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