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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > America on Guard program in opposition to Muslim Day at the Florida State Capitol - March 10th and 11th 2010

America on Guard program in opposition to Muslim Day at the Florida State Capitol - March 10th and 11th 2010

March 10, 2010


For more information, contact:
Dr. Rich Swier: (941) 374-3896 Jerry Gordon: (866) 898-7994

America on Guard program in opposition to Muslim Day at the Florida State Capitol
TALLAHASSE, FLORIDA (Tuesday, March 9): Muslim Day at the Florida State Capitol is being sponsored by a group called United Voices for America (UVA). The founder and director of UVA is Ahmed Bedier. While there is certainly nothing wrong with anyone petitioning their elected officials, the issue raised by the Florida Security Council (FSC), ACT! For America, Former Muslims United (FMU) and Americans Against Hate (AAHHh) is the need for legislators to know who they are meeting with and understand the UVA's agenda. "The purpose of Muslim Day at the Capitol," says Tom Trento founder of the FSC, "is to deceive lawmakers into believing UVA is a benign civil rights organization, representing disenfranchised minorities and immigrants on such issues as healthcare and education. Since the Council of American Islamic relations (CAIR) was founded by HAMAS (Muslim Brotherhood of Palestine), and UVA was founded by a CAIR operative, this makes UVA the grandchild of a terrorist organization whose only reason for being is to wage a global Jihad against non-Muslims and former Muslims."
On March 10th and 11th the FSC will hold a series of briefings and a press conference to expose the background of Mr. Bedier and the UVA agenda. This series of events is being held under the banner AMERICA ON GUARD Against Muslim Capitol Day. On March 10, from 2;00PM to 5:00PM at the IMAX Theatre in Tallahassee, a group of experts will present information on the background and alliances of the UVA founded by Mr. Bedier. Members of the Florida legislature, legislative staff, the media and the public are invited.
  • Dr. Rich Swier of the FSC will moderate and give an overview. Dr. Swier is a retired US Army Lt. Col., who helped develop Counter-Terrorism policy for the Army during the Reagan Administration.
  • Dave Gaubatz, co-author of Muslim Mafia, will describe how the Muslim Brotherhood groups are financed, and how they infiltrate and influence Government.
  • Joe Kaufman of AAH will present the dossier on Ahmed Bedier and UVA. Kaufman is one of the country's leading investigative journalists on the Muslim Brotherhood in America.
  • Author and lecturer Nonie Darwish (Executive Director) and Jerry Gordon (Director) of FMU will discuss the results of Freedom Pledges sent to almost 4 dozen Florida Muslim leaders, abjuring death threats to former Muslims.
  • Sharheryar Gill, Associate counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), a non-profit organization working for the defense of religious liberties, will address threats to former Muslims here and abroad. Rabbi Jonathan Hausman of Boston will discuss the folly and dangers of interfaith outreach efforts with the Muslim community.
March 11th on the steps of the New Capital Building (across the street from the Florida Supreme Court) the Florida Security Council will hold a press conference starting at 11:00 AM and rally following the press conference to raise awareness about Muslim Capitol Day and the UVA. These two events will highlight Mr. Bedier's past role as founder of the Tampa, FL Chapter of CAIR, an un-indicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial; and Mr. Bedier's support for and defense of Sami Al Arian, a convicted funder of terrorism. The Florida Security Council has prepared a series of videos in opposition to Muslim Day at the Florida State Capitol. Please take the time to watch these two videos dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood CAIR and the UVA: "Progressive Islam" and "What One Billion Muslims Think." Click to watch the videos on YouTube Progressive Islam

What One Billion Muslims Think

For more information, contact the Florida Security Council

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