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Crybabies In The Middle East

November 14, 2012

By Dr. David Lazerson

During my teaching years in the Buffalo public school system, I once witnessed a pretty crazy event on our school's playground area.

There was this one student who was always walking around pushing people, hitting them hard on the back, punching other students when they weren't looking, and in general made few friends to speak of. People tried to ignore this wild kid who, to put it bluntly, had some "issues." The other students were counseled to not over-react. This one time, however, he slammed another student in the arm that promptly turned around and decked the offender with a solid right hook. To my amazement, this 8th grader then picked himself up and ran crying to the office that so-and-so had the audacity to punch him out. He told the principal that he was hurt both physically and emotionally, and that, in fact, the other student had caused the entire ruckus. The principal, however, knew the student quite well and simply smiled and said; "How do you like it now that you've gotten a taste of your own medicine!" Mr. Macho had suddenly turned into Mr. Cry Baby.

This above episode reminds me of the most recent reactions from Hamas after Israel's long overdue response in Gaza. Israel finally decided that it had had enough of the hits from behind the more than 100 rockets launched deliberately into Israel's civilian areas in a four-day period. Not to mention all the other rocket launches and terrorist attacks stemming from Gaza during the past several years since Israel gave them this piece of real estate in the name of peace. That blunder has simply brought the terrorists that much closer to mainstream civilian centers in Israel. Unfortunately, while Israel had good intentions in leaving Gaza, the recipients had other thoughts in mind. Hamas also issued a statement that Israel had "opened the gates of Hell." No, Hamas. You chose that route a long time ago. It was you, Hamas, that opened these gates of violence and misery. Now you're simply getting a taste of your own medicine.

Interesting that there were no emergency UN meetings during Hamas's recent bombardment of Israel population centers. The media, for the most part, was relatively quiet. But when Israel finally struck back, now we can be fairly sure that the UN will hold counsel. How dare the Israelis fight back? What utter chutzpah that they don't allow themselves to be hit and killed so easily!

In the above-mentioned playground incident, the pain-in-backside bully was decked out one more time, and then he finally learned to behave like a mentch with others. With a political and religious system that preaches open racism and hatred for Jews and other "infidels," I'm afraid it might take several knockout punches to do the same to Hamas. We can only hope that Israel has the resolve to stand up to the bigotry and bias of the UN and take care of business this time around.

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