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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > S.A. Ibrahim: ADL To Elect Muslim Linked To Islamic Society of North America To Philadelphia Regional Board

S.A. Ibrahim: ADL To Elect Muslim Linked To Islamic Society of North America To Philadelphia Regional Board

May 20, 2012

S.A. Ibrahim is seen on the Haj pilgrimage in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. He hopes more Jews will visit the Saudi kingdom.

MIM:Excerpts from an article by Bryan Schwartzman in the Jewish Exponent: " Building Peace Between Faiths" about SA Ibrahim's appointment to the board of the Anti Defamation League's Philadelphia regional office.

Note that SA Ibrahim has been endorsed by Sayid Sayeed ISNA's national director for the office of Interfaith and Community Alliances. ISNA is the largest Saudi funded da'wa (Islamic proselytsing) organisation in North America. Sayeed lauded Ibrahim as someone who "has been sincerely following the pillars of his faith". One of the pillars of Islam is the obligation of every Muslim to try to convert non Muslims to Islam.

Ibrahim "hopes that more Jews will visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia" convieniently ignoring the fact that many non Muslims are banned from entering the country and that entry to Mecca is forbidden to all of them.Something which he appears to have had no problem with during his own haj pilgrimage.

In 2011 Ibrahim was invited by the ADL's executive director Barry Morrison to address a board meeting on the topic of Jewish and Muslim relations. (see below)


"A local businessman is poised to become the first Muslim to serve on the Anti-Defamation League's regional board -- or any ADL board for that matter.

The expected election of S.A. Ibrahim on May 9 will mark the latest step in a life journey that has taken him from his native Hyderabad, India, to Philadelphia, where he has achieved enormous material success in the field of banking and finance....

He began to study Islam more seriously and traveled to Saudi Arabia to complete the Haj pilgrimage, as required by the faith...Though he'd never had any issues with Jews or Judaism, per se, he said he did absorb "by osmosis" from other Muslims some negative feelings toward Israel...

According to Sayyid M. Syeed, national director for the office of Interfaith and Community Alliances for the Islamic Society of North America, support for Israel's existence is becoming less of a third rail in the American Muslim community. "We had to educate our people," he said. "We had to recognize the excesses committed against Israel and we had to recognize the suffering of Palestine. On both sides, there has been so much suffering. We need to secure Israel's existence and provide a dignified resolution for Palestinian statelessness." Regarding Ibrahim, he said that "here you have somebody who is very sincerely following the pillars of his faith and he is passionately advocating a better understanding of the Jewish faith. That gives his work so much meaning."

Ibrahim has participated in some of ISNA's interfaith programs, but is not a supporter or member of the group. ISNA was identified as an un-indicted co-conspirator in the federal terrorism funding trial against the Holy Land Foundation.

According to the Investigative Project on Terrorism, the group's leadership has maintained ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and has pursued a radical ideology...

MIM: Excerpt from the article "ADL Jewish- Muslim Dialouge is reason for thanksgiving"

In that spirit of justice for all, Barry Morrison, the executive director of ADL in this region, had invited S.A. Ibrahim, CEO of the Radian Group Inc., and Rabbi Greg Marx, religious leader of Congregation Beth Or, to address the topic "Jewish-Muslim Relations in 2011" at last week's board meeting...The pairing of Ibrahim and Marx turned out to be a fortuitous decision. There was Ibrahim, a secular Muslim, who runs a Fortune 500 company, and who courageously speaks out against Muslim anti-Semitism as well as against anti-Muslim sentiment. And Rabbi Marx, who has created a teen exchange program between his synagogue and the North Penn Mosque. http://mainlinemedianews.com/articles/2011/11/23/main_line_times/opinion/doc4ecd2d5cca134658127674.txt?viewmode=default

MIM: The North Penn Mosque hosts events of the radical Islamist group the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) which is linked to Al Qaeda and is a leading proponent of da'wa.


"A Jan. 4 visit by about 40 North Penn High School students to the North Penn Mosque is among the ways area schools teach about Islam."


MIM: "The Da'wa activities of the North Penn Mosque are disquised as 'civic projects' this 'free car wash for the elderly', is but one example. Of course in order for the elderly to get the free car wash they must come to the mosque, which inevitably means they will be forced to listen to an explanation of Islam and be invited to come and 'see for themselves' how Muslims pray. Da'wa efforts often focus on the elderly and the homeless and take advantage of their loneliness and vulnerability by pretending to take an interest in their plight - when they are actually being targetted as the easiest source of potential converts." http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/1425

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