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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Hamas U: Al Quds University Funded By The EU And UN HonorsTerrorists Who Murdered Israelis

Hamas U: Al Quds University Funded By The EU And UN HonorsTerrorists Who Murdered Israelis

November 17, 2014

On November 5, Hamas terrorist Ibrahim Al-Akari slammed a minivan into a crowd waiting for a train, killing two and injured more than 13 Israelis in Jerusalem. Just a few days later European Union and United Nations-funded Al-Quds University honored the killer by naming a tournament after him.

On Tuesday, Al-Ayyam, (the newspaper connected to President Abbas' Fatah Party) published a report about the tournament:

The Burj Luq Luq Social Centre Society organized the Martyr (Shahid) Ibrahim Al-Akari Tournament two days ago [Nov. 9, 2014] incooperation with the Physical Education Faculty of Al-Quds University - the Burj Luq Luq campus. The tournament was held within the compound of the association with the participation of graduates of the University's Burj Luq Luq campus from the past three years, alongside a group of students from the Terra Santa School in the Old City ofJerusalem... Dr. Ahmad Al-Khawaja, the person responsible for the Physical Education Faculty at the Burj Luq Luq campus of the Al-Quds University, emphasized that this activity (the tournament) was the work of the physical education students at Burj Luq Luq, and that it was a national activity held in honor and appreciation of the soul of the heroic Martyr Ibrahim Al-Akari.

That same day Palestinian News Site Palestine Today reported that Al-Quds University allowed Islamic Bloc, Hamas' student association at the university, to set up an exhibition entitled "At Your Command, Jerusalem," which honored the three terrorists who have murdered Israelis since the middle of October.

The Islamic Bloc, the Hamas student association at Al-Quds University, opened its first artistic exhibition this year under the title "At Your Command, Jerusalem", at the entrance to the Science Department.

The exhibition included models of the Al-Aqsa Mosque [compound] and of ways of opposing the occupation, from stone [throwing] to car [attacks], stabbing and Martyrdom-seeking (Istish'had) operations. On the walls of the Al-Aqsa Mosque [compound] model, pictures of the Martyrs (Shahids) of the recent 'Al-Aqsa uprising'- [Ibrahim] Al-Akari, [Mutaz] Hijazi and [Abd Al-Rahman] Al-Shaloudi - were displayed. They were described as the 'defenders of Al-Aqsa'."

Palestinian Media Watch states thatAl-Quds University as well as the Burj Luq Luq Social Centre Society, which helped to organize the tournament honoring the Nov. 5 terrorist, receive funding from both the European Union and United Nations.

In July 2013, the UN announced a donation of 2.4 million (close to 3 million US dollars) from the EU and UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) to Al-Quds University, the aim of which would be to "contribute to the development and protection of Palestinian cultural heritage in the old city of Jerusalem." [UNDP website, July 2, 2013 and Al-Quds University website, accessed Nov. 12, 2014]

The Burj Luq Luq Social Centre Society, which helped organize the tournament honoring Al-Akari, is also funded by several Western donors. The Center's annual report for 2013 lists the following international donors: UNICEF, UNDP, European Union, French Consulate, British Consulate, Pontifical Mission, ANERA (American Near East Refugee Aid) and Terre des Hommes. [p. 56 in Annual Report 2013 of The Burj Luq Luq Social Centre Society http://www.burjalluqluq.org, accessed Nov. 13, 2014] The Center states on its website that its "message" is to "aspire to have a positive impact on the economical, cultural and social level for the local community."



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