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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > U.S. Treasury Department Designates Two High Profile Muslims As Al-Qaeda Financiers

U.S. Treasury Department Designates Two High Profile Muslims As Al-Qaeda Financiers

December 25, 2013

December 24, 2013 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Despite Team Obama's claim that al-Qaeda has been decimated [an embarrassing subject these days with Africa and the Middle East on fire due to the work of al-Qaeda and its affiliated groups] on the 18th, the U.S. Dept. of Treasury designated two Muslim high fliers as specially designated funders of terrorism due to the financial support they have provided to a bevy of Islamic jihadist groups including, but not limited to, al-Qaeda [central], al-Qaeda in Iraq, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and al-Shabaab.

Al-Shabaab is responsible for the recent horrific attack on a shopping mall in Kenya that was distinguished by the groups almost unimaginable brutality against civilians [for the gruesome details please reference our October 2 piece, William Mayer, What The Media Refuses To Print - "Jihadist Ritual Murder and Mutilation at the Mall" , PipeLineNews.org]

"The U.S. Department of Treasury today imposed sanctions on two al-Qa'ida supporters based in Qatar and Yemen. Abd al-Rahman bin 'Umayr al-Nu'aymi (Nu'aymi) and `Abd al-Wahhab Muhammad `Abd al-Rahman al-Humayqani (Humayqani) were named as Specially Designated Global Terrorists (SDGTs) pursuant to Executive Order (E.O.) 13224. Nu'aymi was designated for providing financial support to al-Qa'ida, Asbat al-Ansar, al-Qa'ida in Iraq, and al-Shabaab, and Humayqani was designated for providing financial support to and acting on behalf of al-Qa'ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP)..." [source, Treasury Designates Al-Qa'ida Supporters in Qatar and Yemen, U.S. Treasury Dept. Press Office].

Yemen is justly infamous as a haven for jihadists [reference the late Anwar Al Awlaki] so another association between terrorism and the country isn't especially surprising. However the bad news for Obama [yes, it just keeps on coming] is that he has made the "rehabilitation" of Yemen an important part of his anti-terrorism policy - such as it is. Consequently the country has had a lot of cash thrown at it, obviously to little effect and therefore the linking of a high level al-Qaeda financier with the government receiving this U.S. largesse is more than embarrassing.

It seems that the policy, rather than helping Yemen "transition" from a terror haven to whatever this clueless administration has in mind might well have actually emboldened the country's jihadists.

"...The United States supports Yemen through a comprehensive strategy to promote the political, economic, and security sector reforms underpinning the Gulf Cooperation Council-brokered political transition initiative. Our focus is to enable the government to respond to the great needs and challenges facing the Yemeni people. We committed $356 million to Yemen in Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 the largest amount of annual assistance ever provided by the U.S. government for Yemen. Our aid seeks both to address urgent needs and to facilitate Yemen's long-term development, growth, and stability. Assisting Yemen's transition remains a priority for the United States, and we will seek to continue providing significant support this year..." [source, U.S. Assistance to Yemen, U.S. State Dept.]

As problematic as Yemen is, Qatar is another matter entirely because both Abd al-Rahman bin 'Umayr al-Nu'aymi (Nu'aymi) and `Abd al-Wahhab Muhammad `Abd al-Rahman al-Humayqani have been deeply involved in the financial dealings of that country's royal family.

"...Both men have served as advisers to government-backed foundations in Qatar and have held high-profile positions with international human rights groups. The second man, a Yemeni, is heavily involved in his country's U.S.-backed political transition..." [source, Joby Warrick and Tik Root, Islamic charity officials gave millions to al-Qaeda, U.S. says , Washington Post]

U.S. negotiations [once secret] between the Obama administration and Afghanistan's terrorist Taliban were held in Qatar because the country is considered as one of the few allies the U.S. has in the Middle East, having had a bilateral diplomatic relationship with the U.S. since 1973

But, much like our other ME "ally" Saudi Arabia, Qatar is known to this administration as a haven for financing terrorism, calling into question the government's assignation of "friendly." to either of these countries.

"...Nu'aymi is a Qatar-based terrorist financier and facilitator who has provided money and material support and conveyed communications to al-Qa'ida and its affiliates in Syria, Iraq, Somalia and Yemen for more than a decade. He was considered among the most prominent Qatar-based supporters of Iraqi Sunni extremists..."

More than a decade?


In concluding this piece we draw the reader's attention to the nomenclature of jihad. Below are over 30 aliases that the two newly designated terror funders have employed. In these matters, it's obvious that even slightly altering a party's given name makes the job of identifying these very dangerous people all the more difficult. It's also clear, given a very long historical record, that the jihadists are quite clever in hiding who they really are.

Abd al-Rahman bin Umayr al-Nu'aymi

AKA: Abd al-Rahman bin 'Amir al-Na'imi

AKA: 'Abd al-Rahman al-Nu'aimi

AKA: 'Abd al-Rahman bin 'Amir al-Nu'imi

AKA: 'Abd al-Rahman bin 'Amir al-Nu'aymi

AKA: 'Abdallah Muhammad al-Nu'aymi

AKA: 'Abd al-Rahman al-Nua'ymi

AKA: A. Rahman al-Naimi

AKA: Abdelrahman Imer al Jaber al Naimeh

AKA: A. Rahman Omair J Alnaimi

AKA: Abdulrahman Omair al Neaimi

DOB: 1954

Passport: 00868774 (Qatar) Expiration Date: April 27, 2014

Personal Identification Number: 25463401784 (Qatar)

Personal Identification Number Expiration: December 6, 2019

`Abd al-Wahhab Muhammad `Abd al-Rahman al-Humayqani

AKA: `Abd al-Wahab Muhammad `Abd al-Rahman al-Humayqani

AKA: `Abd al-Wahab Muhammad `Abd al-Rahman al-Hamiqani

AKA: `Abd al-Wahab Muhammad `Abd al-Rahman al-Hamayqani

AKA: Abdul-Wahab Mohammed Abdul Rahman al-Humaikani

AKA: 'Abdul-Wahab Mohammed Abdul-Rahman al-Humayqani

AKA: 'Abdul-Wahab Mohammed Abdul-Rahman al-Humaiqani

AKA: 'Abdul-Wahab Mohammed Abdul-Rahman al-Hamiqani

AKA: Abdul Wahab al-Humayqani

AKA: `Abd al-Wahab al-Humayqani

AKA: `Abd al-Wahab al-Hamiqani

AKA: `Abd al-Wahab al-Hamayqani

AKA: `Abd al-Wahab al-Humiqani

AKA: Abdulwahhab Mohammed Abdulrahman al-Humaikani

AKA: `Abd al-Wahab al-Qawi al-Hamiqani

AKA: `Abd al-Wahab al-Qawi al-Humayqani

AKA: `Abd al-Wahhab Muhammad `Abd al-Rahim al-Humayqani

AKA: Abu Ayed

AKA: Abu Ayid

DOB: August 4, 1972

POB: al-Zahir, al-Bayda', Yemen

Passport: 03902409 (Yemen) Date of Issue: June 13, 2010; Expiration Date: June 13, 2016

Passport: 01772281 (Yemen)

Personal Identification Number: 1987853 (Yemen) [source, Treasury Designates Al-Qa'ida Supporters in Qatar and Yemen]

The takeaway here is that this administration's foreign policy has incorporated all of the mistakes the U.S. had made in the past regarding how to deal with these religious fanatics while adding several more layers of incompetence and malfeasance of its own.

We have no illusion that any of this will change soon, at least not in the last three years of Obama's disastrous presidency. Regardless, this information is free for the taking, much of it easily sourced through public documents.

When and if this country ever really gets serious about ending the Islamic jihad against the West there is more than enough evidence available to nail these people to the wall several times over.

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