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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Ramadi Falls To ISIS, Anbar In Chaos And US "Coalition" Flies 7 Sorties, Total

Ramadi Falls To ISIS, Anbar In Chaos And US "Coalition" Flies 7 Sorties, Total

May 19, 2015

May 17, 2015 San Francisco, CA PipeLineNews.org As Team Obama continues its ridiculous pretend war [7 sorties flown in a major battle?] against ISIS, Iraqi defense forces have suffered another disastrous and humiliating military defeat as the key city of Ramadi in Iraq's Anbar province has fallen to the group.

This follows a long established pattern; once under attack the army simply turns tail and runs away shrieking like little girls leaving its heavy weapons, ammunition and intel behind which are then used to further strengthen ISIS.

A few days ago though, the administration was in the fist-pumping mode, trying to make it appear that the killing of a Syrian ISIS leader - Abu Sayyaf, - by a Spec-Ops team constituted a major victory when many observers believe that it will have zero effect on the battlefield. The leadership structure of ISIS and many other al-Qaeda franchises has necessarily become so decentralized that its "leaders" are like Legos, when one breaks, there are dozens more waiting in the breach.

While much was made by the administration of the "liberation" of Tikrit a month ago, the majority of the U.S. media failed to note that it was Iranian backed Shias who did the fighting. The net outcome being an increased presence of Iranian military power in a country which is openly being subverted by the Ayatollocracy. Sunni local forces were begging the U.S. for weapons to no avail, so they were driven into the ready hands of the Shia militias which are at this point have become just another of Iran's proxy armies.

Aside from further emboldening ISIS the net benefactor of Obama's refusal to engage has been Iran. This can hardly be a revelation to the administration which may actually see this as a positive development in its long term ME policy, as Team O continues the tilt toward Tehran while further isolating Israel.

Events are moving quickly and Obama will soon be faced with some very tough choices as Iraq continues to crumble. The Iraqi army is a bad joke, and as Obama continues to dither - with the American lackey media dutifully failing to report on worsening conditions on the ground - the U.S. will likely be faced with a fait accompli, a divided Iraq, partially under the control of ISIS with the rest of the territory becoming a vassal of the Iranian state.

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