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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Sudden Jihad Syndrome in California?

Sudden Jihad Syndrome in California?

February 21, 2013

Media Covers Up Muslim Mass Shooter in California

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On February 21, 2013 @ 5:29 pm In The Point

Muslim activists often complain that murders by Muslims are over-reported. In fact they are often under-reported.

Ali Syed shot six people in Orange County, killing three of them, and yet the story has not gotten the media coverage of other mass shootings. The media has reported it, but has failed to highlight it. And the word "Muslim" never appears in the report.

A series of freeway shootings Tuesday in Orange County, Calif., has left four people dead, including the suspect, and three people injured, the Tustin Police Department said.

Tustin Police Chief Scott Jordan identified the gunman as Ali Syed, a 20-year-old unemployed part-time student, who lived in the Ladera Ranch home where the first victim, a woman, was killed.

The shootings began shortly before 4:45 a.m. when deputies responding to a call found the body of a dead female shot multiple times in a house in Ladera Ranch.

At 5:10 a.m., police in Tustin received a call about a man with a gun at a major intersection, police spokesman Lt. Paul Garaven said. Syed had attempted to steal a car, Garaven said. When the car's owner drove off, Syed shot and wounded him, he said.

Syed then crossed the street to a gas station where he carjacked a pickup truck. This time, Garaven said, "no rounds were fired. He just took the car and fled."

Several minutes later, police received another report of a car jacking in Santa Ana. Syed had ordered the victim out of the car, walked him to the median strip and shot him in the back, killing him, Garaven said.

The gunman then drove two miles south where he killed a third victim and shot another person in the arm, he said. This time, Syed stole a white utility vehicle. Witnesses called in sightings to the California Highway Patrol, which spotted and began following the vehicle, Garaven said. At 5:50 a.m., Garaven said, the vehicle slowed, Syed exited and then shot himself in the head.

Throughout the hour-long ordeal, Syed apparently shot at others on the highway, Garaven said. At least three people reported that the suspect shot at their cars, including one person with minor injuries, he said.

Investigators are searching for a motive, Garaven said. Syed had no criminal record, he said. The gun, a 12-gauge shotgun, is no registered to him and had been purchased more than a year ago at a sporting goods store, he said. Federal authorities are tracing the gun, he said.

Again background checks and an assault rifle ban would have done nothing to prevent it. And this comes after Biden turned into a non-stop shotgun salesman. Because you can't actually stop gun violence by banning one type of weapon. It doesn't work.

The first victim was Courtney Aoki, a 20-year-old who was shot in the same house that Syed lived. Then Melvin Edwards, 69 and 26-year-old construction worker Jeremy Lewis during carjackings.

Edwards served as a U.S. Army combat infantry officer in Vietnam and graduated from the University of Southern California, according to a biography on his company's website. He and his wife, Cheryl, had celebrated their 42nd anniversary on Feb. 12 and have two adult children.

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