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Fighting Rages In Kobani

October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014 San Francisco, CA PipeLineNews.org In what is perhaps the most severe fighting in weeks, ISIS stepped up its campaign this weekend to overrun the Kurdish city of Kobani, located on the Syrian border.

Launching multi-pronged attacks, ISIS jihadists employed car bombs and heavy mortars to great advantage forcing the Obama administration, for the first time, to drop supplies to the beleaguered Kurdish defenders.

This latter move is being done largely for public/media consumption because the limited air drop only included small arms, hardly the type of weaponry which might successfully do more than keep ISIS at bay.

Though the ISIS stronghold cities such as Mosul, Iraq are of far more strategic importance, Kobani has become something of a yardstick by which the administration's tepid military response is being measured.

As of this writing it's impossible to estimate how much of the city is controlled by the Kurds. In large part this is due to the MSM refraining from making such estimates since the truth in most of these matters reflects poorly on Mr. Obama's ludicrous non-response to the Islamist threat.

As best we can determine, the Kurds control about half of the city which remains under a siege, a situation which we see no signs of changing for the better anytime soon because it's clear that Team O really has no stomach for the type of effort that would be required to break the ISIS' stranglehold.

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