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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Tel Aviv Jihadist Nashat Milhem Who Killed 3 People Found A Week Later In His Village - Eliminated By Security Forces

Tel Aviv Jihadist Nashat Milhem Who Killed 3 People Found A Week Later In His Village - Eliminated By Security Forces

Planned To Attack Israeli Kindergartens
January 9, 2016

Tel Aviv terrorist eliminated one week later

Security forces eliminate Nashat Milhem, one week after he murdered three people in Tel Aviv.

Elad Benari, Canada

Security forces on Friday afternoon eliminated Nashat Milhem, exactly one week after he murdered three people in Tel Aviv.

Milhem, who had evaded police ever since murdering Alon Bakal and Shimon Ruimi at the Simta Pub on Dizengoff Street and then proceeded to murder an Arab cab driver, was killed in Wadi Ara, in the same neighborhood in which his family lived until two weeks ago.

Initial details reveal that Yassam counterterrorist officers fired four bullets at Milhem, killing him.

While the search for the terrorist originally focused on Tel Aviv and the area, in recent days information was received indicating that Milhem had made his way back to Wadi Ara and the search shifted there.

In addition, Walla! News reports, an item was found which enabled investigators to extract a DNA sample.

On Friday, according to the news website, information was received that Milhem was hiding near his old family's home in Arara.

Yassam forces and special police units surrounded the building and, around 4:00 p.m. (Israel time) on Friday afternoon, the signal was given to enter the building. During the incident, Milhem pointed weapons at the security forces and they responded by firing four bullets, killing him. No injuries were reported among the police.

Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan reacted to Milhem's elimination and said, "I am thankful to the police forces, SWAT fighters, police officers, the Shin Bet, the IDF and all those who took part in the great effort to locate the criminal terrorist who carried out the attack last week on Dizengoff Street."

"Since the attack," continued Erdan, "our troops worked day and night and turned stone by stone everywhere to find the attacker, and I am pleased that today the great effort bore fruit. we will continue to fight terror with all our might and whoever harms us - we will harm him back."

Details to follow.



Police believe Milhem had help in evading arrest

Police believe Tel Aviv terrorist was assisted by accomplices who helped him hide and supplied him with food and clothing.

Elad Benari, Canada

Police believe Nashat Milhem, the terrorist who murdered three people in Tel Aviv last week and was eliminatedin his hometown of Arara on Friday, had accomplices who helped him evade security forces, Haaretz reports.

According to the newspaper, Milhem's appearance after he was shot down brought police to deduce that he had accomplices who supplied him with food and clothing over the last week.

"Milhem didn't look like someone who was in hiding for a week without contact with anyone," sources in the police told Haaretz.

Sources close to the investigation said that in the last three days police interrogated several residents of the neighborhood, who said that they had seen Milhem.

Police believe the terrorist fled to northern Israel right after the attack in Tel Aviv, adding that information and evidence they retrieved shows that he was in the area at least in the last five days, according to Haaretz.

Three people, some suspected of aiding Milhem, have been arrested. The investigative team did has yet concluded if they helped him plan the attack, or only were in touch with after the shooting in Tel Aviv and helped him hide.

Several relatives of Milhem have already been arrested, including his father and his brother Jaudat, who later denied his family had nothing to do with the attack.



'Many people knew Milhem was here, no one snitched'

Arab Israeli residents admit they knew Tel Aviv shooter was hiding in hometown but kept silent, and that his family 'protected him to end.'

Ari Yashar

Arab Israeli terrorist Nashat Milhem was located and shot dead on Friday, over a week after he murdered three people in Tel Aviv, but new facts about the case strengthen police suspicions that he received considerable aid.

Milhem, an Arab citizen of Israel, was located and killed in his hometown of Arara in Wadi Ara in the north, and several residents of the town were arrested on Friday after it became clear he was receiving food and help in securing hideouts.

According to police sources and residents of the Aldharat neighborhood where he was found, who were cited by Yedioth Aharonoth on Saturday night, it was known that "he received full aid, especially from his family members, since arriving in Wadi Ara last Friday. Every day he slept in a different place. They brought him food and took care of him."

One resident of the Israeli town told the site that "Nashat grew up in the Aldharat neighborhood, and he had good relations with everyone who lives here."

"Many people knew that he was here, but it was difficult to inform on him and tell the police," admitted the Arab Israeli. "His family members also didn't want to be responsible for his arrest, and preferred to protect him until the last moment."

On Saturday night, five suspects believed to have aided Milhem were brought to court for an extension of their arrest. Two of the five said they saw Milhem walking around the Adharat neighborhood freely both day and night while holding a weapon, and claimed they called the police. The testimony would seem to indicate Milhem had no fear that he would be turned in by the residents.

Police sources said that the manhunt in the Tel Aviv region was continued even after it was learned that Milhem fled to the north, so as to mislead the terrorist.

"It was clear that he was in the (Wadi Ara) area, but we waited until we knew the precise location," said police sources, adding that the estimation is that "he arrived in Arara with the help of one of the residents."

Mourning tent for the terrorist

Several of Milhem's family members, including his father who previously volunteered with the police and had a license for an automatic weapon, have already been arrested on suspicions of having aided him in fleeing and hiding.

Milhem's body is currently being held by the police, and meanwhile at his family home has a mourning tent has been set up to grieve for the murderer.

The family decided to hold a small funeral for the terrorist, with one family member saying that after the manhunt the family is "exhausted," and asking "also from the Arab population to understand that it (the funeral) is reduced."

The worrying wide level of cooperation that Milhem received will for many again raise questions about the loyalty of Arab citizens of Israel. Last November, a poll found 57% of Israeli Arabs feel the radical Islamic Movement in Israel that is funded by Hamas represents them faithfully, and 18.2% of Arab Muslim citizens of Israel said they are not ashamed of Islamic State (ISIS), and do not view it as a terrorist organization.

On Friday morning the police received information on Milhem's location thanks to the interrogation of the suspects thought to have provided him with aid, as well as by using advanced technology and intelligence sources in the field.

Milhem was a crafty terrorist. It was revealed that he threw away his phone to avoid detection before gunning down Israelis at a pub on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv, murdering two and wounding several others.

Last Thursday police revealed he disabled the cameras of a taxi he took after the attack, before shooting the driver dead; the driver's body was found an hour after the initial shooting.

Back in July 2007, Milhem was convicted of attacking a soldier with a screwdriver and attempting to steal his gun at Karkur Junction to the east of Hadera, with police officers who guarded him in jail expressing their shock that he was ever released.



Abbas's Fatah blesses Tel Aviv shooter

PA praises 'dearest martyr,' but raises uproar for not listing him as '150th martyr' in current terror wave because he was Israeli citizen.

Arutz Sheva Staff

Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction has praised Arab Israeli terrorist Nashat Milhem no less than its "unity partner" Hamas, which mourned the "martyr" who murdered three in Tel Aviv after he was eliminated last Friday.

Fatah posted an uncensored version of the picture of Milhem lying in a pool of blood on Friday, after he was shot dead by security forces in his hometown of Arara in the north, where he apparently received aid from Arab residents and family members as he hid out for a week.

"Nashat Milhem died as a martyr after an armed confrontation in the courtyard of a mosque in Umm Al-Fahm on blessed Friday, congratulations and may Allah receive you in Heaven," wrote Fatah on its official Facebook page, as revealed by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

Fatah posts pic of 'martyr' Palestinian Media Watch

PMW revealed that the PA Ministry of Health called the murderer of three "one of the dearest martyrs," and said his "name is engraved with his pure blood." A martyr, "shahid" in Arabic, is someone who dies for Allah, showing how the PA gives a religious imperative to terrorism.

However, after the ministry said Milhem couldn't be put on its list of dead terrorist "martyrs" because he isn't from areas of Judea and Samaria under PA administration, it received fierce criticism and issued a press release Saturday emphasizing he is a "martyr" even if he isn't on the list.

"The omission of Nashat Milhem from its lists does not mean the title (of martyr) has been taken away from him. On the contrary, he is one of the dearest martyrs, and his name is engraved with his pure blood, which watered the ground of our free land...the omission of Milhem from the list under no circumstances means that Nashat is not a martyr. On the contrary, he is like every Palestinian Martyr from everywhere in the land."

The official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida also praised Milhem's "Tel Aviv operation," and portrayed the murderer who opened fire on security forces before being shot dead as a victim.

"An Israeli 'commando' force assassinated young Nashat Milhem, who carried out the Tel Aviv operation, yesterday during an exchange of gunfire," reported the paper on Saturday, going on to reference the "execution" of the terrorist on Sunday.

The Qatari state-funded Al-Jazeera made a point on Saturday to report the social media uproar after the PA decided not to include Milhem as "martyr number 150" on its list of the terrorists killed in the current "uprising" - its term for the Arab terror wave that began in mid September to early October.

Under the hashtag #the_150th_Martyr_despite_your_opposition, users on Twitter criticized the PA Ministry of Health and Abbas, and "many expressed their condemnation and great anger" according to the paper, as revealed by PMW.

One tweet quoted by Al-Jazeera said Milhem was "were born a leader, lived like a leader, and down with the leaders after you."

Another read: "the hero does not need certificates of this world or a death certificate from the Ministry of Health," and went on to describe Milhem as "a martyr of the homeland."

"Is someone who gave his soul for Allah at all interested in lists of the traitorous (Palestinian) Authority?," wrote another.

Al-Jazeera article on Milhem Palestinian Media Watch

PA Security Forces official spokesperson Adnan Al-Damiri also called Milhem a "martyr," and condemned the rumor that the PA forces helped Israel catch the murderer.

"After Nashat Milhem's death as a martyr, do the hostile and filthy-minded continue to spread (the lie), together with the occupation and its mobilized, false media, that Martyr Nashat was in the West Bank and the Palestinian security assisted in searching for him?!?!," he wrote on Facebook on Friday.

"Do Hamas, its halfwits, and its dupe followers still rely on the Hebrew media, leaks from the Hebrew press, and enemy sources, in order to satisfy their lust for hatred of Fatah and the PA? You should be ashamed of your lie, even just a little. A Muslim does not lie, and a fighter does not lie!"



U.S. Media Ignore Tel Aviv Shooter's Plan to Attack Israeli Kindergartens

by IPT News Mar 14, 2016 at 3:11 pm


The terrorist who shot and killed three Israelis in Tel Aviv on New Year's Day hoped to slaughter Israeli kindergarten students, Israel Police reported Sunday.

Nashat Milhem indiscriminately fired a submachine gun killing two Israelis outside of a bar on a popular Tel Aviv street before running off. An hour later, the terrorist also killed a Bedouin taxi driver. After a week-long manhunt, Israeli forces killed Milhem following an exchange of fire near his home in northern Israel.

Two days after the attack, police uncovered Milhem's plans to "carry out an attack on Tel Aviv kindergarten students." However, the terrorist "felt he was being chased" and "focused on survival," instead of going through with the plot to murder Israeli pre-schoolers.

Milhem's attack was among those lauded in a Hamas video which aired Friday after the terrorist group hacked into Israel's Channel 2 feed. "The year started in Tel Aviv and we have already returned to Dizengoff," Hamas threatened, referencing the famous street in Tel Aviv where the terrorist attack took place.

"Terror will never end," the video said, telling Israelis to "get out of our country."

While the Washington Post chose to write about Hamas' hacking attack, no mainstream U.S. media outlet, including the New York Times, saw fit to report on a terrorist's plan to massacre Israeli schoolchildren.

The Times and Washington Post reported extensively on follow-up plots after November's terrorist attacks in Paris. However, a heinous terrorist plot targeting Israeli kindergarten students following a New Year's Day shooting spree apparently does not rise to the level of meriting a new story for American readers.

These types of glaring omissions are consistent with the misleading reporting associated with the initial Jan. 1 Tel Aviv shooting attack.

In a Jan. 5 article, the Times indicated officials remained unsure whether the shooting attack was a terrorist attack or criminal in nature.

But by Jan. 2 a day after the attack a growing consensus among Israeli security officials considered the shooting a terrorist attack.

Nevertheless, a week after the shooting spree, the Post argued that "the motive for the Tel Aviv attack also remains unclear..."

Imagine the headlines if the roles were reversed, and an Israeli was found plotting an attack on Palestinian youngsters. The coverage would last for days. Story lines would include detailed examinations of public reaction and what the incident means about the wellbeing of Israeli society. Why, then, is Milhem's shocking plan failing to attract a word of coverage?

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