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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > PA Arab Worker Poisons Jewish Family

PA Arab Worker Poisons Jewish Family

September 5, 2012

Palestinian Authority Arab 'Poison Terrorist' Indicted

The Palestinian Authority "poison terrorist" from Samaria who tried to kill a family because he hates Jews was indicted in court.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

The Palestinian Authority "poison terrorist" from Shechem, in Samaria, who tried to kill a family with poison because he hates Jews, was indicted in court Wednesday.

Police last week revealed that Otman Nassarah of Beit Furik spread poison in food and liquids in an apartment of the Lerner family, where he was carrying out renovations.

The indictment in Ra'anana District Court also charged Nassarah and an accomplice for burglary. A second suspect, Husam al-Rahim, carries Israeli citizenship and lives in the "Triangle" region in the area of Ra'anana-Netanya. He was not involved in the plot to poison the Lerners.

Nassarah spread Methomyl, a highly toxic insecticide, in plastic food containers that were in the refrigerator and also in mineral water, a bottle of juice and an electric kettle.

He and al-Rahim stole a television, a pair of wedding rings, other valuables and cash.

Later in the day, Eyal Lerner arrived home and summoned police after discovering the theft.

Shortly later, Lerner, his wife Yifat, their two-year-old son, Yifat's mother and a volunteer policeman began to feel ill after drinking the poisoned liquids. They felt faint, vomited and suffered difficulty in breathing, the indictment stated.

They were evacuated to a nearby hospital, where Eyal was in the most serious condition, remaining in the hospital for an extended period of time before recovering.

Prosecutor Oded Keller asked the court to issue an order that Nassarah remain in jail until his trial.

He also filed an indictment in Kfar Saba Magistrates' Court against al-Rahim for illegally entering the Lerner home, burglary and for breaking into a vehicle.


Palestinian Authority Arab Poisoned Jewish Family He Worked For
New terror method? A PA Arab burglarized an apartment home and poisoned a Jewish family he worked for. The victims have recovered.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

A Palestinian Authority Arab and two Israeli Arabs burglarized an apartment home and poisoned a Jewish family they worked for last November, police revealed Sunday. "I hate Jews," the PA Arab told investigators.

The wo other Arabs from the "Triangle" area near Netanya also were charged with the burglary, but denied being involved in the poison attack.

Police said Adnan Otman Nassarah, 46, from the Shechem area in Samaria (Shomron) burglarized the Lerner family apartment in Raanana, near Tel Aviv, while carrying out renovation work.

The thieves had access to the home because the Lerner's knew and trusted the contractor for whom the men worked and gave him the keys . When Eyal Lerner returned home one day, he discovered that items were missing. When police came to investigate, he fainted after drinking grapefruit juice that was on the table. Lerner has said that the juice had a strange taste.

A later investigation revealed it was laced with poison. A volunteer policeman, Lerner's wife Yifat and their two and half-year-old son also became ill after drinking filtered water, that later was found to contain cleaning liquid.

All were hospitalized in light condition, except for Eyal, who was in serious condition until making a full recovery.

Eyal Lerner told Israeli radio, "We lock the apartment a lot better now." He added that after having made a full recovery, he feels better that the culprits have been arrested. Police advised, "Don't give keys to anyone you cannot rely on."

"I was not difficultly to realize that we were burglarized, because the television was missing." Yifat Lerner said. "Our camera also disappeared."

The two workers from the Triangle area were charged with burglary, and Nassarah additionally was charged with attempted murder.

During the investigation, Arabs in Nassarrah's village of Beit Furik stoned soldiers and police when they arrived at the house. They found poison in his home and also found stolen items in the home of one of the Arabs living in the Triangle.


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