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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Sweden & Denmark In Flames Thousands Of Cars Torched This Year In Muslim Enclaves

Sweden & Denmark In Flames Thousands Of Cars Torched This Year In Muslim Enclaves

Swedish PM Lofgren: "It Was Coordinated Like A Military Operation"
August 14, 2018

Sweden In Flames, Thousands Of Cars Torched This Year In Muslim Ghettoes…Police "Baffled"

August 13, 2018 - San Francisco - CA - PipeLineNews.org – Over the last 72 hours over 100 automobiles have been torched in immigrant rich Sweden. In Malmö arson claims half a dozen automobiles an evening, meaning that if the violence keeps up 200 vehicles will be claimed by attacks with Molotov cocktails.

"Hundreds of vehicles have been set alight in towns and cities across Sweden since the beginning of summer. The spate of car fires started in Malmö (where over 105 cars were torched since early July), only to spread to nearby cities and reach the capital city Stockholm. In Malmö, Sweden's most "multinational" city, cars were set alight for the ninth consecutive night. Last night alone, police received reports of cars on fire in nine different districts within half an hour." [source, Sweden Is On Fire, Car Arson Epidemic Is Catching, RT]

The violence is intense and focused primarily in Sweden's no-go areas in Gothenburg, Gävle, Alvesta and Malmö, areas that police, fire departments and emergency services refuse to enter understandable citing concerns over personal safety.

Though Sweden's ghettoes are almost universally Muslim majority areas where crime in general is high, and it is in these blighted inner cities where the arson is occurring police say they are "baffled" as to their cause, though they are quick to respond that terrorism and/or jihad has been ruled out.

Unsurprisingly, no arrests have been made…

Much the same, but on a lower scale for now is happening in Denmark, just to the South of Sweden where over a dozen cars were burned in Copenhagen during the current unrest.

Though the legacy media are quite busy covering up the increasing violence perpetrated by Muslim immigrants, it's impossible to disguise a general breakdown in the social order that is taking place across the entirety of Western Europe.

100 Shari'a courts in Britain, entire streets blocked in Paris and London suburbs by hundreds of militants chanting Friday prayers, infestations of jihadists in Belgium. Make no mistake about it, the Islamic violence shows no signs of abating and the cowardice of law enforcement across Europe is palpable.

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MIM: PM Lofgren appears desperate and in denial regarding the real cause of the problem which is unfettered Muslim migration. According to him the "long term solution is that programs are put in place against unemployment and that education should be improved".

Mijn vraag aan deze mensen is: wat zijn jullie in godsnaam aan het doen?' zegt een boze Löfven dinsdag in een reactie.

Ook Löfven denkt dat de aanval gecoördineerd is: ‘Het lijkt bijna een militaire operatie. Tachtig auto's! Hoe kan dat?' De Zweedse politie krijgt volgens hem extra geld om sneller op dit soort aanvallen te kunnen reageren. De langetermijnoplossing is volgens hem dat er ‘maatregelen komen tegen werkloosheid' en om het onderwijs te verbeteren.

Tot hen richt Löfven het woord: ‘Jullie verpesten dingen voor jezelf, voor jullie ouders, voor de hele gemeenschap, voor jullie buren. Het grootste deel van de Zweedse maatschappij is hier fel tegen.'

https://www.elsevierweekblad.nl/buitenland/achtergrond/2018/08/zweedse-premier-geschokt-over-autobranden-hoe-kan-dit-637753/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to Jihad Watch & Breitbart

"Youths" is a frequent establishment media euphemism for Muslims. If they were in Britain, they'd be "Asians."

This is indeed a military operation. It is part of the jihad to bring down the Swedish state and replace it with an Islamic government.

"‘Like a Military Operation': 100 Cars Burnt in Swedish ‘No-Go Zones,'" by Liam Deacon,Breitbart, August 14, 2018:

A gang of masked "youths" rampaged through Sweden's second-largest city Monday night, setting cars ablaze in an attack described as "extremely organised" and like a military operation by the Prime Minister.

Shocking video of fire engulfing numerous vehicles in Gothenburg spread on social media Monday evening with other footage clearly showing masked people in dark clothing intentionally lighting the blazes.

Police chose not to arrest the "young people" at the scene and have since contacted their parents, reports state.

Officers said Tuesday that up to 100 cars had been either burnt to or vandalized in the city and in nearby towns such as Trollhattan, an industrial area with high unemployment, and Falkenberg.

Falkenberg contains gender-segregated asylum seeker homes and police have beenrepeatedly attacked en mass in nearby Trollhattan, with well knows Islamic State fighters hailing from the area.

Such areas, with large migrant populations, have become hotspots for violence in the Nordic nation in recent years with many described as "no-go zones."

Fires were also reported on a smaller scale in Malmo, Sweden's third largest city.

Sweden is to hold national elections in less than a month, and left-wing Prime Minister Stefan Löfven reacted angrily to the latest attacks, blasting the perpetrators directly.

"I'm getting pissed off – really! My question to these people is what the hell are you doing?" he said on a radio show according to Aftonbladet, promising to push for harsher penalties against those involved.

"It seems very organized, almost like a military operation," he said, adding: "My message to those involved is that there is no disappointment, frustration, or injustice that motivates you to turn on someone else's car.

"We have summed up the damage in all the different places. It's a total of about 100 cars that are damaged or burned out," police spokesman Ulla Brehm told SVT.

She added: "We have already started talking to parents of the young people who were active in the morning. We chose not to seize someone on the spot but have identified them, and talked with them."…


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