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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Muslims And Media Push The LineThat Muslims Are The Victims Of Boston Jihad Massacre

Muslims And Media Push The LineThat Muslims Are The Victims Of Boston Jihad Massacre

April 20, 2013

Muslim Privilege: Muslims Are the Real Victims of Marathon Massacre

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On April 20, 2013 @ 11:29 am In The Point

It never fails. The bodies of the latest Muslim atrocity aren't cold before the media spin artists begin pushing the line that it's their killers who are the real victims.

Before the day is out, you'll be hearing about the Muslim woman who was supposedly punched on the shoulder by a man in dark glasses who yelled something at her. And you'll hear more about the Bangladeshi man who was beaten up by some Latino men angry about the massacre. These incidents and others, some real and some made up, will be rolled into the backlash narrative that has become the main concern after any act of Muslim terror.

Islamophobia is largely a myth. There are few actual incidents involving Muslims in this country. The amount of Muslim victimization is completely out of proportion to the actual FBI crime statistics.

Muslim claims of hate crimes hijack the victimization of the victims of Muslim terror. It's a cynical and disgusting practice that displays a total insensitivity to a grieving nation.

Hate crimes by Muslims, like September 11 and the Marathon Massacre, motivated by Islamic Supremacism and hatred for non-Muslims, far outweigh the rare assault by an American on a Muslim. And that is something that needs to be addressed before the victimization begins.

The Buddhist community in Burma, victimized by Muslim violence, has been holding up protest signs reading, "The world is not only for Muslims."

That Buddhist message is something that Muslims ought to take to heart. The idea that Muslims are the center of the world is the privilege behind acts of terror like the Marathon Massacre.

When Muslims brandish signs reading, "Islam will dominate the world" or when they rush in to claim victimization right after a massacre, they are displaying the Muslim Privilege that is at the heart of their violence.

Muslims are not the only people in the world. They are not only people who matter. It's not just their pain that counts. The pain of their victims counts too.

If Muslims truly empathized with the victims of Muslim terror, terrorism would be far rarer. Instead the self-centered behavior of trying to turn themselves into the victims of their own acts of terror is a repugnant form of Muslim Privilege.

Muslims are not the victims of Muslim terror aimed at non-Muslims. Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Atheists and a hundred other peoples are.

Muslim Privilege is denying the pain of those who suffer under Islam. Muslim Privilege is insisting that only Muslim pain matters. Muslim Privilege is turning a terrorist attack by Muslims against Americans into a forum for complaining about how Americans mistreat Muslims.

The world isn't only for Muslims. Muslims aren't the only ones who have rights. Muslims aren't the only ones who suffer. The sooner they accept that, the sooner they can learn to live in peace with their neighbors in Africa, Asia, Europe and America. The sooner they accept that, the sooner their violence can end.

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