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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Saudi Couple in Denver who kept slave tied to terrorism - Homaidan Al Turki linked to IANA - Al Qaeda and jailed terrorists

Saudi Couple in Denver who kept slave tied to terrorism - Homaidan Al Turki linked to IANA - Al Qaeda and jailed terrorists

Homaidin Al Turki who ran Al Basheer Publishing and Translations in Denver accused of supporting terrorism
November 18, 2005

MIM: One of the items on offer on the Al Basheer Islamic Translations and Publications website is this ' DVD with the amusing title Islam vs. Terrorism.

As for the question posed by Shaukh (sic) Khalid Yasin who wonders why 'terrorism is always coupled with the word Islamic', MIM has provided documentation of the terrorist ties and related activities of the proprieter of the Al Basheer book company selling his work, and will 'reveal in essence who are the real terrorists' which will save people from having to purchase the DVD


Islam vs Terrorism:By Shaukh Khalid Yasin

Islam promotes and teaches peace whileTerrorism always coupled with the word Islamic? A complete oxymoron! Unfortunately today people have been misled to think that Islam is a religion of Terror and oppression. In this lecture Shaykh Khalid Yasin reveals through historical accounts who in essence are the genuine terrorists and that Islam in is innocent of such claims.


MIM: Another indispensable tome is the book entitled "The Hereafter" -Al Turki and his wife may not need this book to find out what is going to be the reality of their 'Hereafter' when their jail sentences are handed down



MIM: Homaidan Al Turki, who, together with his wife Sarah Khonaizen was accused of keeping his maid as a slave and sexually assaulting her. The charges were detailed in a government indictment which inlude the charges of "...forced labor, document servitude and harboring an illegal alien..."http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/1247


Al Turki is being investigated for ties to terrorism.

"...Federal Court documents field by al Turki' lawyers detail the investigation against him. They claim the Denver Joint Terrorism Task Force has had al Turki under a "full fledge investigation" suspecting "he is closely aligned to terrorists and may be providing material support to terrorism..." (see article below).

According to a CBS news report about the trial, the Saudi Arabian Embassy has paid the $400,000 bail for Al Turki and the $25,000 for his wife.

Al Turki's Al Basheer book company is Wahhabist propagation front which stocked the works of Sheik Jamal Zarabozo - who is considered by some Islamists to be too extreme due to his support for stoning to death of 'heretics' .Zarabozo who was based in Denver in the 1990's started an Al Basheer News letter Homaidin Al Turki's Al Basheer Translations and Publications business is the continuation.

In 1993 The Dar Makkah bookshop was started in Denver (it existed until at least 1998).

Dar Makkah bookshop was incorporated as part of the Islamic Assembly of North America .http://www.iananet.org/about.htm

Several of IANA's members are now in jail for terrorism offenses and Jamal Zarabozo has attended many conferences together with them. IANA officials and associates jailed Bassem Khafagi,(whose terrorist credentials also include being a CAIR official), Ali Al Tamimi (Imam and teacher who was part of the Virginia Paintball Jihad group), and Rhafil Dafir (A doctor and SUNY professor who was jailed for money laundering involving funds for Iraq) Dhafir was denied bail as a flight risk because of his international connections). IANA is also on a list of Muslim organisations accused of 'funding and perpetrating terrorism in the US'. http://www.danielpipes.org/blog/164

For documentation showing the ties of Al Basheer to the Islamic Assembly of North America, Jamal Zarabozo, and jailed terrorists Ali Al Tamimi, Bassem Khafagi and Rhafil Dafir see below. It is also worth noting that Yusuf Islam, who was banned from the US as a security threat, also appeared at an event in the UK with Ali Al Timimi.

Sami Al Hussayan- an IANA webmaster is being deported after he was tried for his involvement with the IANA website and inciting people to fly planes into buildings..

The CBS newsreport also notes that Al Turki has been under FBI scrutiny since 1995 and this was the same time that the IANA was active in Denver - with Zarabozo's Al Basheer newsletter and the Dar Makkah bookshop. The conclusion is that the bookshop and the newsletter merged and that Homaidan Al Turki incorporated them under the guise of the Al Basheer Translations and Publications

.Proof of this can be seen on the Al Basheer Translations and Publications website which proclaims that: "Most notably we are the publisher for books written and translated by Sheik Jamal Al Zarabozo" . (see complete text below) http://www.al-basheer.com/aboutUs.asp

Another author who whose work is available by Homaidin is Anwar Al Awlaki- whose book entitled"The Hereafter" is advertised in a flashing logo on the Al Basheer website. Less then two weeks after 2001 Al -Awlaki had this to say about the attacks:

"....We were told this was an attack on American civilization. We were told
this was an attack on American freedom, on the American way of life,"
Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki said in his sermon. "This wasn't an attack on any
of this. This was an attack on U.S. foreign policy..." WPost Sept.22,2001

The listed for the Al Basheer publications is 10514 West 40th Ave.Suite 108 Denver,Colorado USA 80239 USA. The now defunct IANA /Dar Makkah bookshop was also located in Denver.

According to a Detroit News report :

"... IANA had come under scrutiny because the name of its
president, Mohammed Alahmari, was on a list of people the FBI said it wanted to
question in connection with the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Alahmari said in an October 2001 New York Times article on the international
propagation of Saudi Arabia's strict Wahhabi sect of Islam that about half of
IANA's money came from the Saudi government. The rest came from private donors,
most of them Saudi, he said..."

"...The indictment of Sami Al Hussayan( a student at a University in Ohio and IANA webmaster who encouraged people to fly planes into buildings), alleges that al-Hussayen received a monthly living stipend and tuition aid from the Saudi government..." (see complete article below)

MIM It is worth noting that Homaidan Al Turki, was a student at an American university at the same time he was running his Al Basheer bookshop. This indicates that the Saudis are using terrorist visas to get operative into the US.

Last week US Saudi ambassador Turki Al Faisal, who was a friend of Osama Bin Laden announced the "good news" that 3,000 Saudi students would be coming to the US this year. He glowed when he said that would amount to 15,000 Saudi students within five years. http://www.militantislammonitor.org/article/id/1284


MIM: This article from a Saudi newspaper refers euphemistically to the terrorism probe involving Homaidin Al Turki as "more trouble". The case has generated intense interest in Saudi Arabia, where Muslims feel that Al Turki is a victim of discrimination. Which begs the question as to why so many of them want to come over here especially since they are now being scrutinised if they want to take flight lessons or show a keen interest in crop dusting techniques.


More trouble for Saudi Couple accused of assaulting maid


London, Asharq Al-Awsat- A Saudi indicted by the US authorities for enslaving and sexually assaulting an Indonesian maid was under investigation on Friday for possible links to terrorism. Homaidan al Turki and his wife Sarah Khonaizan were accused of abusing their maid and keeping her hostage at their Aurora , Colorado home in June 2005.

On Monday, Khonaizan was refused a request to return to her home country after learning her mother's condition was critical; she later died at the King Fahd National Guard hospital in Riyadh on Saturday.

A graduate student at the University of Colorado , studying linguistics, al Turki has lived in the United States since 1995.

Federal Court documents field by al Turki' lawyers detail the investigation against him. They claim the Denver Joint Terrorism Task Force has had al Turki under a "full fledge investigation" suspecting "he is closely aligned to terrorists and may be providing material support to terrorism."

His lawyers said he "adamantly and vehemently denies any links to terrorism." They add he looks forward to being vindicated of all charges against him in court.

The US Attorney's Office said the terrorism investigation was separate from the charges regarding his maid.

Speaking to a local TV station, al Turki stressed he was innocent. "There's no doubt about it," he said.

Instead, he believed recent brushes with the law were motivated by religion and politics. "I am Saudi, I am a Muslim and I think that's an attraction to law enforcement by itself" al Turki added.


MIM: This is a link to Homaidin's Al Basheer Bookshop website:

MIM: This Al Basheer publication by Zarabozo could be the reason that Al Turki's bookstore is called Al Basheer since it stocks mostly (or only ) Zarabozo's books.

Name of publication: Al-Basheer
Type: Bi-monthly Magazine
Character: specialized//religious //Islamic Studies
Language: English
Where is it published: Boulder, CO, U.S.A.
Address: Editor: Jamal Zarabozo
P.O BOX 17533
Boulder, Co 80308-0533
Contact: Ph: +1-
Affiliation: None
Charge: There is a subscription fee
MIM: The Friday report was the weekly publication of the IANA and was an extremist Islamist publication which characterised themselves as being about :"Religious doctrine and Islamic knowledge'

Name of publication: The Friday Report
Type: Monthly Magazine
Character: Religious doctrine//Islamic knowledge
Language: English
Where is it published: Madison, WI, U.S.A.

Address: 2040 S. Oneida St. room 14 Denver, CO 80224
P.O. Box 5387, Madison, WI 53705-5387 -
Contact: Denver Ph : +1-303-691 2201
Fax: +1-303-758-8241
Madison (Ph/Fax) +1-608-233-9229
Affiliation: Dar Makkah
Charge: $ 10 per year (12 issues), but usually sent free


Dar Makkah
P O Box 24046, Denver, CO 80224
phone 303-695-1989
fax 303-695-6444


MIM: This excerpt from an investigative series on Islamist organisations int he United States explains how IANA grew out of Dar Makkah.


Magazine writers moved on to Islamist groups

"....IANA is far from its own roots, though. It incorporated in 1993 in Denver and listed directors in Colorado, Michigan, Missouri and Oregon. Its former president, Bassem Khafaji, an Egyptian then living in Denver, later sat on Assirat's international advisory board. IANA grew out of Dar Makkah, a dissolved Denver-based organization that published "The Friday Report." The publication included a compilation of fatwas issued by Muslim sheiks. ("Friday Report" refers to Islam's Friday prayers, the equivalent of Christianity's Sunday services.) Dar Makkah's former director, Mohammed Al-Ahmari, now runs IANA. While Assirat highlighted IANA in print, Attawheed Foundation made IANA part of its own legal set-up. Incorporating in 1995, it listed IANA and its then-president, Bassem Khafaji, as one of two beneficiaries of its assets. The other was the now-defunct Dar Makkah...."

MIM :Note that Khafaji is now in jail on terrrorsism related charges. In 1995 Dar Makkah bookstore in Denver was listed as a beneficiary of the Attawheed Foundation - that was the same year when the FBI started investigating Al Turki for terrrorism ties.

"...IANA follows an equally fundamentalist path on its "Fatwa Line," a toll-free phone service. One of the religious leaders its service highlights is Sheik Jamal Zarabozo, whose books are sold in IANA's Ypsilanti office. Zarabozo's fatwas were frequently printed in the "The Friday Report" produced by IANA's predecessor, Dar Makkah. In the past, Zarabozo has accused Muslim modernists of breaking Islamic principles by opposing the stoning of adulterers and the killing of "apostates." In another fatwa, he warned against visiting a Christian church to "watch people commit the greatest sin You have no way of knowing what evil Satan may put into your heart by attending the gatherings wherein shirk (idolatry) is being committed." IANA's outlook is not universally accepted, though. Even some other Islamic fundamentalists criticize it as being too radical. In an open letter posted on the Internet in December 1996, the Quran was-Sunnah Society in Detroit accused IANA of emphasizing politics over religion, unjustly condemning others as infidels, inciting followers to "unrest and rebellion and causing them to fall into bloody confrontations." The Quranic society endorses Islam's ultra-conservative Wahabist sect.


MIM: Nearly all the books on Al Turki's Al Basheer bookstore were written by Jamal Zarabozo. Zarabozo was one of the leading clerics involved with the Islamic Assembly of North America whose members have been jailed for terrorism related activities. The obvious conclusion is that Homaidan Al Turki is being probed for terrorism activities relating to IANA. The Islamic Assembly of North America.

The jailed IANA members include Bassam Al Khafagi and Ali Al Timimi who was jailed a few months ago in the case known as the Virginia Paintball Jihad.network Rhafil Dafir was an oncologist in upstate NY and was arrested last year . Below I have posted a notice of a conference which shows Jamal Zarabozo at an IANA conference together with the now jailed Ali Al Tamimi and Bassem Al Khafagi. Another Sheik who was at the conference was Dr. Bilal Philips who is also unindicted co conspirater number 134 in the case of USA vs Omar Abdul Rahman re: the 1993 WTC bombings Philips now lives abroad.


Excerpt from "A Bad Day For CAIR " about jailed IANA members


"...As luck would have it, just hours before the hearing, news services reported that former CAIR official Bassem K. Khafagi had pleaded guilty to charges of visa and bank fraud in federal court in Detroit. The charges were brought against Khafagi for his role with the Islamic Assembly of North America, a group that has advocated violence against the United States and is believed to have funneled money to organizations with terrorist connections. At the time of his arrest, Khafagi was Community Affairs director with CAIR. Khafagi is one of several IANA officials indicted on terrorism-related charges after Federal agents raided the group's Ypsilanti, Michigan offices in February. Another arrested IANA official, Saudi-born Sami al-Hussayen ran a series of IANA websites that propagated the teachings of radical Islamist clerics closely linked with Osama bin Laden. He also ran the University of Idaho Muslim Students Association. Al-Hussayen is awaiting a deportation order after refusing to testify in his own defense. The Chairman of IANA has stated that half of the Assembly's funds come from Saudi Arabia, while the other half come from private donors who are primarily Saudi. IANA conferences in the early 1990's featured lectures from Ali al-Timimi, an Islamic preacher recently identified as "co-conspirator number one" in the indictment of 11 Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist recruits in a Northern Virginia Jihad network. One of the 11 Virginia Jihadists, Randall Todd Royer, formerly served as a Communications Specialist and Civil Rights Coordinator at CAIR.

MIM:This excerpt message from a Google Groups site was written in 1998 so it shows that Dar Makkah bookshop in Denver existed at least from 1993 until then.

"....In a 7-tape set, Shaykh Jamal Zarabozo from Colorado has dealt extensively
with the Modernist movement and how it differs from the pure beliefs and
practices of Ahlus Sunnah wa'l Jamaah. So I will simply refer the reader to
those tapes, which can be purchased from Dar Makkah at (303) 691-2201
(Insha'allah, this number is curent)

. ------------------------------------------------

MIM: This program of the 1999 IANA conference lists Jamal Zarabozo as a speaker together with Ali Al Tamimi, Rafil Dhafir. who are both currently in jail on terrorism charges. Bilal Philips, another one of the speakers is unindicted con conspirator no. 134 in the case of the US vs Omar Abdul Rahman. Philips considers Adnan Shukrijumah's father, Gulshair, who testified on behalf of jailed terrorist plotter Clement Hampton El, to be his spiritual mentor.

Program of 1999 IANA conference in Canada From: Contact-I...@IANAnet.org
Bism Allah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim
Assalam Alikum Wa Rahmatu Allah Wa Barakatuh.
Bader Islamic Center, SISCA, IANA and Somali Badr Org.
cordially invite you to attend Their THIRD SUMMER GATHERING
in North America.
Arabic .. English.. Somali.. Swahili
Gathering Title:
La Ilaha Illa Allah, A Way Of Life
Date: JUNE 28 TO JULY 1st 1996, Location:
Bishop Marrocco School
1515 Bloor St. West Toronto
Intersection of Bloor & Dundas W. near Jami Mosque,
One minute from Dundas W. Subway.
Lectures... Panel Discussions... Workshops...
Sisters Program... Youth Program.
Some of the expected Guest Speakers are: FOR THE ENGLISH PROGRAM: Sheikh(Farid Abdul-Allah),Sheikh(Hasan Al-Ladi)-
Sheikh(Bilal Philips)- Sheikh(Ali Al-Timimi)-
Sheikh(Idris Palmer)- Sheikh(Jamal Zarabozo)-
Sheikh(Rafel Dhafir).

Sheikh(Aqeel Maqtari), Sheikh(Mohammed Alkhadirei),
Sheikh(Abdelrahman Demashiqia), Sheikh(Mohammed Abdelrahman).
Plus some more Respected Sheikhs.
For Registration Please call:
1-Bader Islamic Center (416)536-8343
2-SISCA (416)242-9464
3-Islamic Assembly of North America-IANA-(313)677-0006
4-Somali Badr Org. (416)754-9411
Anyone who has suggestion or would like to participate
should call any of the above centers.
We ask Allah to purify our deeds and to help us in our efforts.
"How can ye reject the faith in Allah ? seeing that ye were without life, and
and he gave you life; Then will He cause you to die, and will again bring you
to life and, again to Him will ye return." - Qur`an 2:28 -

MIM: The about us page from Al Basheer Publications and Translations website states that "most notably we aere the publisher for books written and published and translated by Sheik Jammal al -Din Zarabozo".



Al-Basheer Publications & Translations began in 1417 Hijri, 1996 C.E. and is dedicated to publishing high quality books on Islam from only authentic sources. Our titles are by distinguished scholars from around the world. Most notably, we are the publisher for books written and translated by Sheikh Jamaal al-Din Zarabozo.

Al-Basheer Publications & Translations is dedicated to the spread of knowledge from the Aqeedah and Minhaj of Ahl us-Sunnah wa al-Jama'at. All of our books, tapes and other products that we publish and distribute have all be carefully researched to ensure quality and accuracy of content. May Allah guide us in this effort.

We are pleased to announce that we distribute more than 200,000 items, including books, tapes, videos and gifts. In the coming weeks, you will see these items as they are added to our inventory on the internet and to our catelogues. We carry books in English, Arabic, and more than 13 other languages. Currently we have opened Maktabat Al-Basheer on the internet to assist you in shopping for the best books in English and Arabic, as well as the Quran and translations of the Quran.

Al-Basheer Publications & Translations has also added a Graphics & Web Development department. With over 20 years of experience, this department is dedicated to provide high quality services in Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Hosting and Consulting. We welcome you to visit our Web & Graphics Department and see how we can help your business or project.

We welcome your questions and comments at [email protected].


Suspects linked to bin Laden, Iraq
Arrests of Arabs in Idaho, New York target terror financing

Posted: February 27, 2003

By Art Moore
2003 WorldNetDaily.com

The Saudi man arrested by the Joint Terrorism Task Force yesterday in Idaho has
ties to close associates of terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden and to four
Arab men charged at the same time with channeling funds to Iraq.

Sami Omar Al-Hussayen a University of Idaho doctoral candidate supported by
the Saudi government was a terrorist bagman, according to a federal
criminal justice source quoted by a Seattle newspaper.

Saudi student Sami Omar al-Hussayen

"He's in touch with people who could pick up the phone, call [bin Laden], and
he would take the call," the source told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

The 34-year-old Saudi father of two is accused of raising and distributing
money through websites that promote terrorism and violence against the United
States, according to an indictment yesterday that charges him with visa fraud
and making false statements.

But investigators say the accusations do not reflect the central role they
believe al-Hussayen has played in the flow of al-Qaida cash, the paper said.

The Washington Post reported today that al-Hussayen was in the U.S. on an
expired visa at the time of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Al-Hussayen's arrest is linked to another indictment returned yesterday that
charges four Arab men living near Syracuse with conspiring to evade U.S.
sanctions against Iraq by allegedly funneling $2.7 million to unnamed persons
in Baghdad through a charity group called Help the Needy.

Federal officials said the defendants in both cases are connected by their
association with the Islamic Assembly of North America, or IANA, the parent
group of Help the Needy.

Al-Hussayen is charged with supplying IANA, a Saudi charity operating in Ann
Arbor, Mich., with money from overseas sources, providing computer expertise
and with failing to disclose his relationship with the group.

The IANA says its aim is to coordinate the efforts of many groups in North
America engaged in the propagation of Islam, or dawah. Websites operated by the
organization, which Al-Hussayen helped build, praise suicide bombings and
promote the use of airplanes as terror weapons, the indictment said.

One IANA website reprinted three fatwas Islamic legal opinions that
encouraged "martyrdom" attacks against enemy targets just four months before
Sept. 11, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported last August.

The paper said IANA grew out of Dar Makkah, a dissolved Denver-based
organization that published "The Friday Report," a publication that included a
compilation of fatwas issued by Muslim sheiks.

Prosecutors at news conferences in New York and Idaho yesterday declined to
explain further how al-Hussayen's activities meshed with the fundraising for
Iraq, but Assistant U.S. Attorney Terry Derden, a prosecutor in Idaho, said the
"cases have a common thread."

One of the men charged in New York, oncologist Rafil Dhafir, 55, was identified
last year as vice president and a board member for IANA. At a London conference
last June, Dhafir also was introduced as founder and president of Help the
Needy and a graduate of the University of Baghdad School of Medicine.

Also named in the indictment were Maher Zagha, 34, a Jordanian who attended
college in New York state; Ayman Jarwan, 33, of Syracuse, a Jordanian citizen
born in Saudi Arabia who worked as the executive director of Help the Needy;
and Osameh al-Wahaidy, 41, of Fayetteville, a Jordanian citizen employed as a
spiritual leader at the Auburn Correctional Facility and a math instructor at
the State University of New York at Oswego.

Jarwan was identified as office manager of Help the Needy in a Sept. 25, 2001,
Detroit Free Press story that indicated the group had recently separated itself
from IANA and relocated to Syracuse.

The Detroit paper said IANA had come under scrutiny because the name of its
president, Mohammed Alahmari, was on a list of people the FBI said it wanted to
question in connection with the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Alahmari, 42, told the Free Press that he called the FBI in Detroit and was
told he should not have been on the list. The Detroit daily said an FBI special
agent at that office repeatedly declined to comment on Alahmari's status.

In the Sept. 25, 2001, story, Jarwan declined to say how much money the group
raises each year, but he indicated that half of the revenue is sent to needy
people in Iraq for items such as food, clothing and medicine.

He denied having links to terrorist groups.

Alahmari said in an October 2001 New York Times article on the international
propagation of Saudi Arabia's strict Wahhabi sect of Islam that about half of
IANA's money came from the Saudi government. The rest came from private donors,
most of them Saudi, he said. Alahmari noted later in the article that he
estimates half the mosques and Islamic schools in the U.S. have been built with
the help of money from Saudi Arabia.

Expired visa

Al-Hussayen was in the U.S. on an expired visa at the time of the Sept. 11,
2001, terrorist attacks, said Ahmed Kattan, deputy chief of mission for the
Saudi embassy in Washington, according to the Washington Post. Kattan said that
during the ensuing government crackdown on INS violators, he returned to Saudi
Arabia and obtained a new visa.

The indictment alleges that al-Hussayen received a monthly living stipend and
tuition aid from the Saudi government.

He traveled to Saudi Arabia for a time in 2000, then again in early 2002,
according to the Spokane Spokesman-Review. Last year, the university helped him
apply for a visa extension "for continued attendance at this school."

Al-Hussayen denounced the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks according to the
University of Idaho newspaper, calling them "immoral attacks" on "innocent

Probing al-Qaida network

Special-Agent-in-Charge Chip Burrus of the FBI's Salt Lake City field office
said the investigation began as an intelligence inquiry into al-Qaida's
financial network. Criminal justice sources said, according to the Seattle P-I,
that the FBI used many of the means of electronic surveillance at its disposal
including wiretaps and intercepts of e-mails.

The paper reported that its August story on the use of Islamic charities as a
conduit to finance terrorism changed the course of the investigation by
alerting Al-Hussayen and his colleagues. At that time, a Post-Intelligencer
reporter unsuccessfully attempted to interview Al-Hussayen.

Burrus, noting that "we are at the beginning of the trail," indicated at the
news conference in Idaho that the flow of funds is massive and complex.

Al-Hussayen is at the nexus of millions of dollars flowing from Saudi Arabia to
the United States and from Al-Hussayen to individuals and Islamic organizations
in the United States as well as Egypt, Canada, Jordan and Pakistan, the Seattle
paper said, citing sources, court documents and public statements made

The government alleges that Al-Hussayen has used at least six bank accounts in
Indiana, Texas, Idaho and Michigan to accept about $300,000 from inside and
outside the United States. From those accounts, he transferred "large sums of
monies to the IANA" and to individuals in Cairo; Montreal; Riyadh; Amman,
Jordan; and Islamabad, Pakistan, the indictment says.

The government also alleges that the Saudi student set up a Michigan checking
account in his name designated for "a leading IANA official."

"The story of this case was a man welcomed to the state of Idaho to study at
one of the best computer science programs anywhere," said Tom Moss, U.S.
attorney for Idaho. "This is where our government sends people to train."


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