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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Margate Madrassah For Kids Lead By 'Taliban Imam' Izhar Khan Promotes Jihad, Amputations, Stonings & FGM

Margate Madrassah For Kids Lead By 'Taliban Imam' Izhar Khan Promotes Jihad, Amputations, Stonings & FGM

MJAM Is A Hotbed Of Islamic Fanatism And Should Be Shut Down Immediately
July 30, 2020

Margate Mosque Youth, Bigotry and Terror

Why 'Taliban Imam' Izhar Khan teaching classes should concern parents and everyone else.

Tue Jul 28, 2020

Joe Kaufman

Joe Kaufman, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, is Chairman of the Joe Kaufman Security Initiative and the 2014, 2016 and 2018 Republican Nominee for U.S. House of Representatives (Florida-CD23).

Izhar Khan is the imam of Masjid Jamaat Al'Mu-mineen (MJAM), the South Florida mosque associated with the ever-expanding Islamic Center of Margate. Khan, in the recent past, was charged by the FBI with helping to finance the Taliban, and MJAM currently promotes violence and bigotry against Jews, Christians, homosexuals, women and others. So how is it that parents would allow their children to be taught classes by Imam Khan and to use the MJAM facilities, as they have, unless these parents' attitudes toward terror and bigotry are the same?

On June 22nd, the South Florida Muslim Federation (SoFlo Muslims), an umbrella group for South Florida's many radical Muslim organizations, advertised on its Facebook page Wednesday 'Seerah' classes being taught by Imam Khan and MJAM – seerah, meaning biography or traditions of Prophet Muhammad. The classes were/are being taught to members of the South Florida Muslim Young Professionals (SoFloMoPros), a partner group to the Muslim Federation that claims to include "over 500 Muslim young professionals and graduate students."

Having so many young and impressionable people being exposed to the teachings/indoctrination of Khan and MJAM is certainly a concern, but what is of much more concern is the fact that small children are also taking classes from Khan and the mosque.

On the homepage of MJAM's website, one finds a photo depicting Khan handing out certificates to young boys donning MJAM t-shirts, as their smiling parents and siblings look on. According to the site, classes ('Daily Youth Madrassahs') for children led by Khan take place five days a week. The mosque claims to provide them with a "quality Islamic Education." Given Khan's terror-related history and MJAM's present propagation of hate, one has to wonder what this quality education entails.

In May 2011, Khan was arrested and spent 20 months in a Miami federal detention center for his alleged participation in a scheme to ship $50 thousand to the Taliban for the purpose of murdering American troops overseas. As stated in the indictment against him and his family: "Izhar is a Pakistani Taliban sympathizer who worked with [his father Hafiz] and others to collect and deliver money for the Pakistani Taliban… Izhar… provided and attempted to provide material support and resources… knowing and intending that they be used in preparation for and in carrying out… a conspiracy to murder, kidnap, and maim persons in a foreign country."

MJAM's website sports a book section that includes 44 downloadable religious texts. The books deal with such controversial subjects as: female circumcision (a.k.a. Female Genital Mutilation), partaking in jihad (holy war), punishing homosexuals with death, killing Muslims who leave Islam, chopping off hands, setting people on fire, stoning women accused by their husbands of adultery, and vilifying Hindus. The vast majority of the texts, though, curse Jews and Christians, Jews being the main target and, on numerous occasions, targeted with violence.

One MJAM text, Tafsir Ibn Kathir, mentions Jews nearly 800 times. It states: "[T]he Jews… will continue to suffer humiliation at the hands of all who interact with them… [Y]ou will find them (the Jews) the greediest of mankind for life… greedy to live longer, because they know their evil end… [B]eware of the Jews, your enemies, lest they distort the truth for you in what they convey to you. Therefore, do not be deceived by them, for they are liars, treacherous and disbelievers… Allah forbids His believing servants from having Jews and Christians as friends, because they are the enemies of Islam and its people, may Allah curse them."

MJAM's Sahih Bukhari discusses killing Jews. It states: "It is the Jews who are being tormented in their graves… The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say, 'O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.'"

MJAM's Kitab Al-Iman talks about hating Jews and Christians. It states: "[C]alling someone an unbeliever, a Jew, an adulterer, a thief or some other name connoting the commission of unacceptable acts is not the same as calling someone a sinner… [C]alling him an unbeliever is far worse… [J]ust as I know that I love the Messenger of Allah and hate the Jews and the Christians, then my saying that I am a believer is like my saying that I am a Muslim…"

MJAM's library devotes much time on the subject of jihad, meaning taking the law into one's own hands, getting on a plane, obtaining firearms, and joining murderous battles overseas. According to MJAM's The Noble Quran, "Jihad is an obligatory duty in Islam on every Muslim…" and "By abandoning Jihad… Islam is destroyed…" In MJAM's Biographies of the Rightly-Guided Caliphs, one reads, "If a people give up Jihad in the Cause of Allah, Allah will smite them with humiliation."

Many other repugnant subjects are dealt with on MJAM's website, too many to elaborate on. MJAM's Fiqh al-Sunnah promotes Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), stating: "Circumcision. This prevents dirt from getting on one's penis, and also makes it easy to keep it clean. For women, it involves cutting the outer portion of the clitoris… Many scholars say that it is obligatory." MJAM's Tafsir Ibn Kathir discusses a death penalty for gays, stating: "Whoever you find doing the deed of… homosexuality, then kill the doer and the one who allows it to be done to him (both partners)."

In MJAM's Kitab Al-Iman, an atheist is considered a "hypocrite and is to be killed by anyone who discovers that he has been concealing his hypocrisy." In MJAM's Sahih Muslim, Hindus and Jews are described as being obsessed over mammon or money, saying: "The Hindus and Jews were (and still, are) worshippers of the Mammon. Both of them have been mercenary nations, notorious for their greed."

The religious materials accessed via MJAM's site contain the same type of violent bigotry and inciting rhetoric that invades the minds of young Muslims worldwide and drives them to join up with groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS. The texts may very well have been the ideological basis for MJAM's imam and his family to (allegedly) help fund the Taliban. The texts may have been the catalyst for other crimes, as well.

For parents to allow their children to enter the MJAM "madrassah" or be taught about Islam by 'Taliban Imam' Izhar Khan is tantamount to child abuse and a recipe for future acts of violence. MJAM is an extreme center of hatred and fanaticism and should not exist anywhere in the US, and its imam is no less of a threat. Both the mosque and imam should be shut down immediately.

Beila Rabinowitz, Director of Militant Islam Monitor, contributed to this report.


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