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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Muslim Terrorist Who Stabbed Man In Bnei Brak Was Previously Jailed For Attempted Suicide Bombing

Muslim Terrorist Who Stabbed Man In Bnei Brak Was Previously Jailed For Attempted Suicide Bombing

March 4, 2014

MIM: More proof that releasing Muslim terrorists is insanity and Israel should impose the death penalty on them. Bnei Brak Stabber Previously Attempted Bombing
Terrorist who stabbed Jewish man in Bnei Brak previously served time in prison for attempted suicide bombing. Maayana Miskin

Police have revealed the name of the Palestinian Arab terrorist who stabbed an Israeli man in Bnei Brak on Sunday evening.

The terrorist has been identified as Fahdi Alrouda, 28, of the town of Bir Zeit, outside Ramallah.

Alrouda attacked a 31-year-old Jewish man near a gas station at the Geha junction. The victim suffered moderate injuries in the attack.

The Bir Zeit man confessed to the attack, and told investigators that he carried out the stabbing in revenge for the death of a wanted terrorist several days earlier. The terrorist was killed after holing up inside a building in Bir Zeit.

Alrouda explained how he reached Bnei Brak without a permit to enter Israeli-controlled territory: he simply crossed the separation barrier in Jerusalem at a point near Har Hatzofim (Mount Scopus), then took a taxi to the Tel Aviv area.

Shin Bet investigators noted that Alrouda has a history of involvement in terrorism, and previously served jail time in Israel for attacks on IDF soldiers and for involvement in an attempted suicide bombing.

They noted that his path to Tel Aviv indicates, yet again, the need to deal with weak points in the Judea and Samaria security barrier.

There have been several terrorist attacks in recent months carried out by Palestinian Arabs who entered Israel illegally. Among them are the kidnapping and murder of IDF soldier Tomer Hazan and the murder of soldier Eden Atias in Afula.


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