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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > ISIS Takes Two Strategic Iraqi Dams

ISIS Takes Two Strategic Iraqi Dams

June 7, 2015

June 4, 2015 San Francisco, CA PipeLineNews.org Drawing upon information provided in the latest sitrep by the Institute for the Study of War , and other sources, over the last 48 hours, ISIS has once more proven its resourcefulness, this time capturing control of the Warrar and Fallujah dams.

The closure of the Warrar dam is probably of most concern in that it has deprived the towns to the west of Ramadi Habaniya, Khalidiya, Jazeera, Albu Hazim and Madiq - which generally oppose ISIS - of access to the Euphrates river

"The reduced flow through an insurgent-held dam on the Euphrates River will threaten irrigation systems and water treatment plants in nearby areas controlled by troops and tribes opposed to the extremist group, provincial council member Taha Abdul-Ghani told The Associated Press.." [source, ISIS uses Iraq dam to reduce water supplied to government-held areas , AP via Fox News]

Though the Iraqi government has announced that nearly a thousand of its "elite" fighters are being reassigned to deal with the crisis, the locals don't seem all that impressed.

"But residents of the towns of Habbaniya, Husaybah and Khalidiyah continue to flee, fearing an ISIS assault, according to officials and residents. Two residents said 300 families had fled as far north as Irbil, in the Kurdish-controlled area of Iraq." [source, ISIS cuts water to loyalist towns, officials say, WMUR 9 ABC News]

Despite yesterday's attempt by Team O to put a happy-face on the conflict, claiming without any means of verification, that the "coalition" air war has killed 10,000 members of ISIS, the above noted developments speak to the contrary, that rather than growing progressively weaker, ISIS continues to make wide inroads as it pushes the battle south east towards Baghdad against only limited resistance.

Actually such announcements by DOD have taken on a disturbing pattern with the Department claiming great successes just days before major setbacks on the ground occur.

We saw it last month with the WH whooping it up regarding a SpecOps attack in Syria just days before the key city of Ramadi fell and now pushing an inflated body count in the hours preceding a significant ISIS victory in the taking of the dams.

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