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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Terrorists in Gaza use children as shields to put Israeli soldiers off guard knowing they won't shoot at children

Terrorists in Gaza use children as shields to put Israeli soldiers off guard knowing they won't shoot at children

September 21, 2006

MIM: More proof that it is impossible to fight a 'humane' war against those who have forfeited their humanity. If the Israeli soldiers fire they will face international condemnation, and the press will ignore the fact that a terrorist used a child as a shield. When they don't fire their own lives are at risk.

Palestinian Terrorists Again Using Children as Shields
15:30 Sep 20, '06
by Hillel Fendel

In the course of IDF activity Tuesday in an Arab village south of Jenin, an IDF force noted another manifestation of this worrisome trend amongst Arab terrorists - the second time in a week.

The soldiers had surrounded a house in the Arab village Sanur - not far from the evacuated-and-destroyed Jewish town of Sa-Nur - hoping to catch wanted terrorist Nabil Hanani. Hanani then came out of the house holding a small child.

The soldiers refrained from shooting, as he expected. He then quickly passed the child to a man standing near him and opened fire at the soldiers. The soldiers recovered quickly and killed him with their return fire. No soldiers were hurt.

A similar case occurred last Tuesday in Bethlehem, during the arrest of terrorist cell leader Ali Tzalhat. Tzalhat headed a cell - of which all the members have been killed or arrested by Israeli forces - that was responsible for murdering four Israelis as well as a series of shooting attacks in southern Jerusalem. When the soldiers arrived to arrest him, he came out of the house with a baby in his hands. The soldiers did not shoot, arresting him peacefully instead - as was their plan from the start.

Army sources told Arutz-7 correspondent Haggai Huberman that these cases are not isolated ones, but rather indicate a growing phenomenon among Palestinian terrorists about to be arrested or caught.

The following video clip, released several months ago by the IDF Spokesman's office, shows two examples of this phenomenon. In both cases, terrorists are seen taking or trying to take little boys for use as human shields.

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