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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Hizb ut Tahrir plans worldwide Islamist revolution from Temple Mount - declares Jerusalem the capitol of the Khaliphate

Hizb ut Tahrir plans worldwide Islamist revolution from Temple Mount - declares Jerusalem the capitol of the Khaliphate

Raed Salah head of Islamic Party uses release from jail to incite violence
November 15, 2005

Islamic Radicals Plan World Revolution from Temple Mount
09:27 Nov 14, 2005
By Scott Shiloh


undefined Islamic radicals have been using the Temple Mount as a focal point for planning and preaching the establishment of a world Islamic state with Jerusalem as its capital.

One of the radical groups operating on the Temple Mount is Hizb ut tahrir (The Islamic Liberation Party), which espouses an ideology similar to Al Qaeda. Hizb ut Tahrir's network spans most Western European countries. The party puts Islamic revolution and an uncompromising form of Jihad (holly war) at the top of its political agenda.

Supporters of Hizb ut tahrir on the Temple Mount

The group advocates subjecting the entire world to Islamic law (Shariya), and destroying non-believing nations and religions.

The party has targeted Europe, specifically Denmark, for spreading its ideology, and providing a springboard for renewing Islamic conquests in Europe. A senior party activist in Jerusalem, Sheikh Issam Amira, expressed this philosophy in a recent speech which he made on the Temple Mount:

"Listeners! The Moslems in Denmark make up three percent [of the population], yet constitute a threat to the future of the Danish kingdom. It's no surprise that in Bitrab (the ancient name of Medina, a city in Arabia to which Mohammed immigrated) they were fewer than three percent of the general population, but succeeded changing the regime in Bitrab.

"It's no surprise that our brothers in Denmark have succeeded in bringing Islam to every home in that country. Allah will grant us victory in their land to establish the [Islamic] revolution in Denmark."

After Denmark, the Sheikh said, the party will carry the revolution to Oslo and change its name to Medina. "They will fight against their Scandinavian neighbors in order to bring the country into the territory of the revolution," he said. "In the next stage, they will fight a holy jihad to spread Islam to the rest of Europe, until it spreads to the original city of Medina where the two cities will unite under the Islamic flag."

Sheikh Riyad Salah, head of the Islamic movement in Israel has also been active teaching the tenets of "Islamic revolution."

"We are at the gates of the Islamic revolution," he proclaims in his sermons to Arab citizens of Israel. "The global forces of evil will be eliminated from the world and the Islamic nation will remain in place in order to bring about the world Islamic revolution, with its capital, Jerusalem."

Salah, who until a few months ago was under arrest for allegedly assisting an organization connected to the Hamas terror group, has for a number of years been attempting to organize Israel's Arab citizens into an "independent Palestinian society," disconnected from the State of Israel and its institutions.

Salah's organization contributed to efforts to repair Arab mosques on the Temple Mount, and also attempts to erase the remains of Jewish antiquities on the Mount.

In Israel, the Hizb ut Tahrir party is sending out charismatic Islamic preachers to spread its ideology to mosques in villages near Jerusalem, Hevron, Kalkilya, and Tulkarem.

When large numbers of Moslems visited mosques last October during the holy month of Ramadan, the party expanded its efforts to recruit new members and activists in the Palestinian Authority (PA).

Thousands of young Arabs living in the PA have been participating in the party's youth movement under the slogan, "Campaigning to Preach Revolution."

On the Temple Mount near the Dome of the Rock, Hizb ut Tahrir's youth recently put up a giant banner declaring "Revolution is a Divine Command." The party's flag appears on the right and left hand side of the banner (See top photo). The youth were greeted by party members who shouted, "Next year in Jerusalem, under the rule of the Islamic revolution."



Defense/Middle East

Radical Islamic Leader of Israeli Arabs Visits Temple Mount
19:12 Nov 20, '05
By Scott Shiloh

undefined Ra'id Salah, head of the radical Islamic movement in Israel, which denies the Jewish state's right to exist, paid a visit to the mosques on the Temple Mount on Sunday.

Salah, who heads the Galilee branch of the movement, spent the past two and a half years in jail for a variety of security related offenses, among them, money laundering, membership in illegal organizations, maintaining illegal contacts with persons hostile to the state, and funding activities of the Hamas.

The Hamas is a radical Islamic terror group, popular among Arab residents of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

Salah was released last July, on condition he not visit Jerusalem for four months. The ban expired last Thursday.

Fearing an outbreak of violence, police, according to one report, persuaded Salah, not to visit the Temple Mount last Friday. A spokesman for the Islamic movement, Zahi Nujidat, said however, that he did not know of any such agreement with the police. He said that Salah's visit was planned for Sunday, due to time constraints.

The Islamic movement in Israel has gained in popularity out of the resentment many Israeli Arab citizens feel about living in a country under non-Moslem rule. Salah's movment is centered in the Arab-populated city of Um al Fahm, located in the Nahal Iron (Wadi Ara) district, between the Sharon plain and the Galilee.

Salah's movement is also fanatically anti-American. In he speech he gave on Sept. 18, Salah said that hurricane Katrina was brought about by President George W. Bush. "What has brought hurricane Katrina upon you is the injustice of George Bush Jr. and of the White House. Remove this injustice from the world if you want Allah's punishments to cease afflicting the American people," he said.

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