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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Terrorists attack on Bali kills 25 injures over a hundred -resort targetted nearly 2 years to the day of nightclub attack

Terrorists attack on Bali kills 25 injures over a hundred -resort targetted nearly 2 years to the day of nightclub attack

October 1, 2005

Damaged furniture, blood stains and a discarded shoe litter the floor at a bomb damaged resteraunt in Kuta, on the island of Bali.


MIM: The terrorists attacks in Bali was not only to be anticipated, they were the direct result of the short prison sentences which were given that to the perpetrators of the previous attacks nearly 2 years (to the day ) of the attack on a nightclub which killed nearly 200 people.

The ringleader, Imam Abu Bakr Bashir who recruited and preached Jihad at a Madrassah he ran as an official from Jammat Al Islamiya, was given an obscenely short prison sentence of 30 months, and he and the defendants smiled and waved as he they left the courtroom.

Abu Bakr Bashir's sentence was then reduced by 4 months and 5 days, in a ruling which can only be taken as a sign that the government only prosecuted the case because of pressure from the Australian and British governments,whose citizens were killed in the attacks, and wanted to send a message to the terrorists that they were on their side.

More proof of Indonesia's sanctioning of the terrorist attack can be seen in the report is that the bombing accomplice Ali Imron, (dubbed the laughing bomber due to his joviality during the trial), was seen in the company of Indonesia's chief of police drinking coffee in an upscale neighborhood of Jakarta. (see translation of Dutch newspaper article below)

Jakarta police chief Gorries Mere claimed he was trying to get information, but this disingenuous excuse for socialising with a convicted terrorst leads one to conclude that they are operating with the complicity of the corrupt Indonesia police and 'justice' system.

The Bali bombers were portrayed as heroes in Indonesia and posters were made with their pictures and the fireball arising from the bombed nightclub in the background. Ali Imron's visit to Starbucks in the company of the police chief was also commemorated in a poster.


25 die in Bali blasts

Twenty-one people are reported dead and at least 51 injured after bomb blasts once again rocked Bali.

At least three bombs went off in the popular tourist resorts of Kuta and Jimbaran Beach in the south of the Indonesian island as holidaymakers and locals thronged the areas at around 6.50pm local time.

Reports said at least 25 people were killed and more than 100 injured, including many foreigners, when the bombs detonated almost simultaneously at a restaurant in Jimbaran and at the Matahari department store in Kuta.

The attack came almost three years to the day when 202 people- including 26 Britons - were murdered in a terrorist attack by an al Qaida-linked group.

The Foreign Office said there was no reports that Britons were involved but the British Ambassador to Jakarta, Charles Humfrey, was on his way to the affected area.

A spokeswoman said a helpline had been set up, adding: "We are also sending an emergency deployment team from Hong Kong and supplementing this with staff from London.

"There is no word on British casualties." The Foreign Office confirmed that an international rugby team, with some British members, was safe as well as a large volunteer operation, also with some British workers.

The emergency deployment team would be made up of experts who were "used to dealing with crisis situations" whether terrorist attacks or natural disasters, she added.

News of the bombs came as Londoners united against terrorism in defiance of the Tube and bus bombings that rocked the capital on July 7.

Thousands of people gathered in the West End shopping street to attend a pop concert.

It was in Kuta on October 12, 2002 that terrorists associated with al Qaida set off two bombs close to each other that killed 202 people and injured another 209.
The dead - mostly foreign tourists - were killed when bombs ripped through two nightclubs at Kuta beach.

Kuta is a busy tourist area featuring hundreds of hotels, restaurants and bars.

Jimbaran Beach is 10 minutes' drive from the Ngurah Rai international airport and is well known for its five star resorts and beach restaurants.

Major General Police Ansyaad Mbai, a top Indonesian anti-terrorism official, said today's blasts "were clearly the work of terrorists".

Pribadi Sutiono, from the Indonesian Embassy in London, said one of the bombs at Jimbaran beach had been close to the Four Seasons Hotel while the one in Kuta was at the Matahari department store.

Four buildings around the Raja restaurant in Jimbaran had also been completely destroyed, he said.

The Sanglah Hospital, which is the largest of the Bali hospitals, reported 12 people dead and about 40 injured.

Baharat Gorasia and his wife Dipa Hirani, both 27, from north west London, were shopping in the Matahari shopping centre in Kuta until 4.15pm.

The couple, who are staying at the Risata Bali Resort, said they had often dined near the shopping centre over the last 10 days.

A planned trip to see dolphins tomorrow meant they were due to get up at 1am and so did not stay out for the evening.

Mr Gorasia said: "It's very scary. I got a chill down my spine when I heard where the bomb went off - we were in the same area just hours before.

"If we had ended up going in a few more shops we would probably have been caught up in the blast." Mrs Hirani added: "It's shocking. The only reason we didn't stay out later was because we had to get up in the middle of the night." Claire Braden, whose brother Daniel was among the 28 Britons killed in the 2002 Bali bombings, said she was also shocked at news of today's blasts.

Ms Braden, from Brighton, said: "It's just very upsetting to see it happening again and it brings it all back.

"I'm just hoping it is not on the same scale as it was when Daniel was killed." She said members of the UK Bali Bombing Victims

Group were planning a trip to the island for the third anniversary of the blasts on October 12 - but did not know whether the trip would now go ahead.

Sarah Bolam, from Kuoni, said the company currently had 160 clients in Bali. She added: "We have been able to contact the vast majority of these and as far as we know all our passengers, along with our staff are safe and well.

"We are adhering to Foreign Office advice on travel to Bali, which has been updated following the incidents and is not advising against travel to the destination." Holidaymakers who wished to come home would be brought home as soon as possible, she said.

The Foreign Office helpline for friends and family is: 020 7008 8765.


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Terrorist sentenced for life in Bali bombings taken out for shopping and coffee at Starbucks by director of the Jakarta anti narcotics brigade Gorries Mere.


MIM: This picture glorifying Ali Imron and the Starbucks visit was posted on an Islamist Indonesian website


In september 2004 Ali Imron, the Bali bomber sentenced to life dubbed"called the laughing murderer " by the media was taken out to café with director of the Jakarta anti narcotics brigade, Gorries Mere."after they were seen they hurried to a waiting car and left". Australian minister demands an investigation. The perpetrator of the Bali bombing out for an evening of shopping. "it is usual to take suspects out if the police need information". "Taking him out to the café for a drink is a usual method to obtain information about fugitive suspects".

Perpetrator of bombing attack in Bali is allowed an evening of of shopping

Translated by Beila Rabinowitz director MIM:

One of the most important perpetrators of the bombing attacks in Bali and the Marriott Hotel is Jakarta was treated this week to an evening out. Imron, was sentenced to life imprisonment for his part in the attacks, was seen Wednesday evening in one of the most luxurious shopping streets of Jakarta. He drank coffee with the director of the anti narcotics brigade, Gorries Mere. After they were discovered that hurried to a waiting car and sped away.

Ali Imron is one of the main perpetrators of the two attacks, which claimed the lives of more then two hundred people.Two of their brothers, (Amrozi, who was dubbed the 'laughing killer' by the media),and Mukhlas Bin Nurhasyim, were sentenced to death. Ali Imron only got life imprisonment, because he was the only one who expressed remorse, and he was the only one who cooperated with the police after his arrest.

Imron mixed the chemicals and built the deadly bomb which totally destroyed two Bali discoteques which had been crammed with people. He had also trained the two people who would activate the explosion and drove the car with the heaviest bomb to a place close to the vicinity of the attack. Later on he also participated in the preparation in the attack on the Marriot Hotel in Jakarta, which claimed the lives of 11 people on August 5th of last year.

Imron is serving out his sentence in the jail in the Bali capitol of Denpasar. He was recently relocated to Jakarta, in order to assist with a follow up investigation. Gorrie Meer was his interogator from before. "I often go out with Mr. Gorries", Imron said Wednesday to journalists as he was hastily led from the shopping center.

Gorrie Meer had taken Ali Imron to the ' Entertainment Xcenter' one of the trendy shopping centers in Jakarta. They drank coffee at Starbucks where they talked undisturbed for 3 hours.They reportedly also visited the Hardrock Cafe'.

The commander of the National Investigations division, Suyitno Landung Sudjono, admitted that Imron was possibly taken outside by his interrogators in Jakarta.

The commander said this to the Jakarta Post:"It is customary for a convict to be taken outside prison if the police need information. To take him for a drink in a cafe' is a usual method for obtaining information over other fugitive terrorists."

The news about the evening out has caused outrage especially in Australia.Most of the victims of the bomb attacks on Bali were Australians. The Australian minister of foreign affairs, Alexander Downer, said he will investigate the matter. 'We will not accept that this man is walking around freely'. We will investigate this matter and insure that this man is not freed".

Ali Imron's lawyer, Suyanto is hoping for the speedy release of his client. On Wednesday he announced that he had requested a pardon from President Megawati Soekarnoputri.

Suyanto finds that his client has earned his freedom, because he , according to the lawyer, has honestly shown remorse, and will not get involved in any other terrorist activity, and above all was an important witness in the investigation into the terrorist network in Indonesia. "Suyanto: " Ali Imron has been a big help to Indonesia".

A recent decision from the Constitutional court of Indonesia could also lead the the release or a drastic reduction in the sentence of Ali Imron. The court has recently nullified a new anti terror law in Indonesia which was applied retroactively in the case of the Bali bombing.

The death sentences which were handed down to the three main suspects in the bombing attacks, as well as Ali Imron's life sentence, were based primarily on the anti terrororism law.


Bali bombing suspect Amrozi (right) poses for reporters with police


Bombing accomplice Amrozi was dubbed" the laughing killer" by the media

Note that the law enforcement and legal officials behind him also share his glee.


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