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Mainstream Idiocy Regarding Syrian Conflict

September 7, 2013


September 3, 2013 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – We are prepared to accept as fact that 1,400 Syrians were apparently gassed on or about August 21, possibly by Syria's Bashar al-Assad, but much more likely by the opposing "rebels" since killing their own and making it appear to be the work of others is a shop worn tool in their bag of tricks - think Bosnia or HAMAS' human shields by way of example.

When that many dead bodies are put on display, none of which seem to have sustained traumatic injuries - the type that conventional battlefield weapons cause – it leads us to believe that some form of CBN agent was used to hasten their demise.

Once you heard this covered for one or two news cycles, that really should have been it. Sure you can interview sorrowful relatives and show the stock footage of a shrieking Muslimah, out of her mind with grief over the death of her children, husband, relatives or household pets, but what's the point?

Ok we got it.

News flash: much of the Middle East is currently in similar turmoil, largely due to the machinations of Barack Hussein Obama. People are dying all over the place, Muslims killing Muslims, Muslims killing Christians, Muslims just wishing they could get their hands on some Jews.

Things are exploding; starting on fire, toppling over…you get the picture.

Yes it's a mess…

Impertinent question…uhh……do any of the lefties out there still think this snotty punk in the 3 kilo-buck suit with the girlie-man baseball throw is the smartest guy in the world?

Ok let's look at Fox [We decide, you watch, you buy stuff from our advertisers] and specifically Fox's 3 pm, PDT [that's 6 pm for you East coasters] news show, "Special Report."

Now we have nothing against Bret Baier, Special Report's anchor, he seems like a nice man, intelligent, earnest, photogenic without being pretty boyish and an excellent news reader.

You know he might even make a hell of a journo is he was turned loose to actually do some reporting rather than hosting an idiotic program. Of course he has a family, bills to pay etc., so on that item, perhaps a little later on in his rising career.

Narrowing the focus we come to the program's panel of "expert" pundits, generally Dr. Charles Krauthammer, Steve Hayes from National Review [alas Buckley is gone, Jesus wept…] and Mara Liasson, the vaguely feline appearing, amiable but dimwitted national political correspondent for the Government News Chanel, also called NPR.

From their position behind that panel thingie and the deference which the host displays while almost solemnly turning towards them in this segment, we assume that these folks are the ones who have been tasked with providing the "specialness" in Baier's Report.

Let's take the matter of Syria, your typical Middle Eastern Muslim dictatorship in which people are being killed at a prodigious rate. Let us also note that this kind of meat-cleaver politics would only be remarkable if it happened outside the Muslim world, where it's standard fare.

When the topic falls to this dung heap of a country, as it increasingly does these days, the panel becomes opaque, regurgitating exactly the same sophomoric, brainless points daily.

"Well Bret, it's a tragedy I tell you" – wiping a tear away- "I mean children were killed…and Assad, well he's a bad man killing his people that way…and…well…the United States has to do something about it…you know I have children too…and those Syrian kids have parents…"

Yeah and the green grass grows all around, all around…

Now we know none of these people are stupid, though some may indeed be ignorant, delusional or simply ideological drones. It doesn't matter, from what we've seen - not being able to bear watching more than snippets of this section for fear of totally losing it - this is their little part of the solar system which nothing but gibberish can penetrate.

In case anyone cares, here is Syria in a nutshell…or perhaps a 155mm Sarin filled projectile [courtesy of Saddam Hussein?]…your choice.

Syria is a puppet state of Iran, you know those guys with the piercing eyes, long beards and nuclear aspirations. On a whim, the Imperial Grand Poobah, Sayyid Ali Khamenei pulls a string and Assad scratches his crotch.

And here's the real unspoken shocking [yeah sure] truth of the matter - the Syrian conflict is a religious war - an internecine battle between Shia and Sunni Muslims.

It's unnecessary in this context to explain in detail the nature of the falling out between these two Islamic sects, suffice it to say it happened over the succession to the role of caliph after Mohammed died.

To reiterate, this matter isn't a case of good guys fighting bad guys, no, it's just two bloodthirsty ideologies going at it - Medieval style when they get the chance - for supremacy in that region of the festering Muslim world.

Our money is on Iran in this dust-up because there is simply no way in hell that country will allow a Sunni state to emerge in Syria.

Who could blame them? Call it the Shia version of the Monroe Doctrine…well kinda…you bright lights should get that.

Now to clarify a bit, the Sunni ‘fighters" are largely affiliated with al-Qaeda. They are heavily financed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other sympathetic countries. They constitute a mujahideen army and have invaded Syria which understandably has al-Assad and his backers concerned.

Once again…this is not a civil war between freedom fighters and a despot. It's Islamic barbarian vs. Islamic barbarian; a hammer and tong version of Mad Magazine's Spy vs. Spy.

But the jihadist army needs equipment, heavy weapons preferred, but weapons of any kind gladly accepted.

So where to get them quickly and stealthily?

Well it just happens to be that agents under the direction of Mr. Obama [once the smartest guy in the world, now the guy sitting on the stool wearing the Dumbo ears] have been running guns - initially from Libya - through Turkey to Syria. In the process His Wiseness screwed Ambassador Chris Stevens using him [in the worst sense of the word] as the go-between in the complex deal involving the transport of the hardware to the end-users, Sunni jihadists.

When Obama was done with Stevens he tossed him away like a used condom - sorry, the truth in this matter isn't pretty. For further information regarding this matter please refer to Why Is It News That The U.S. Is Arming The Syrian Insurgents?

As to Libya and these weapons?

Well they were provided courtesy of the dear departed Muammar Gaddafi, the former dictator of that [fill in the blank] hole country whom the Smartest Guy in the World deposed, causing probably 20,000 weapons from his armories to fall into the hands of the usual suspects, you know…the Allahu Akbar set.

So the recap is: the Syrian conflict is a religious war, Shias vs. Sunnis...and the Sunnis have, at least in part, been armed by the guy sitting in the corner with the Dumbo ears.

What strategic or tactical interest does the United States have in intervening in this quagmire?


More pointedly, why should the United States give aid, tactical support and armament to al-Qaeda in this conflict?

We shouldn't even entertain the thought. Let's call it a very bad idea.

Have any of the Special Report panelists made that point? We doubt it.

If that is incorrect then please accept our apologies…must have been otherwise occupied grabbing an cold one or something.

Actually it seems that the best interest of the U.S. is to allow the terrorists to continue to slaughter each other until both sides are decimated. If they want to use nerve gas, mustard gas, flatulent cows, napalm or speeches by John Kerry, let them do so.

Note, we do sincerely feel sorry for the civilians caught up in this state of affairs but it's kind of a way of life in this godforsaken part of the world, or at least has been since normative Islam took upon itself the mantle of global jihad.

To expect anything else is…well…again we are truly, truly sorry.

So in the larger sense, it's just fine with us if those involved in this conflict want to feed each other into wood chippers. As a matter of fact let's send them a few hundred Morbark 30/36 Whole Tree Drum Chippers on the American taxpayer's dime, now that would be a wise "investment."

Uncle Remus might have called Syria a tar baby on steroids; we should stay the hell away, this imbecilic administration has already done enough harm there, propping up the kin-folk of the bastards who incinerated 3,000 American citizens now almost 12 years ago.

Those Americans are the ones about whom we should be thinking, their families deserve justice, hell…America deserves justice and arming their killers doesn't really seem to be the way to do that.

By the way Mr. President, have you taken any precautions to ensure that another Benghazi will not take place on the eleventh of this month? Might be a good idea to consider that, especially since the jihadists seem to like to celebrate anniversaries rather boldly.

Now a final note.

The Smartest Guy in the World has painted himself into a tight spot in this affair - there is no easy way out.

In his little proposed sortie, Obama has no support anywhere, no coalition of the bribed, the drunk, the stupid, the craven, or anybody else.

The Brits rightly told him to shove it, they hate his guts.

The French have done the same, they hate his guts.

The Russians?

Well Rootin'- Tootin' Putin hated Mr. Smart from the first moment he set eyes on him, sizing him up [correctly] as the kind of two-bit jamoke he could break in two with his bare hands without working up a sweat.

Now defeated on all sides and desperate to save at least one of his – oh so pretty – faces, Mr. Smart comes crawling to the same Congress on which he has been crapping for two and a half years, hoping it will save his sorry ass…and of course McCain and his side-kick Goober just love it…

Boehner ?

Please just go away.

Our advice to Congress, tell Obama to go to hell, if he wants to launch some missiles into Syria let him to go for it since Congress doesn't have the Constitutional authority to stop him in the first place.

Regardless of how you feel about the current occupant of the Oval Office, for better or worse Mr. Obama is the CIC and that does still mean something.

So this buck stops with Barack. Get it? Let the blood, if there is any, be on his hands.

And no, please have the common sense not to get drawn into Obama's little shell-game, you know the one in which he is casting a line for people to blame when things go kaaablooooeeeyyy in Syria.

So what if the president loses a bit more face in front of the rest of the world, no one – former friend or foe – respects him. No one trusts him and few if any even like him.


©2013 PipeLineNews.org LLC, William Mayer. All rights reserved.


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