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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > UK Muslim sentenced to life in airline bomb plot

UK Muslim sentenced to life in airline bomb plot

December 10, 2009

British Muslim gets life over terror attack plot

Adam Khatib Fellow plotters referred to Khatib as "babe" in e-mails

A British Muslim has been sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of conspiring to murder civilians in a "deadly terrorist attack".

Adam Khatib, 23, a factory worker from Walthamstow, east London, was part of a terror cell run from Pakistan.

The cell was led by Abdullah Ahmed Ali, convicted of plotting to blow up transatlantic passenger airliners.

Mr Justice Calvert-Smith told Woolwich Crown Court "cold-hearted" Khatib would spend at least 18 years in jail.

The judge described him as "Ali's lieutenant" and said: "The gravity of your offence is extreme. You are clearly a character capable of being charming.

'Limbs blown away'

"However, you are immature, attention-seeking and cold-hearted."

Khatib had conducted research into the chemicals to be used in the detonator of the bombs and his fingerprints were also found in a flat the men were using as a bomb factory.

The plot to murder passengers and crew on seven airliners was the most grave and wicked conspiracy ever proven within this jurisdiction
Mr Justice Calvert-Smith
How teen became bomb plotter

He had travelled with Ali to Pakistan where it is believed they met militants linked to al-Qaeda.

Nabeel Hussain, also from east London, was sentenced to eight years for engaging in conduct in preparation for terrorist acts. He had tried to raise fraudulent bank loans to fund Ali's plot.

Police found a will he had written in which he said: "I go to my death for the sake of my maker whom if wishes bless limbs blown away."

Mr Justice Calvert-Smith called Hussain "a sympathiser and supporter of terrorist acts" who was "clearly a trusted friend of Ali".

He said: "You knew the acts contemplated involved at least the risk of death or the use of explosives with an intention to kill."

A third defendant, Mohamed Shamin Uddin, 39, from north London, was sentenced to 15 months for possessing a CD likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.

This contained a video appeal by the British hostage Ken Bigley and various online terrorist manuals.

An e-mail to Khatib was used as evidence in court
Enlarge Image

He was also sentenced to five years and nine months for possession of a firearm to which he earlier pleaded guilty.

The two sentences are to run consecutively, a total of seven years. On Wednesday he was found not guilty of preparing terrorist acts.

Khatib was convicted by a majority of 11 jurors to one following an eight-week trial at Woolwich Crown Court in London.

Before passing sentence, Mr Justice Calvert-Smith echoed the words of Mr Justice Henriques, who sentenced Ali along with Assad Sawar, Tanvir Hussain and Umar Islam.

Mr Justice Calvert-Smith said: "The plot to murder passengers and crew on seven airliners was the most grave and wicked conspiracy ever proven within this jurisdiction.

"There was every likelihood that this plot would have succeeded without the intervention of the police and security services."

He added Khatib spent five months in Pakistan with Ali in 2005, and concluded the only reason for that was to "become his lieutenant".


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