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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > American Woman Teacher Stabbed To Death In UAE Mall Bathroom By Burqa Clad Attacker

American Woman Teacher Stabbed To Death In UAE Mall Bathroom By Burqa Clad Attacker

December 4, 2014

Watch: Burqa-Clad Attacker Murders American Teacher in UAE
Kindergarten teacher murdered in mall restroom by woman wearing face veil, presenting a conundrum for police.

Tova Dvorin

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Interior has released footage of the prime suspect in the murder of an American teacher Monday, after the 37 year-old mother of two was stabbed with a sharp object in a public restroom.

The problem: the apparent attacker was wearing a full-length veil, or burqa, as well as gloves and face cover - rendering the footage somewhat useless.

(Click on link below for video)

The footage - which oddly enough comes with a dramatized soundtrack, courtesy of Abu Dhabi police - shows the hooded figure enter an elevator, in the mall, then leave as chaos ensues, at roughly 1:00 pm local time.

It then shows evidence from the scene of the crime - but little else.

The victim, a kindergarten teacher, died in Sheikh Khalifa Medical City after being rushed there with serious injuries from stab wounds, the Abu Dhabi police stated Monday. The police have now taken custody of her twin children.

On Monday, the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi confirmed it is working with "all appropriate authorities" to seek further information about the attack, but added that "there is no information available at this time about the nature of the crime."

Information on the crime is so sparse that Abu Dhabi dubbed the attacker the "Reem Island Ghost."

The murder was committed just weeks after the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi issued a warning over an anonymous post on a Jihadist website encouraging attacks against American teachers.

The October 29 statement said that "U.S. citizens residing in or visiting the UAE should remain vigilant regarding their personal security" - but added that it was "unaware of any specific, credible threat against any American or other school or individual in the United Arab Emirates."

The crime also reflects the growing use of face veils in violent crime. Just last week, two armed men robbed a Toronto jewelry store, using the veils as a cover - both to gain access to the store and to prevent their identification after the fact.


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"BEIRUT, Lebanon Security forces in the United Arab Emirates have arrested a woman they said disguised herself in a black veiled gown, fatally stabbed an American teacher and planted a bomb at an Egyptian-American doctor's doorstep, the interior minister announced Thursday.

While not directly calling the arrested woman a terrorist, the minister, Lt. Gen. Saif bin Zayed al-Nahyan, said the suspect had chosen her targets based on their nationalities and had sought to create chaos and terrify the country's residents..."

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