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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Terrorist Leaders Hiding Out In Hamas Headquarters At Shifa Hospital In Gaza

Terrorist Leaders Hiding Out In Hamas Headquarters At Shifa Hospital In Gaza

August 26, 2014

Hamas Prisoners: Haniyeh Hiding in Hospital
Shin Bet publishes testimony of captured terrorist who says 'everybody knows' that Hamas's leadership is hiding out at Shifa. Arutz Sheva staff

The Israel Security Agency (ISA, or Shin Bet) has published a report on Hamas's use of public buildings as cover for operational activity.

The ISA said that interrogation of Hamas terrorists captured in Operation Protective Edge gave a "somewhat disturbing" picture of Hamas's use of civilians and public buildings to carry out military activity, "out of an assumption that Israel will avoid hitting them."

In an unusual step, the ISA quoted some of the prisoners and provided their names. Abd el-Rahman Baalusha from Khan Yunis said that the mosques Al-Safa and Al-Abra in Gaza City serve as staging and gathering points for terrorists.

Two captives from Bayt Lahya, Afif Jarah and Amad Jarah, said that an attack tunnel from a Bedouin village was dug from a point adjacent to a kindergarten. In case of a successful operation to abduct an Israeli, the abductee was to be broguht to the kindergarten and taken elsewhere from there.

Muhammad Kadra of Khan Yunis told interrogators that "everybody knows" that the Hamas leadership in Gaza under Ismail Haniyeh is hiding out inside Shifa Hospital, apparently in an area that is out of bounds to ordinary civilians.

Further irrefutable evidence of Hamas's use of hospitals to launch rockets at Israeli civilian centers has been provided by the IDF in new filmed footage. (click on link below for video)

In the video, concealed rocket launchers are indicated by a yellow triangle. They are located directly adjacent to a medical center, which is highlighted in red.

Other nearby sites marked in blue include the Salah Halaf and Ibn Sina schools, where displaced Gazans are staying, as well as a soccer field and a Hamas courthouse.

The video captures a rocket being fired from within the medical center, followed by another from the same compound. Both rockets, fired on Saturday, targeted the Shfela central region of Israel located between Jerusalem and the coast.


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