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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Dutch MP Geert Wilders Delivers Stirring Call To Action Against Radical Islam

Dutch MP Geert Wilders Delivers Stirring Call To Action Against Radical Islam

October 22, 2009

Dutch MP Geert Wilders Delivers Stirring Call To Action Against Radical Islam


October 22, 2009 - Philadelphia, PA - PipeLineNews.org - On October 22 Geert Wilders spoke at the Union League in Philadelphia. The event was sponsored by the David Horowitz Freedom Center in Philadelphia and The International Free Press Society.

Among the host committee was the Florida Security Council run by Tom Trento.

Geert Wilders is a Dutch member of parliament and the head of The Freedom Party in Holland. He views radical Islam as the greatest threat facing civilization today and openly states that Western values are superior to those of Islam. He believes that cultural relativism is aiding and abetting the Islamists to accomplish their goals.

His views have necessitated him having 24/7 security.

Wilders is on an American speaking tour warning against the Islamization of Western society.

During his presentation, Wilders' controversial film "Fitna" was shown. It proved to be a moving and disturbing expose of how radical Islamists are attacking the West and how their motivation is derived from the Qur'an.

The event started with a reception during which participants were able to speak to Wilders individually. Afterwards there was a luncheon attended by about 200 people .

David Horowitz and Craig Snider of the Freedom Center spoke. They were followed by Sam Solomon who showed a video of Muslim reaction to Wilders recent visit to the UK depicting radical Muslims openly called for the Member of Parliament's beheading.

The address spanned 30 minutes, punctuated by numerous standing ovations. The politician spoke at length about Israel and called it "the canary in the coal mine" and declared "We are all Israel" stating that the country has been at war with jihadists since its beginning.

Wilders began by saying that "many of our freedoms and liberties are under attack throughout Europe," and discussed how he is facing trial in Holland in January for stating his views on Islam and how Muslim groups attempted to have his film banned.

He recited a litany of how politicians and writers are being prosecuted in Europe "for speaking bluntly about the so called prophet Mohammed."

He recalled how he was banned from Britain on the grounds that "he would threaten community harmony" after being invited by UK parliamentarian Lord Pearson to show Fitna.

Recently the banning was overturned.

Wilders also thanked America "for having kicked the British out" in the 18th century.

He also stated that "I have nothing against Muslims...I make a difference between the people and the ideology...but I do have a problem with Islam...There is no such thing as a moderate Islam …Islam's heart lies in the Qur'an, an evil book that calls for violence and murder, for terrorism and war...and the problem is that the provisions in the Qur'an are not restricted to any time or place rather they apply to all Muslims from all times...The facts are that Mohammed was not a perfect man but a murderer and pedophile."

Wilders stated that the Islamic concept of migration is aimed at taking over the West by sheer force of numbers and asserted that "Europe is indeed in the process of becoming Eurabia," stressing that, "Time is running out we need to act. We need to stop the Islamization of our societies; we need to protect all our rights, our rights of free speech."

Towards that end he proposed five measures to "preserve our liberties."

1. Ending all forms of cultural relativism and state in our constitutions that our heritage is Judeo-Christian.

2. We have to stop mass immigration from Muslim countries.

3. Allowing Muslims to stay in our countries only if they subscribe to our values and norms.

4. Enact some version of the American First Amendment in Europe.

5. We have to elect great leaders.

In a rousing conclusion Mr. Wilders said "Let us have fewer Chamberlains and more Churchills...break the politically correct chains. Let's finally start fighting back."


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