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Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Were the 'Koran flush riots' instigated by the same Fazlur Rahman who the FBI says is behind Jihad camps in Pakistan ?

Were the 'Koran flush riots' instigated by the same Fazlur Rahman who the FBI says is behind Jihad camps in Pakistan ?

June 12, 2005

MIM: The existence of Al Qaeda training camps in Pakistan is a well documented fact. After the US invasion of Afghanistan the Taliban fled to Pakistan where they found sanctuary often aided and abetted by Musharrafs ISI security forces. The Jihads even held a summit in the mountains of Wazistan last year . A high ranking Al Qaeda terrorist Al Libby was captured in Afghanistan last year .It is a known fact that Musharraf and his security forces turn a blind eye to the Jihad camps in Pakistan until they are obligated to capture a terrorist for the United States (who pays them millions in 'rewards') and granting Musharraf and his government some badly needed cash and the US the chance to present him as a credible ally worth taxpayer funding.



ISLAMABAD, June 12 (Xinhuanet) -- Pakistani Prime Minister ShaukatAziz has categorically rejected the existence of any al-Qaeda terrorist training camp in the country, The News reported Sunday.

"There are no such camps," Aziz told a press conference Saturday in Islamabad in response to a question about news reports which referred to the arrest of two Pakistanis in the United States with alleged links to al-Qaeda.

Aziz said the Pakistani government was trying to get information about those arrested. "We are getting the official word from the FBI, we can't comment on mere press reports," he added.

He said the Pakistani embassy in Washington was in contact with the FBI to get necessary details about the two persons, adding that the reports were still awaited.

From the initial reports, Aziz said, it seemed that "these people are US nationals and our security agencies are in contact with the FBI. When we get some information we will clearly comment."

Earlier media reports said the US FBI has arrested two Pakistani-Americans and two Pakistani nationals in the city of Lodi, about 80 miles south of San Francisco, for allegedly operating an al-Qaeda cell in the city.

One of the men arrested, 22-year-old Hamid Hayat, is accused of training in an al-Qaeda camp in Pakistan to learn how to kill Americans and then lying to FBI agents about it.

His father, 47-year-old Umer Hayat, is charged with lying about his son's involvement and his own financing of the al-Qaeda camp.


MIM :One question which remains unanswered is if the head of the MMA is the same Fazlur Rahman who ran the Jihad camps which Umer Hayat who was arrested on terrorism charges in Lodi California, is accused of attending .

MIM: It was Fazlur Rehman the leader of the Muttahed e Amal party ( MMA) who orchestrated the anti American 'Koran flush' riots which left 17 dead and scores injured. The MMA is a coalition of 6 parties and Khan's Tehreek al Insaaf party is involved in MMA activities . It was Imran Khan who deliberately instigated the riots by holding up the false Newsweek report at a press conference demanding Muslims take . Fazlur Rehman was quoted with declaring Jihad on America and also calling for Muslims worldwide to demonstrate on March 27th against the US. At the same time Fazlur Rehman was urging Muslims to wage Jihad against the US, Imran Khan was demanding the US issue an apology and called for retribution.

In 2003 Khan's Tehreek Al Insaaf party secretary addressed an anti American demonstrations at which pro Taliban protesters carried posters of Bin Laden. The TIF party also called for a boycott of US products and Khan continues to whip up anti American sentiment in Pakistan. His group is working in tandem with the MMA to overthrow Musharraf.
Is Fazlur Rahman of the MMA behind the Jihad camps? If this proves to be the case the connection between him as the instigator of the Koran flush' riots has to extrapolated into an investigation as Imran Khan's recent appearence at an Islamist conference in Toronto and Muslims in North America. It was Imran Khan who lit the match of the 'Koran flush' riots and Fazlur Rahman who fueled the flames .

For more on Imran Khan the MMA and the "Koran flush' story see:




FBI Says Top MMA Leader Runs Al-Qaeda Camp
Huma Aamir Malik, Arab News

ISLAMABAD, 12 June 2005 The arrest of two suspected Al-Qaeda agents in California raises new concerns about the existence of Al-Qaeda training camps inside Pakistan, according to a special report for the US and Pakistan.

Citing an FBI affidavit, the report showed in a news channel accused opposition Muttaheda Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) leader Fazlur Rehman of running an Al-Qaeda camp near Rawalpindi. It said that Rehman is a fundamentalist, and is known for his close ties to Afghanistan's ousted Taleban regime.

Authorities in the United States and in Pakistan are investigating whether the opposition leader is the same man identified by the Al-Qaeda suspects.

According to an FBI affidavit, one of the suspects, Hamid Hayat, 22, admitted he had trained at an Al-Qaeda camp in Pakistan for six months in 2003 and 2004 where he others were trained on "how to kill Americans," an FBI agent stated in an affidavit.

Hamid's father, Umar, 47, who drives an ice cream truck, acknowledged paying for his son's flight and giving him a $100 a month stipend knowing he was going to a "jihadi training camp," according to the affidavit.

Hamid was arrested upon returning to the United States from Pakistan late last month.

Videotapes shown in the course of the report contain the only known images of Al-Qaeda training camps inside Pakistan.

The tape shows fighters conducting a variety of exercises with automatic weapons, as they once did at similar camps in Afghanistan. The fighters are identified as coming from nine different countries in Africa and the Middle East.

Earlier this year, President Pervez Musharraf said that Pakistan Army had attacked and shut down such remote Al-Qaeda sanctuaries. They are now on the run in the mountains, in small groups,' said the president.

Pakistani Foreign Minister Khurshid Mahmoud Kasuri said in Washington on Friday his country had not been contacted by the US government regarding claims by the man with suspected Al-Qaeda ties that he was trained at an Al-Qaeda camp in Pakistan.

"Our government has not been contacted," Kasuri told reporters after meeting with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for more than an hour.

"And if we are contacted, it goes without saying that we will provide cooperation," he added. Pakistan on Thursday denied that there were any Al-Qaeda training camps on its soil.

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